Best Hunting Backpacks – 2021 Round-up Review

| Last Updated July 7, 2021

Your backpack is your lifeline as this is what holds everything you need for hunting and surviving for however long you’re out in the wilderness.

If you’ve got a large hunting setup that needs deployed, it’s crucial that you can fit as much stuff into your bag as possible.

The following article will help you find the best hunting backpacks.

Comparison of the Best Hunting Backpacks

  • Plenty of storage
  • Sternum strap for extra comfort
  • Comfortable waist and shoulder straps
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  • Gun or bow holder
  • Easy access storage
  • Adjustable padded straps
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  • Pistol holders
  • Foam suspension
  • Strong, waterproof material
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  • Water port
  • Multiple pockets
  • Detachable framework
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  • Five exterior pockets
  • Rifle boot adds security and safety
  • Comfortable hip and shoulder straps
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  • Made from strong nylon fabric
  • Lightweight but plenty of space
  • Can be folded into a small carrying bag
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  • Fold out rain cover
  • Breathable fabric and design
  • Fold out weapon carrying boot
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Types of Hunting Backpacks

There are many types of hunting backpacks that all have various features for different kinds of hunting. The following section will discuss the various types of bags you can get and what they’re mainly used for, as well as their pros and cons.


Daypacks are the simplest and most basic form of hunting backpack, They’re mainly used for smaller game and don’t offer much space, which is why they’re used mainly for a trip that lasts a few hours. 

They’re great for those hunters that need to trek far into the wilderness or those constantly stalking their targets. You’ll be able to spot a daypack easily as they’re the same basic design as your standard school bag.

Bow Backpacks

These backpacks are specifically made for hunters that mainly use a bow. They’ll have storage space designed to hold your arrows and your bow in a comfortable position. They’ll also offer a convenient way of removing your arrows when you need them, without causing too much hassle.

Scabbard Backpacks

These bags are made to carry firearms and other weapons like a bow and arrows. These types of backpacks are considered as some of the most popular with hunters because of their unique design. They’re usually designed to be water resistant and offer great storage space to carry gear and even small prey that’s been caught.

The lightweight design means you can carry these bags around for days on end without suffering from back or shoulder pain. Your weapons should be stored so they can be accessed conveniently. This type of backpack will be able to provide you with this.

How to Choose a Hunting Backpack

There are plenty of features you should be looking out for when searching for your next hunting backpack. However, there are also many considerations you should be thinking of also, as there are many bags that can be used for different types of hunting. The following section will discuss the various features and considerations which are the most important in order to find the best backpack for you.

Type of Weapon

Every hunter knows you can hunt with different types of weapons, whether that be with a gun, bow and arrows, or a crossbow, there are different bags that will suit your weapon of choice. Make sure you understand what type of weapon will suit your bag best. You don’t want to be using a rifle bag when you’re hunting with a bow and arrow.

Expedition Length

You’ll want to choose a bag that will sufficient storage space that you can survive for however long you’re hunting for. If you’re going on a hunting trip that will last three or four days, you’ll need to carry enough supplies to last that length of time. Without it, you’ll struggle greatly, so make sure to purchase a bag large enough to allow you to benefit from hunting over a few days rather than a few hours.

Durability & Waterproofing

A key feature of a decent hunting backpack is that it’s durable and weather-resistant. You don’t want a bag that’s going to get soaking wet and ruin whatever supplies you have inside.

You need something that’s going to last during the rain or snow, you should look for qualities like a waterproof bag that covers your backpack or just waterproofing materials that have been used to make the bag itself.

What Size of Backpack Do I Need

The answer to this question depends on the type of hunting trip you’re planning. If you’re going for a day trip and will only be out for a couple of hours, then a unit with a 3,000 cubic inch capacity is ideal. These packs have enough space to store your hunting supplies, small tools, extra ammo, scopes, and personal gear. 

