Best Crossbow Scopes of 2021 – Top Picks Reviewed

| Last Updated June 3, 2021

Crossbow hunting has become an increasingly popular hobby for many people in recent years. But to bring out your maximum potential and be a successful shooter, it is essential that you own proper gear.

A good bow and bow runner are the most important, of course. However, it is of equal importance to find an exceptional crossbow scope in this type of hunting quest. This small piece of equipment can either make or break your efforts. Therefore, it is necessary to find a high-quality one.

Not sure where to start? Here’s all you need to know!

Comparison of the Best Crossbow Scopes

  • Fully-coated 3x32 optics and 8.5 inches long
  • 5 level intensity Illuminated dots makes it the runner up
  • Non-illuminated red and green dots with crosshairs for 20, 30 and 40 yards.
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  • Premium resettable and zero lockable turrets
  • Has SSS and robust true strength as well as tough recoil resistance
  • Ultra-high precision broadband lens coating makes it one of the best for the money
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  • Best for low light conditions
  • Multi-coated lens with red and green rheostat illumination
  • Speed adjustment of 275 to 410 fps and 20-yard adjustment
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  • Strong aluminum housing, waterproof and fog proof
  • Best red dot crossbow scope that comes with extra-long lithium battery
  • Easy digital controls to adjust 2 MOA red dot sight with 6 brightness levels
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  • Multi-colored 1” optics and dual color illuminated circles.
  • Best from Hawke characterized by the matte body and 1.5-5x32 zoom.
  • Has a scope speed selector and a precision reticle at an exact 10 yard
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  • 5 point program with multi-reticle crosshair
  • Best from Barnett that offers 4 x 32 magnification
  • Water-resistant and shock-proof and comes with 0.875 dovetail mounting rings
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  • Instant zero-reset turrets
  • Aircraft grade Aluminum main tube
  • Best from Nikon with hand-turn 1 MOA adjustment
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Is a Scope a Must on a Crossbow?

There are multiple benefits of using a scope while shooting. Although using one is usually not allowed in tournaments, using them for practice can result in plenty of improvement in your shooting. Some of these benefits include:


Accuracy is an extremely important aspect when it comes to hunting. You need to be as accurate and precise as possible, particularly when shooting live animals to avoid unnecessary pain to the animal. Using a good scope will help you keep your target in sight better and in turn, improve your accuracy.

Shooting Range

It is also great for increasing your shooting range and for hitting a target you might have missed previously. Not only in terms of distance but also in elevation, a good crossbow scope will help you overshoot or fall short of the target less often.

How to Choose a Crossbow Scope

When choosing a crossbow scope, it is important to be mindful of the following qualities. These qualities can have a direct impact on the shooters, i.e., clarity and precision. These features are as follows:

Magnification and Optics

A crossbow scope needs to be powerful enough to enable you to see clear images at a distance. A scope’s magnification is the foremost classification that users inquire about. The higher the magnification, the further you will be able to zoom in. The aperture of the lens is also an important factor as it helps decide how much light enters the shooter’s eye through the scope. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy a wider lens.


Although there are various sizes available, it is good to find yourself one that is small and lightweight. This makes it not only easier to carry with the rest of the gear, but also it weighs less, which prevents it from throwing off the balance of the crossbow. Therefore, a compact crossbow scope is a great thing to have by your side.


We all want to invest in things that will last a long time. Similarly, a crossbow scope should also be able to take a lot of abuse but still function well. It should be able to endure wear and tear when on the field while its casing will protect it from occasional drops and bangs. Not only this, but it should also be waterproof and fog-proof, as well as dust-proof to allow you to be outdoors in any weather.

On the other hand, buying a flimsy one will not only mess with your aim but will also require you to put in money again to buy another one.

Ease of Use

Crossbow scopes should make all kinds of adjustments a breeze and allow you to focus more on the target. A good crossbow scope should also be easy to mount as well as to calibrate.

Most good-quality products are equipped with a dial to allow you to calibrate for elevation and speed.

