Best Wireless Trail Cameras – Must Read Review of 2021

| Last Updated June 2, 2021

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Wireless trail cameras can save you so much time and effort when preparing for hunting season.

If you’re the guy that hasn’t got a wireless trail camera you know very well the struggle of setting up the camera, waiting a few days, hoping for the best, and then walking back only to be disappointed with the results. 

How much easier would this be if you could just watch the footage from your phone or monitor? That’s precisely what you can do with a wireless trail camera.

Comparison of the Best Wireless Trail Cameras

  • Full-HD night vision within a 65 foot range
  • Very easy to set up with cheap data plans
  • Can be used for farm/wildlife surveillance, security, and hunting
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  • This product has a no-flash camera, meaning it won’t scare away any game
  • This trail camera can detect game within a wide range.
  • We think this is the best overall trail camera currently on the market.
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  • This camera can utilize Infrared technology to help detect any movement.
  • Amazingly fast reaction when it detects motion.
  • We believe that this is the best WiFi trail camera on the market.
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  • A truly modern device that lets you pay as you go.
  • A simple, easy set-up, start using it instantly.
  • The best product from the Spartan line.
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  • This camera can work up to an incredible range of 100 feet.
  • With a 64GB SD storage, this camera can be used for long periods.
  • The timelapse feature allows your camera to operate for several weeks at a time.
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  • This product will provide you with amazing quality images/video.
  • The GPS will ensure you don’t forget where you’ve set up the camera.
  • This is by far the best of the Bushnell line regarding wireless trail cameras
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What is a Wireless Trail Camera?

A wireless trail camera can be bought as either a WiFi-based camera that uses an internet connection or radio frequency to connect to your device. Or, it can be a cellular-based camera that relies on a network similar to a mobile network.

For the cellular network, you’d need to buy a monthly plan to use a WiFi signal. You set the cameras up on a known trail, and it’ll take photos or video when it detects movement, these images are then sent to your device. The best quality cameras will provide you with many options such as infrared or night vision.

How Do Wireless Trail Cameras Work?

They work using transmitters that, when an animal is detected, it will take a photo and send the picture via the antenna straight to the owner's phone. They rely on a wireless network and are easy to install due to their lack of wires or connection ports. The downsides to these are that the surroundings significantly affect the connection between the camera and the device.  You would need to be relatively close to get full use out of the wireless feature, like camping near the trail in a cabin.

Review of the Best Wireless Trail Cameras

This section will discuss the multiple features and unique selling points of each product in depth to inform you of the products we think are the best currently on the market.

Best Overall:
LTE Cellular Trail Camera Waterproof

LTE 4G Cellular Trail Cameras – Outdoor WiFi Full HD Wild Game Camera with Night Vision for Deer Hunting, Security - Wireless Waterproof and Motion Activated – 32GB SD Card + Sim Card (1-Pack)


  • Water and snow-proof
  • Offers full HD IR night vision
  • Not visible to trespassers or animals
  • Easy to set up - only four simple steps to follow
  • Customer service available 24/7 for this product
  • Multi-purpose use for security, wildlife, or hunting


  • Battery life might be less relatively

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers have absolutely praised this LTE Cellular Trail Camera. It worked as described and proved to be quite affordable for them. It was also very easy to set it up and operate. It took high-quality pictures instantly for them, and since it takes wide-angle camera pictures, it proved to be more suitable for monitoring wildlife and security applications. This was hands down the best trail camera for buyers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This trail camera features IR full HD night vision and takes high-quality videos (1080P) and pictures (12MP) despite the light it gets. You can share videos and pictures instantly through the built-in cellular Wi-Fi features. It proves to be snow and waterproof, and 6 NO-GLOW IR LEDs will not be exposed to trespassers and animals, which makes it highly suitable for users.

Moreover, it features 4G LTE GlassRaven powers with 12 AA batteries. You can easily set it up following a few simple steps and even hook it up to the creative-XP Solar Panel for non-stop power. Also, the wide dynamic lens allows you to use this for multiple purposes, giving you more reasons to buy it.

Who Will Use This Most

Checking the property with one (or a couple) of these helpful little devices is an interesting job for birders, wildlife enthusiasts, or just people who appreciate being astonished at what goes on in their backyard at night. It is also called a trap, or a wildlife camera.

