Best Tree Stand Umbrellas of 2021 – Ultimate Review

| Last Updated December 21, 2021

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One of the most important things needed on a hunting trip is a tree stand umbrella. Although it is almost impossible to stay dry while hunting, it is better if you have one.

As some of the best hunting is done in the rain, it is essential that you have an umbrella designed with water-resistant fabric to protect you if the need arises.

The following are reviews of some of the best tree stand umbrellas to help you in your decision of choosing the best one.

Comparison of the Best Tree Stand Umbrellas

  • Arched fiber pole construction ensures that the product lasts long
  • Materials: Poly Coated Water Resistant Fabric
  • Dimensions: 32 x 50”
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  • Storage sack allows you to transport the umbrella easily
  • G2 camo pattern ensures you remain hidden and undetected
  • Dimensions: 3 x 4 x 19"
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  • The 48-inch square roof ensures wide, excellent coverage
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 37.5 x 3.75 x 3.75"
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  • Best Ameristep Tree Stand Umbrella
  • Materials: Poly blend fabric
  • Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 6"
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Are All Tree Stand Umbrellas The Same?

A tree stand is an important tool needed for hunting, and though it provides a better vantage point, it can still leave you exposed to the rain. A tree stand blind can be used, but sometimes an overhead roof is not included with it, and it can be difficult to set up.

Hence, if you need reliable overhead protection from the sun and the rain, then a tree stand umbrella is your best choice. The umbrella can be used with a blind or cover which does not provide overhead protection. Most models come with a carry bag and can be folded and moved very quickly and easily. This is an extremely useful feature as it is important to limit the amount of equipment which needs to be carried around.

All tree stand umbrellas usually have the same features. However, there are differences which make some products stand out and are worth looking into.

What Size of Tree Stand Umbrella Do I Need?

When buying a product, the size is one of the main factors. How big is your tree stand? How many people do you want to cover under the umbrella? How big is the tree you wish to install the umbrella in? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing. 

You will need as much coverage as possible, and stay unnoticeable too. The umbrella can either provide overhead protection or cover your feet too. Umbrellas that have a width of 45 to 60 inches usually provide maximum protection. 

Perks of Investing in a Tree Stand Umbrella

As mentioned above, installing a tree stand umbrella will protect you from the harsh elements of the weather, such as heavy rain, wind, and direct sunlight. Other perks of investing in one of these include:

Easy to Bring and Assemble

Most models are extremely lightweight and come with a storage bag, making it easier to bring and carry. Tree stand umbrellas are also very easy to assemble and disassemble, allowing you to save precious seconds and remain undetected.

Keeps You Undetected

Another perk of investing in a tree stand umbrella is that you remain undetected from game when you’re on your tree stand. This is because the umbrella is designed with camouflage patterns which keep you hidden from your prey. Furthermore, these umbrellas are designed to stay quiet so your prey won’t see, smell, or hear you up in the stand.

Review of the Best Tree Stand Umbrellas

Due to the vast variety of options available today, choosing the right model can prove to be a difficult task. To help you make the correct decision, following are reviews of some of the best tree stand umbrellas. So make sure you read these reviews before investing in one.

Best Overall:
Big Dog Treestands Universal Roof Kit XL


  • Extremely quick and easy to put together
  • Arched ceiling keeps the model from sagging in the rain
  • The well-built frame ensures the model is durable and reliable


  • The canopy might not fit onto the metal frame


One of the best tree stand umbrellas available, the Big Dog Treestands Universal Roof Kit can be used on both ladder tree stands and all fixed positions. With dimensions measuring 44” x 36” and a weight of 8.6lbs, this model can be easily moved from one place to another, making it easy to use.

Designed with fiber pole construction and an arched roof cover, the model is water resistant, ensuring that you keep dry during your hunting adventure. The product also comes with two ratchet straps which can easily be fastened to a tree.

It also features a stabilizer bar which can be tied onto the tree, along with two more stabilizer straps which tie onto the stand. The straps need to cross over each other behind the tree and then need to be tied up onto the ladder or stand.

