Best Compound Bows of 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated July 7, 2021

Hunters were overwhelmed when they first used compound bows for hunting, and there has been no going back ever since. With so many options in the market, the process of picking one unit may be daunting, but don’t worry because we are here to help you out.

Compound bows offer greater speeds and amazing accuracy and precision. They are also very safe to use, and their sleek bodies allow for greater portability. Wondering which one to go for? Leave that to us!

The following article lists some of the best models in the market and highlights the pros and cons of each. There’s also a well-researched buying guide to help you make an informed decision. Let’s have a look!

Comparison of the Best Compound Bows

  • All-inclusive package with numerous extra accessories
  • Draw weight adjustable from 19 to 70 lbs
  • Constructed from high-grade composite material
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  • Equipped with compression molded fiberglass limbs for extra durability
  • Full package that include 5-pin bow sight with sight light
  • Enhanced string suppressor with a draw weight of 40-70 lbs
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  • Best Compound Bow for the Money
  • Equipped with one of the most accurate cam systems on the market
  • 7-70 lbs draw weight with simple adjustment
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  • Best Compound Bow For Beginners
  • Complete package including a carry bag
  • Light draw weight of 30-55 lbs easily adjusted with Allen key
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  • Best Compound Bow For Hunting
  • Bow limbs constructed from durable compressed ABS
  • High performing bow with a draw weight of 55-70 lbs
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  • Best Compound Bow For Target Shooting
  • Durable machined aluminum construction both strong and light
  • Adjustable draw weight rated at 30-70 lbs
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  • Best Compound Bow For Women
  • Equipped with an improved cam system for smoother drawing
  • Integral stabilizer provides better performance
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What is a Compound Bow and What is it Used For? 

These types of bows are unlike any that you have seen or used before. They come with a levering system that usually includes a lot of cable and pulleys. They also bend at the limbs to provide you a better field of view. Modern bows are widely used for hunting, target shooting, and for competitive shooting games.

As for the body, the pulley or the cam system of the unit will provide you with a mechanical advantage, and the bow usually retains its stiffness for a longer period of time. The rigidity is also important because it ensures less energy consumption during the shooting.

They also rarely rely on physical strength, and hence can shoot at accurately from a distance. Moreover, unlike traditional bows, compound bows offer a pre-set draw, thus saving both time and effort. Lastly, it is important to note that these models are slightly heavier than recurve bows.

How a Compound Bow Works 

If there is one thing that no other bow does better than a compound bow, it is providing efficiency. Unlike your normal unit that covers a distance of 200 per second, a compound bow can travel up to 370 feet per second. The draw circle is not linear, so when you pull the string back, the effort required is considerably less.

This also means that the archer is left holding only a part of the bow’s peak weight, even at a full draw. This ensures that there is less strain placed on the back and limbs of the archer. This also allows for a more stable shot.

The user can also apply force to the outer wheel with a simple block and tackle mechanism. This ensures your bolt covers more distance. This also helps the bow multiply the input energy, so it doesn’t require very high kinetic energy.

How to Choose a Compound Bow

Choosing a compound bow is not that hard if you just follow a few simple guidelines and know what you are looking for. There are a couple of features that take priority and cannot be compromised. Here is the right way to choose your next bow.


Speed is often the top consideration of most hunters, and it should be too. Earlier, any bow that could go up to 250 FPS was considered an excellent one, but that has changed with the introduction of new technology and design. Now, hunters want their bows to provide a speed of 350 FPS or higher. For a compound bow, a speed of 370 FPS is ideal. This will also ensure that you don’t pick speed over accuracy.

Achieving Accuracy

You can get the best speed in the market, but unless you achieve accuracy simultaneously, there is really no point in hunting. You need to ensure that your model comes with the right combination of scope and red sight. These two things help provide clear sight and hence ensure greater precision. Moreover, you can buy a model with an auto cocking device that enhances accuracy even more.

Ease of Usage

Many factors contribute to ease of use. You need to consider the brace height, the length of your bolts, and the compatibility of the model if you want to be comfortable during your shoots. 

A good brace height will allow you to stand tall and hence shoot the arrow accurately. Moreover, good compatibility between the bow and bolts will ensure you don’t feel a muscle spasm each time you draw. A lightweight body will also help in providing ease and comfort.

