Top Stealth Cams of 2021 [Complete Buyer’s Guide]

| Last Updated June 2, 2021

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It’s important than for any keen hunter to be on the lookout for new equipment coming to the market. Following forums and groups that discuss the latest hunting news is very helpful. The same goes for keeping up to date on what particular brands are bringing out every now and then. The following article will discuss all the best trail cameras by the Stealth Brand.

Best Stealth Cams Comparison Chart

  • The High-Resolution Images Provide You With a Clear Images
  • The Camera Has the Capability of Taking Photos 80ft Away
  • The Burst Mode Provides You With Plenty of Evidence of Any Motion
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  • Provides You With Key Information to Refine Your Hunting Strategy
  • The 7MP Camera Will Give You a Clear Picture of Any Game
  • This Device Can Hold Up to 32GB of Images and Video
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  • High-Quality Images Mean You Can Work on Your Hunting Strategy
  • Burst Mode Gives You Great Information on Where the Animal is Heading
  • Video Recordings Are in HD, Meaning You Can Identify Animals Easier
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  • Providing You With a 60ft Range for Night Vision
  • The LCD Display Will Show Key Information
  • The 18 Infrared LEDs Will Make the Night Vision Images Clearer
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  • The Password Will Deter Any Thieves From Stealing Your Camera
  • An Outstanding RangeThat Will Only Maximize Your Photo Opportunities
  • The Reflex Trigger on This Device is One of the Fastest Within the Stealth Cam Range
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  • The 10MP Image Quality Would Provide Key Information About the Game
  • The Quick Set Function Makes the Setup Far Easier
  • Burst Mode Will Allow You to Analyze the Animal's Behavior
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  • The Quality of the Camera is a Decent Standard
  • The Flash Range is One of the Best Features
  • The Compact Design Allows for it to Blend in Perfectly
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Who is the Stealth Cam Brand?

This section will go into more detail about the brand and what they’re best known for.

The Stealth Cam brand was launched in the year 2000 by a company called GSM. They approached the industry head-on by taking what was currently on the market and starting clean and attempting to fully re-invent the trail camera. Now considered a pioneer in trail camera technology, the respected brand has won multiple awards over the years.

Stealth Cam has been able to adapt to recent changes in technology by launching a sub-brand named Wildview which are designed to make the camera's user interface far easier than other brands by using digital versions.

As the sales and popularity skyrocketed, Stealth Cam always tried to be first in taking advantage of technological trends. In 2009, they introduced the world's first HD trail camera. It’s clear to see why people consider Stealth Cam as one of the most successful and innovative hunting brands on the market.

How Does Stealth Cam Compare to the Competition?

There are going to unique features that some brands are better at than others. This will be the case for many in the Stealth Cam line. The following features are all features that are done best by Stealth Cam.

Image and Video Quality

Stealth Cam trail cameras are known mainly for their unique and updated technology. The same goes for always providing some of the best crystal clear images on the market, ranging from a decent 7MP with each image to an amazing 12MP quality depending on the model.

You’ll be happy to know your quality will never drop below 7MP as the recommended limit is 5MP. The same goes for video quality. All Stealth Cam trail cameras will provide you with short bursts of HD video.

Night Vision

The quality of night vision detection is another great feature included in all of the stealth cam products. There can be as few as 12 infrared LEDs on your camera that can provide night vision coverage of 50ft and more. The most infrared LEDs on your trail cam is 34 IR emitters that should be able to capture images up to 80ft away. They produce outstanding quality at even the darkest hours of the night, all without a flash to scare away any potential targets.

Burst Trigger

With many of the Stealth Cam products having an amazing trigger speed of only 0.5-seconds, it is safe to say they’ve got one of the fastest triggers on the market. This trigger then initiates some of the fastest bursts of images. Between 1-6 images can be taken within that time, which will give you plenty of evidence of whatever has been detected in the woods.

Review of the Best Stealth Cameras

This section of the article will go further in details about the actual products on offer from the Stealth Cam brand. We’ve already discussed how modern their trail cameras are and the following section shows why they’re so popular.

1. Stealth Cam 1006645 G34

Stealth Cam G34 Series, Infrared, Day and Night Picture/HD Video and Sound Trail & Game Camera. Proven Reliability and Quality from a Brand You Trust


  • Burst Mode
  • 80ft Distance
  • 12 Megapixels
  • Multiple Power Options


  • Trigger Time Could Be Better

This trail camera has multiple resolution settings with the highest being 12 megapixels, which sits in that Goldilocks zone of image quality. Providing you with a night vision ability, the 34 infrared LEDs can shoot at a range of 80 ft.

