Best Hunting Rain Gear of 2021 – Stay Dry This Season

| Last Updated December 21, 2021

What makes great hunters so great? A big part of their success comes from great gear. Having proper weather protection, rain or shine, can make or break a trip out into the woods.

The best rain hunting gear will work to keep you dry in any weather conditions that could compromise your hunting.

Ensure your comfort by staying dry and ensure your success by being prepared with the best rain gear.

Comparison of the Best Hunting Rain Gear

  • Modern Design: Fashionable Poncho Inspired by Classic Military Look
  • Warm and Breathable: Polyester and Spandex Materials Ensure Comfort
  • Best Packable Hunting Rain Gear: Special Features for Easy Transportation
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  • Gore-Tex Design: Waterproof With Ultimate Breathability
  • Storm-Proof: Wind-Resistant for Harsh Weather Resiliency
  • High-Quality Brand: Under Armour’s Innovative Outdoor Wear is Perfect for Hunters
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  • Designed for the Harshest Storms: Made to Endure Downpours in Dryness
  • Polyester face: Provides Comfort and Warmth While Silencing Rainfall on the Body
  • Highest Quality Gore-Tex Gear: Ensures Waterproof Protection That is Breathable Too
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  • Lightweight and Easy to Carry
  • Two-Piece Gear Set: Jacket and Pants Designed for Comfort
  • Most Affordable Rain Gear for Hunters: Full Suit at a Great Price
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  • Best Quiet Hunting Rain Gear
  • Quiet fabric for improved stealth
  • Versatile for multiple outdoor applications
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  • Best Camo Hunting Rain Gear
  • A high-quality storage bag is included
  • Made from strong and sturdy materials
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How to Choose Rain Gear For Hunting

Understanding how to choose the best gear for yourself is essential when there is an abundance of hunting rain gear on the market. Sometimes it feels like a challenge to know where to start. The most popular rain gear out there is classified by a few key elements. Consider the following when choosing your own:

  • Type of Rain Gear
  • Quality of Material
  • Packability

Type of Rain Gear

This article reviews three types of rain gear: ponchos, jackets, and rain suits. The level of rain coverage you are looking for corresponds with the type of gear you will need. Ponchos can be effective but provide the least amount of protection from wet conditions.

Jackets provide the next level of coverage, and suits are the most reliable for long exposure to rain. Consider the intensity of your outdoor activities when it’s raining to determine the best type of gear for you.

Quality of Material

While all rain gear is meant to be waterproof, the quality of a poncho, jacket, or suit material impacts how comfortable you remain. Some waterproof fabrics may feel hot and stuffy during high levels of activity, while materials like Gore-Tex are popular for being breathable against the body. If you are highly active in the rain or plan to use rain gear during summer storms, Gore-Tex is the best choice for your comfort.


Some rain gear is easier to pack and carry than others. The most popular gear comes fully equipped with a storage bag, and some ponchos even fold into themselves for effortless transportation.

Perks of Investing in Great Rain Gear

Why would you want to invest in great rain gear? Staying prepared and comfortable in the rain is essential to your hunting success. Here are the main benefits of investing in great rain gear:

  • Breathable Comfort
  • Ensure Dryness
  • Gear Versatility

Breathable Comfort

Rain gear made of high-quality material often provides air flow. This breathability keeps you warm without stuffiness and is great for active bodies. Cheaper models will not be designed with your optimal comfort in mind.

Ensure Dryness

Poor quality rain gear may be cheaper, but will not actually keep you dry. It is important to invest in great rain gear so that it actually works, as quality often corresponds to price. There are many affordable options that make excellent rain protection.

Gear Versatility

The best rain gear has a multitude of diverse uses. In cheaper models, you will not find these transformative qualities. Great rain gear often doubles as a shelter, blanket, or other emergency material when needed. Stay prepared by investing in quality gear.