Review of the Best Compound Bows

We have covered some very significant parts regarding compound bows, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Here is a review of the top models in the market. All you have to do is compare them against the pros and cons to see which one suits you best.

Best Overall:
Topoint Archery Package M1 

Compound Bow TOPOINTARCHERY M1 Package, 19'-30' Draw Length,19-70Lbs Draw Weight,320fps IBO Limbs Made in USA (Forest camo)


  • Comes with an excellent warranty
  • Draw weight is only 19-70 pounds
  • Adjustable without the use of bow press
  • Braided style adds to durability and strength
  • Provides all the necessary aftermarket accessories for assembly


  • Assembly and sighting are time-consuming

What Recent Buyers Report 

The braided style of this model has mesmerized recent buyers, and they can’t stop talking about this excellent compound bow. Among the things, they like best is the durable construction, the inclusion of great optics, and especially the great warranty. They have also praised the aesthetics of the model.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

One look at this product was all we needed to put it on the number one spot. Topoint Archery M1 is certainly the best in the market because of its amazing durability and strength. It is made with aluminum that provides excellent resistance against impact and injury. Hunters can hence rest assured that this model will accompany them for a long time.

Another reason for its place in the article is that it comes with all the different types of accessories needed for assembly and sighting. This includes a single and strong bow, a five-optical bow sight that allows for different sighting options, and a braided bow sling that can go the extra mile. It also includes a rubber stabilizer that ensures you get the maximum stability when you draw.

Bottom Line 

It takes a lot for a model to be on the top of a list, and Topoint Archery has done justice to its position. It offers amazing features like fast speed and great accuracy, along with an excellent warranty. The unit may have a complex design, but it’s easy to use, especially when you sight it correctly.

iGlow Archery Hunting Compound Bow

iGlow 40-70 lbs Black Archery Hunting Compound Bow with Elite Kit 175 150 60 55 30 lb Crossbow


  • Provides an excellent speed of around 310 FPS
  • Allows you to hit your target with precision and accuracy
  • Fully adjustable hence can be used by many different users
  • Comes with a string suppressor to ensure quieter operation
  • Has an aluminum stabilizer to enhance stability and durability


  • Relatively heavier than some other models
  • Storing the compound requires more space

What Recent Buyers Report 

The iGlow bow is the stuff of dreams, and recent buyers agree. They are ready to swear by the quality and durability of this model. They love the inclusion of the aluminum stabilizer that enhances durability and prevents your hands from shaking. The excellent speed also adds to the appeal.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

It takes a lot of extraordinary features for a model to be so high up on a list. The iGlow hunting bow comes with stunning features that will mesmerize the most serious of hunters. It allows for a perfect draw weight of 40 to 70 pounds that ensures you get maximum comfort and ease during each shot. Moreover, you get amazing durability because of the high-end construction of the model.

But perhaps the biggest reason why the unit stands out is the inclusion of compressed and fully molded fiberglass limbs. This ensures that your target acquisition is perfect each time. Furthermore, the bow is nicely polished and looks very appealing to the eyes.

Bottom Line 

The bottom line on this one is simple. If you are looking for great adjustability and diversity, then this is the model for you. With this unit, you can adjust both the height and the forearm easily so that multiple users of the family can use a single model. 

Best Compound Bow for the Money:
Diamond Archery Edge SB-1

Diamond Archery 2016 Edge SB-1 Compound Bow Package | 15-30' Draw Length | 7-70 lb Adjustable Weight | Perfect for Hunting | Comes in Black & Breakup Country | Available in Right & Left Hand


  • Comes with a fully synchronized cam system
  • Relatively compact in size hence easy to carry
  • Provides for an excellent and flawless nock travel
  • Allows you to adjust from maximum to minimum poundage easily
  • Comes with rotating modules that ensure you don’t have to get replacements


  • Difficult to find suitable replacements
  • Does not offer a very good warranty on accessories

What Recent Buyers Report 

Buyers were a little skeptical when they first saw the price tag on this unit. There are a lot of myths surrounding cheap products, but buyers refused to believe that and still invested in Diamond Archery SB-1, and they haven’t been disappointed. Of all the features, they have rated them excellent nock travel the best one.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This model didn’t just stand out to us because of its relatively lower price, though that was certainly a big reason for its inclusion in the list. The Edge SB-1 comes with a very synchronized and binary cam system that provides greater accuracy. Two separate cams are slaved to each other to provide the perfect view.

