Best Recurve Crossbows of 2021 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated June 1, 2021

Recurve crossbows offer a wide range of benefits, such as their lighter build and ability to shoot more accurately. Since they are less complicated than other types of bows, they allow for more trouble-free shooting and less maintenance.

There are, of course, many different types of crossbows out on the market today, which may make purchasing one a bit difficult. 

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of crossbows so you can find the perfect one for your lifestyle.

Comparison of the Best Recurve Crossbows

  • Best For the Money
  • Speeds of 235 Feet Per Second
  • Ambidextrous Auto Safety
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  • 370-Foot Firing Velocity
  • 185-Pound Draw Weight
  • Integrated String Suppressors
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  • 175-pound fiberglass limbs
  • Ambidextrous safety
  • 30mm red dot scope
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  • Best Recurve Crossbow for Deer Hunting
  • Lightweight and easy to adjust supporting variety of users
  • Features an automatic safe cocking mechanism for maximum safety
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What is a Recurve Crossbow?

A recurve crossbow is a long type of bow that has a longer draw length. This allows more acceleration for the projectile you use, whether it’s a bolt or a full arrow. Recurve crossbows also allow for more power and shot speed, making them great additions to a hunt. They are also easy to work on, and it’s easy to replace the string on the bow.

Parts of a Recurve Crossbow (Source)

How to Choose a Recurve Crossbow

There are a few things you should consider when you choose a recurve crossbow, such as what you plan on using it for, speed, and safety features.


When you’re looking at a crossbow, first examine what you plan to do with it. Are you planning on just doing some target shooting or undertaking some serious hunting? What type of animal will you be hunting and at what ranges? More modern crossbow offerings can take down larger animals, such as deer, at around 60 yards if you develop the right skills. Realistically consider your own skill set, as well as the ranges you plan on shooting before deciding on a crossbow.


Another important factor to consider when it comes to purchasing a recurve crossbow is speed. A fast arrow is great in terms of hitting harder and shooting flatter, but the drawback is that as you increase speed, you decrease the crossbow’s tolerance for any little mistake. A fast arrow will react more quickly to a less than perfect draw, as well as being less forgiving for any imperfections in the arrow or vanes.


There are a few safety features you may want to consider when purchasing a recurve crossbow, especially if you’re new to using them. One is an auto-engaging safety. This is automatically set during the action of drawing the bowstring, and functions much like the safety on a rifle. Another factor is the forward grip design, which stabilizes your hand when you shoot.

Review of the Best Recurve Crossbows

To help make the search for your perfect crossbow a bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best recurve crossbows. This list ranges from the best overall to the best recurve crossbow for the money.

Best Overall:
SA Sports Empire Fever Pro Recurve Crossbow


  • Lots of safety features
  • Includes many extra features
  • Suitable for new and experienced users
  • Aluminum track and barrel to last for a while


  • None

This bow features a very user-friendly design, with safety features like the large hand-saver palm grip, ambidextrous auto safety, and a boot-style foot stirrup, making this bow suitable for both new and experienced users. The aluminum track and barrel will last through many seasons of hunting, along with the quick detach quiver that makes your arrows easily accessible.

This crossbow also includes a 4x32 crossbow scope, four aluminum arrows, instructions, and a padded shoulder sling for easy transport. This bow can reach speeds of up to 235 feet per second and has a 175-pound draw weight. With so many included features with this durable crossbow, this is the best option for the money.

Bottom Line

With all the added features and accessories included with this crossbow, you’re most certainly going to get your money’s worth. Safety features include a hand palm grip, auto safety, and a foot stirrup, making this bow perfect for experienced users along with anyone new to using crossbows. An aluminum track and barrel allows this bow to handle prolonged use, making it perfect to take for multiple seasonal hunts.