On the other hand, if you’re planning multi-day hunting trips, it’s better to choose a backpack with a storage capacity of somewhere between 7,000 and 4,500 cubic inches. With this much space, you’ll be able to cover more ground quickly and will be prepared for anything you may encounter out in the wild. 

It’s also advisable to choose a unit that pertains to your unique body type. If the pack is either too short or too long for your torso length, you’ll experience discomfort in the hips and painful backaches. Make sure you measure your torso length to find a pack that best suits the size of your body.

Review of the Best Hunting Backpacks

The most important part of our article would be the review of some of the best products currently on the market. In this section, we’ll discuss the various features and pros and cons of every hunting backpack we consider to be of high-caliber.

Best Overall:
ALPS OutdoorZ Matrix

ALPS OutdoorZ Matrix, Realtree Edge


  • Easy Organization
  • Super Comfortable
  • Easy Access to Water
  • Secures Your Weapon Safely


  • Still Somewhat Small

This bag can store almost every weapon that’s used for hunting, this includes a rifle, crossbow, bow and arrows, or a simple pistol. The two wing pockets will further secure your weapon, making for an even safer hunting backpack. You’ll find that there is plenty of storage space inside the main compartment with an organizational pocket that helps keep you organized.

You’ll be sure to be comfortable with the many padded belts and a shoulder harness, all of which can be adjusted to suit your body. If you ever find yourself in rainy conditions, the blaze orange rain cover has your back. Not only that, but it has a hydration pocket for easy access to some much needed drinking water.

Bottom Line

This product was voted the best overall for many reasons. One of the most attractive features being that it has plenty of comfortable padding and provides you with easy access to your water. You’d also be able to organize all of your smaller pieces of gear in the main compartment fairly easily.

Not only that, your weapon is guaranteed to be secured to the bag in a safe way. The only downside with this pack, and it isn’t that big of a deal, is that it’s still quite a small bag that doesn’t have much more storage space other than the main compartment and a few pockets on the belt.

Best Bow Hunting Backpack:
ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit, Realtree Edge


  • Quiver Holder
  • Weapon Holder
  • Hydration Pocket
  • Easy Access Compartments


  • Quiver Holder May Degrade Over Time

This backpack allows you to have quick access to your gear with its storage organization. It offers a drop-down holder for either your gun or bow, meaning you can be hands-free in any situation that involves climbing.

The padded shoulder harness and waist belt provide comfortable support and are designed to allow full motion, even when carrying heavy equipment. The aluminum frame supports the bag, allowing you to carry heavy equipment and loads.

Bottom Line

This bag offers many great features for any hunter. The main one being its easy access and organized compartments. Not only is there a drop-down for your gun or bow, but there is also a shelf pocket on the front of the backpack. This makes accessibility simple and prevents any equipment from falling out when opened.

It also features a hydration pocket, which makes water breaks quick and hassle-free, even on-the-go. The built-in rain cover also adds fast protection if the weather was to change unexpectedly. The only downfall of this product is that the holders located on either side of the backpack which are designed to hold your quivers, may degrade over time with constant use.

Best Waterproof Hunting Backpack:
Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack


  • Durable Material
  • Foam Padded Straps
  • Multiple Storage Units
  • Spreads Weight Across Your Body


  • Foam Padding May Flatten Over Time

This backpack is great if you're looking for something that is sure to last. The material is extremely water-resistant but still very quiet, making it excellent for hunting. It also has foam molding, meaning that not only is it comfortable, but over time it will fit to your own body shape, making it personalized.

It also has multiple pockets located across the backpack, two of them being located on the waist belt, which also act as pistol holders, therefore keeping your pistol right by your side. These smaller pockets allow for smaller necessities to be easily accessed.

Bottom Line

This product offers a wide range of features, the top one being the durability of the material. Not only is it extremely waterproof but the fabric is designed to hold large weights without wear and tear. The framework of the backpack also helps with carrying large weights, as well as being designed to spread the weight evenly from your spine, comfortably down to your hips preventing back pain.