What Magnification of Scope Do I Need For a Crossbow?

It is essential to have the right combination of tools before you go hunting. Using crossbows might sound a bit obsolete; however, modern crossbows offer a lot of different adjustments and enhancements. This includes the ability to install a scope on your crossbow.

A scope is a great attachment to your crossbow. It not only increases your accuracy but also improves your vision significantly. Now, you can have a better look at your prey before you shoot it down. But what magnification of scope would you require?

Well, a 4x scope would do in most cases. It would allow you to shoot a boar or a deer quite comfortably at 50 yards or so. However, for long-range, a higher scope magnification would be ideal.

Can You Really Find a Quality Crossbow Scope That’s Affordable?

Finding a quality crossbow can be a difficult task, especially when you have a sea of products to choose from. But there’s good news. It brings in a lot of competition among manufacturers.

As a result, you might get a quality product at an affordable price without compromising on qualities of the product. Nowadays, you can find a lot of crossbows available on the market labeled as cheap.

Well, don’t get fooled by that tag as most of them offer great quality despite their low price. A higher price doesn’t always mean high quality. Therefore, a cheap crossbow might work like a charm for you.

Review of the Best Crossbow Scopes

Making sure that you stay in budget while also getting a high-quality scope is essential. To help you with this, listed below are the top picks. By the end of this, your search for a crossbow scope would definitely be narrowed down.

Best Overall:
Ten Point Crossbow Scope


  • Durable, fully-coated scope with 3x32 Optics
  • Illuminated dots are also present with each having an intensity of 5
  • Small, about 8.5 inches that make it portable and convenient
  • Non-illuminated dots can be turned red or green according to user preference


  • Mounting rings seem cheap to the touch
  • Cannot be zoomed in and the speed setting itself is supposed to be the zoom

This is a fully-coated 3x32 optics scope. It is small, about 8.5 inches long, which allows it to mount on just about any crossbow. Apart from that, the crossbow scope also has non-illuminated, rheostat-controlled dots that can be turned on in either red or green.

For darker surroundings, it is also equipped with illuminated dots with five intensities of light for each. It also carries 7/8” mounting rings. Crosshairs for 20, 30, and 40 yards are also included along with a 50-yard dot that is free-standing, just under the 40-yard dot.

Bottom Line

This is a multi-feature crossbow scope you can count on for all your hunting quests. It will help you improve your aim and allow you to target better. Plus, it provides a commendable amount of convenience, making it our second-best pick.

Best for the Money:
UTG 4X32 1" Crossbow Scope


  • Has quite tough recoil resistance
  • Features a superior precision broadband lens coating for a bright and wide view
  • Carries premium zero lockable and resettable target turrets to adjust elevation and windage
  • Robust true strength system and smart spherical structures improve accuracy and precision


  • Tends to not fit perfectly on the crossbow
  • Does not have a low illumination setting and can only be set from bright to very bright

The UTG scope is another high-quality unit that features an ultra-high precision broadband lens coating. This feature allows an extremely bright image and abundant field of view. Moreover, it also has premium resettable, zero lockable target turrets that allow windage and elevation adjustment.

This product is built on a robust true strength platform along with Smart Spherical Structures (SSS) that provide the best accuracy and precision. It also has one of the toughest recoil resistances which, in turn, promises more stability.

Bottom Line

This UTG crossbow scope is a high-quality item that will serve its purpose at its maximum and allow you to have an incredible experience. Given its numerous features and the results it promises, it is safe to say this is the best for the money.

Best For Low Light Conditions:
Excalibur Tact-Zone Illuminated Scope

Excalibur Tact-Zone Illuminated Scope, 2.5-6x32mm


  • Speed adjustments from 275 fps to 410 fps is also available
  • Strong, durable item that is compact and easy to use
  • Multi-coated lens improves clarity and allows better targeting
  • Sighting of the target is improved with a half-inch, 20-yard adjustment
  • Has a red and green rheostat-controlled illumination to brighten up poorly lit spaces


  • Slightly heavier and larger than other options, making it difficult to carry

This is a Tact-Zone scope that is a perfect match for all crossbows. This product, while being compact, is full of innovative features. It has a 30 mm tube, a red and green rheostat-controlled illumination, and an updated reticle design.