Moreover, it ensures great nock travel and tuning so that you can get consistency throughout your shoot. The adjustable pockets also make for a great feature as they allow you to switch from maximum to minimum poundage or vice versa with a simple turn of the limb bolt.

The easy-to-read marks are also a notable feature as it ensures simplicity and allows you to easily adjust the draw weights.

Bottom Line

Affordability, good compatibility, and great optics come together in the making of this one-of-a-kind model. It comes with many rotating modules that ensure you don’t require many replacements. Moreover, you are able to switch poundage easily from maximum to minimum, thus allowing for easy adjustability.

Best Compound Bow for Beginners:
Leader Accessories Compound Bow 

Leader Accessories Compound Bow 30-55lbs Archery Hunting Equipment with Max Speed 296fps (Autumn Camo. with Full Accessories)


  • Comes with a stabilizer to ensure steady hands
  • Includes a good safety mechanism to prevent accidents
  • Assembly of the bow doesn’t require much time and effort
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories to get you started
  • Draw length does not put too much strain on the back and neck


  • Speed is relatively low on the product
  • Only a one-year warranty on the string

What Recent Buyers Report

It is often hard to convince recent buyers of the superior quality of a product. These people often look at everything very critically. But lucky for them, this model doesn’t give many reasons to complain. It comes with all the necessary accessories for sighting and easy assembly of the unit.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Beginners already have a hard time trying out a new thing, and hence the last thing they need is a model that bombards them with complexities. The bow created by Leader Accessories is made especially for right-handers who don’t want to put too much strain on their limbs while drawing weight. 

The entire unit is less than 29 inches and allows for a draw weight of fewer than 55 pounds. The speed is also kept low deliberately, so beginners don’t feel too overwhelmed while shooting. 

But perhaps the biggest reason for the model’s popularity among newbies is its focus on safety. There is an excellent safety mechanism that doesn’t require much manual care. This ensures that beginners don’t injure themselves on their first few hunts.

Bottom Line 

Equipped with an excellent safety mechanism, this model has everything that is needed to kickstart your hunting journey. The bow is designed to be simple and effective against fast prey. There is only a one-year warranty on the string, but that won’t be an issue since the model is super durable and won’t require many repairs.

Best Compound Bow for Hunting:
Southland Archery Supply Outrage

Southland Archery Supply SAS Outrage 70 Lbs 30'' Compound Bow - Black


  • Has a strong limb to draw weights up to 70 pounds
  • Easy to sight hence suitable for hunting in low light
  • Comes with compressed ABS limbs that last a lifetime
  • Draw length doesn’t put too much strain on the body
  • Weighs less than most other models, making it easy to carry


  • Speed is only 270 FPS
  • Not very suitable for competitive target shooting

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers couldn’t help but notice the intricate details that are included in the construction of this unit. It is extremely easy to sight and assembles, which means that buyers won’t have any back or neck strain by the end of the activity. To top all this is the relatively less weight of the compound that makes it easy to use on the hunt.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Hunting requires both accuracy and precision, and that is exactly what you get when you invest in the Southland Archery unit. This model comes with compressed ABS limbs that can last for a very long time. This, coupled with an excellent warranty, means that you don’t have to worry about repairs and replacements.

Moreover, the bow and receiver size is compatible and suited to the hunter's needs. The bow's net weight is less than five pounds, and the draw length is between 20 and 30 inches only. This, along with suitable draw weight, maximizes the output you get on each hunting spree. To top all this off is the compact design of the bow that allows for greater portability.

Bottom Line 

Ease of usage is the biggest advantage that you get with this unit. If you pull the string back, you will be able to let go of the majority of the force. When you release the arrow, it will hit right on target. So if you want to get your hands on the most reliable model in the market, then make sure you get this.

