Best Action Cameras For Hunting [Relive Your Best Moments]

An action camera is a key piece of equipment for your hunting and outdoor adventures. With it, you will be able to review, edit, and take home your pictures and videos; then, you can share them with your friends and family. This is a review of the best action cameras of the year.Comparison of the Best … Read more

Types of Bows – 2021 Informational Overview

Because bow hunting is an incredibly old activity, the style and manner have had many years to expand and be refined. As a result, there are a variety of different types of hunting bows to choose from, each bringing a unique history to their present use. They are all amazing choices for their specific ideal uses and … Read more

Turkey Hunting Gear For Beginners – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

Whether you have a lot of experience hunting turkeys or are just beginning to look into it, this article will cover all the gear that will make it the best hunting experience you have. From turkey calls and blinds to whether you want a gun or bow, you’ll find what you need here.Comparison of the Best … Read more

Archery Equipment List – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

Getting the correct equipment for bowhunting seems like an endless task. There are so many tools and gadgets on the market that preparing to go out is overwhelming and even considerably expensive. In reality, it’s doable with a few essential items. A good set up is the one that offers protection, effectiveness, and comfortability. For beginners, having … Read more

Scratch Box Turkey Calls – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

Any hunter can have all the necessary essentials, such as weapon of choice, proper clothing, a backpack to hold other supplies, and even a chair to wait in comfort. However, no matter how prepared you are, a target may not even wander by. One way to increase your chance for, say, a turkey to come within … Read more

Best Wool Hunting Pants [2021 Top Picks]

Throughout human history, wool has been among the most popular and used clothing materials. If you’re reading this, then it is more than likely that to a certain extent it has already made its way into your closet or you could be wearing it right now. One can argue that we still use this material because … Read more

Big Game Logic App is Closing

 We are no longer going to be supporting the Big Game Logic app ( and it will be fully shutdown on April 30th, 2019. Between now and April 30th, the app will be 100% free for everyone to use and all current paid members will no longer be charged.   If you have files on your account … Read more

Top Stealth Cams of 2021 [Complete Buyer’s Guide]

It’s important than for any keen hunter to be on the lookout for new equipment coming to the market. Following forums and groups that discuss the latest hunting news is very helpful. The same goes for keeping up to date on what particular brands are bringing out every now and then.   The following article … Read more

Best Wildgame Innovations Cameras – 2021 Trail Guide

Technology has vastly improved throughout the years. With the invention of trail cameras, you can now keep an eye on your favorite hunting spots, your favorite walking trails, and your property, the options are limitless.   There are plenty of different types of trail cameras that come with different features and many brands offer them. … Read more

How-to Program a Trail Camera [Helpful Informational Guide]

As a hunter, one of the best and easiest things you can do to work in a timely fashion and keep track of your game is to install a trail camera wherever you are planning to hunt. Installing a trail camera on or around your hunting ground can benefit you as a hunter by letting … Read more

Best Wireless Trail Cameras – Must Read Review of 2021

Wireless trail cameras can save you so much time and effort when preparing for hunting season.   If you’re the guy that hasn’t got a wireless trail camera you know very well the struggle of setting up the camera, waiting a few days, hoping for the best, and then walking back only to be disappointed … Read more

2021 Review of the Best Trail Camera SD Cards

The function of any trail camera relies on the power of a small chip inserted inside of it- an SD card. SD cards hold the camera’s memory and storage capacity. There is an array of card models available on the market. If you are a trail camera owner choosing an SD card, the following review … Read more

2021 Buyer’s Guide – Best Trail Camera Batteries

Believe it or not, choosing the right batteries for your trail camera is a bit more complicated than you may have thought. These devices become essential when it’s time to scout a specific spot for information. To operate at their best, they need a good and reliable source of energy. These tools usually work on … Read more

Clover or Cover?

Food plots are one of the most revolutionary tools that hunters use to attract deer to their properties. However, it seems that whenever you put trail cameras on food plots to monitor the deer activity, nearly all of the pictures of the big bucks occur at night. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of big bucks … Read more

300 Below Zero

Would you believe that one of the coldest places on Earth is in Louisiana. I do like to be in the presence of genius, and I recently found me one, David Minchew owner of Cajun Cryogenics in Baton Rouge.  Cryogenics, isn’t that some Star Trek thing that Gene Roddenberry thought up to put people into … Read more

Sunday Hunting in Virginia

Believe it or not, hunting on Sundays is illegal in some form in eleven states. Virginia is one of those states. But breakthroughs are occurring that appear to be changing the tide in Virginia. After a bill supporting Sunday hunting was soundly defeated in the state legislature earlier this year, residents picked up the phone … Read more

Draw Weight Chart

In compound bows, draw weight is the maximum amount of weight an archer will pull when drawing the bow. Many target bows and youth bows have draw weights from 20 to 35 pounds. Bows used for hunting big game are typically in the 45 to 75 pound range. What draw weight is right for you? … Read more

Best Duck Hunting Boats

When it comes to duck hunting, there are many ways to find ducks… it’s getting to them that can be difficult because of their location!   When targeting ducks on big water such as open flowages or reservoirs, use a “camoed” 14 to 16 foot Jon boat, or a 14 to 16 foot aluminum, v-hull … Read more

Wild Turkey Calling

Wild turkey calling is a detailed technique that takes time and effort to learn. Knowing the basics of wild turkey is crucial to being able to use different calls successfully. Wild turkeys make at least eight different vocalizations, and several other subtypes of calls that are specific for different seasons, warnings, mating habits, and other … Read more

Late Season Turkey Hunting

When it comes to applying for turkey permits, my last few seasons have been a comedy of errors. I’ve either forgotten to apply for a tag or drawn a time period that I could not hunt for one reason or another. This has forced me to hunt late in the year because the only time … Read more

What’s New At Quaker Boy Game Calls

We had the chance to visit with Ernie Calandrelli from Quaker Boy Game Calls at the 2011 ATA show.  Quaker Boy has always been one of my favorite call makers and they have some great new products out this year. The number one selling box call for Quaker Boy is the Hurricane Box Call. The … Read more

Four Turkey Hunting Tips To Get Your Gobbler

It was one of the toughest turkey hunts I’ve ever had and it was about to come to an abrupt end. A gobbler sporting an eight inch beard strutted up the logging road with love on his mind. My single hen decoy appeared to be just what the doctor ordered for this guy. But unbeknownst … Read more


With each newsletter we try to stress how Big Game Logic (BGL) is a useful tool for patterning bucks using trail camera photos, but some bucks that show up during hunting season are never photographed.   This was one such buck. I wish I could say we collected dozens of pictures of this deer and … Read more

3-D Archery Shoots – Want To Shoot A Round?

As the winter turns moldy with the green of spring, snow bound bowhunters emerge from the warm security of their lair. The confinement of the cold season has the hardcore archers ready to start flinging arrows. Spring offers Wild Turkey hunting, the Canadian spring bear season and bow fishing, of course, but it also marks the … Read more

Hunting Fly-Up Turkeys

When most turkey hunters imagine the perfect hunt, they think about setting up on a roosted bird, calling him in, and putting him on the ground… all before breakfast time. Slam-dunk morning hunts make for great stories and allow many hunters to catch up on their sleep. For those who don’t fill their tag early … Read more