Best Fishing Reel Brands – 2020

Fishing is a great past-time hobby. It is one of those things that you can enjoy regardless of the walk of life you belong to. The joy of pulling out your catch is incomparable. Fishing is very diverse. Young or old, beginner or professional, casual or serious, freshwater or saltwater, fly or surf, anybody can … Read more

Beginner’s Guide to Archery – Gear and Shooting Basics

Archery is one of the many activities practiced today by human beings all over the world.We have used the term “human beings” to emphasize that this pastime is probably one of the oldest known to man.This article has been designed to guide you through the terminology, gear, and shooting basics that come with the sport … Read more

Recurve vs Longbow: 2021 Traditional Bow Battle

Perhaps you have watched movies like The Brave Archer and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Reasons aside, you are intrigued by archery as a sport and want to try it for yourself. But there are so many factors to consider when choosing a bow. We will look at all of them and determine which bows are … Read more

Right vs Left Handed Bows: What Is The Difference? – 2021 Comparison

Are you confused about whether to buy a left or right-handed bow? Are you wondering if it even matters?So are tons of other people new to archery, and the misconception around what the terms mean makes the decision even more difficult. We’ve found that one is ideal for a particular hand and eye dominance combos … Read more

Recurve vs Compound Bow: Choosing the Right Bow in 2021

You’ve decided to take up the noble sport of archery or bow hunting.You need to research the best bow to use and can’t decide which is most suitable for you.We discuss these two bow types’ different attributes and what tasks they’re suitable for. Recurve vs Compound BowRecurve BowCompound BowPROSPROSEasy maintenanceVersatilityCostsLet-offLengthAdjustabilityCONSCONSNo let-offUnforgiving of mistakesRequires more practiceCostsComplexityMost major … Read more

Archery Equipment For Beginners: Essential Guide

Archery is a great way to build confidence and self-esteem. It’s a lifetime sport that will help you to make many good friends.You can do it as a hobby or compete in competitions. If you’re ready to take up archery, read this guide to learn what essential equipment you’ll need to start.What Does an Archery Beginner … Read more

Shortbow vs Longbow: Differences Explained

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Archery Tips – 2021 Guide to Improving Your Shots

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Fly Rod Length: Does it Matter? – Easy Guide

Fly rod length matters.If you’re fishing in a small creek with plenty of covers, you’re going to want a shorter rod than if you’re fishing in the open ocean. Knowing what bodies of water you’re most likely to be fishing will help you determine what length of rod you need. Below, we’ll go over these details … Read more

Surf Fishing Rod And Reel Setup 101 – Your 2021 Guide

Surf fishing is a subject that some may find frightening, but it’s an activity that’s relatively easy, relaxing, and enjoyable if approached with the right attitude and equipment.What follows is an introduction and guide designed to make the beginner’s experience something to remember and wanting to get more.Photo credit: Onthewater.comSurf Fishing Setup Terminology and Common … Read more

How To Determine Proper Bow Draw Weight – Ultimate Guide

If you are new to archery or looking to improve your draw, then let’s explore this topic together! Did you know that body weight makes a difference in your draw weight, or that drawing back is more than using arm strength? Why is draw weight resistance important? Draw weight resistance is important in setting your arrow off … Read more

Spinning Reel Sizes (With Chart) – Your 2021 Guide

Choosing fishing as a hobby is easy compared to picking the right gear. That’s largely due to the overabundance of equipment, such as spinning reels.Combine the many reel sizes with inadequate knowledge and any angler can become easily overwhelmed. Fortunately, you are reading this guide, designed to clear up any possible confusion. Spinning Reel Size ChartThe … Read more

How To Measure Draw Length – 2021 Walkthrough Guide

To be an incredible archer, you must measure your draw length. If you don’t, you’ll negatively affect your form, accuracy, and comfort. Repeatedly using an incorrect measurement can even cause injury. There are three different ways to measure it: the ATA, wingspan, and arrow methods.We’ll explain these processes in detail below. Draw Length Terminology and Common ConceptsBefore … Read more