Trackers can use these units to distinguish spots to discover game when the season begins. Birders like the nearby, freeze-frame pictures this unit can catch; an individual holding a camera would scare away the fowls; however, a subtle trail camera doesn't trouble them at all.

Bottom Line

This trail camera has become a user favorite for offering immense benefits. It has HD night vision and full-time customer service and can be used for multiple purposes. It has everything a user wants in a trail camera.

Bigfoot Cellular Camera 3G

3G Bigfoot Trail Camera - Affordable Data Plan and Easy Setup - Cellular Game Camera- 5, 8, 12mp/1080P Wireless Wildlife Camera-Security Camera- Send Pictures Most Cellphones and Email Addresses


  • Flashless
  • User-Friendly App
  • Can Operate Within Large Areas
  • 30-Free Trial Before Needing to Purchase Data Plan


  • Detection Can Be Too Sensitive
  • Must Have Cellular Signal to Work

This trail camera is perfect for catching footage of any animal before your hunting trip. One of the main features of this camera is that it doesn’t need a flash to operate during the night. A flash could scare away any potential targets. This product also allows you to monitor any footage via a user-friendly IOS or Android app.

The wide range lens operates up to 65 feet at night, making this camera incredibly adept at capturing any evidence of a deer or any game animal. This product is a cellular 3G camera and you can choose from a variety of paid subscriptions, ranging from 1,500 to 16,000 pictures per year.

Bottom Line

This product is undoubtedly the best trail camera on this list. Providing you with a wide range of lenses and the ability to detect movement up to 65 feet at night, this camera was made to be a hunter's best friend. It provides you with a quality image without needing any flash which would scare away any potential targets.

The user-friendly app allows you to control most of the settings for the camera, meaning you won’t contaminate the surrounding area with your scent by constantly checking up. This device is cellular.

This means that you’ll need to purchase a subscription from the company. The plans are measured in photos taken every 12 months., ranging from 1,500 to 16,000. This is a problem as many people report that they’ve gone through a few hundred snaps within a week, due to the camera’s sensitivity. Cellular cameras can only be used when there is a phone signal, this might be limited to the edge of many forests, etc.

 Best Wifi Trail Camera:
CreativeXP 3G Cellular Trail Cameras

CREATIVE XP 2021 LTE 4G Cellular Trail Cameras – Outdoor WiFi Full HD Wild Game Camera with Night Vision for Deer Hunting, Security - Wireless Waterproof and Motion Activated – 32GB SD Card (1-Pack)


  • Many Features
  • Infrared Technology
  • Provided 3G SIM Card
  • High-Quality Video and Images
  • Great Field of View and Fast Trigger


  • Not as Quick as 4G
  • Easily Loses Connection

This camera comes with an AT&T 3G SIM card that can be used to send your phone near-instant images of any animals that are detected. Providing you with infrared technology, this product can be used in any setting, night or day, with 56 LED lights to help boost any photos taken, though you’re unlikely to need it, thanks to the 12-megapixel lens and 1080P video quality.

The 110-degree angle and 0.4-second trigger will allow you to shoot up to five photos per trigger pull. The camera has plenty of features. For example, the time-lapse feature will send you images every three minutes. The timer can also be used to record at certain periods. This camera is both water and snow-proof, meaning it’s extremely durable.

Bottom Line

The provided 3G SIM card will connect you to the network so you can begin using your camera instantly, though the 3G connection isn’t the best for sending images or video fast to your device. Depending on the location of your camera, the network may not connect to the camera, rendering your device useless.

However, the benefits outweigh the problems on this product as it does provide you with infrared technology thanks to the 56 LEDs which will ensure you can capture anything within 0.4 seconds at a 110-degree angle in HD. The many features of this camera, like the timer and timelapse, are what makes this product stand out from the rest.

Best Spartan Wireless Trail Camera:
Spartan HD GoCam

Spartan HD GoCam (4G AT&T Version, Model#GC-A4Gb, Blackout Infrared) 4G Wireless UTowel Bundle Deal Bundled with UTowels Edgeless Microfiber Towels


  • 4G Network
  • Great Battery Life
  • Waterproof Sealant
  • Pay-as-You-Go SIM
  • Microfiber Towels to Clean Camera


  • Grainy Footage
  • Limited Night Vision

This trail camera is an easy, one-step setup that provides you with a high-quality device within seconds of activating the SIM card. The SIM card is provided with the multiple piece kit, all you need to do is activate the SIM via an AT&T website. A huge selling point for this product is that the SIM is pay-as-you-go, meaning that when you’re not using it, just deactivate the SIM on the website.