The HD video is also something to be impressed with, as it can record between 5-180 seconds with audio, meaning if you can’t see your target, you might be able to tell what animal it is by the noise.

The burst mode will give you between one and nine images. That’s more than enough to identify any movement made by the animal.

The rate at which the camera can identify movement and snap a photo is an impressive 0.5-seconds and can hold an SD card up to 32GB. There are two power options with this product, you can either use eight AA batteries or a 12V battery box, as the product has an external power jack.

Bottom Line

This high-quality trail camera will provide you with some of the best quality images any trail camera on the market can. The 80ft distance is close to perfect in maximizing the chance of detecting any movement.

The best distance for a trail camera within this range would be around 100ft in the dark. Once your camera has detected movement, you can use the burst mode setting which can provide between one and nine different pictures.

Power comes from either eight AA batteries, which can last around eight months or so while in standby. The alternative would be a 12V battery. These two options make the product more versatile. The only improvement would be a faster trigger time as there are a few on the market that have trigger times of 0.3-seconds or less.

2. Stealth Cam P14 7MP Infrared

Stealth Cam P14 7MP Infrared Video Hunting Scouting Game Trail Camera, 2 Pack


  • HD Video
  • Burst Mode
  • Quality Images
  • Quick Set Mode


  • Slow Recovery Time
  • The Range Could Be Improved

Offering a decent range of up to 50ft, the camera will be able to pick up any motion in the area. The quality of the images will be crystal clear with the 7MP on offer. You’ll also be able to record videos of up to 15 seconds, which in reality will be more than enough to gather evidence of any game roaming around the area.

The burst mode can also take one to six photos with every trigger; if the animal is moving this means you’ll be able to identify it’s movements. There are also a few other features like the simple EZ dial programming with a quick set mode. The recovery time between each video or image is between 5-120 seconds.

Bottom Line

This trail camera will provide you with great quality images and videos. This is the main priority of any trail camera. The HD video can record for up to 15 seconds, which is plenty of time to get a decent view of any animals. The same goes for the burst mode, you’ll get between one and six photos for every burst. This provides you with more evidence of animal movement in the area. The quick set mode also makes it easy for people to set up and maintain settings.

The only downside to this product is that the recovery time is extremely slow, between 5 and 120 seconds. Plenty of animals could roam past your camera within this time. The 50ft range of the camera could also be improved to give you more than just a local view.

3. Stealth Cam PX Series Game Camera

Stealth Cam PX Series Game Camera Combo Batteries and SD Card


  • Burst Mode
  • Night Vision
  • HD Video and 8MP Images
  • Added Info on Images and Video


  • Camera Range Could Be Improved

Eight megapixels give you great quality images on anything that is detected within the 50ft range. This range will give you immediate information on the local wildlife roaming around. This can also be done during the night with help from 18 Infrared LEDs, meaning it’s a no-flash camera and won't scare away any possible game.

Each image will have information like the date, time, and weather included. The burst mode is also included and offers one to six images for every trigger. The 15-second video option will also help track animal behavior and habits that can aid your hunting strategy.

Bottom Line

The night vision abilities on this device are decent with the help of 18 LEDs, working for up to 50ft, this means you maximize the opportunities to capture evidence of any game roaming around your hunting spots. The HD video and 8MP images will provide you with crystal clear evidence that can help you analyze any animal behavior and habits and will help refine your hunting strategy.

The burst mode is also useful for this same reason. Every image and video will have some added information like date, time and temperature to further help you analyze the animal’s habits. The only improvement that could be made is the range of the camera, the 50ft ability just isn’t good enough for some hunters.

4. Stealth Cam P 18 7 Megapixel

Stealth Cam 7 Megapixel Compact Scouting Camera with Batteries and SD Card, Camouflage


  • Easy Setup
  • 7MP Images
  • Rapid-Fire Burst
  • Great Night Vision


  • Recovery Time is Awful
  • The Daytime Range Can Be Improved

A standard 7MP image quality that can fire a rapid burst of shots, these images range from one to six images for every trigger pull. The video recorder will be in short 15 seconds bursts just like the photo camera.