Even with the durability, this product still offers an unconditional warranty, meaning if somehow it failed to deliver or was to tear or break,  you can get it fixed, completely free of charge.

There are multiple great features to this bag, but there is still the risk of the foam padded straps loosening over time. They're designed to mold to your body shape, however this may mean the foam will flatten with constant use.

Best External Frame Hunting Backpack:
ALPS OutdoorZ Pack


  • Removable Backpack
  • Water Compatible Port
  • Lower Door Access Point
  • Large and Small Pockets Help With Organization


  • Only Able to Hold a Rifle and Handgun
  • Need to Empty Bag in Order to Detach From Framework

This backpack has many useful features, such as the detachable framework. This allows for the backpack and frame to be used separately. The frame can come in handy and be used to carry meat from place to place.

The bag offers many pockets from big to small, making it easy to separate and organize your equipment. The rifle pocket gives a safe storage compartment for carrying your rifle. You can also place your water into the port, keeping it upright and free from spillage.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of advantages to this backpack, the top one being the ability to separate and organize due to the multiple pockets on the bag. These are compatible for your rifle, water, handgun, spotting scope, and more. You can also access your equipment through the lower door, which has an internal horizontal separator.

Being able to remove the backpack from the framework also allows for the frame to be used to haul meat with ease. The only disadvantage to this feature is that in order to separate the frame and bag you have to empty the bag out first. This bag also doesn't give an option to carry a bow, so you are limited in the weapons you can carry.

Best Hunting Backpack with Rifle Holder:
Allen Remington Camo Hunting Daypack

Allen Remington Camo Hunting Daypack - Twin Mesa 1,853 cu in Hunting Daypack


  • Rifle Boot
  • Padded Straps
  • Plenty of Pockets
  • Temperature Regulatory Mesh


  • Poor Waterproofing

This Remington Camo Hunting Daypack is currently the best on the market from the Remington range. The cooled mesh will easily help cool air pass-through and regulate your body heat during the summer months or even just when you’re walking up those huge hills.

If you’re carrying a rifle or just a heavy load, the well-padded hip belt and shoulder straps will be able to effectively support that weight in a comfortable way. The same support is given to the rifle by providing you with a secure and safe rifle boot-carrying system.

Another key quality of this pack would have to be the many exterior pockets that can be accessed fairly easily, making your hunting trip that much more stealthy.

Bottom Line

This pack is one of the best on the market because of its great features, like the rifle boot that it offers, this is a safe and secure way to carry your rifle without having to always carry it around in your hands. Another benefit of this bag is that it has temperature regulatory mesh that will keep you cool during those summer months.

Another key benefit of this bag is that there’s plenty of pockets to organize your equipment so that your hunting trip is a lot more efficient. The only real downside with this product is that the waterproofing material isn’t the best and you’ll find certain areas where there will be leaks after regular usage.

Best Orange Hunting Backpack:
Outlander Packable Backpack

Outlander Packable Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack (New Orange)


  • Nylon Fabric
  • Element-Resistant
  • Reinforced at Stress Points
  • Plenty of Space and Compartments


  • Noisy Zippers
  • Glorified School Bag

The nylon fabric makes for a water-resistant and strong material for the bag. The long-lasting material is also reinforced at all known stress points. The 35-liter backpack also folds into the inner pocket for when you’re storing the product away to save space, making it incredibly compact and lightweight, but also really spacious.

The bag also offers several pockets for any extra gear or even if you just want to organize your stuff for easy access. There are also two side panels for larger objects such as a water bottle or rangefinders. If there are any problems, you can also benefit from the lifetime warranty.

Bottom Line

This product is extremely lightweight and compact as you can fold it up into a smaller bag to carry around when in storage. The nylon fabric will ensure you can carry even the heaviest loads without the structure being degraded. The reinforced stress points are also in place to make sure that there is zero chance of any tears. There’s also plenty of space for organization with the several compartments.

