Best Headlamps For Hunting [2021 Buyer’s Guide]

| Last Updated November 24, 2021

Hunting at night is not as difficult as some people may think. It generally depends a lot on the gear you have, which is what makes all the difference.

A trusty headlamp might be one of the most versatile pieces of equipment out there is to own.

These tools are useful in daylight hours and sometimes they can help you see at dark more efficiently than during daytime and in the extreme situation, can even save your life.

Comparison of the Best Headlamps For Hunting

  • Design Can Protect From Cold Temperatures
  • Great for Walking at Night Time or Dark Hours
  • The Battery Can Last for Really Long Amounts of Time
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  • The Brightest Product on the List
  • It Comes With a Charger and Batteries
  • Can Be Used During Rain as it’s Water-Resistant
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  • Comfortable and Adjustable Head Straps
  • Batteries Are Easy to Replace and Last a Long Time
  • Has a Customizable Beam that Can Adapt to Many Situations
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  • Hunting Focused Instead of Utility-Driven
  • It has a Broad and Versatile Selection of Color Modules
  • It Includes a Significant Amount of Range for Easy Spotting of Targets
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  • Best for the Money
  • Has 7 different light modes to suit different environments
  • Able to spot a distance of 328 feet for 2.25 hours
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  • Best Deer Hunting Headlamp
  • Made with durable and heavy-duty polymer
  • 1 Bright LED and 4 colored LEDs
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  • Best Predator Hunting Headlamp
  • Aluminum head anodized for durability
  • High beam, medium beam and low beam options
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Are All Headlamps The Same?

Not every model is suited for hunting and even some models designed for it may not have all the features that you need. While the most relevant aspect of a headlamp is how bright it is, this trait can also depend on certain conditions, like the environment and the type of game you're searching.  

Choices with large light outputs are ideal for moving around outdoors because they let you see better but may not be the best option to spot animals in the distance, as they can be scared away by the intense brightness.

Multiple colored lights are used to cast a broad beam over a field which can let you spot different figures, including eye reflections. This is often more efficient than hoping for the best while pointing your everyday flashlight at something as certain animals tend to be colorblind.

It’s generally suggested to carry two sources of light, one for utility purposes like moving around and another one for the actual hunting purposes which can work better on a field or a stand.

How to Choose a Headlamp for Hunting 

There are certain aspects of a product that you should keep in mind before deciding on which model to acquire, as they may be more suitable for a specific activity. In general, these are some of the features and specifications you want to be looking for:

Light Output

At the end of the day, it is essential for the lamp to be bright. This trait depends on what advertisers call luminous flux or lumens. The higher this trait is, the broader the beam is.

Beam Distance 

This is, in essence, the range the device can reach. Different factors like output and even the climate play a role in what you see. Generally speaking, the brighter the model, the more distance it can cover.


Being in an outdoor situation and especially hunting, puts your equipment to the test. Good quality products always stand out from low-quality ones in terms of how much they can take. Weather and temperature can completely render a device useless. Your choices should reflect on the type of environment you’ll be in.


Just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it is good or vice-versa. With the right amount of knowledge, you can decide on gear that can make you more efficient. If the idea is to hunt game, then there’s no need to take a shot at your pocket.

Key Terms to Know

To help compare products in this review, we have included a few key specifications for each. Here is a quick summary of what they mean.

  • Light Output: The brightness of the light produced by the headlamp.

  • Beam Distance: How far the light can illuminate from its starting point. 

  • Light Color(s): The color of the light(s) the headlamp can produce.

  • Battery Type: The type of the battery required to power the headlamp. 

  • Waterproof? Whether the headlamp is waterproof or resistant.

  • Weight: The actual weight of the headlamp (may or may not include battery weight).

  • Lighting Modes: The modes of light operation. Can include, constant, flashing, strobe, high, medium, low, etc. 

Review of the Best Hunting Headlamps

Not all products are the same, and some offer different features here's a list with the most outstanding headlamps and their features.