This model is also extremely easy to put together. You can put the umbrella together in less than 25 minutes, saving you precious time.

Bottom Line

The Big Dog Treestands Universal Roof Kit XL is one of the best umbrellas available today. It is sturdy, reliable, durable, and extremely easy to set up. It also ensures that you’re protected from heavy rain and winds. However, the canopy might not fit onto the metal frame sometimes.

Product Specs


Poly Coated Water Resistant Fabric


32 x 50”

Attachment Method:



11 lbs

Additional Features:

Padded, wide shoulder straps with sternum strap

Best for the Money:
Allen Camo Treestand Umbrella, 57

Allen Company Camo Hunting Treestand Umbrella, 57 inches Wide


  • Extremely easy to transport and set up
  • Able to withstand heavy rain, winds, and snow
  • One of the most affordable and budget-friendly products available


  • Might be a bit difficult to disassemble
  • Might start to leak after hours of heavy rain


The wide coverage is one of the best features of the Allen Camo Treestand Umbrella. With an overall width measuring 57 inches, this model will ensure that you’re fully covered from the heat and rain, without being too big and bulky to carry around.

This model also includes a storage bag. This allows you to easily store or move the umbrella when installing it on a tree stand. The product is also designed with a G2 camo pattern. This keeps you fully hidden and undetected from other hunters, and more importantly, prey, when on the tree stand.

The Allen Camo Treestand Umbrella is also sturdily built with strong, durable materials to provide shade and protection from light drizzle. It is also able to withstand heavy winds and rain, along with a small degree of heavy, wet snow.

As mentioned above, this umbrella is extremely easy to carry around and set up. You just need to attach it to a tree by using the provided mounts.

Bottom Line

The Allen Camo Treestand Umbrella is a nice, affordable, easy to set up product which ensures protection from heavy rain, wind, and snow. The G2 camo pattern also keeps you hidden from your prey. However, the model might prove to be difficult to assemble for some.

Product Specs


3 x 4 x 19"


1 lb

Additional Features:

Includes a storage sack

3. BIG GAME The Univ Umbrella

Muddy Universal Umbrella


  • 48-inch width can easily cover two hunters
  • Umbrella wraps easily whisk away rainwater
  • Strong, reliable, and can withstand any weather


  • The straps might be too short to wrap around large trees


If you want a tree stand umbrella to go with your BIG GAME treestands, then this BIG GAME The Univ Umbrella is the best choice available. Designed in square size with a width measuring 48 inches, the model ensures that you get full coverage and protection from the sun and rain. It is also designed with a camouflage pattern which ensures that you can hunt while remaining undetected.

This model also comes with a Hub-Style design, which so it is easy to move and set up. The umbrella can be set up and disassembled in only a few minutes, saving precious time.

The product is also constructed with strong, durable materials which ensure that you remain dry during hunting. It can also withstand strong winds and rain quite easily. The model also comes with umbrella wraps beneath the tree, which ensure that the water does not drip down your back, thus keeping you dry.

Lastly, the model is sturdily built and remains attached to the tree even when you’re gone!

Bottom Line

The BIG GAME The Univ Umbrella is one of the most strong, durable, and reliable products available today. Its camouflage pattern allows you to remain hidden while its strong fabric keeps you protected from heavy rains, winds, and heat. However, the short length of some strap might prove to be a hindrance for some.

