Getting Your Buck Ready For The Taxidermist

Shooting a big deer is like falling out of a tree. Some people go their entire lives without doing it and some think it will never happen to them. But every year hunters kill big deer. Once the deer hits the ground, many of those hunters wonder what they are going to do next. For … Read more

Whitetail Deer Antler Facts

Unlike horns on cattle which are permanent, male deer lose and re-grow their antlers every year.  In the whitetail deer family only bucks over 1 year old have antlers.  During winter bucks lose their antlers and then begin to re-grow new antlers. As the antlers grow they are covered in a soft hairy skin called … Read more

Aging Venison

How long should you let your deer hang before cutting up meat? That’s a tough question. The best answer is, it depends. A lot of hunters in southern states skin and gut their deer in one step. From there, they cut meat off the bones immediately to get it cooled down as quickly as possible. This … Read more

Deer Hunting From A Ground Blind

Bowhunting whitetails is almost exclusively a tree stand pursuit. There are a few people who spot & stalk, mostly in Western states. There are also a lot of hunters who like to hunt out of ground blinds. Blinds continue to get better and better. Some people just don’t like into trees or physically can’t. That’s where … Read more

Whitetail Hunting In The Rain

When it starts to rain many hunters pack up and head home but for those hunters that stick it out deer hunting in the rain can be very productive.A few years ago I snuck out of the office a little early on a Friday and ran over to a small 12 acre plot of woods … Read more

Tracking A Wounded Deer

No matter how hard we try to make responsible and ethical shots, there are times when blood trailing a deer is necessary. I have successfully tracked several deer. Some shot by me, some by friends. Unfortunately, I’ve also been a part of a few fruitless deer tracking expeditions. Some shot by me, some by friends. Finding … Read more