It also has a multi-coated lens that provides exceptional clarity to the user. These also allow speed adjustment between 275 fps to 410 fps. It also has a half-inch click adjustments at 20 yards for improved and easy sighting.

However, what makes it the best is the fact that the green and red rheostat-controlled illumination lights up poorly lit space. So, you can use this to shoot accurately when you decide to hunt in early mornings or in dark areas.

Bottom Line

Although a little heavy and on the bigger side, the Tact-Zone Crossbow Scope is worth the struggle for its amazing, illuminating power. When going on your next hunting trip early in the morning, make sure to take this scope along!

Best Red Dot Crossbow Scope:
AT3 LEOS Red Dot Sight with Integrated Red or Green Laser Sight

AT3 LEOS Red Dot Sight with Integrated Laser & Riser - 2 MOA Red Dot Scope with Flip Up Lens Caps


  • Durable with strong aluminum housing
  • Has an extra-long battery that goes for a maximum of 50K hours
  • 6 brightness settings, as well as a red laser for improved targeting
  • Can be used anywhere in any kind of weather conditions due to being waterproof and fog-proof
  • Digital controls, tool-free elevation, windage settings, and spring-deployed flip-up lens make it a user-friendly item


  • Setting dials are difficult to work with
  • Red dot and laser tend to turn off after each shot and need to be turned on again each time

This is a great, durable product that has a strong aluminum housing with a sharp matte-black finish. It is an extremely reliable scope that has an extra-long battery life for up to 50K hours when used on the least bright settings and 40 hours, when on the brightest. It is also waterproof and fog-proof.

It also improves accuracy with its six brightness settings while the red laser allows rapid targeting, compelling us to term this the best red dot crossbow scope. It is also easy to use with its digital controls, spring-deployed flip-up lens, tool-free elevation, and windage adjustment, etc.

Bottom Line

This is a fairly good product that offers multiple helpful features. However, it has a few setbacks that may make one reconsider their choices. Despite that, its ability to allow rapid targeting makes it a great product to invest in.

Best From Hawke: 
Hawke Crossbow 1.5-5X32 IR SR Scope with Illuminated Circles


  • Red and green illuminated circle for better targeting
  • Speed selector allows it to match any bow
  • Precision reticles to improve aim at close 10-yard intervals
  • 1” wide, multi-colored optic to allow maximum light transmission


  • Illumination is too light and needs to have a brighter setting for darker spaces
  • Speed setting and magnification are dependent. If you choose a specific speed setting, you have to work with the magnification that comes with it

The Hawke Crossbow is another scope that delivers good performance, satisfies its users. It has a classic matte black body with a 1.5-5x32 zoom. It is a high-quality, crossbow specific scope that also carries a speed selector. This enables this scope to mount and match with any crossbow within the speed range of 275 fps to 425 fps.

Moreover, the one-inch optic is multi-coated to allow superior level light transmission and enable the shooter to see clearly. It also has illuminated circles that are available in dual colors, i.e., red and green. TIt is also equipped with a precision reticle that helps improve aim at an exact ten-yard intervals from 20-100 yards.

Bottom Line

This will make a good addition to your bow and is the best unit from Hawke we’ve seen so far. However, if the manufacturer improves their illumination settings, this would be the top crossbow scope in the market.

Best From Barnett: 
Barnett 17060 Crossbow Scope with Rings

Barnett Cross Scope w/Rings 4X32mm Multi-Ret 17060


  • Compatible with all kinds of bows
  • High-level magnification of about 4x32
  • Waterproof and shockproof, enabling it to work in any conditions
  • 5-point program along with a multi-reticle crosshair for quick targeting


  • Cannot be relied upon in darker conditions, as it is not equipped with bright illuminating features

Barnett features a scope with 4x32 magnification that is also compatible with all kinds of bows. This means not only does it allow a high-level zoom but it can mount on any crossbow. It has a five-point program as well as a multi-reticle crosshair to enhance aim and make for rapid target acquisition.