These small bursts will help decipher the animal's behavior and habits in the surrounding area and the 50ft daytime range will also give you a clear view of the immediate surroundings. The quickset mode will give you an easy setup process after cleaning or servicing the device, meaning that all the settings won’t be restored to the default. The recovery time for these videos and images can be from five seconds to an hour.

Bottom Line

The seven-megapixel image quality is the perfect level for capturing detailed images of any roaming game in the area. The rapid burst fire, coupled with the decent night vision capabilities will make the camera a force not to be reckoned with in catching images of any game and analyzing their habits.

The easy setup also makes the whole process a lot easier for the hunter. The two downsides are somewhat similar to other models, the daytime range of 50ft can be improved and the recovery time of up to an hour is absolutely awful for a trail camera.

5. Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game Camera

Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game Camera STC-G42NG (Gray)


  • 100ft Range Ability
  • Password Protected
  • Powerful Infrared Capability
  • Impressive 0.5-Second Trigger Time


  • The 32GB SD Fills Up Soon

The 42 separate infrared LEDs will be able to emit enough light that any night vision photos just seem like they’ve been taken at four in the afternoon. The range of the camera is also an excellent bonus, reaching up to 100ft. This range can detect plenty of motion from game roaming around this huge area.

The reflex time is just as impressive at 0.5-seconds, this time being crucial to getting the best photo possible of any game in the area. Each burst will provide you with up to nine different images that can all be stored on the 32GB SD card. This device is protected with a secure password.

Bottom Line

This option is one of the more powerful models with the outstanding infrared capabilities of 42 separate LEDs. This number of lights will make a night vision photo look like it’s in the afternoon. The 100ft-range ability will have plenty of opportunities to snag a photo of any game around the area.

The trigger time is also a huge factor in the success of your camera, luckily the time is faster than most other models, sitting at a decent 0.5-second trigger time. The main problem of thieves stealing your stuff is limited by password protection. The only downside is that because of the effectiveness of this product, the 32GB SD card won’t last long.

6. Stealth Cam QS12 10MP Game Trail Camera

Stealth Cam QS12 10MP Game Trail Camera (Renewed)


  • 10MP Images
  • Decent Night Vision Range
  • Customizable Video Settings


  • Burst Mode Could Be Improved
  • The Overall Range Could Also Be Improved

This quality camera will provide with a definition of up to ten megapixels each time, allowing you to capture crystal clear images that can be used in refining your hunting strategy. The video ability also allows you to customize the video fragments from five to 15 seconds.

The infrared capabilities are also something to talk about and the 12 infrared LEDs will provide a decent view of up to 60ft for a clear view even at night. The quick set is a function that makes setting up your device even easier than ever. The device features a few different modes like the test mode and burst mode that can shoot up to three images per trigger.

Bottom Line

The benefits of this product outweigh the downsides. The 10MP camera will make sure you can tell your buck from your elk. The custom video settings will also allow you to alter the video fragments to suit the needs of the game you’ll be tracking.

The night vision range of 60ft is a decent ability that will give you some great quality footage during the darkest of nights. The only improvements that could be made are that the burst mode could feature more images for every trigger. Also, the overall range of the camera could be improved.

7. Stealth Cam RX36NG 8 MP Trail Cam

Stealth Cam RX36NG 8 MP Trail Cam, Tree Bark


  • 8MP Quality
  • 80ft Detection Range
  • Matrix Blur Reduction Technology


  • Slow Tigger Speed

This trail camera comes as an ultra-compact shell that looks as though you could lose it in a stack of hay. The 8MP camera will do its job perfectly and show you a clear image of any game walking through its 80ft detection range.

The trigger speed for such a small device is one-second, which will be able to catch a photo of any slow moving animal like deer or elk. Because of the trigger speed, the company has also designed a matrix blur reduction technology that limits the blur on photos to mitigate the slower trigger time. Other features include a time-lapse option, as well as 35 infrared LEDs that will enhance the light during night time.

Bottom Line

The matrix blur reduction will help counteract the long trigger time. This trigger time will take a moment to register and if the animal is moving, will seem like a smudge on the image. The 80ft detection range is a helpful feature in maximizing the amount of evidence for any game animals roaming around the area. The 8MP quality will ensure you see these animals clearly. The only downside is the slow trigger speed as previously mentioned.

