Best Bipods For Hunting Rifles – 2021 Guide

Dating as old in age as modern firearms, bipods have been an important and useful accessory for long firearms. Especially the ones used for long range shooting or chambered in heavy calibers. Bipods are an effective addition to hunting rifles as well and this article will delve deeper into the insights of this fact. Comparison of the … Read more

Best 270 Hunting Rifles – 2021 Guide

.270 Winchester. A cartridge almost thrice in age than most people reading this. Introduced in 1925 and created by chopping off some neck from the .30-06 Springfield.It has been renowned as a deer cartridge. Scouting through claims, facts, and stories, this article will guide you through the story of .270 Win and the best hunting … Read more

Best 22 Caliber Air Rifles For Hunting – 2021 Review

.22 cal is seemingly the most common caliber you’ll find with airgun owners. The balanced power range and size makes the .22 a good hunting caliber for airguns. That’s why the market is piled with heaps of .22 caliber air rifles.But how can you choose the best air rifle for hunting? That’s what this review … Read more

Best Beginner Hunting Rifles – 2021 Round-up

So you’ve decided to take up hunting. Or maybe you’re looking to buy one for a newbie. Either way, the prerequisites for choosing a beginner’s hunting rifles are mostly the same. However, selection is not like shopping for clothes. There are quite a few nooks and crannies that have to be considered seriously before choosing … Read more

Best Bolt Action Hunting Rifles – 2021 Complete Round-up

Bolt action rifles were the first revolutionary step towards the development of modern handheld firearms.These rifles have been around for more than 150 years now, but are still used widely for hunting, sports, and military use.This article will discuss in detail the prowess and desirability of bolt action rifles for hunting and other uses. While … Read more

Best 300 Win Mag Hunting Rifles – 2021 Complete Review

The 300 Win Mag has a stout reputation for being the most popular big game cartridge and a very popular long range competition round. It is a powerful cartridge that is a better alternative to .30-06 and also not as big as a.375 H&H when hunting big game in any part of the planet.Cutting through … Read more

Best Lines for Ice Fishing – 2021 Buyer’s Guide Review

“Fishing line is the most direct link between you and the fish.” Don’t make the mistake of hitting the ice this winter with that old fishing line from last year still clinging to your reel. For less than $10 in most cases, a fresh fishing line at the beginning of the season can be a make … Read more

Best Air Rifles For Squirrel Hunting – 2021 Guide

Squirrels. Some people find it an adorably cute creature, some find it a nuisance in their backyard and some can’t forget their delicious taste.This review will concern the latter two categories of people who want a decisive solution for their ‘squirrel issues’ with some thrill and excitement. We’ll be talking about the usefulness of air … Read more

Best 6.5 Creedmoor Hunting Rifles – 2021 Round-up

The 6.5 Creedmoor is a very popular cartridge among long range shooters for its good ballistics and flat trajectory. Some call it the new .30-06 and some an all-purpose round. Those notions are debatable, but we’re not on this page for a wrangle.This article will be reviewing the best 6.5 Creedmoor hunting rifles available on … Read more

Best 30-06 Hunting Rifles – 2021 Guide

“30-06” – the legendary cartridge that pushed America victorious through two world wars and has the reputation of being one of the most successful sniping rounds of all time.Rifles chambered in the .30-06 have always been a reliable and effective choice to bring down living targets. Regardless of their size and strength.Revered as an acclaimed … Read more


Meet The People Behind The Scenes No menu items have been found. What is BigGameLogic.Com? Big Game Logic (BGL) initially started as an interactive deer tracking application that enhanced the traditional scouting process and increased the chances of securing that dream buck. But in early 2019, the application lost steam and the brand pivoted toward … Read more

Best .25 Caliber Air Rifles For Hunting – 2021 Guide

Hunting with air rifles is a popular sport across many countries. Especially places where firearms are strictly prohibited or regulated. Air rifles have always been considered low powered guns used for eradicating pests and varmints around your stead. However, with air rifles now expanding to big calibers, such notions have changed.Here we’ll talk about one … Read more