Best Under $500:
CenterPoint Sniper 370


  • Very powerful
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Other items included in package
  • String suppressors for a quiet shot


  • Assembly takes some time
  • Bolts that come with package aren’t the best quality, it is recommended to get better ones

This crossbow has a 370-foot firing velocity and a 185-pound draw weight. It includes a fully-adjustable tactical stock and forearm and integrated string suppressors to allow for a quiet, vibration-free shot. This unit maneuvers easily due to the narrow 18” axle-to-axle width and durable, lightweight CNC-machined rail with a shoot-through riser.

This purchase will also include a cocking device and wax for the string and rail, making it the perfect package so you can break it in right away. It is a fairly compact crossbow for the power that it contains, and like most crossbows, it is front heavy. The trigger has minor take up and a sharp window-glass-break which adds to great accuracy.

Bottom Line

Overall, you’re getting a quality crossbow that is worth the money. Though on the pricier side, this crossbow is fast and accurate, holding a lot of power in a durable and lightweight form. String suppressors allow for a quiet and vibration-free shot, perfect for hunting season.

Other items complete the whole package, such as a cocking device, bolts, and wax for the string and rail. The bolts that are included in the package aren’t of the best quality, so it is recommended that you get ones of higher quality for a better shooting experience.

Best Jaguar Recurve Crossbow:
Jaguar CR-013 Series Crossbow Kit, 175-Pound

Jaguar CR-013BK Crossbow Kit, 175-Pound, Black


  • Durable
  • Easy to put together
  • Lots of safety features
  • Comes with various added accessories


  • Arrows that come with it aren’t the best

This crossbow has a draw of 175 pounds and can fire arrows at 245 feet per second. A Weaver-style rail with the addition of a single dot 30mm red dot scope with seven levels of brightness adjustment. Four 16-inch aluminum crossbow bolts with 150-grain points, a six-bolt removable quiver, shoulder sling, and safety glasses are also included, making this the perfect crossbow kit for new or experienced users.

This crossbow has a rugged composite stock and 175-pound fiberglass limbs, offering modern accuracy, safety, and durability. It features an ambidextrous safety which can be auto-engaged when cocking, and it also features a 12-inch power stroke and a slotted cast-magnesium barrel for accurate bolt flight tracking.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a good crossbow kit for the price. It is well-made, durable, and able to fire arrows at speeds of around 245 feet per second. Modern accuracy and multiple safety features make this the perfect purchase for experienced or new users of crossbows. The only suggestion is that you purchase arrows of better quality since the ones that come with this kit aren’t the best.

Best Barnett Recurve Crossbow:
Barnett Recruit Recurve Crossbow

Barnett Assault Recruit Recurve Crossbow Package - 245 fps


  • Easy to assemble
  • Accurate shooting
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Includes additional accessories


  • Difficult to cock
  • The scope could be of better quality

This crossbow is capable of firing arrows at around 245 feet per second, with a smooth trigger that makes for accurate shooting. Lightweight and easy to assemble, this is a great crossbow for new or experienced users. This purchase comes with a quiver, three 18-inch arrows, and a red dot sight scope.

Cocking this crossbow by hand can be a little difficult, so it is suggested that until you get used to it, you may want to invest in cocking rope for some extra ease on your hands. The alignment of the scope is also off, so it may take some work re-aligning it to perform more accurate shots, especially if you aren’t an experienced user.

Bottom Line

This is a pretty good crossbow for the price, though it does come with a few flaws. The scope could be of better quality, as it is out of alignment which can be an issue for accurate shooting. It is also a bit difficult to cock this crossbow by hand, so you may want to invest in some cocking rope until it becomes easier to do. This isn’t a bad little kit, including a quiver, three 18-inch arrows, and the scope. If you’re new to using crossbows, this could work well for you, but if you want something of better quality, it may not be the right purchase to make.