Along with the SIM, the kit includes multiple microfiber towels to ensure that when your device is dirty or wet, you can give it a quick cleaning without worrying about damaging your lens or transmitter. The wireless camera will transmit all of the data via a web portal set up by the manufacturer to allow constant monitoring of any activity.

This data will be uploaded almost instantly with thanks to the 4G network used. The 12 AA batteries will provide you with over seven months of constant footage, as well as being protected by a waterproof sealant.

Bottom Line

The point here is that this product will provide you with great value due to its modern pay-as-you-go system. Paying a monthly fee is an ancient method, pay-as-you-go will simply track your usage when the SIM is activated and is easily deactivated via the website when not needed. The 4G network almost instantaneously.

Whenever there is a storm, you can rely on the waterproof sealant used to protect the batteries and any internal components from damage. Once the storm is over, you’ll be able to use the microfiber towels to clean the lens and device without damaging sensitive parts. The battery should be able to last for several months. The downsides to this can be quite crucial when you’re trying to plan your hunt. For example, the footage can be quite grainy when viewed and the night vision is very limited.

Best Covert Wireless Trail Camera:
Covert Wireless Trail Camera Code Black


  • 60 Infrared LEDs
  • Crystal Clear Quality
  • Can Work up to 100 Feet
  • Long-Term Time-Lapse feature


  • Hard to Setup

A camera that works within a range of 100 feet is unheard of with any other trail camera on the market. Not only is the range exceptional, but the photo and video quality are outstanding. The 12-megapixel camera and 1280x720 video camera will provide you with crystal clear evidence of any game walking along trails and will, in return, help you plan the best hunting strategy.

As an added bonus to this great quality, your device is equipped with 60 invisible infrared flash LEDs. The cellular data plan will allow you to receive video and images via the AT&T network. The camera can also be used for long-term recording missions due to the timelapse feature that will update you every so often to alert you to movement.

Bottom Line

This is a great high-definition trail camera that will be able to detect any movement up to 100 feet away. The quality provided by the 60 Infrared LEDs and the 12-megapixel camera is impressive. If you want to record or take photos over a long period, you should use the timelapse feature. The only difficulty with this camera is that it can be meticulous to set up.

Best Bushnell Wireless Trail Camera:
Bushnell 119599C2 Trophy Cam HD Aggressor


  • Built-In GPS
  • Element Sensor
  • 0.5-Second Recovery
  • HD Images and Video


  • Requires Data Plan
  • Signal is Easily Lost

This product will provide you with some of the clearest pictures and video alongside many other trail cameras can on this list. The 14-megapixel images make for some of the sharpest photos that can possibly be taken by a trail cam.

The same goes for the high-definition video quality. The way in which the device ensures the high-standards is by utilizing the day and night auto sensor which will customize various features for the best image possible depending on the weather or time of day.

For example, 48 LED lights can produce HD photos or video for up to 60 feet during the night without scaring off any animals. Along with a built-in GPS, this will remove the problem of losing your expensive equipment. This camera also has an incredible recovery time of just 0.5 seconds.

Bottom Line

Removing many barriers, this device limits any fear of losing your expensive camera, thanks to the built-in GPS system. Not only this, the 0.5-second photo recovery will ensure you don’t miss more than a second of any movement This is also enhanced with the 14-megapixel camera and HD video and is certainly the most powerful of its range.

Added features like the element sensor will customize the camera to get the best photos or video even on dark nights or hot, bright days. These are the things that make these devices make-it or break-it. The only downsides to using this product are that you’ll need to pay a monthly network plan to use the wireless option. As a result of using a network, like normal cell phones, you may also experience connection issues depending on the surroundings.

Best Cellular Trail Camera:
Kuool 4G LTE Cellular & GPS Trail Hunting Camera

Kuool Trail Camera 4G LTE Cellular (AT&T SIM Card Included/T-Mobile) & GPS Hunting Camera,D40 Game Camera,Wildlife Camera 12MP 1080P Full HD Trail cam, 52 Pcs IR LED Waterproof Infrared Game Cam


  • HD Quality
  • Impossible to Lose
  • Eight-Month Battery
  • 4G Superspeed Network
  • Wide Angle Lens and 65 Feet Night Vision Ability


  • Not the Fastest in Capturing Images

This 4G cellular camera works with an AT&T sim card. The device sends images or video to your mobile almost instantly with the superfast 4G network. Anyone can easily control the camera via their phone, utilizing many different features like setting intervals or shooting instructions.