8. Stealth Cam STC-PX22 PX Series Game & Trail Cameras

Stealth Cam STC-PX22 8mp 22 IR Emitter Trail Camera


  • HD Video
  • Decent Quality
  • Low-Light Technology
  • Several Added Features


  • Detection Range
  • Long Recovery Time

This trail camera takes up to eight-megapixel images and gives you the option of choosing your own resolution which ranges from 2MP to 8MP. The 22 separate Infrared LEDs will provide you with a clear nighttime view of up to 60ft, making it easy to spot game in the dark. The low-light image sensor makes the image up to 30% brighter.

The HD video can record clips of up to 15-seconds long which is more than enough evidence to analyze. Each video has data attached that can be used to document habits and behavior. There are also different features like the matrix blur reduction, timer setting, and has a burst mode that captures up to six images.

Bottom Line

This product provides several different features like the time setting that you can set to turn the device on at a particular time. The 8MP image and HD video quality are decent and do their job fairly well. The low-light and infrared technology are what make the images so clear at night, 30% clearer, in fact.

The only downsides are that the detection range of 60ft isn’t the best but isn’t the worst. The long recovery time really isn’t good at all, this needs to be improved and is a common theme among this brand.

9. Stealth Cam PX12

Stealth Cam P12 6 Megapixel Digital Scouting Camera, Tree Bark


  • Burst Mode
  • LCD Display
  • Protective Casing
  • Information Stamp


  • Detection Range of 50ft
  • Six Megapixel Images Quality
  • Small Amount of Infrared Capability

The 6MP camera can snap photos of any game passing by from up to 50ft. The video recording is similar and can follow the animal for around 15 seconds. The 12 Infrared LEDs are useful to get night vision shots.

The burst mode that snaps up to six photos is also a key point and will record the animal's behavior and patterns. The durable housing has an external LCD display that will indicate if you’re low on battery. Each image or video is also stamped with multiple pieces of information like the time, date, and moon phase. The recovery time is also between five seconds to an hour.

Bottom Line

There are a few aspects that this product does right. To start, the protective casing is fairly durable and can protect your device from accidental falls or animal disturbances. The LCD display will show you multiple pieces of information like when the battery is going to run out. With every image, they’ll be swamped with information like the time, date, and moon phase which helps track animal patterns.

The burst mode can also be effective in identifying an animal. The downsides are fairly extreme like the 6MP camera, as this is fairly poor quality. The detection range isn’t horrible, but it just isn’t the best, the same goes for the Infrared.

10. Stealth Cam RX24 7 MP Trail Cam

Stealth Cam 7 MP Trail Cam


  • HD Video
  • Time-Lapse
  • 7MP Camera
  • Multiple Battery Methods


  • The Image Quality Could Improve

The 7MP camera will definitely do the job it's made for and make sure the photos are clear for you to analyze. The same goes for the video quality, the HD video capability will ensure your short bursts of video are crystal clear and can help monitor the actions of any game in the area.

A cool feature included in this camera is the time-lapse function, this will allow for long term analysis of any game movements. The camera itself can be powered by two ways, the first being six AA batteries and the second being a 12V external battery jack.

Bottom Line

The HD video isn’t possible to complain about as it does the job perfectly and couldn’t be any better. However, the same can’t be said for the image quality. This can be improved as other models have better megapixels than this product. The time-lapse is a cool feature that will allow for long term analysis of any movement. The actual device can be powered via replaceable batteries or an external battery.  

Benefits of Investing in a Great Stealth Camera

Stealth Cam products will provide you with a full range of benefits. Some of the models included in the range are some of the most advanced pieces of equipment on the market. You’ll be taking full advantage of the following benefits.

Clear Images

By investing your money into a Stealth Cam product, you’ll benefit from some of the highest-definition images possible. Gone are the days of grainy photos and this is something you should never have to worry about ever again with the exceptional quality Stealth Cam can provide you.

You’ll Never Miss an Opportunity

A great advantage of using the Stealth Cam line of products is that the majority of their cameras have important camera settings like the burst shot setting. This will provide you with a burst of up to six photos when your camera detects movement, meaning you will never miss a chance to gather more evidence of game roaming around certain trails.

No Flash

Another added benefit of these Stealth Cam models is that when movement has been detected at night, the infrared LEDs will ensure you capture the photo with the same clear quality as you would during the day. Many cheaper models from various competitors can potentially scare away any potential game


Stealth Cam is one of the best-recognized brands on the market at the moment. They’re widely respected for charging head-first into the industry and totally revolutionizing it by starting fresh. If you’re looking for a reliable brand that listens to their customers. Stealth Cam is worth taking a look at for impressive trail cameras.  

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