Spring Turkey Hunting / Weather Conditions

Ah, spring is approaching, and with it comes spring turkey hunting season. Hunting turkeys isn’t that much different in the spring as it is in the fall. The differences really lie with the weather and different tactics to use weather conditions to your advantage rather than have the weather conditions foil your fun. Here are … Read more

Types Of Ducks

As has been in the past, mallards were the most prevalent duck bagged by hunters in the United States, with approximately 4.9 million birds harvested. Other dominant species this year were green-winged teal, with almost two million birds harvested, and gadwall, with nearly 1.5 million harvested. Wood ducks and blue-wing/cinnamon teal rounded out the top … Read more

Cleaning Your Rifle Or Shotgun

Too often hunters will put the cleaning of their rifle or shotgun on the back burner. Big mistake! OK ­ you’re tired after hunting a whole day. You want to get some R&R, and rest, so you figure your firearm “looks” OK, so you say to yourself, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” That type of attitude … Read more

What To Do When Turkeys Hang Up

This article has nothing to do with telephones. Turkeys that “hang up” stop just short of shotgun or bow range. They just won’t budge and ethical hunters know taking a shot is a bad idea. At best you will miss completely and at worst you will wound the animal. In the case of a gobbler … Read more

Dropping The Hammer : Effective Kill Shots On Turkeys

I’ll never forget my Southern Wisconsin gobbler from last season. He diligently worked a harem of hens in a hayfield about a hundred yards from my jake and hen decoys. Despite my calling, he seemed disinterested in my fake fowl. He kept putting on a display for these girls but they were largely unimpressed. After … Read more


Civilization must have been created for the survival of idiots… normal, resourceful, intelligent people will find a way to adapt………….Flatdog She wasn’t that hungry, but mother Simba had a job to do. Her inborn instinct told her it was time to train the cub, who, was now nearly as large as she. The hunt was on. … Read more

Making A Turkey Call From A Turkey Wing Bone

This first video gives you a pretty good idea on how to get the wing bone parts you need out of the turkey and the following video will give you some ideas on how to assemble the call in terms of what the finished product looks like. The Finished Call & What You Can Do With … Read more

Expert Food Plot Tips

Food plots are becoming increasingly popular among deer hunters across the country. The quest for trophy deer and a desire to be stewards of the land and deer herd is the driving force. To reach maximum potential, a buck needs genetics, age, and food. Plots fulfill the third component. Foremosthunting.com recently spoke with Todd Stittleburg … Read more

Deer Hunting Myths Debunked

Belly up to just about any tavern in deer hunting territory and you’re bound to hear some real whoppers. Everybody seems to have a story and most of them have devolved that story into a bogus theory about deer. Here are a few common deer hunting myths along with the truth behind each one of … Read more

Cracking The Code : Whitetail Body Language

Some of my favorite encounters in the wild occur when I’m face to face with animals I have no intention of pulling the trigger on. It seems like turkeys are as abundant as falling leaves come deer season. I’ve witnessed river otters and bald eagles take a close look at my mallard decoys on the … Read more

Turkey Hunting Clothing

When it comes to clothing for turkey hunting, first and foremost, you want to be comfortable. If you’re not comfortable, you’re going to start fidgeting and moving around. That’s a sure way NOT to have a successful wild turkey hunt. Turkeys are the easiest wild game to spook, so being immobile is essential. When it comes … Read more

Steel Shot For Duck Hunters

Most duck hunters are quite use to shooting with steel shot. The general consense is to buy the cheapest steel shotgun shells and then go hunting. But there is something better. The newer Hevi Shot or High density shot is actually about 10 % heavier than lead shot, which once was the standard but now illegal … Read more

Not So Primitive – The Progression Of Modern Weapons

Not So Primitive By John Simeone “So easy, even a Cave Man can do it.” If you have lived long enough you have heard special interest hunting groups crying in the name of tradition. They claim they are being left out of some special season, or the weapons presently used are too advanced to be … Read more

Hunting Call Shy Turkeys

The term “call shy” is often used by hunters trying to make sense of turkeys that won’t budge no matter what we do to entice them. The only thing more frustrating than not seeing any turkeys is seeing turkeys that won’t respond. Gobblers usually get call shy later in the season after they have had … Read more

Target Panic For Archers

It affects thousands of archery enthusiasts and bow hunters every year, yet many have never heard of it or even know what it is. Target panic is a common problem for archers. In fact, Paul Korn of A1 Archery in Hudson, Wisconsin says almost all archers have it at some level. “It is really to … Read more

Osceola Wild Turkey Or The Florida Wild Turkey

(Meleagris gallopavo osceola) One the most hunted and sought-after game species in Florida. This unique turkey is known for its location, strictly in the Florida region of the United States. It lives only on the Florida peninsula and has never lived anywhere else in the entire world. This fact makes it extremely desired by out-of-state-hunters. It … Read more

Calling Deer With Will Primos

Will Primos is still speaking the language of wildlife after decades of pursuits in the outdoors. For Primos, call making started with duck calls. Since then, he has created some of the best calls available for deer, turkeys, elk, predators, and more. Calling deer started later in life for Primos. As a youth, he hunted … Read more

What Is Ozonics ?

Ozonics is an ozone creating machine used to eliminate a hunter’s scent while hunting. Ozone is a naturally occurring gas found in the atmosphere. A1 Archery’s Dan Ellyson says ozone is what creates the fresh smell immediately after a rain shower. The fresh smell is the result of bacteria in the atmosphere being killed. Ellyson … Read more

Should You Score Your Buck ?

Moments after the great buck was hoisted to the rafters by his rear haunches, people started coming over to see him. The neighbors had trail camera photos of him. A few of the area farmers saw him carelessly chewing up their soybeans throughout the summer. But he seemed to disappear when bow season started that … Read more

Public Land Duck Hunting Tactics

I’ll have to admit that I’ve never been invited to the hunting grounds of a prestigious duck club. I have had the privilege to hunt a few private farm ponds that admittedly led to some incredible action. But writing a story about the strategies and pitfalls of duck hunting on private land certainly wouldn’t be … Read more

Lighted Nocks

 Lighted nocks are looked at by some archers as a novelty. In fact, the Pope & Young Club disqualifies animals taken with lighted nocks from being entered in their record book. That being said, lighted nocks can be incredibly valuable to a bow hunter. When shooting in low light conditions, lighted nocks make seeing the … Read more

Strategic Food Plot Planning

Volumes have been written about the basics of food plotting.  Get a soil test, kill all the weeds… you get the idea.  But when it comes to the where and how, the answers are a bit more difficult.  Paul Korn of Tombstone Creek Outfitters in Northern Missouri maintains dozens of food plots every season.  He … Read more

Black Bear Hunting With Bait

Black bear range and populations are expanding as is the popularity of what was once a hunt reserved for a select few.  Bears are typically hunted utilizing one of three common techniques; over bait, with hounds, or spot and stalk.  In my home state of Wisconsin baiting is the most common method.   Bait is placed … Read more

Shed Hunting With Dogs

As deer hunters continue to look for ways to extend their season, shed hunting is becoming increasing popular. It didn’t take long for shed hunters to figure out using a dog while looking for antler sheds greatly increases the odds of finding those coveted shed antlers. One of the leaders in shed dog training is … Read more