However, many people have reservations about using this bag as it’s more or less just a glorified school bag. There’s nothing you could say is designed specifically to make it more of a hunting bag. This is also clear as stealth isn’t it’s main priority with the really noisy zippers that could scare away any potential targets.

Best Lightweight Hunting Backpack:
Tenzing Daypack with Firearm Carry Boot and Rain Fly Cover

TENZING TX 2220 Hunting Day Pack Backpack w/Firearm Carry Boot, Real Tree Edge


  • Breathable Fabric
  • Hydration System
  • Color-Coded Zippers
  • Accommodates a Gun or Bow


  • Too Many Small Compartments

This daypack was voted as the best lightweight hunting backpack on the market for some very good reasons. The specially-designed zippers are non-noise making, which means you’ll have the advantage of pure stealth when unloading your pack.

They’re also color-coded so you don’t have to waste time looking for the right compartment. The individual pouches are great for separating your equipment, in terms of priority.

The aluminium support will be able to keep you comfortable for long periods. It also offers a hydration system so there’s no messing around with water bottles. The side pockets on your belt will be able to hold important equipment such as rangefinders or extra ammunition. The breathable fabric also means that during the summer months, your body is getting the cool air that it needs.

Bottom Line

This bag is currently the best and lightest bag on offer for hunters out there looking for a day’s hunting. It has the flexibility to offer support for both a gun or bow. If you’re looking to find something inside your pack, the silent and color-coded zippers are what give you the advantage of stealth and speed, which is a killer combo for any hunter.

You’ll be heavily supported by your bag throughout the summer months by using the hydration system that sits next to the aluminium frame. You’ll also benefit from the breathable fabric to successfully regulate your body temperature. The only downside to this product is the main compartment.

Best Small Hunting Backpack:
TravTac Stage II Small Sling Bag

TravTac Stage II Small Sling Bag, Premium Everyday Carry Tactical Sling Pack 900D (ACU Camo)


  • Safety Patch
  • Easy to Access
  • Quiet and Fast
  • Durable Fabric
  • Comfortable Padding


  • Limited to Small Game or a Few Hours of Use

This comfortable 5-liter bag is perfect for those smaller hunting trips hunting rabbit or small game. The sling design will give you easy access to your essentials, without having to take your bag off, making hunting a little faster and quieter. The padded shoulder strap ensures constant comfort and no irritation from constant rubbing which can be a problem for those with larger, unpadded bags.

The bag is made from 900D fabric, which means you’ll be able to throw this bag around and get down and dirty without having to worry about tearing the fabric. This bag was designed to get battered and bruised. The main compartment is perfect for organizing your essential hunting supplies, you’ll also notice that it has a reflective velcro safety patch, which will keep you visible during the night.

Bottom Line

This product would work perfectly for any of those short hunting adventures and could be used mainly for when you’re trekking away from your main campsite for a few hours and only want to carry ammo.

This sling design offers easy access that will be quiet and fast compared to larger packs where you’d need to take them off to gain access. Don’t be afraid to get in about the bushes and harsh environments, as the greatest benefit of this product is that the fabric is super strong and has almost zero chance of tearing.

And of course, the main attraction would be that the padding is extremely comfortable, as it keeps your full shoulder padded rather than just a small section, so you won’t need to worry about irritation. The only downside to this product is that it can only be used for small hunting trips that last a few hours, mainly due to the small size.