Best Overall:

Panther Vision CUBWB-4539 Hand Free 4 LED Headlamp Beanie Cap, ( RealTree Xtra Camo)


  • Excellent Battery Lifespan
  • Great to Traverse the Land
  • Comfortable for Cold Climates
  • Batteries Included and are Replaceable


  • Maybe Uncomfortable to Wear for Long Periods

While the essential feature of the headlamp is how it illuminates the areas surrounding you, the utility it brings to the table is also important. This feature is where the product shines, as it can also protect you from cold weather and the rain. It comes with four different LED beams, each with 48 lumens. It’s designed to illuminate the immediate ground in front of you, so you don’t lose your footing, making it great to traverse the land.

It comes with batteries included, and although they aren't rechargeable, they have an impressive average of 68 hours of life, so you don’t have to concern yourself on how soon it will run out of energy.

The beanie has a switch inside of it, but unfortunately, the energy cell pack can be somewhat uncomfortable to wear for extended periods. The light beam range has an average distance of 72 feet. The product can be hand washed but never put it inside a machine as it can damage both the LED and the circuit.

Bottom Line

If the weather is a concern, then this is an excellent headlamp as it lights up a considerable amount of distance while keeping your head warm. Its battery lasts for an incredible amount of time making it a reliable product.

Brightest Headlamp for Hunting:
Cobiz Headlight

Headlamp,Cobiz Brightest High 6000 Lumen LED Work Headlight,18650 USB Rechargeable IPX4 Waterproof Flashlight with Zoomable Light,Head Lights for Camping, Hiking, Outdoors,Best Gifts (Charcoal)


  • Various Modes
  • Can Be Rotated
  • Light Indicators
  • Zoomable Beam
  • Great Illumination
  • Weather-Resistant
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Good Customer Service


  • Can Be Uncomfortable to Wear

This portable sun has three LED beams and an incredible total of 6000 lumens which mostly outclasses, not only a significant number of headlamps, but also flashlights on the market. Aside from its incredible luminous flux, this product has an IPX4 water resistance rating, meaning it can withstand rain and comes with a waterproof switch. The light can be rotated 90 degrees, so it accommodates better to your needs.

With four various modes, low, medium, high, and strobe, this device can be fitted for many activities while keeping your hands free. It is critical not to replace the batteries with other types and always to use a 5W/1A charging adapter, as it can occasionally short-circuit. In terms of battery life, it can last for about seven to eight hours depending on usage. The energy levels can be measured by an indicator that lights up in different colors.

The beam is zoomable to reach longer distances or can be adjusted to cover more ground. The model can be uncomfortable to wear at times as the battery pack is big. The whole kit, aside from the headlamp, includes a charging USB cable, a user manual, and a portable case.

Bottom Line

This is a sturdy product in terms of its illumination, meaning that it’s by no means subtle if used for hunting but can offer you great utility and vision. You won’t have difficulty seeing whatever you point this light at. Its many functions and features are also a welcome addition to an already excellent product.

Best Pioneer Headlamp:
Genesis Pioneer 16 LED Headlight

Genesis Pioneer 16 LED Headlight


  • Easy to Power Up
  • Great Battery Life
  • Weather-Resistant
  • Adjustable Head Strap


  • Not as Bright as Other Options

The Genesis Pioneer 16 LED Headlight comes with adjustable headbands to fit you better, making it one of the most comfortable products on the list. It’s fitted with a 16 LED light that has a luminous flux of 30. While it is not as bright as other options on the list, it does comes with a set of different features that make up for it in term of utility.

It uses three AAA cells and has an average life of ten hours so batteries should be easy to find and replace. In this case, it is recommended to always carry some spare cells with you to avoid running out. The beam can be adjusted to fit different angles depending on what you’re doing.

Bottom Line

This is an excellent alternative if you're looking for a more utility-driven product as it is comfortable to wear and can do the functions any flashlight can with the added benefit that your hands can be free.