Product Specs




37.5 x 3.75 x 3.75"

Attachment Method:



2 lbs

Additional Features:

Includes a carrying bag, two support straps and high wind tie-downs

Best Ameristep Tree Stand Umbrella:
Ameristep Treestand Hub Umbrella


  • Large as well as long-lasting
  • Offers good coverage and protection for at least two people in a tree
  • Made of good quality material, making the umbrella strong and reliable
  • Umbrella is strong enough to resist windy conditions once set up in a tree
  • Transporting the umbrella is very easy since it is light and a carry bag is provided


  • Makes a lot of noise in the wind and rain
  • Assembling is tricky and not the easiest, especially if this is your first time purchasing a tree stand umbrella

What Recent Buyers Report

When it comes to durability and stability, users rate this as the best tree stand umbrella. They report it to be quite sturdy and able to hold in very windy or bad weather conditions. It lasts a long time and is large enough for two persons. Most users highly recommend it. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

We love this model since it is made of good quality material, which in turn makes it strong and reliable for use. Transporting and carrying it is usually very easy since it is pretty light in weight and comes with a cute little travel bag. If you’re looking for a good item, this one has it all.

Bottom Line

Ameristep always produces great products, and this tree stand hub umbrella proves so. Made with novel quality, this product can easily hold two people and last through a storm. You don’t need to think twice when purchasing because it is the perfect model for all!

Product Specs


Poly blend fabric


48 x 48 x 6"


2 lbs

Additional Features:

Includes high-wind tie-downs and a carrying case

5. Realtree Camouflage Compact Auto Open 44” Umbrella

Realtree Camouflage Compact Auto Open 44' Umbrella


  • Comfortable handle allows ease of use
  • Extremely easy to fold and carry around
  • Camouflage patterns ensure you remain undetected from prey


  • Cannot be fastened to a tree


The Realtree Camouflage Compact Auto Open 44” Umbrella is perfect for any hunting trip. With dimensions measuring 38 inches in diameter and a 44-inch arc, this model can easily cover one adult or child.

This model is also extremely lightweight and weighs only 15.8oz. This allows you to move the product easily from one place to another. The model can also be folded away and fits perfectly in a glove box, briefcase, purse, or backpack, making it easier to pack and carry around.

Designed to be extremely durable, the model is sturdily built and reliable to ensure that you don’t get wet while hunting. As mentioned above, the model measures 38 inches in diameter when open, but shrinks down to only 14 inches when closed.

The model also features an extremely comfortable wood grain handle which opens automatically. The handle is also equipped with a strap along with a matching cover to ensure you remain undetected from your prey.

Bottom Line

One of the lightest umbrellas available today, the Realtree Camouflage Compact Auto Open 44” Umbrella is surely a useful tool to have while hunting. This model is compact, lightweight, and easy to use. It also ensures that you stay undetected from your prey. However, it cannot be fastened to a tree which might prove to be a hindrance to some.

Product Specs


38 x 44"


0.98 lbs

6. Allen Company Windproof Magnum Umbrella

Allen Company Windproof Magnum Umbrella (Oakbrush, 57-Inch)


  • Extremely easy to set up and disassemble
  • The waterproof fabric is both durable and reliable
  • Can be easily folded and moved around due to compact and lightweight design


  • Some straps might not be long enough for thick trees


Allen Company is one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor products and hunting equipment, and the Allen Company Windproof Magnum Umbrella is no exception. With a width measuring 57 inches in diameter, the model ensures excellent coverage, keeping you dry from heavy rains, winds, and heat.

This model is also designed with a two-layer vented design which allows wind to pass through. This further ensures that you remain undetected from prey and other hunters when hunting.

Designed with a strong waterproof fabric, this model keeps you protected from heavy rains, winds, and snow. A camo pattern blends in well with the environment and further ensures that you remain hidden from prey.

Mounting hardware is also included with this product, along with a camo bag to store the umbrella. This makes it easier to move the product, while the mounting equipment makes set up extremely easy.

Bottom Line

The Allen Company Windproof Magnum Umbrella is certainly a useful tool needed for hunting. Its two-layer vented design and waterproof fabric ensure that you remain protected from heavy winds, rain, and snow. Its lightweight and compact design make it easier to carry around and set up. However, some straps might be too long for some trees which might prove to be an inconvenience.

Product Specs


17.5 x 3.25 x 2.5"


1.25 lbs

Additional Features:

Two layer vented design vents wind

Are Tree Stand Umbrellas Important While Hunting?