Best Deer Hunting Backpack:
ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme

ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear Hunting Day Pack, Realtree Edge , 2700 Cubic'


  • Fanny pack can be expanded into a day pack 
  • Offers a total storage space of 2,700 cubic inches
  • Padded removable waist belt ensures comfort and ease of use 
  • Shoulder harness can be adjusted to fit different torso lengths 
  • Two easy-access pockets make it easier to store small and important gear 


  • Lack of a frame makes carrying a bit difficult
  • Might not be able to withstand heavy downpours 

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers loved this unit and recommended it to other people as well. They stated that it was well constructed, durable, lightweight, and roomy. Users particularly liked the fact that it was very adjustable and loved the large storage space the main compartment offered. However, some customers reported that the bottle holder was a bit flimsy, while some were disappointed with the stitching. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Essentially two packs designed into one, this product is incredibly lightweight and can be easily expanded into a day pack. With two side pockets, a front pocket, and a large main compartment, it also has a large capacity and offers as much as 2,700 cubic inches of space. Its camo pattern further enables hunters to spot their targets before they spot them.

Bottom Line

This model is perfect for simple expeditions that require a small amount of hunting gear. If you’re planning a day’s trip and need a lot of items, you can simply unroll this backpack and avoid the hassle of purchasing another one. Although the ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme is functional and versatile, the lack of a frame might make it unsuitable for some.

Best Hunting Backpack Under $100:
Allen Pagosa 1800

Allen Company 19098 Pagosa Daypack, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, 1800 Cubic Inches


  • Quiet fabric helps keep you hidden and unnoticed 
  • Back support panels ensure comfortability on long treks 
  • External and internal pockets offer an 1800 cubic inch capacity
  • Waist pockets provide quick and easy access to all your essentials
  • Zipper pulls and high-vis lining help you find your gear in the dark


  • Pocket configuration could be better
  • Construction quality could be improved 

What Recent Buyers Report

The majority of the buyers were extremely satisfied with this product and loved its craftsmanship and material. They stated that the zippers were strong, and the padding felt incredibly comfortable. Users loved the adjustable straps and said that the pack was very easy to adjust. However, customers felt that a design with multiple smaller pockets would be better.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product primarily stands out because of its comfort-enhancing features. Its highly adjustable and padded sternum strap takes the pressure of the backpack’s weight off the shoulders and distributes it more evenly for increased comfort. It’s also designed with adjustable padded shoulder straps, allowing a snug and nice fit. Lastly, the adjustable waist belt takes the bulk of the weight off the shoulders and transfers it to the wearer’s hips, further enhancing comfort.

Bottom Line

Along with some incredibly useful features, the Allen Pagosa provides a capacity of 1800 cubic inch, allowing hunters to comfortably and easily carry all their hunting gear to the woods. Although this model helps ensure a successful and comfortable hunting trip, its construction quality could be improved.

Best Backcountry Hunting Backpack:
ALPS OutdoorZ Commander

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag, Coyote Brown


  • Torso adjustments provide a comfortable and custom fit
  • Freighter shelf maximizes support and secures heavy loads
  • Secure and unique lashing system can be used to easily haul out meat 
  • Drop-down rifle-pocket and clip-style holster allow hunters to keep essentials close
  • Nylon Ripstop fabric ensures durability and longevity, even in the harshest weather conditions


  • Fabric is not water-resistant 
  • Nylon ripstop is a little noisy 
  • Crossbar placement is a bit awkward 

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers loved this unit’s design and were impressed with the value for money it provided. They stated that the adjustable hip belts and shoulder straps were extremely comfortable, and found the tie-down straps to be sturdy and easy to use. Although most users did not experience any functionality or durability problems, some were disappointed with the lack of load lifters, suspension, and waterproof qualities. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Boasting lashing loops, multiple exterior pockets, a spin-drift collar top, and a capacity of 5,250 cubic inches, this product is specifically designed for firearm hunting. A lashing system helps you carry larger kills home, while a rifle-holder makes the hike more comfortable. Its internal compartment can also be divided into two, providing ample space to store meat.

Bottom Line

Crafted for big game hunters, this pack is incredibly functional and versatile and has all the storage space needed for long, extended hunting trips. Although it’s sturdy enough to carry larger kills and store all your gear, it is a bit noisier than other models.