Best Recurve Crossbow for Deer Hunting:
CenterPoint Tyro 4X


  • Lightweight tool that is easy to carry and transport
  • Compression-molded fiberglass limb ensures durability
  • Bonus rope cocker makes it easy to cock your crossbow
  • Comes with a complete kit making it ideal for beginners
  • Auto-safety cocking mechanism helps prevent fatal accidents


  • Quality of bolts could be improved

What Recent Buyers Report

According to recent buyers, this is a great crossbow that is highly accurate and easy to use. Although it is designed for 16-inch bolts, buyers claim that it also works well with 20-inch ones. It hits the target hard and fast, and even beginners have found it very easy to operate. Buyers highly recommend this product as it is not only safe and easy to assemble but also offer an unbeatable price.    

Why it Stands Out to Us

The CenterPoint Tyro 4X provides excellent speed for hunting small to medium-sized game. It comes with a vital safety feature that we appreciate greatly. The auto-safety cocking mechanism prevents accidental misfiring, thus ensuring the safety of everyone. Moreover, its lightweight adjustable stock makes it easy for users to customize this bow according to their preference.

Bottom Line

It can be quite difficult to find a good quality crossbow at budget-friendly prices, but with CenterPoint Tyro 4X, you can get both. It is an ideal choice for both advanced and beginner archers. It provides excellent shots for hunting small to medium-sized game. It is lightweight and comfortable and ensures a great hunting experience.  

Best Under $300:
Barnett Outdoors BCR

Barnett Outdoors BCR Recurve Crossbow Package, Large, Black


  • Simple design
  • Accurate shots
  • Good safety features
  • Reliable and powerful


  • Could come with better instructions
  • Recommended to purchase a bolt retention bar to increase accuracy, though the accuracy is still good for this crossbow

This crossbow has a draw weight of 150-pounds and includes a premium red dot scope and anti-vibration foot stirrup. An anti-dry fire trigger keeps shooters from accidentally firing the crossbow without an accompanying arrow.

Additionally, a spring loaded redundant safety bar stays in place until a properly seated arrow is detected, which then allows the safety to be switched off by the user, enabling a shot to be fired.

Though a simple design, it is reliable and holds plenty of power, making it perfect for a hunting trip. It holds accurate distances of over 25 meters, and with practice, you’ll gain great consistency in shot pattern.

Bottom Line

Though a bit on the pricier side compared to the previous two crossbows, this one is well worth the money. A premium red dot scope allows you to seek your target before firing, and an anti-dry fire trigger ensures you don’t shoot off an arrow until it is seated properly.

This crossbow is simple in design and holds power and accuracy. It is recommended that you may want to buy a retention bar in order to increase your accuracy, especially if you’re new to using crossbows. The instructions could also be better, but it is relatively easy to set up and use. Once you practice a bit with this crossbow, hunting trips will be smooth sailing.

7. Excalibur Crossbow Matrix SMF Grizzly

EXCALIBUR CROSSBOW Null Matrix SMF Grizzly Crossbow with Lite Stuff Package/Vari-Zone Scope (Draw Weight : 200-Pound), Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, Recurve


  • Easy to use
  • High quality
  • Easy drawback
  • Shoots smoothly
  • Durable, lightweight material


  • None

This crossbow has a draw weight of 200 pounds, a mass weight of 5.5 pounds, and an arrow weight minimum of 350 grams. This crossbow kit perfectly meets the need for a high-quality crossbow made with durable components to ensure a long lasting life for this product. You are easily able to change the strings, even while in the field, so as not to miss any important hunting time due to a mishap.

As described, it shoots a smooth 340 fps and has an easy drawback. Lightweight and easy to use, with a scope made of quality glass ensures accurate aim. This is a relatively easy crossbow to handle, and practice will only make the flow of using this bow more efficient and comfortable.

Bottom Line

This crossbow has many perks and no noticeable negatives about it. Made of durable and lightweight material, it is easy to use and it has an easy drawback. The durable material also ensures that this product will last you a good while, so you won’t have to worry about scouring the market for a new product.

The strings are easily replaceable, so if there happens to be a mishap on the field and your strings need to be replaced, there won’t be an issue and you won’t take any time out of your hunting trip. With a great balance, an easy draw, and impressive accuracy, all at a good price, this crossbow is worth investing your money in and taking on your next hunting trip or to target practice.