This is also a water-resistant, shock-proof scope that is equipped with 0.875-inch dovetail mounting rings. This allows the crossbow scope to withstand abuse in the field but still work well. Overall, we find this to be the best scope Barnett has put out in the market.

Bottom Line

Although it is not the ideal product for low-light hunting, this Barnett crossbow scope is a great pick for shooters who need rapid yet accurate aiming and targeting. It is also a durable product as it is able to endure drops and harsh weather conditions.

Best From Nikon: 
NIKW9 Prostaff P3 Crossbow 3x32

NIKW9 Prostaff P3 Crossbow 3x32 Matte BDC 60


  • Eye-piece is easy to rotate and ensures eye-relief
  • Spring-loaded, instant-zero turrets make sighting-in easy 
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum is used for the eyepiece, as well as the main tube to ensure strength and durability
  • Has a crisp hand-turn 1-MOA adjustment you can both hear and see due to its loud 'click'


  • Design may not be compatible with all users

Signature Nikon performance is guaranteed with this product and rest assured, you will not regret making this investment. This features a crisp, hand-turn 1-MOA adjustment. Windage and elevation turrets are a clear marker for easy adjustments.

Moreover, it also has spring-loaded, instant zero-reset turrets. They make sighting-in an easier job when making field adjustments. The turrets are also of aluminum, providing long-lasting durability.

The eyepiece body is full metal to allow for easy rotation while ensuring eye-relief when going in for a target. The main tube is made of a lightweight yet durable material to last you a long time.

Bottom Line

This is a high-quality Nikon product that lives up to the brand’s name and reputation. It is easy-to-use and has many qualities that make it one of the best crossbow scopes available.

Best From Truglo: 
TRUGLO Crossbow Scope 4X32 with Rings APG


  • Leaf spring makes for easy windage and elevation adjustment
  • Lens is coated to allow ultra-high brightness, contrast, and clarity
  • Matte, non-reflective surface prevents scratches
  • Generous 4” eyepiece has a rubber eye-guard for eye-relief
  • Special reticle makes range and trajectory finding easy
  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, for high-quality that will last a long time


  • Difficult to sight, even with professional help
  • Lens tends to condensate due to not being nitrogen-filled

Truglo products are definitely loved by users for their exceptional quality and performance. This product is equipped with reticles that aid in range-finding and trajectory compensating. It also has a wide four-inch rubber eye-guard eyepiece which provides eye relief. The lens is fully-coated to maximize brightness, contrast, and clarity for the user.

This product also has a durable leaf spring to allow windage and elevation adjustment under screw down caps. This is a strong, durable product made of aircraft-grade aluminum. It is also scratch-resistant and has a matte, non-reflective finish.

Bottom Line

Truglo ensures to deliver only the best of products to its customers. As is the case with this crossbow scope that is of high-quality and promises exceptional performance.

Best Vortex Crossbow Scope:
Vortex Optics Crossfire II 3-12x56


  • Works perfectly in low-light conditions
  • Lenses are anti-reflective for ideal sight
  • Comes with an adjustable objective for high accuracy
  • Enables quick and easy focusing with a fast-focus eyepiece
  • Waterproof and fog-proof and features aircraft-grade aluminum construction


  • Quite bulky
  • Larger in size thus not very travel-friendly

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the users were surprised by the quality and performance of this scope. They believe that it is a great buy in the given price tag. Not only does it perform brilliantly in low light, but it also provides a crystal-clear vision. Users highly recommend using it in case you are on a tight budget.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are multiple features that impress us about this scope. The best is its ability to perform superbly in low light conditions. The anti-reflective lenses provide a clear view, while the adjustable objective offers high accuracy. The fast-focus eyepiece also provides quick and easy focusing. Most importantly, it is waterproof and fog proof.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a great choice for anyone looking to buy a quality scope at a budget price. Featuring a multitude of enhancements, it is ideal for dim lighting. It offers great quality and is quite sturdy with its aircraft-grade aluminum construction. 