Arrow Front of Center (FOC) Calculator

Front of Center (FOC) is critical to understand as it directly impacts the arrow trajectory and flight. FOC becomes especially important as the flight distance increases, so long range archers listen up! We have created a FOC calculator that will help you figure out your arrow’s FOC based on the Arrow Length and the Balance … Read more

Best Air Rifle For Hunting (BGL)

Hunting with air rifles is an exciting sport and is widely practiced across the globe. Most of the hunting done with these rifles is for addressing peculiar problems like pest control or varmint eradication. Plus, air rifles are also great rifles for real firearms since they often don’t require a license to purchase and can … Read more

Best Ice Fishing Lures For Crappie – 2021 Complete Round-up

Fishing can be a fun and relaxing activity if you know how to deal with crappies. You must have full knowledge regarding their inhabiting and breeding grounds throughout the day. For example, when the sun is out, you are likely to find them in a bunch around weed beds and boulders. Meanwhile, the surface around dusk is … Read more

Best Ice Fishing Boots of 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Fishing in the ice is quite an adventurous sport, and if you’re visiting North America in the winter, you’ll surely want to enjoy it. ​To be able to do that, you’ll need a sturdy pair of boots that’ll ensure a smooth fishing trip. In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the best ice fishing boots … Read more

Best Fishing Coolers and Bags – Buyer’s Guide for 2020

Having a cooler than not only looks cool, but stays cool, is an important piece of gear for many different outdoor activities. When your fishing keeps you out on the water all day on a hot day or even for multi-day trips, having a quality cooler is important for storing food and maybe even bringing home … Read more

Best Ice Fishing Rods of 2020 – Ultimate Review

Are you on the hunt for the best ice fishing rods to make your fishing experience enthralling? Well, look no further, because this article has got you covered! In this review, you’ll find the best ice fishing rods on the market. So, without further ado, let’s begin!Comparison of the Best Ice Fishing RodsCan Any Rod Be Used … Read more

Best Hunting Waders of 2020 – Ultimate Review

Whether you are fishing or hunting ducks and waterfowls, doing so in a good wader will ensure your clothes remain dry, and you are comfortable to achieve your goals.Waders are of different types, depending on how you intend to use them.Picking the best waders is not an easy task. There are numerous brands on the … Read more

Best Ice Fishing Equipment – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

Have you ever had the urge to leave your warm, cozy home in the dead of winter to hang out on a frozen lake for hours at a time? If your answer is yes, you might want to give ice fishing a go. Though it may not sound appealing on the surface, it is a beloved … Read more

Best Ice Fishing Lures For Trout – 2020 Complete Round-up

Fishing excursions need you to gather fishing equipment, especially fishing lures, with keen attention. Fishing lures intend to benefit avid anglers in many ways. In this article, you will find the fishing lures that are most suitable for ice angling. You will also acknowledge the fundamentals of fishing lures that promise to upgrade your fishing expertise. Let’s … Read more

Best Ice Fishing Reels of 2020 – Round-up Review

During winter, there’s no reason for you to give a break to your fishing interests. As long as you have the proper equipment, you can continue trying to get a fish to take the bait. Now, beginners or occasional fishermen might not know that ice fishing can’t be done with the same reel used for regular … Read more

Best Ice Fishing Gloves of 2020 – Complete Review

Ice fishing is not easy, in fact, even simple fishing is not as easy as it seems. There is a lot of technique and of course, patience that goes into it. When you add the element of extreme weather on top of it, safety becomes paramount.  ​The safety of your hands should be your top priority. … Read more

Best Ice Fishing Bibs – Buyer’s Guide for 2020

Have you ever experienced the extreme shock of freezing cold water rushing into your fishing boots as you stepped through some thin ice on a cold winter’s day? If you have, you’ll appreciate the importance of the right fishing bib to keep you safe, warm, and dry while ice angling. We’ll break down the factors you … Read more