Best Green LED Headlamp:

PETZL Tactikka+ RGB 350 Lumens Camo


  • Zoomable Beam
  • Lightweight Model
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Adjustable Elastic Band
  • Adjustable Brightness Level
  • Multiple LED Color Modules


  • It Lacks Utility Features

If you’re looking for a product specifically designed for spotting instead of versatility, then you should consider this headlamp, as it has one of the best ranges on a  hands-free multi-colored choice. The model includes four different LED modules.

This trait is an essential aspect for hunting as various animals generally don’t perceive or see the same as we do; they’re often colorblind to certain colors. With this option, you can be covered to tackle each specific task you may be planning on undertaking.

The beam can be focused or narrowed to flood areas of different sizes with ease as it has a total of 250 luminous flux. This choice offers the right quantity of utility with its adjustable brightness level.

The complete set includes rechargeable batteries, which can last for a considerable amount of time. It’s an all-around, lightweight, straightforward choice that can be purchased in three different styles, one of them being a camouflaged alternative.

The model's green light offers the utility that is lacking in other alternatives, and it can illuminate a considerable amount of space with the bonus of being a hands-free product. On the darkest day or on the blackest night, no target shall escape your sight.

Bottom Line

Unlike some devices, this headlamp offers a more hunting-centered experience. The multi-colored LEDs give it the versatility some other choices may not have, even though it falls short when it comes to its other traits.

Best for the Money:
EverBrite Headlamp

EverBrite Headlamp - 300 Lumens Headlight with Red/Green Light and Tail Light, 7 Lighting Modes, Perfect for Trail Running, Camping, Hiking and More, Adjustable Headband, 3 AAA Batteries Included


  • Has a lightweight design
  • Perfect to use in any situation
  • Features 300 lumens of power
  • Comes with seven lighting modes
  • Comfortable to wear for a longer period


  • Need high-performing battery

What Recent Buyers Report

According to buyers, lightweight, easy to use, comfortable to wear, and offers three light options: white, green, and red. It will surprise you with its extraordinary performance. The light coming out of this headlamp is very bright as compared to other headlamps. Most of the buyers are happy with its performance and say that its battery lasts for around two to three hours.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It is a multi-beam headlamp, which comes in seven different lighting modes. It has a range of 328 ft. long-distance illumination. Most importantly, this headlamp is IPx4 water resistance. Triple-A batteries would work perfectly with this headlamp. All of these remarkable features make Everbite headlamp stand out to us.

Bottom Line

Comes with a safety whistle, is compact and ultralight, and easily adjustable – this is a must-have in your hunting gear. This headlamp can lead the way in absolute darkness on your hunting mission. It can also be used on other occasions, such as camping, hiking, etc.

Best Deer Hunting Headlamp:
Browning Nitro Headlamp

Browning Nitro Headlamp Mossy Oak Break Up


  • Will last a long time
  • Extraordinary battery life
  • Features heavy-duty polymer
  • Made from exceptional material
  • Designed with four 5mm colored LEDs


  • Not for those on a strict budget

What Recent Buyers Report

Users appreciate the high quality of its elastic headband. Its elastic is thicker than the rest, making it more reliable. Whether you toss your hunting bag here or there or treat it extremely harshly, it will cause no damage to this headlamp.

If you need light from this headlamp to work on something up close, then you have to turn its setting to dim; otherwise, its normal light would be too bright for the night.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The reason it comes with four different light settings makes it stand out to us. First, its primary white LED light has two settings, which are normally bright and brighter than normal. The white light that comes off of this headlamp is pure white with no hint of blue or red color.

Bottom Line

For hunting deers at night, this is a perfect headlamp. The range of light on this one is applauding. It gives the hunter full control over the intensity of its sharp white light. No matter how ruggedly you treat this one, it is designed to stay with you for several years.