Pros and Cons of Recurve Crossbows 

A recurve crossbow can make your hunting more fun and challenging. It has been adapted by modern manufacturers to better fit the requirements of a modern hunter and to ensure an excellent hunting experience.


A recurve crossbow has the following advantages:


A recurve crossbow is highly reliable and more dependable as it has less moving parts. In hunting, accuracy is crucial, and you need a crossbow that is able to hit the target shot after shot.

Straightforward Decocking

Recurve crossbows have a simple decocking mechanism, which means that you do not need to fire an arrow into the target in order to end the hunt. You can simply extract the arrow and reset the bow.

Easy to Maintain

A recurve crossbow is not only easier to maintain but also cheaper due to its less moving parts. You do not require the services of an expert to service the recurve when you need to replace a string. It can be easily done by using the de-stringing aid that comes with your crossbow.


Despite their big size, recurve crossbows are lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around. The weight of a crossbow is an important consideration if you will be hunting on foot.


Recurve crossbows have the following disadvantages:

Big Draw Length

Although recurve crossbows are lighter, they are bigger in size, which might make it difficult to climb a tree with them, sit on a branch, and fire shots. Moreover, they apply more strain to the bowstring; therefore, you will need to replace the strings more often if you use less durable ones.      

Recurve vs. Compound Crossbow - What is the Difference?

Wondering what the difference is? Here's how to spot the two apart:

Recurve Crossbow

Recurve crossbows typically have both a longer bow and draw length. This allows for more acceleration for the projectile you use, whether it’s a bolt or a full arrow.

A recurve crossbow also tends to be louder than a compound crossbow because of the length. Because of its longer draw length, this crossbow can offer more power and shot speed, and can also cover longer ranges with its power and projectile acceleration.

Compound Crossbow

Compound crossbows are typically on the shorter side, but this gives an advantage in the reloading speed because of the shorter draw length. This type of crossbow can also be quieter than a recurve crossbow, which can be more advantageous in a hunting situation.

How Do The Limbs on a Recurve Crossbow Differ From the Limbs on a Compound Crossbow?

Crossbows with recurve limbs must have longer limbs and a longer barrel to provide a longer power stroke. This differs from a compound crossbow, which has shorter limbs, which can be advantageous by allowing you to have a faster reloading speed because of the shorter draw length.

Perks of Investing in One of These Top Picks

Below are the main benefits of investing in one of these models:


Many of the recurve crossbow models from our list offer accurate shots. Some of them include a red dot scope that allows you to better aim at your desired target, and they include other features which add to great accuracies, such as a sharp window-glass-break.


Many of these crossbow models have a very quick speed, able to shoot arrows at speeds of around 245 seconds. The feature is great for hunting or target practice and can lead to a stronger impact on the target. Some models also feature rapid trigger speeds, which is ideal for any crossbow owner.


Many of these models are made from durable material that allows them to last for multiple seasons, while also being light enough to use. Many of the designs also have multiple safety features, such as ambidextrous auto safety, palm grips, safety bars, etc. The design doesn’t need to be fancy, simple designs made of durable material provide power and accuracy, which is exactly what you’d want on a hunt or during target practice.


There are many different types of crossbows out there and a variety of them offer great features that would add to the quality of a hunt or practice. Recurve crossbows are known to be longer bows and have a longer draw length, which gives them more power and shot speed, while also covering longer ranges with their power and projectile acceleration.

Many of the models we introduced today come with multiple safety features, which make them perfect for anyone to use. Whether you’re new to using crossbows, or you’re an experienced user, there is a perfect crossbow out there, and we hope you’ve found one on our list reviewed today.

Excalibur Crossbow Null Matrix SMF Grizzly Crossbow

People Also Ask

Crossbows are great hunting weapons, and with time many modifications have been made to this classic weapon to ensure that it suits modern requirements. Answer to the following questions will not only help you find the right product but will also make it easy to take good care of your investment:

How to Store a Recurve Crossbow?