Best Compound Bow for Target Shooting:


  • Cams are fully machined with aluminum
  • Provides maximum settings with a 350-grain arrow only
  • Offers excellent consistency needed for targeted shooting
  • Doesn’t require a bow press to adjust the length of the draw
  • Includes amazing accessories that enhance the durability of the design


  • Heavy hence difficult to carry on hunts

What Recent Buyers Report 

Target shooting requires accuracy above anything else, but many users have to compromise on speeds to achieve this. But lucky for recent buyers, this wasn’t the case. This model provides a good FPS, and its cam technology helps achieve greater precision. That’s not all; buyers also love the optics included as they provide a clear view of the target, even in low-light settings.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

People who like to indulge in target shooting don’t want to compromise on any feature, which is why the Predator bow is made to be a deadly weapon that’s ready to give you a competitive edge in the game. It comes with excellent-quality accessories that make for an easy assembly. The kit also includes a five-pin sight needed to achieve better accuracy.

The compound design also allows you a 75% let-off. This ensures that there is no unnecessary burden and pressure on your limbs. This also ensures you don’t get any muscle or back strain. The optics are also great and allow you to clearly view your target without having to squint your eyes.

Bottom Line 

Brands are often reckless when it comes to accessories, which is why you often end up getting cheap aftermarket products. However, the Predator Archery bow has been a game-changer as it includes extremely durable wrenches, bolts, and optics to help enhance your fun time on the hunt.

Best Compound Bow for Women:
Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package, Black Ops, Right Hand


  • Has an excellent speed of 310 FPS
  • Stabilizer is integrated to create balance and steady shot
  • Cam design is suitable for an effortless and smooth draw
  • Draw weight is fully adjustable between 5 and 70 pounds
  • Provides a very wide draw length between 13 and 31 inches


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Slightly heavier and hence lacks portability

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers didn’t think that they could get such a sophisticated model without having to pay a lot of money for it. This unit contains a cam design that helps increase the smoothness of your shoot. Moreover, the draw length is available in a diverse range, so women don’t have to apply too much force when drawing.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The needs of women don’t differ much from men, especially when it comes to archery. However, women do appreciate more sophistication, and that is exactly why this Diamond Archery bow is the one for them. It comes with binary cam systems that are slaved onto each other to provide great synchronization. This attention to detail, together with a flawless nock travel, is what most female hunters appreciate.

Moreover, easy adjustability mechanisms are included to appease users. The draw weight offers an excellent range that starts from five pounds and goes all the way to 70 pounds. The special cam system also allows for a flawless and very smooth draw.

Bottom Line 

Women like a bit of detail and finesse when it comes to products, and hunting weaponry is no different. This is why the brand has constructed this bow, especially to cater to women’s needs. Since the average height of women is less, the draw length doesn’t need to be very high. Moreover, the design is available in a range of colors.

Best Left-Handed Compound Bow:
Genesis Original Bow

GENESIS Original Lefthand Bow Blue


  • No specific draw length requirements
  • Great for people just starting on archery
  • Relatively cheaper than most other models
  • Comes with a machined aluminum riser for more durability
  • Features single-cam technology, so it doesn’t require any tuning


  • Not suitable for complex hunting sprees
  • Lacks consistency because of the single-cam

What Recent Buyers Report 

Left-handed users couldn’t believe their eyes when they finally saw this compound bow for the first time. Their eyes glittered, and they were grateful to the brand for finally producing a good bow for them. 

The best features of the Genesis bow, according to recent buyers, include the machined aluminum body and lack of any specific drawing requirements. This ensures that there are no limits on how far back they can go each time.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

In a world dominated by products for right-hand users, it is very difficult to find a suitable model that caters to left-handers' needs. But Genesis has changed that by including excellent features in its brand new compound bow. It is used for the National Archery school program. If that isn’t a testament to this bow's reliability, we don’t know what else is.

It is made for kids of all ages and athletic abilities, which is why it doesn’t come with any specific draw length. This means that the kid will not outgrow the bow and can use the same model for years to come. It also ensures that there are no tuning issues so kids can learn archery without compromising on their fun time.

Bottom Line

If you are a left-handed user who has been disappointed by the lack of suitable products, this model is going to be your lifelong companion. It is made especially for users who prefer to use their left hands to draw the arrow. It is also relatively light, which means that you can carry it around the forest without tiring yourself.