Best Predator Hunting Headlamp:
Kohree CREE 80000

Kohree CREE 80000 LUX LED Coyote Hog Coon Hunting Light, Rechargeable Predator Hunting, 3 LED Cap Light, 5 Position Switch, Multiple Colors (White Red Green) + Soft Cap


  • 275 yards long range
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • Designed with robust aluminum head
  • Includes both home charger and wall charger


  • Only available in one color

What Recent Buyers Report

Almost every hunter who got their hands on this one is very happy with its performance. Buyers have reported that its light is great and of excellent range, and its battery lasts for a long time. This headlamp has a great spread; for instance, if a deer is running, you would be able to spot it in no time.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are many reasons why this headlamp is mentioned here. One of them is that it comes with a two-year warranty on the charger. The trick is not to replace the charger's battery or cable with anything of your liking, and you will get a steady deal. Plus, its charger comes with an LED light that notifies you when it is charged and prevents it from overcharging.

Bottom Line

This high-performance predator hunting light is equipped with a five-position band rotary switch and is rainproof. So don’t cancel your hunting plans just because it is raining and dark. With this outstanding headlamp, hunting has become much easier and more fun.

Best Red LED Headlamp:
Luxolite Led Head Lamp

Led Head Lamp – Headlamps Camping Headlamp – 6 Lighting Modes White and Red, 168 Lumens CREE LEDs, Adjustable Headband, IPX6 Waterproof Forehead Flashlight. For Running Hiking Walking. With Batteries.


  • Adjustable Beam
  • Weather-Resistant
  • Two Color Modules


  • Batteries Don’t Last Too Long

Aside from how bright a beam may be, a good headlamp is composed of the different features it offers you. This Luxolite product doesn’t fall behind, as it has six different modes and an integrated red light for specific hunting situations.

It has a luminous flux of 168, and the manufacturer claims that it can illuminate up to a range of 300 feet, more than a football field. It has separate buttons for each module so that you can be more stealthy.

As expected, the headband is customizable to achieve a more comfortable fit on your head. The most iconic feature in this model is its six different modes, four in the white module and two in the red.

In terms of brightness, this model has a water-resistance rating of IPX6, so it can be submerged in water for a small amount of time. Therefore, no worries if it happens to fall on a body of water. It uses AAA batteries, but they don’t last as long as in other models.

Bottom Line

Resistance to the elements is essential during any outdoor activity as well as the utility this headlamp can give you. Its two light modules to give you versatility, provided you bring a few spare AAA batteries should you run out of energy.

Best LED Headlamp:
DanForce Rechargeable Headlight

DanForce Headlamp. USB Rechargeable LED Head Lamp. Ultra Bright CREE 1080 Lumen Head Flashlight + Red Light. HeadLamps for Adults, Camping, Outdoors & Hard Hat Work. Zoomable IPX45 Headlight


  • Various Modes
  • Water-Resistant
  • 7-Year Warranty
  • Zoomable Beam
  • Sweat-Resistant Band
  • Various Light Modules
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Compelling Amount of Lumens
  • Can Withstand Different Weather


  • Not as Durable as Other Products

If it's about features, then this is one of those products that has it all. This product includes three LED bulbs with a total of 1080 luminous flux that can help you move around with ease.

It’s better suited for outdoor activities given its strong weather resistance. The lamp is not only rainproof, with a water-resistance level of IPX4 but can also withstand hot weather, making it an ideal choice for many types of environment.

Depending on your objective in a nocturnal situation, it’s advised to carry two separate sources of light, one for utility and another properly colored flood lamp, because bright lights can scare animals away. This model includes both red and white LED modules. You can carry less gear and still get the benefits of two pieces of equipment in one. This choice has four modes on the white option and two on the red version. The original beam of light can be narrowed or focused to fit different types of scenarios.

In regards to the battery life, it can last for around eight hours on medium mode, but this depends a lot on the frequency of use. Even if you run out, the complete package comes with rechargeable batteries. It also includes an anti-sweat headband that is adjustable for added comfort.