Best Leupold Crossbow Scope:
Leupold FX-II Ultralight 2.5x20mm


  • Features a waterproof and fog-proof build
  • Impact tested and verified for reliable quality
  • Performs quite well even when there is dim lighting
  • Capable of withstanding extreme climatic conditions
  • Lightweight design offers great performance in any condition


  • Doesn’t offer eye relief
  • Might require some expertise to operate

What Recent Buyers Report

A large number of buyers suggest buying this scope. They are quite confident that it is simply the best. With clear sight and rugged performance, it offers high accuracy and consistent act. Users recommend buying this since Leupold offers great quality in their manufactured products.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The lightweight design of this scope is an ideal attachment for hunting purposes. With its satisfying performance in low light, it performs way better than any other traditional scope. It offers great durability as it is impact-tested and verified to operate in extreme climates. Also, it comes with a waterproof and fog-proof design.

Bottom Line

This is another great scope for your hunting needs. With a crystal-clear sight and lightweight design, it makes for a great hunting companion. Whether it is low light or extreme climate, this scope is capable of performing under any condition.

Best Ravin Crossbow Scope:
Ravin R170


  • Offers a wide field of view for clear sight
  • Fog-proof, weatherproof, shockproof, and coil-proof
  • Has variable speed and arrow drop compensation for crossbows
  • Features optic lenses that have etched glass reticles for perfect sight
  • Comes with rheostat-controlled illuminated color dots for high accuracy


  • No warranty available for the product
  • Crosshair illumination knob is inconveniently on the right side

What Recent Buyers Report

An overwhelming response in favor of this product is what we were able to record. The majority of the buyers were quite satisfied with the quality and performance of this product. They believe that it is one of the best scopes available on the market. With a handful of features, it performs way better than conventional scopes.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like this because it is an ideal scope for crossbows. It features variable speed and arrow drop compensation for crossbows. Moreover, a wide field of view provides a clear sight. The illuminated red and green dots are rheostat controlled that offer high accuracy. 

Also, the etched glass reticles ensure you see things clearly. The scope is fog-proof, weatherproof, shockproof, and coil-proof too.

Bottom Line

All in all, this is one of the best scopes available on the market. With a sturdy design and high-quality performance, it clearly steals the show. With a number of enhancements, it provides high accuracy, clear sight, and perfect shot for the bearer.

Best Ten Point Crossbow Scope:
TenPoint HCA-09811 RangeMaster Pro


  • Comes with several mounting rings
  • Requires no adjustments for distance calibration
  • Great for shooting in low-light conditions
  • Illuminated colored dots are rheostat-controlled for accuracy
  • Also has variable speed and arrow drop compensation for crossbows


  • Not very reliable

What Recent Buyers Report

This is another amazing scope that is available for consumer use. Available at an affordable price, this lens delivers all. Users reported flawless operation of this scope. They believe that it offers much more than the price it demands. They highly recommend it to anyone who would like to purchase an affordable product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What strikes us about this product is the amazing performance and reliable quality. Designed to perfection, it is ideal to use with guns or crossbows. The arrow drop compensation and variable speed settings enable a perfect match for hunting operations. Moreover, it promises great low light performance and comes with various mounting rings.

Bottom Line

In short, it is a great attachment for your crossbow. Offering a great deal of versatility, it is capable of performing in almost any condition. It is also quite affordable, which makes it an eye-catching product for most individuals.