It is vital to store your recurve crossbow properly in order to protect it from dust, pollutants, mildew, grime, and moisture. This will help to maintain its shooting capabilities for longer.

Firstly, remove the strings from the crossbow before storing it for an extended period of time. Make sure to lube all the parts, particularly the trigger and the area surrounding it. If you do not have a storage case or bag, be sure to cover the scope with a sock. This will help to protect it from scratches that can be caused by dust.

Use a sturdy hook to hang your crossbow from the foot stirrup. If you are going to store your recurve crossbow for a few months, it is best to invest in a storage case or bag to protect it from dust and mildew.

How to Quiet a Recurve Crossbow?

There are some things that you can do to make your recurve crossbow quiet. The most effective way to ensure that crossbow makes as little noise as possible is to tighten all the fasteners. Loose parts create a vibration, which can cause noise. You can also add limb dampeners, string silencers, and other anti-vibration attachments to make your recurve crossbow quieter.   

How Accurate is a Recurve Crossbow?

Recurve crossbows are highly accurate. With this type of bow, you can put the bolt exactly where the sight points shot after shot. These bows have an effective and simple design and less moving parts. The cams on this bow do not get out of tune as the tension from the string pulls naturally on the limbs with a balanced force.  

How Fast Can a Recurve Crossbow Shoot?

A recurve crossbow can shoot 290 – 330 FPS. It requires a considerable amount of kinetic energy that is provided by the archer. This type of bow trains your endurance, strengthens your muscles to bear more arrow shots, thus making every shot customizable.

How to Measure Recurve Crossbow Limb While Strung?

There are two ways in which you can measure your recurve crossbow limb while strung. You can either use the AMO length or manually measure the limb. AMO refers to the standardized length of the bow, which will be printed on your crossbow. The correct length of a recurve crossbow limb will be four inches less than the AMO.

On the other hand, if you want to measure this length manually, you should measure from string groove to string groove along the curve of the limb.  

Crossbows 101 With Dan Ellyson of A1 Archery

Choosing a crossbow can be intimidating for the first time buyer. Dan Ellyson of A1 Archery has been selling crossbows in his shop for over ten years. Just like a vertical bow, Dan says there is a wide variety of choices and features with crossbows. Speed is always a factor crossbow buyers are interested in. Draw weight is important in determining speed. Dan says faster crossbows are usually around 185 to 200 pounds of draw weight and fire bolts at well over 300 feet per second. Slower crossbows usually have a draw weight of 120 to 150 pounds.

The simplest designed crossbow is the recurve style crossbow. Excalibur Crossbows are well known for this recurve style. There are no cams or pulleys used. It’s basically a traditional bow turned on it’s side with a firing mechanism. The simple design prevents a lot of the common issues found with archery equipment. Recurve style crossbows are also easier to pull back. The major drawback is the size of the bow.

Crossbows are often used by older hunters or hunters with disabilities. They are great tools for keeping hunters in the woods when health setbacks may have eliminated their opportunities to hunt. Crossbows are also great for getting young people started. The Parker Cyclone is adjustable so young and old can enjoy it’s features. Dan’s six year old daughter dropped a Nebraska turkey with a Cyclone this spring.

Parker has recently released a breakthrough crossbow. The Parker Concorde with Quick Draw System has an exclusive pneumatic cocking system. To cock the bow you simply push a button. At the end of the hunt, the same button can be used to let down the bow. The bow can be cocked in less than three seconds. The main drawback to the Parker Concorde is it’s weight. It weighs around 12 pounds so it’s a bit heavy to be used for stalking. The Concorde’s weight does absorb much of the sound. Dan says this bow is one of the quietest on the market.

When looking at crossbows, take a look at how heavy the crossbow is, the speed of the bow, how it is cocked, and if the company stands behind it’s product. Dan says crossbows have more violent reactions when fired compared to compound bows. This makes part failures more likely. The probability of part failures makes investing in a quality crossbow made by a reputable company vital. 

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