When you’re hunting, getting a product can be one of the wisest choices you make. They camouflage you and provide you with cover. Here are some of the other reasons you might want to invest in one for when you go hunting:


These items provide a shelter for you against bad weather conditions. A good umbrella will be sturdy and strong enough to resist windy, rainy, or any other weather extremities so you can hunt without worry. They also protect you from the harsh sun and its heat. You would not want sunburn or suffer from dehydration when hunting.


Hunting from a height has its benefits. It gives you a better view of the forest so you can hunt easily, and it can also be safer than hunting on the ground. But, you will need to be camouflaged for that. Hunting is a rather stealthy activity, and a good tree stand umbrella will provide cover to make your experience more seamless and accurate.  


If you’re going to hunt, you might as well get one of these umbrellas. They don’t cost a lot and are going to prove to be an asset to you. 

How to Clean a Tree Stand Umbrella 

Cleaning a tree stand umbrella is no different from cleaning a regular one. You will need some detergent, sponge, and water.

  1. In order to clean the umbrella, first, fill up a bathtub with some warm water. 

  2. Then submerge your umbrella into the water. 

  3. Pour in some mild laundry detergent and mix it into the water. 

  4. Partially open your umbrella so that it fits in the tub and soak for a few minutes. 

  5. Using some warm water, scrub the umbrella with a sponge. 

  6. Rinse it thoroughly and leave to dry in the sun, fully open.

That is the standard way of cleaning your umbrella. If you want to clean mildew from the umbrella, here’s what you have to do:

  1. First, take it outside. This will prevent spreading any mildew at home. 

  2. Now use a concoction of white vinegar and isopropyl alcohol (or either one) on a paper towel to wipe the umbrella. 

  3. Spot test first to ensure the material of the umbrella doesn’t spoil. 

  4. What’s left to do is rinse with water to remove residue and then dry it.

Keeping the umbrella in the sun can help kill any bacteria and spores. You can use the laundry detergent directly on the umbrella if there are any stubborn stains but do a spot test first.

How to Choose a Tree Stand Umbrella

To make sure you made the correct choice, following are some things you should consider before investing in a tree stand umbrella:

Quality of Material

One of the first things to consider before buying a tree stand umbrella is the quality of its material. It is important that the material is durable, robust, and strong enough to withstand heavy rain, wind, and snow.


It is important to consider the size of the treestand and the number of people the umbrella needs to cover. Make sure you also consider the size of the tree you’re attaching the umbrella to.

Ease of Setup

It is essential that you purchase an umbrella which can be set up in a matter of minutes. It is advisable that you practice setting up the model before going on your hunt so that you don’t waste precious time.


If you want to move your umbrella to different locations, make sure you check the weight, how easy they are to carry, and whether they come with a carry bag or not.


By choosing the right tree stand umbrella, you can go on a hunt without worrying about bad weather. So, make sure you read all the reviews before going on your next hunting trip!

Realtree Camouflage Compact Auto Open 44" Umbrella

People Also Ask

We hope that we have briefed everything about tree stand umbrellas in this article. However, if there are still any questions buzzing in your head, fret not. We have listed some of the queries people usually have and hope they answer your questions as well. Happy shopping!

How Heavy Are Tree Stand Umbrellas?

Most items are quite light in weight. They do not weigh more than a pound or two and therefore are quite easy to carry and set up in a tree.  

What Are Tree Stand Umbrellas Made Out of?

Tree stand umbrellas can be made from any type of fabric, but usually, it is nylon taffeta. This material is waterproof, which gives items the ability to withstand rainy conditions and get cleaned and washed easily.   

Can a Regular Umbrella Work in a Tree Stand?

Umbrellas made specifically for tree stands have a hook that helps them get attached to the tree stand. They are also much larger and usually have a camouflage print on them to provide cover. A regular umbrella is much smaller and won’t provide enough cover. Moreover, you will need to hold it the entire time because these cannot be hooked onto the tree stand. 

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