Best Youth Compound Bow:
Bear Archery Brave Bow Set

Bear Archery Brave Youth Bow – Black


  • Lightweight hence easy to carry
  • Features a draw weight of 15 to 25 pounds
  • Set includes all the necessary accessories for accurate shooting
  • Smaller draw length means that there is less strain on the limbs
  • Comes with two separate safety glass arrows for greater diversity


  • Only suitable for right-handed users
  • Not suitable for experienced hunters

What Recent Buyers Report 

The youth is always on the lookout for models that are easier to use and can help them develop their passions. This unit is exactly that which is why recent buyers have rated it very highly. Moreover, the fact that the model allows for an easy draw also sits well with buyers.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

For youths to love a product is very rare. This is because they want the ease of usage as well as durability and strength from their units. Bear Archery has provided all these features for the last 80 years and stands out in the crowd because of its very reliable bows. The same goes for this particular model; it doesn’t weigh much and hence allows for great portability.

Since it is designed for relatively new users, sighting this compound bow is also very easy. You won’t need complex targets or pin adjustments to do it effectively. Moreover, there are two separate safety glass arrows included providing better consistency during the sighting. But what the youth loves most is that the model is available in six different colors.

Bottom Line

For people looking to indulge in hunting or target shooting without having to compromise on their safety, this model proves to be an excellent one. It comes with a small draw length that is less straining on the hands and feet. It also comes with two separate glass arrows needed to effectively sight the bow before use.

Best Compound Bow Under $500:
Bear Archery Cruzer G2

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Compound Bow with RealTree Edge Finish


  • Extremely easy to sight and adjust
  • Weighs relatively less than most other models
  • Does not require any bow press for adjustments
  • Provides maximum versatility and is suitable for all ages
  • Comes with six trophy ridge accessories for easy assembly


  • Requires relatively more maintenance and care
  • Lacks consistency and is not suitable for competitive sports

What Recent Buyers Report 

Users were incredibly happy the first time they used this compound bow, and their level of excitement has remained consistent throughout. They love the inclusion of all the necessary accessories that allow for an easy assembly. Buyers also appreciate the fact that the model doesn’t require any bow press for adjustments.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

As expected, this model is making rounds in the market for being extremely versatile, and that is exactly why it stands out to us too. Unlike most other units, the Bear Archery G2 is suitable for all ages and skill levels, which means that the entire family or group of friends can use the same model.

Another issue that most hunters have with bows is that they lack easy adjustability, but luckily, that’s not an issue with this compound bow. It doesn’t require any bow press to change lengths or adjust draw weights. It only requires a simple wrench, which is often available in the package. Moreover, the unit contains all the other accessories needed for a safe assembly.

Bottom Line 

Compared to many other models, the price of this one isn’t very low. But once you use the bow, you will know why. The model weighs relatively less and is suited for most hunts. Moreover, the inclusion of five pins makes it extremely easy to sight the bow for different ranges. So if you want great value on your product, then you should definitely choose this Bear Archery bow.

Types of Compound Bows

Compound bows are differentiated based on the number and type of cam systems they use. Each type comes with its own unique features and boasts of different pros. Below we will discuss some of the most popular types and what makes them stand out.

Single Cams

These are the most popular compound bows and have existed in the market for the longest time. They come with an elliptical power cam on the bottom and an idler wheel at the top. They are also extremely quiet, and their simpler design makes them easy to use, especially for new hunters. A major drawback of single-cam bows is that it’s harder to tune their designs.

Hybrid Cams

These come with a control cam that is situated at the top end of the bow. There is also a power cam that is placed at the bottom side. This unique placement is what gives this model its unique name. Unlike most other units, this is quite easy to tune and requires very little maintenance. The major drawback is that it comes with reduced nock travel.

Twin Cams

As the name suggests, this type comes with two spate cams. One is round and the other in elliptical. They are placed at each end of the bow and offer amazing accuracy. Moreover, they allow for a level nock travel and much greater speed. Since this design is very complex, it requires a lot of maintenance. It is also relatively more expensive.

Binary Cams

These are similar to twin cams, but the cams are placed on the top and bottom sides. They are also slaved to each other and not placed on the bow’s limbs. This ensures great velocity and nock travel. Similar to twin cams, these are also relatively more expensive. 