The beam can be moved to point anywhere on a 90-degree range. Unfortunately, the product’s durability leaves a lot to be desired, and excessive use may result in malfunctions. The good news is that it has an impressive seven-year warranty, so you’re covered either way.

Bottom Line

The broad array of features, plus the high-quality illumination that it incorporates, make this a compelling choice, even if the durability may be put under stress with continued use. The seven-year warranty should keep you covered and with a clear path ahead of you.

Are Headlamps Important While Hunting?

Generally speaking, if you’re hunting, you may be carrying a weapon. Some people may argue that a light accessory is better on your gun, but during night time, it can easily get caught in branches and be impaired by the terrain, hindering your mobility. The most comfortable way to carry a light output is on your head.

Benefits of Investing in a Great Headlamp For Hunting

Below are some of the top 'pros' behind these models:


Night hunting is a challenge in itself, but the right device can make the difference between a successful hunt or a waste of time.


Being able to see in the dark is not only a matter of versatility, but survival. The quality of the product you own can help you avoid dangerous situations and help other people locate you should the situation demand it.


If you’re going to be moving or standing for several hours, it is of utmost importance that you feel comfortable while doing it, especially with something you’re wearing on your head.

A good quality headlamp won't interfere much with what you’re doing, and in the best of cases, you won’t even feel it.


Being hands-free is an excellent bonus of owning a headlamp, but it’s the other features you get that make the product a must if you desire comfort and mobility while moving around. They can even be used for any situation outside of hunting where light may be needed.

People Also Ask

If this is the first time you are looking for a headlamp, then you might have questions regarding them. To help make this pick easy for you, we have made a list of frequently asked questions and tried to answer them. Go over these questions and choose the best one.

What is a Headlamp?

A headlamp or sometimes called as the headlight is light in the form of a small bulb or LED attached to an elastic band. It is worn on the head to keep on carrying out outdoor activities at night. If you are planning to go camping, hiking, skiing, or mountain biking, then one should be in your backpack.

How Many Lumens Does a Hunting Headlamp Need?

Usually, hunters go for a headlamp that offers 300 to the 400-lumen. If you want better results, you should be looking for a headlamp that offers adjustable light output. In this way, you can control the light range as per your need and even save some battery power.

What is the Green Light For on a Headlamp?

As compared to red light, the human eye is more adjustable and receptive to green light; that is why more headlamps and flashlights have the green light in them. This setting and design allow the hunter to see further and better into the night. Moreover, it also makes a good contrast for the night, allowing the hunter to see a dark-colored animal more clearly.

Why Do Headlamps Have Red Lights?

The sole purpose of equipping headlamps with a red light is to preserve human vision. The reason behind this is that rods in the eyes are insensitive to red wavelengths. Even when you turn off your headlamp, you will still be able to make something of your surroundings.

Does a Red Light Affect Night Vision?

Yes, red light holds an impact on the human eye at night. When the red light is of low level, you will be more receptive to your surroundings, but if this red light is of high level, then instead of preserving human vision, it can seriously damage your night vision.

What Light Color is Best For Coyote Hunting?

If you have to choose between two lights for coyote hunting, red and green, you should be more inclined towards the red light. As compared to green light, red light is less likely to distract humans from natural light. If you aim to blend easily in your surroundings, then red should be your pick.

How Do You Change a Headlamp Battery?

Changing a headlamp battery is a piece of cake; all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Have a look at the back of your headlamp, and look for a slot to access the battery.
  2. Find something that fits into that slot.
  3. Twist it and pop it open.
  4. Remove dead batteries.
  5. Replace them with new ones.
  6. Put the cover back on.

How Many Amps Does a 6-Volt Headlamp Draw?

A simple formula to find the draw is to divide the total wattage of the bulb by the voltage. Let us take an example. Take a 2 x 75-watt bulb, which would lead to 150 watts. Then divide it by 6V, so the answer comes out to be 25 amps.

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