| Last Updated May 4, 2020

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With each newsletter we try to stress how Big Game Logic (BGL) is a useful tool for patterning bucks using trail camera photos, but some bucks that show up during hunting season are never photographed.

This was one such buck. I wish I could say we collected dozens of pictures of this deer and used BGL to pattern his every move, but this buck was the result of seeking/chasing phase of the rut, and was likely just passing through the property in search of a hot doe.

However, BGL did play a role in the harvest of this buck with regard to stand selection. Prior to entering the field, Jeff consulted the “Hunting Log Statistics” on the “Camp Summary” page of the BGL website to see which stands had experienced little hunting pressure. 

He also used the “Best Tree Stands for Wind” feature on the camp map to display the stands that were best for the forecasted wind directions.

Jeff Schmitz, CEO of Big Game Logic, connected with this huge 8-point buck at his hunting camp in Central Wisconsin.

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