Compound Bow Shooting Tips

Archers hate missing shots when they are hunting, and even more so when they are with their friends and family. They are hence always on the lookout for better shooting tips that will give them a competitive edge. This section aims at doing just that. Here are the best shooting tips for you to learn.

Draw Accurately

Many bows are accurate, but as hunters, you are not able to shoot with them in the right direction. This is because you are not paying attention to the details. If you are not using an automatic cocking aid, then make sure you hold the string with equal and consistent force and then pull it back with force. This will help provide an accurate draw.

Shorten Your Release

Fast is better, but that is not always the case. Many hunters want to get the fastest bolts in the market without realizing that they are compromising on things like accuracy and precision. 

To create a perfect balance, you need to shorten your release by tripping the trigger with your index finger. This helps you draw at full length without putting too much effort into it. This also makes it easier to squeeze the trigger and have more control.

Practice in Low Light

Whoever said that practice makes a person perfect, couldn’t be more correct, right? But when it comes to hunting, you should always practice in low light before you move to the actual hunt. This is because the best prey appears only when there is less light. Practicing like that will help you take on any challenge and catch your favorite moose or elk anytime.

Comparison Overview 

There are so many different types of bows available in the market, and fans of each type are ready to swear by each. This makes it very hard for new hunters to decide on their favorite units. But don’t worry because we are here to help. Here is a comparison overview that will clear all your confusions.

Recurve vs. Compound Bow

Recurve bows are relatively smaller than compound bows and hence are easier to carry and move around. Their lightweight and compact body also make it easier to store them in the carrying case or in the storage box. They also shoot faster and hence allow for a greater and more powerful draw. 

The draw length is also more important in recurve units than on a compound bow. This is because, with the latter, you can go as far as you want without making any difference. The same is not the case with the former. 

Moreover, compound bows are easier to aim as their string forces allow for a full draw. You are also able to let off the major weight with a compound unit. On the other hand, you will have to spend less money on recurve bows. They are also easy to maintain and repair.

Crossbow vs. Compound Bow

If you are looking to get the best speed in the market, you should definitely invest in a modern crossbow. These have existed for a long time and have undergone many transformations over the years. They are also extremely powerful and can shoot at 350 FPS or more. You will also have to apply more pressure and force to draw the bolt with one.

On the other hand, compound bows may not be very fast, but they are incredibly accurate. They also allow you to let off a major proportion of the draw weight. These also have a much higher power stroke and prevent injuries to a large degree. Since they require less pressure and force, they are also less likely to cause a muscle spasm or back strain.

Compound Bow vs. Longbow

A longbow is a special type of bow that is incredibly long and tall and is roughly the size of an average user. This means that the user will have to draw long if he wants to achieve greater speed. Its limbs are also relatively narrow, so you get a circular shape. But contrary to what a lot of people think, longbows aren’t difficult to maintain and use.

Compound units are easier to draw and come with a complex body. They allow you to prevent major injuries because of the inclusion of many safety mechanisms. But the major drawback of these is that they require a lot of care and maintenance.

Composite Bow vs. Compound Bow

A composite bow is one of the oldest types of the bow that is made with sinew and wood. The horn is placed on the belly, and it faces the archer. The sinew is on the other side of the wooden core. This composition gives a composite bow in its unique shape.

When the bow is drawn, the horn and the sinew store more energy than compound bows. This is especially the case when the draw is of the same length. A composite bow is also more expensive than a compound bow.

How to Shoot a Compound Bow 

This may seem hard in the beginning, but once you get used to the features, it feels extremely easy. There are only a few steps that you need to follow, and you are good to go. So here is what you have to do.

  1. The most important and the first step is to nock an arrow. This requires you to pull back into the maximum draw and release the string without the bolt. 

  2. Then you have to find the two points of contact. The arrow will be touching at two separate spots, and the tip of the bolt will sit on the rest. 

  3. Now, you have to clamp the release around the loop and pull your arrow into a full draw. Make sure not to clamp the string too tight, or it will break.

  4. Your arm that is holding the bow will get into a locked position, and your dominant hand should pull towards your cheek.