Review of the Best Hunting Rain Gear

Time to dive into the review and take a closer look at each option:

Best Overall and Best Packable Rain Gear:
HAZARD 4 Poncho Villa Technical Soft-Shell Poncho

HAZARD 4 Poncho Villa(TM) Technical Soft-Shell Poncho (R) - Coyote


  • Tactical and fashionable: modern twist on the classic military model
  • Brilliant portable design: poncho carries itself in front pocket and doubles as a shelter
  • Breathability: combination of polyester and spandex materials create warmth with refreshing air flow


  • Water-resistant: not the best poncho for extended use in the rain
  • One size: works for many hunters, but not all

The HAZARD 4 is a sleek, contemporary poncho inspired by the classic military design. Winning the title of “Best Packable Hunting Gear,” it is incredibly user-friendly, featuring a front pocket that doubles as its own storage bag. Hunters can simply stuff this poncho into itself for easy transportation. Additionally, it includes a vent for effortless drying. With the addition of grommets, it can double as a shelter.

Customers appreciate how comfortable this poncho is on the body. Made of polyester and spandex, it is warm but breathable for optimal comfort. It also fits over hunting packs and comes in only one size, though it is available in either black or tan. Taller customers wish the poncho was designed with more length.

Thoroughly taped seams are meant to ensure maximum rain protection, but the majority of users experience this poncho as more water-resistant than 100% waterproof. Therefore, your level of dryness in the HAZARD depends on how long you spend out in the rain.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for packable rain gear, the HAZARD 4 Poncho is the best choice for you. It easily stuffs into its own front pocket for nearly effortless transportation. The lightweight, modern design leaves hunters warm, comfortable, and fashionable. This particular poncho is more water-resistant than waterproof, so its effectiveness depends on the length of your rain exposure. For mild to moderate wet conditions, this poncho is perfect and great for packing.

Best Under Armour Rain Gear: 
Under Armour Men's Storm Gore-Tex Rain Jacket

Under Armour UA Storm Gore-Tex Essential Rain SM Realtree AP-Xtra


  • Easy storage: comes with packable bag for effortless transportation
  • Made for comfort: adjustable waistband and elastic cuffs for comfortable rain protection
  • Durable design: Gore-Tex and UA Storm technology combine for ultimate, breathable waterproofing


  • Longevity: some customers experience a short lifetime of this jacket

For fans of the Under Armour brand, this is the best hunting gear for your rainy days. This Under Armour rain jacket is 100% polyester with Gore-Tex features for ultimate breathability and waterproofness. Under Armour designed it with UA Storm technology, to keep you fully protected from harsh winds in any storm.

The cuffs of this jacket are elastic to snugly fit around your wrists and keep water away from your body. The waist is also adjustable. Customers love the fit of this jacket and can wear a warmer jacket on top of this one if need be. This rain jacket comes fully-equiped with a storage bag for easy transportation. Its camouflage print is perfect for the outdoors.

While the majority of users find this jacket to be durable and effective, a few have reported that its lifetime is not as long as they’d like it to be.

Bottom Line

If you love Under Armour, the Under Armour Rain Jacket is the best choice of rain gear for you. Hunters stay warm and dry in this jacket that features Gore-Tex for optimal airflow. UA Storm technology shields the body from harsh winds and keeps you dry. The camo print of this jacket is great for hunters and the design is adjustable for every body type.

Best Gore-Tex Rain Gear: 
SITKA Gore-Tex Gear Downpour Jacket


  • Available in a wide range of sizes: this jacket is great for almost everybody
  • Unbeatable breathability: Gore-Tex gives airflow to prevent stuffiness inside jacket
  • Cozy, but quiet: polyester face keeps you warm while making you soundless in the storm


  • Weight: this 2lb jacket is heavier to carry

The SITKA Gore-Tex jacket is the best Gore-Tex gear on the market. Gore-Tex is the best waterproof material for air flow and comfort. This jacket is lightweight and easy to carry with the rest of your gear when the sun comes out. Its polyester face is designed to silence any rainfall that hits it, for ultimate stealth when hunting in the woods.

Customers love the quality and durability of this jacket. Weighing two pounds, this jacket is heavier than its competitors, but heavier jackets can correspond to higher quality fabrics. Its fitted design is available in sizes up to 3-XL, making it the perfect jacket almost any type of body.

Bottom Line

If you are looking to buy Gore-Tex rain gear, this SITKA model is the best rain jacket for you. Stay silent, warm, and dry throughout any storm when hunting in this breathable jacket. Available in a wide array of sizes, you can easily choose the perfect fit. Gore-Tex is a great way to stay comfortable and protected from the rain.

