What’s New At Quaker Boy Game Calls

| Last Updated May 4, 2020

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We had the chance to visit with Ernie Calandrelli from Quaker Boy Game Calls at the 2011 ATA show.  Quaker Boy has always been one of my favorite call makers and they have some great new products out this year.

The number one selling box call for Quaker Boy is the Hurricane Box Call. The beauty of the Hurricane Box is that it is 100% watter proof. You can dump it in a stream and pick it up and still use it. New for 2011 Quaker Boy has launched the Hurricane Supreme which is a Walnut version of the Hurricane Box Call. Both novice and experienced turkey hunters love this box because it is so easy to use

Quaker Boy also showed us their locator call the "Gobble Shaker". All you need to do is shake it and it produces a great turkey locator noise that gets roosting birds to gobble back at you. They also include a silencing cap to keep the call from making noise as you are walking around with it. The call can be used with one hand or two.

One other product worth mentioning is the improved head net or face mask for turkey hunters. The guys at Quaker Boy made the head net out of a lot softer and quieter material and built a nice flexible wire frame that can be easily bent to forum fit around contour of your eyes and nose

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