  5. Then place your hand on your cheek or your jaw. This will create the anchor or kisser point.

  6. The string will have to touch the tip of your nose to do this accurately. Now move your hand and then press it against your face.

  7. Then adjust the peep sight so you can have a good view of the target. Your eye will have to look through a small hole, which may seem difficult at first.

  8. Once you see clearly, place the top pin on the target and pull the trigger. Make sure you hold your ground until the arrow hits the target. This will ensure the arrow doesn’t steer from its direction.

  9. If you haven’t been able to hit your target, then you need to move back and readjust your pin.

  10. If your arrow lands left or right of the target, then you need to shift your position accordingly. The above two steps will also help you adjust the draw length.

If you are confused and want a more detailed guideline, then refer to the video given below. 

How to Sight in a Compound Bow

Just like shooting, sighting a compound bow isn’t very hard either. Here are a few steps that you need to follow in the same order to help you get through the process. Moreover, you need to ensure that your unit is already tuned before the sighting. 

  1. The first step is to gather all the important accessories. These include arrows, shooting target, set, and optional release. These are usually included in the package and don’t have to be bought separately.

  2. Check for any loose parts. This can be done by gently wiggling your sights and rest. You should also check the alignment between the sights and bowstring.

  3. Then ensure the practice point is seated at the front of the arrow, and the fletchings don’t have any cuts or loose ends.

  4. Then stand in an upright horizontal position with your feet perpendicular to your body. Hold the bow the same way for every shot.

  5. Slowly bring the bowstring back to your face each time you are shooting at the target. Apply equal force from your limbs, so you get greater precision.

  6. Keep your target at a closer range and make sure you are shooting in a safe environment, free from any kids. The pin setup needs to be at least 20 to 30 yards away.

  7. If you want to shoot higher, move the sight downward and slowly lift the bow higher. If you want to shoot lower, then you need to raise the sight.

  8. Similarly, moving the sight left will help you shoot in the right direction and vice versa.

  9. For achieving better accuracy, make sure you use a wrench to move the 30-yard pin closer to your top pin and shoot.

  10. Then repeat the same step for a 40-yard distance to sight for a 40-yard pin.

The entire process is extremely easy to carry out, but if you need visual help for better clarity, make sure to refer to the video below.


With so many exemplary compound bows in the market, it is safe to assume that buyers will have a hard time choosing one excellent product. But this was probably a dilemma that you had to face before reading this article. Now it’s all sorted in your head.

However, before you get too excited and rush into a decision, make sure you consider things like the durability, construction, and warranty of each product. Also, remember that expensive doesn’t always equal better.

Also remember that regardless of the product you choose, the important point is to have fun and enjoy your day to the fullest. And a pick from our list will certainly ensure that.

People Also Ask

People can be quite curious when it comes to their favorite activities and products. With hunting, hunters can’t get enough of compound bows. We found so many frequently asked questions on the internet, and we decided to answer the most popular ones.

Who Invented the Compound Bow and When Was it Invented?

Wilbur Allen is the person behind the excellent design of a compound bow. He was a scientist who created the product in the mid-1960s. He took an older version and transformed into a powerful unit capable of shooting faster arrows in relatively less time.

How to Restring a Compound Bow

Restringing the unit takes time and effort, and it is often considered a complex procedure. But you won’t have to worry about that if you have maintained your model nicely. A good bowstring can last for more than three years. But if your old string is frayed or broken, you can take it to the manufacturers for replacement.

How to Tell if a Compound Bow is Left or Right Handed

Most bows are right-handed because most of the world’s population prefers using their right hands for hunting. But there is a catch. A right-handed bow is held in the left hand and vice versa. You can choose the orientation based on the hand that draws the arrow and not the one that grips it.

How to Store a Compound Bow

Sighting a compound bow is important, but so is storing it accurately. Hunting tools may be extremely durable, but they still need proper care and maintenance. You should ideally have a quality hard-sided case, bowstring wax, and some locks. You should always place your bow in such a case and lock it to ensure better protection.

How Much is a Compound Bow?

This varies from model to model and from brand to brand. Some of the best compound bows are as expensive as $500-$600. However, you can also find economical options at half the price. Some cheap models lack accessories that are available in less than $100.

Compound Bow Reviews

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