Best for the Money: 
Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit

Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit


  • Adaptability: adjustable hood and waistband
  • Affordable: this suit is cheaper than many jackets on the market
  • Resilient in harsh weather: keeps you warm and dry while being breathable


  • Fragile material: lacks durability and may tear easily
  • No pockets: must carry everything in  a separate bag

The Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit is the best rain gear for the money. It is a complete set of rain gear, including both a jacket and pants. This suit is cheaper than many rain jackets and provides the same quality of waterproofness. The suit material is also breathable and wind-resistant.

Customers love the adaptable features of the suit. The hood is both adjustable and removable, and the pants have an adjustable elastic waistband for ultimate comfort.

Each piece weighs one pound, making this suit light and easy to carry. It is available in black, green, grey, or blue, so you can choose your favorite color. Some customers wish the jacket and pants came with pockets.

Bottom Line

Overall, this rain suit is great if you are looking for the most affordable, high-quality option. Both the jacket and pants prove waterproof in the rain. Breathable, wind-resistant features keep you comfortable. You can adjust the hood and waist as needed. The Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit is the best for the money because this full body protection is cheaper than the price of many single pieces.

Best Quiet Hunting Rain Gear:
New View Hunting Suit


  • Customizable fit with an adjustable hem
  • Camouflage design with a practical hood
  • Quiet fabric to avoid any unnecessary rustling
  • Zipper closure for effective closing of the front
  • 100% polyester shell ensures better waterproofing


  • Sizing can be an issue
  • Magnet cuffs come loose easily

What Recent Buyers Report

The recent buyers are quite satisfied with their purchase. They like the useful features that this hunting rain gear offers. They are fond of its camouflage the most as it is highly realistic and has impressive graphics. The buyers had a minor issue with its magnet cuffs, but it is easy to overcome.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The zipper closure helps it stand out to us the most. It makes it easier for hunters to put on the coat as soon as it starts to rain. It also comes with an underarm zipper to provide breathability on hot days. Its hood is a great addition, too, as it helps in keeping the users dry.  

Who Will Use This Most

This product set is useful for all hunters who need high mobility. The quiet fabric helps to avoid any rustling which would alert the game. This is great for you if you are a new hunter, too, as it helps in keeping you agile.

Bottom Line

Summing up, the New View hunting suit has a high waterproof performance and a practical design. It keeps the hunters dry during rain spells, but it prevents sweating as it has underarm zippers. So, go for it if you want to make the most out of your hunting rain suits. 

Best Camo Hunting Rain Gear:
LOOGU Rain Poncho


  • Poncho coat provides a better fit
  • Hood for a greater cover against rain
  • Zipped neckline to make wearing it easier
  • Made of non-toxic PVC and ripstop nylon materials
  • Stainless steel rings to help in avoiding blowing over


  • Can be noisy
  • For light use only

What Recent Buyers Report

People who invested in this poncho item liked it a lot. They loved it for its free size dimensions, which do not cause any fitting problems. The buyers also liked it because of the zipped neckline, which provides an adjustable headspace. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us with its simple design and additional hood. The hood brings along a greater level of protection against rain. Its stainless steel rings on the sides impress us as well since they help in tying the sides to avoid blow over with the wind.

Who Will Use This Most

This is most useful for people who love hunting and camping. It can serve multiple purposes, as there is no definite stitching pattern. You can even use it as a mat or a makeshift camp. 

Bottom Line

The bottom line on this poncho rain gear is that it is one of the best options. The material is both useful to hunters and friendly to the environment. It does not have any toxic substances in its making, so it will be great for all hunters. 

7. JTENG Rain Poncho

JTENG Rain Poncho Waterproof, Rip-Stop for Hunting Camping Military and use with Emergency Grommet Corners for shelter use


  • Versatility: easily transforms into an emergency shelter or blanket
  • Adaptability: can fit over hunting backpacks and features adjustable head opening
  • Fabric durability: strength of 100% PVC waterproof material keeps you warm and dry


  • Weight: strength of fabric makes it heavier than others on the market
  • Design quality: some customers report difficulty with storage bag zipper and hood seams

The JTENG Rain Poncho ranks due to providing hunters excellent protection in the rain. Weighing 1.6 lbs, this poncho is made of 100% PVC waterproof polyester material to keep you warm and dry outdoors. With its strong, high-quality waterproof material, customers find this particular poncho to be on the heavier side. However, this additional thickness contributes to your warmth in the rain.