Best Illuminated Crossbow Scope:
Hawke XB 3x32 Crossbow Scope


  • Promises a lifetime warranty worldwide
  • Perfectly designed to operate with crossbows
  • Optics are multi-coated for superb clear vision
  • Made of durable and lightweight aluminum 
  • Comes with 1-inch monotube chassis for crossbow recoil control


  • Doesn’t include mounting rings

What Recent Buyers Report

A high percentage of positive reviews is what we get from the users of this product. Most individuals recommend using this scope. They believe that it is perfectly designed to operate with crossbows. In addition, users think that it performs flawlessly and delivers reliable quality and durability.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What we like about this scope is its overall build quality. It is a perfect unit designed to enhance the capabilities of your crossbow. Delivering a durable and lightweight aluminum construction, it is a must-buy. The optics are multi-coated for clear vision while the 1-inch monotube chassis controls the recoil. In addition, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Bottom Line

You are looking for the best crossbow scope, right? Well, here is one to cater to all your hunting needs and wants. With this scope installed, you won’t miss the target! It’s a superb unit that offers great versatility and a handful of features to enhance user experience.

Best Crossbow Scope with Rangefinder:
ATN X-Sight II HD 5-20


  • Uses HD Technology to provide a clear view
  • Comes with a smart range finder for distance calculation
  • Has a ballistic calculator for long-range and angled shots
  • Allows you to capture HD photos and videos while hunting
  • Features smooth zoom, which provides fine-tune adjustments


  • Doesn’t offer recoil control
  • Video recording drains the battery very fast

What Recent Buyers Report

Users find this to be the perfect scope for expert riflemen or crossbowmen. Built ideally for hunting expeditions, this scope is probably all you need. It features a number of luxurious features that offer great flexibility. Although the users believe that it’s quite expensive, if you can afford it, it’s second to none.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us because it is a truly remarkable scope designed for your hunting needs. It features HD Technology, which provides a clearer view while scoped in. In addition, it has a ballistic calculator for long-range with a smart range finder for distance calculation. 

Moreover, smooth zoom provides fine-tune adjustments to enable high accuracy and precision. Also, it has HD video and photo capturing capability.

Bottom Line

Are you ready to capture all the fun? Well, now you can with this high-end scope designed for your needs. With the HD photo and video recording, you can now capture all the action in real-time! What more can you ask for?

14. Barnett 17056 1.5 - 5x32 Adjustable Illuminated Scope

BARNETT 17056 40 mm/1.5-5 x 32 Adjustable Illuminated Scope, Black


  • Also enables the user to have an exact aim
  • Has red and green reticles to illuminate in low-light conditions
  • Allows easy adjusting according to one’s needs
  • Speed selector allows it to be matched to any crossbow between 300 – 435 fps


  • Not everyone enjoys the design

This is a high-quality, adjustable crossbow scope. It features a speed selector which means it could be matched to any crossbow shooting as long as it is between 300 – 425 fps. This is a great product that also improves your aim at exactly ten-yard intervals anywhere between 20 to 70 yards.

It also features red and green illuminated reticles that enable you to see in even poor lighting conditions.

Bottom Line

This crossbow scope by Barnett is a good investment as it carries multiple helpful features and functions quite well. Given its features, it makes the best unit overall!

Pros and Cons of Adding a Scope to Your Crossbow

A lot of people consider using rifles for modern hunting. Well, some use crossbows too. However, both of them would need a scope if you ought to enhance your hunting experience. A scope can be handy in a number of different ways. However, it also has some downsides, which we will be discussing shortly.


Here are some of the advantages of using a scope. These benefit you regardless of whether you use a rifle or a crossbow.


Installing a scope greatly improves your accuracy. It allows you to have a better and clearer view of the target. As the scope allows you to magnify the target, it enables you to adjust accordingly.


Various scopes come with various technologies that enhance the view or sight of the bearer. As a result, you can clearly see your prey in low light or extreme climates.

User Experience

Well, a scope definitely enhances your hunting experience. Now, with one installed, you don’t have to worry about escaping prey or missing your target anymore.


The following are some of the downsides of using scopes.


Installing a scope can increase the weight of your rifle or crossbow. That means you have to bear all that weight before you can get a kill.


More attachments mean more space. The more attachments you add, the more space you will require to carry or store your hunting gear.

Types of Scopes

Every shooter has different needs out on the hunting field. To serve all these requirements, many different kinds of crossbow scopes have been developed. Examples of the few popular ones include:

Red Dot

These are the simplest kind of crossbow scopes. They do not have additional features such as magnification, calibrated reticles, etc. All they have is a clear red dot that directs the shooter where their arrow is destined to move and are hence, known as a red dot scope.