This camera offers you detection capabilities of 65 feet of night vision and a 120-degree wide angle camera lens, with an eight-month standby life using 12 AA batteries with a built-in solar panel.

The camera will provide you with the best quality photos that money can buy. The 12-megapixel images can only be provided by an elite number of trail cameras, and this is one of them. The video quality is really good with 1080P quality, making both photos and video crystal clear. You’ll be provided with detailed information for each picture like, time lapse, timer, audio recording, a stamp of temperature, longitude and latitude, moon phase, and date/time on every image.

Bottom Line

This product is the best cellular trail camera due to its 4G superspeed network that allows pictures or video to be instantly sent to your phone. The image will provide you with various information that will enable you to refine your entire hunting strategy. The wide-angle lens and 65 feet night vision will maximize your chances of finding that next hunting spot.

GPS is the main feature of this product. A big problem for many hunters is that they tend to lose all these expensive cameras because they forget where they’ve put them, however, the GPS resolves this issue.

The battery consists of 12 AA batteries that will last you up to eight months, constantly providing you with HD quality for both image and video. The only downside to this product is that they have had a few complaints about not being fast enough, which can really affect your hunt.

How to Choose a Wireless Trail Camera

There are many features you must consider and questions you need to ask yourself before buying a wireless trail camera. The following section will discuss some of the more important points to think about.

Cellular or Wi-Fi Camera?

Using a cellular or WiFi camera can make a big difference in the effectiveness and practicality of your camera.

A WiFi-based camera works via using an internet connection or can use radio frequencies to connect to other devices. Compared to the cellular method, a WiFi camera won’t need a data plan which will charge you monthly like your cell phone plan. The downside to this is that they can only work within a certain range and can’t be used too far into the woods as you might struggle to connect to the device.

A cellular camera is similar to your phone in the sense that they require a network plan to work. As long as the location has a decent signal, the camera will transmit photos to your phone. As we mentioned, the only downside is that you will need to pay for a monthly plan to use this network.

Camera Quality

Camera quality must be of the best standard, you don’t want footage or photos of animals you can’t see or make out. You need to ensure your camera takes the best quality photos possible. It’s recommended you only go for those with ten megapixels or higher. The higher the megapixels, the better the hunting experience. The camera should also offer many additional features such as infrared and night vision.

CreativeXP 3G Cellular Trail Cameras

Motion Trigger Speed

Trail cameras use multiple techniques that allow it to capture footage of animals within a few seconds or less. This aspect is essential, as you don’t want to miss one of the only opportunities you might get to capture footage just because your camera doesn’t know the animal is there or because it's not fast enough. There’s some terminology you should understand when buying a trail camera.

  • Trigger Time - This is the period between when the sensor has detected an animal to when the camera snaps a photo or starts recording.

  • Recovery Time - This is the time it takes for your camera to reset and take another photo.

  • Detection Zone - This is the area around which sensors are able to detect the movement of animals which then triggers the device to take a picture or begin recording.

Benefits of Investing in a Top-of-the-Line Wireless Trail Camera

Investing in a high-quality trail camera will save you from many problems and bring you a whole host of benefits. Cheap equipment will give you poor results, if you want something done well, don’t be afraid to fork out a few extra bucks.

Save Time and Effort

The most obvious benefit is that these devices save time and effort when preparing to hunt. Like we discussed before, being able just to set up the cameras and wait for images to be sent to your phone is far more practical. No one wants to travel back and forth each time hoping they’ve caught an image of the game walking around.

No Scent Contamination

Another benefit would be that you won’t contaminate the area with your scent. As most hunters know, animals can pick up your scent easily, or at least the smart ones do. The last thing you want to do is check your cameras constantly, only to destroy any hopes of getting a photo because of your strong scent is in the area near the trail.

Instant Data

The last main advantage is that you will have an instant recording of every animal that has been detected sent straight to your phone. This data will then allow you to refine your hunting techniques to certain times of day, what ammunition you’ll need for certain animals, and where you should be located to take that fatal shot.


When choosing your next trail camera, make sure to follow the information we’ve provided you. This is an important insight into finding the best trail cameras currently on the market. The features we’ve described are what can make or break your decisions in buying the best camera.

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