How To Find Proper Bow Size – 2021 Guide

There are many aspects to consider when buying a new bow for you or your child.You’ll need to look at many of those areas, including your height and arm length, as these affect what equipment you can use. The following information will help you determine which bow size you should get for your build.What Size Bow … Read more

Bowstrings 101 – 2021 Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Bowstrings are a vital part of your bow, but they can seem complex to a new archer.The various types of strings and the long list of terminology don’t make it any simpler. Don’t worry! In this extensive guide, we’ll cover everything from how string-makers make bowstrings to what type is best for you. Photo credit: simplearchery.comBowstring Terminology … Read more

Top 5 Fly Reel Brands Made In The USA – 2021 Overview

Even if you’re new to fishing, it doesn’t take too long to notice the numerous fly reel manufacturers available.But this guide is for you if you live in the United States and prefer the best fly reels made in the USA.Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the top brands to look out for.SAGE Trout ReelTop … Read more

Striped Bass Rod and Reel Setup – 2021 Beginner’s Guide

Figuring out what rod and reel setup to pick for Striped Bass fishing can be tricky.After all, what equipment you need changes with the size of fish you want to catch, where you are, and what technique you use. However, some rod weights, rod actions, reel sizes, and lines work in more situations than others. Let’s … Read more

Medium vs Medium Light Spinning Rods: What’s the Difference? – 2021 Guide

Can’t figure out the difference between a medium and medium-light spinning rod? You aren’t alone, and the many similarities don’t make it easier. We’ve found that one is better for anglers looking for versatility and the other for those looking for long-distance casting paired with high-sensitivity. Let’s start with the big picture:Medium vs Medium Light Spinning RodsHere’s … Read more

2 DIY Surf Rod Holders That Are Practical & Easy to Make

Surf fishing is refreshing. The sand, waves, blue waters offer a great view, and you may catch a big fish or two. Since surf fishing requires a strong and sturdy rod, often 8-14 feet long, you require a sturdy and strong holder to hold it.There is a wide range of surf rod holders on the … Read more

Spinning Reel vs Baitcaster – Everything You Need to Know for 2021

Spinning reel or baitcaster- Which should you choose?A line and a hook used to be the only fishing equipment an angler needs, but all that has changed. Here, we’re comparing two pieces of gear: spinning reels and baitcasters. Your choice depends primarily on your skill level and the fish size you’re planning to catch.Let’s start … Read more

4 Great (and Cheap) Fly Rod Storage Ideas

Stainless steel, stained oak, and other fanciful fishing rod displays are okay.Still, a practical storage solution is more important to many anglers than showcasing their collection of fly-fishing gears. Here are four practical and economical ways to store your fly rods and potentially extend their lifespan without putting a huge hole in your wallet.How to Store … Read more

Spinning vs Casting Rods – 2021 Complete Comparison Guide

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Best Catfish Rod And Reel Setups – Complete Guide

Catfish is one of the most commonly sought-after species.However, they are quite heavy and can put up a fight, which calls for specialized fishing rod and reel and tact in your fishing technique. The best catfish rod and reel setup consist of a catfish rod and reel fitted with the appropriate lines for catfishing.This article … Read more

Fly Rod Manufacturers – Guide to Popular Brands

There are several fly rod and reel manufacturers on the market today, whether available in local stores or online.However, not all of them produce what you’re looking for, and it may be daunting to find the ideal product for your purposes.Today, we’ll look at some of the best manufacturers and what they specialize in.Manufacturers of … Read more

Bass Rod And Reel Setup – Detailed Guide

Bass fishing can be challenging because fish are finicky. Many different factors contribute to their activity levels and feeding habits. Because of this reality, anglers use a ton of different setups. The sheer amount of rod and reel combinations can make your head spin. How do you know which one to use?In this helpful guide, we’ll … Read more