Magnification on a crossbow scope enables the shooter to see better and further. However, it provides no help in shooting better. Although it may seem like the higher the magnification, the better the aim, this is not the case. A 4x32 magnification is usually considered good by experienced shooters.


These kinds of crossbow scopes are heavily calibrated, particularly with reticles. Using such scopes requires ample practice to get oneself familiar with every crosshair. Calibrated reticle designs enhance the shooting experience as they are capable of predicting the path that would be followed by the arrow. Calibrated scopes also have multiple pins for sighting. Each pin has a specific distance and you need to use them accordingly.


Not only are you now aware of all the features of a top crossbow scope but you also know about each of their advantages and disadvantages. This information should make reaching a decision of which one to buy much easier. You have high-quality, durable options, as well as pocket-friendly ones. You can also either go for the top brands such as Nikon and Truglo. Or you can use the buying guide to help you buy a crossbow scope suitable for your use according to your level of skill.

People Also Ask

Since buying a crossbow scope involves a lot of thought, particularly since it has a big impact on the accuracy, people usually have several questions. The following are the answers to what people usually ask:

What Are the Different Lines in a Crossbow Scope Mean? 

You can often see different lines in a crossbow scope while aiming. The closer you shoot to this speed, the closer the lines are on the scope. These lines thus represent dead-on distances of 20, 30, or maybe 50 yards. Hence, you will be shooting the target you set according to your desire.

How High Should a Crossbow Scope Be? 

The height of the crossbow scope should be adjusted adequately for the ideal user experience. The ideal height for a crossbow scope is the distance, which enables the ocular lens in a comfortable position. That being said, it should be comfortable enough to bring the crossbow scope to one’s eye for aiming.

How Often Do You Have to Adjust Crossbow Scope? 

Different scopes feature different types of enhancements. Some features allow more light into the lens for dim lighting while others offer range finders to help you identify the approximate range of your target. It usually depends on your personal preferences, whether you want to adjust the scope accordingly or get into a better position.

How to Shim a Crossbow Scope?

The first thing you need to do is remove the bolt for safety. Remove the rings and take your scope off. Now cut some shims from a can and carefully place them under the adjustment screws. Once done, tighten the screws carefully and make sure the scope is leveled using a leveling tool.

What Do the Lines Mean on my Crossbow Scope?

While aiming through your scope, you can see some horizontal and vertical lines that indicate the scope-zeroing adjustment. These lines help you to achieve your target by adjusting the scope according to the distance from the target. As a result, you are able to achieve a precise shot.

What is the Greatest Range of a Crossbow Scope?

The maximum range of a crossbow scope refers to the maximum distance at which it tends to stay effective. For most regular scopes, this range is 40 yards. An experienced, skillful shooter might even extend it to a 50-yard distance. However, normally, you have control up to 40-50 yards after which there might be reduced accuracy.

How Do You Sight in a Crossbow?

Sighting a crossbow requires ample practice and effort before getting the hang of it. This is a multiple step process, beginning from a properly installed scope.

  1. Find a leveled platform from where you will shoot. This is important to achieve the desired result. Such a platform can either be a fallen tree or a knocked off boulders. You may even use a tripod or bipod for this purpose.

  2. Make sure you can see a clear image through the scope. This is done by ensuring your eye is not touching the scope to avoid any incidents of the scope recoiling and hitting you right in the face.

  3. Next, you need to align the crosshairs correctly. Failure to do so, which means aligning your reticle for appropriate windage and elevation can result in your arrow going off to a side with you missing your shot.

  4. You also need to set your MOA. MOA refers to the minute of angles and it is usually calculated to sight the scope when used over long distances.

  5. Lastly, have plenty of practice sessions. Take shots at set targets, places where you believe your intended target will be when you’re out on an actual hunting quest. Notice what works well for you and what doesn’t and make changes to improve them.

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