Best Duck Hunting Backpack:
Sitka Full Choke Pack

SITKA Gear Men's Hunting Full Choke Pack, Optifade Waterfowl, One Size


  • Carry handle allows easy maneuvering around the blind
  • Straps on the front of the pack help carry your harvest back
  • Two interior storage pockets organize and protect your gear
  • Water-resistant YKK zippers are not damaged by the elements
  • Two compression straps and a removable waist belt enhance load stability


  • Camo is a bit shiny 
  • Smaller than other models

What Recent Buyers Report

Most people who invested in this unit were satisfied with its performance and liked its water resistance. Buyers stated that the waist and shoulder harness made it easier to carry gear, while the slick was able to get through the thickest of bushes without snagging. While they loved the fact that it could lay relatively flat with a large amount of gear, users were disappointed with the shiny camo. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This pack stands out to us for several different reasons. Firstly, the waterproof fabric protects your gear if the bag is kept on the bottom of the boat. Secondly, the zippers are placed on the side, allowing you to lay the pack down and open it for easy access. Lastly, it’s designed with several different pockets to carry any extra gear you might need for a full day hunt.

Bottom Line

Featuring carrying straps, a multitude of pockets, and some additional excellent features, the Sitka Full Choke pack ensures an easier and more comfortable waterfowl hunt. With this unit, you’ll spend less time worrying about hauling your gear back and forth and more time in the flooded timber.

Best Hunting Backpack for Elk Hunt:
Eberlestock Team Elk Pack

Eberlestock Team Elk Pack Doppelganger


  • Multi-Purpose
  • Waterproof Fabric
  • Dual-Loading Access Points
  • Multiple Storage Pockets Ranging in Size


  • Inadequate Padding

This product offers some unique features, such as the rifle scabbard which you can fold away with ease. This, and the bow carrier, also have flip covers that zip up and essentially act as pockets to keep your equipment secure.

The pack also has both front and top loading access, making it easy to pack up your gear. The two full-depth storage pockets for your spotting scope and water ensure you'll never have to cram your equipment in.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of excellent features on this product, one of the best being that is great for longer trips over multiple days, but its ability to also serve as a daily backpack. The waterproof fabric also makes it handy for damp weather conditions.

The many pockets across the backpack allow for smaller essentials to be stored for easy access, as well as larger compartments for your larger equipment and gear. However, with the ability to hold lots of equipment, this product lacks comfort. There is minor padding, meaning that with regular wear, it may begin to lose comfort.

Best Camo Hunting Backpack:
Badlands Diablo Dos Hunting Backpack

Badlands Diablo Dos Camouflage Hunting Backpack, Rifle & Hydration Compatible, Realtree Camo


  • Waterproof
  • Strong Material
  • Plenty of Pockets
  • Temperature Regulation


  • Not a Large Main Compartment

This bag provides a lot of organizational space so you can find space for a few days worth of hunting., The pockets will be enough for hunting any size game.

Designed to be used over days and not hours, the breathable frame is another feature that makes the journey much easier and the back suspension allows air to circulate efficiently and regulate your body temperature so you aren’t sweating too much.

You’ll be impressed by the sheer strength of the fabric used and by perfecting this formula, each fiber will be able to hold 110 lbs of weight, so you’ll be certain the weight won’t affect your bag's overall structure anytime soon. The fabric is also waterproof and will survive the heaviest of storms.

Bottom Line

This was voted the best camo hunting pack. Camo designs are always a great benefit when hunting and are even more beneficial when your pack offers other features, such as temperature regulation because of the breathable material. The strain on your bag could be massive, yet the structure won’t ever give way and the fabric won't tear because of the strong fabric combination.

You’ll also be able to easily organize your essentials with help from all the individual pockets. The only downside to this hunting bag is that the main compartment isn’t the largest, so, bringing larger gear like a sleeping bag or small tent could easily take up the space with no room remaining.