Customers love this model since it has been upgraded to include an adjustable head opening. This helps the poncho slide effortlessly onto the body. It is also popular for its versatility, as it easily transforms into a picnic blanket or tent. The JTENG Rain Poncho comes complete with a storage bag that doubles as a tarp, emergency shelter, or sleeping bag. It fits easily over a hunting backpack and its camouflage print is perfect for hunters.

Some users report that the quality of the storage bag zipper is questionable, and others have experienced flaws in the hood stitching. However, the vast majority of customers love this poncho.

Bottom Line

The JTENG Rain Poncho is the best rain poncho for hunters due to its incredible versatility and durability. As a camouflage-print product, hunters can stay stealthy in the rain while remaining warm and dry. It fits over hunting backpacks and is easily adjustable. While some customers experience design flaws, the overall verdict is that the quality of the JTENG Rain Poncho is unbeatable.

How to Size Rain Gear

The product has pretty much the same sizing rules as regular coats. The only difference can be in the length of these coats as they are longer than others. So, to make choosing the perfect size easier for you, we have written down the basic size dimensions.


The overall length of the hunting item is up to your own preference. If you like better coverage, then go for knee-length rain gear. But if you already have waterproof pants, then a regular sized one will be alright too.

Arm Length

Arm length makes a major difference in hunting rain gear sizing. It has to be perfect to avoid the sleeves from getting in your way while grabbing things or taking a shot. 

Shoulder Width

The shoulder width has to be precise to avoid any discomfort while hunting. Looser coats just hang on your sides and become quite annoying. Meanwhile, if you have a tight coat, then it restricts your mobility and shooting accuracy.

How to Wash Rain Gear

Washing your rain gear needs care as any carelessness can cause it to become permeable to water. And you wouldn’t want that, would you? Considering that, we have brought you the simplest steps for washing your rain gear while ensuring its safety. 

  • Begin by drying the coat thoroughly and read the care instructions that come with it. 

  • Then soak it in a mild cleaning liquid as harsh chemicals can make it loosen its integrity.

  • After this, rinse it properly and hang dry the coat. Do not tumble it as that can harm the rain gear as well. 

Make sure to store your product after completely drying it to avoid any stale smell or mildew growth. 

Types of Rain Gear Perfect for Hunting

Rain gear comes in various types. The three main variations in this article are:

  • Ponchos
  • Jackets
  • Suits


Rain ponchos slide over the head and do not have sleeves. The fabric may cover your arms by draping over them, but mobility may be more limited under a poncho. Ponchos are the perfect gear for light intensity rain activities, like hunting with short exposure to rain.


Rain jackets are distinguished from other jackets by being waterproof. They are perfect for hunters with moderate activity in the rain and are great for mobility. Jackets keep your upper half totally dry and warm.


Rain suits are a step up from jackets. Suits often come with both a jacket and a pant for ultimate rain coverage. As full-body gear, suits are best for hunters anticipating long exposures to rain.


Choosing the best rain gear for hunting can be a great investment in your outdoor endeavors. Remember to consider what type of rain gear you will need, the quality of the gear material, and how easy it is to carry with the rest of your equipment. Investing in great rain gear can ensure your comfort in the stormiest conditions, and contributes to your overall hunting success. 

People Also Ask

Rain gear is a necessity for all hunters as it prevents them from getting wet. It makes sure that hunters keep up their game during rain too. So, people want to buy the best hunting rain gear. For that, we have answered the most frequently asked questions about hunting rain gear to help you choose the right one. 

What is Rain Gear Made Out of?

These items are made out of water-repelling fabrics primarily. They can have different proportions of nylon, cotton, and polyester. They can have additional blends of micro vinyl clothes or other synthetic elements for better protection.

How Thick is Rain Gear?

The thickness of these products varies according to weather needs and the fabric used for it. For summers, you need thinner items of around 2-5 mm thickness. But for winters, thicker is fine.  

Is Rain Gear 100% Waterproof?

Yes, the rain gear can be 100% waterproof, but it depends on many factors. The thickness, construction quality, and fabric used for making the raincoat affect its waterproofing level. So, you should go for a high-quality one if you want it to be 100% waterproof. 

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