What to Pack in a Hunting Backpack - Hunting Essentials

Every hunter will have his list of hunting essentials that he/she carries with them whenever they go on a hunt. This is a list of hunting essentials we think should always be with you. We will assume that you’re only going for the day to make this list easier.

Backpack Hunting Tips, Tricks, and Hacks For Success

Backpack hunting is certainly not for the faint-hearted, but if you can overcome the mental and physical barriers that it presents, you can have a really incredible experience. To help ensure a comfortable and successful hunt, here are some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind:

Always Bring a Pillowcase

For a more comfortable trip, it’s advisable to carry an empty pillowcase on the trail and fill it with down gear for a better headrest. After waking up from a restful evening and harvesting a trophy animal, you can also use the pillowcase to store meat, keeping it fresh and safe from prey.

Store Toothpaste and Gels in a Contact Lens Case

If you’re planning a three-day trip, then large containers can make your pack a little bulky. Storing your gels and toothpaste in a used or new contact case can help reduce the weight of your pack, making your hunt a bit more comfortable. 

If you don’t have two different gels, you can easily cut the contact case in half for further weight reduction.

Revive Your Drowned Electronics With Instant Rice 

Make sure you have a pack of instant rice to save your devices if they get wet in the field. Rice helps suck out the moisture from your tablet, phone, and other devices after they have been immersed in liquid. You can also use silica gel and couscous to revive your electronics, but rice is the most accessible. 


There are many things you need to pack into your hunting backpack and there’s also a lot to consider before going ahead and buying one. This article hopefully has helped you understand the many features that make a hunting backpack the best on the market.

People Also Ask

Planning a backpack hunting trip can be a very stressful and difficult task, especially if you’ve never done it before. To help ensure an incredible hunting experience and to clear away any confusions you might have, here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

There are many common questions that come with this topic, we’ve decided to list some of the most commonly asked questions and answer them to the best of our ability.

How to Pack a Hunting Backpack?

Packing a hunting backpack isn’t a complicated process, but there are a few techniques that will ensure a more comfortable trip. It’s advisable to store light items, like clothes and sleeping bag at the bottom. 

Place medium-weight gear above the lighter items, and store heavy items in the upper portion of the pack. Lastly, store all essential items, like first aid kit, headlamp, and glassing accessories in the storage pockets.

How to Wash a Backpack?

Fill a tub with hot water and add the same amount and type of detergent you use to wash your clothes after you come back from a hunt. You can use any non-UV, scent-free detergent or soap. Empty the backpack and soak it in the tub for two to three hours. Remove it and let it hang dry before you go on your next trip.

How Should a Backpack Fit?

Make sure that your backpack does not extend past the waist and is an inch or more above the hips. It’s advisable to adjust the straps according to the shape of your body, so they’re not too loose or too tight. The pack should also not sway from side to side when you walk.

How Big is a 30 Liter Backpack?

Ideally, a 30-liter backpack measures around 18.5 inches to 21 inches in length and 9.5 inches to 12 inches in width. The perfect size for hiking, traveling, and three-day hunting trips, these packs can carry approximately 3 to 4 pounds easily.

How to Waterproof a Backpack?

There are several different waterproofing sprays that offer an additional layer of protection, which help you keep your supplies and gear dry in rainy weather. You can also waterproof your backpack using a seam sealer, dry bags, a waterproof liner, and heavy-duty plastic containers or bags.  

Which Frame is Best?

The scabbard backpack is seen as the best for hunters on the market as it’s been specially-designed for hunting trips, so there’s a lot of space to store your essentials.

Why Do I Need a Hunting Backpack?

You don’t need a hunting backpack. However, they’re strongly recommended because they’re designed to make your whole hunting experience more enjoyable and stress-free. You’ll have more storage that your average hiking backpack, which means you can hunt for longer. 

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