Best Blind Bags – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated June 2, 2021

Storage space is arguably one of the less exciting aspects of hunting.

Nevertheless, it’s a significant concern as the equipment you take outside has to be organized and protected, especially when hunting waterfowl.

The everyday backpack or duffle bag won’t do since they’re not designed for the kind of circumstances you may find yourself in.

Comparison of the Best Blind Bags

  • Best Drake Blind Bag
  • Fitted with an internal waterproof liner
  • Adjustable straps fitted with HD2 shoulder pad
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  • Best Floating Blind Bag
  • An added clear zipper helps to keep your valuables close
  • All compartments have a waterproof membrane
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What is a Blind Bag?

Bling bags are one of the essential parts of your hunting setup. Like any other outdoor trip that you will make that keeps you away from your comfort zone, blind bags are an integral part of hunting trips. 

These bags are made with a unique design, usually featuring lots of compartments on the outside to accommodate items like guns and bottles for easy and quick accessibility. They also normally have a camouflage print that guarantees safety. 

You can’t carry a normal, casual bag to such harsh environments. There is a lot of exposure to water, twigs, and sharp things that can damage the bag. Therefore, blind bags are particularly designed for such challenging outdoor activities. 

ALPS OutdoorZ Deluxe Floating Blind Bag

What Size of Blind Bag Do I Need?

Generally speaking, the size of the blind bag that you buy mainly depends on what you want to carry with you. The more stuff you have, the bigger the bag needed. However, it is rather foolish to carry a huge bag, so there has to be a size that everyone agrees upon. 

Ideally, the regular size of a blind bag is no more than 12" W x 9" D x 8" H and does not weigh more than 2-2.5 pounds. These dimensions indicate the size of the main pocket and not the outside, extra compartments. So, keep in mind that more the compartments there are, the better. 

Perks of Having a Reliable Blind Bag

A good product not only offers storage space but a set of traits that make you more effective:


Having everything in one place is quite practical but having all your equipment floating around on one big pocket is not. The choice you make should have organizational features that reflect on the gear you have and need, because knowing where everything is can save you a significant amount of stress. The number of compartments is not so relevant if you’re not going to use them all, so at the end of the day you should go for the choice that accommodates you best.

Weather Protection

One of the selling points of blind bags is how they fare against nature and the elements, and it’s essential to have a water-resistant product. Many models are marketed as floatable, which is necessary for waterfowl hunting; remember that just because the model is waterproof doesn’t mean it floats.


Many models and types make moving your tools a less fatiguing activity. While most models offer a shoulder strap style, some come with a backpack style, but it always depends on what you would like to have. Just be sure to get a padded model.

ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Floating Deluxe Blind Bag

How to Choose a Blind Bag

The humidity in waterfowl environments and the muddy terrain demand a product that adapts easily into them. The characteristics of the blind bag you choose need to resemble and match the challenge you’re up against:


Not all duck hunting environments look the same, and that’s the reason why camo is essential. There's no point in having an entire matching outfit if your pack is not going to match.

ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Backpack Blind Bag


Aside from the essentials, hunters tend to pack different equipment, and it all depends on what type of gear you prioritize; nonetheless, the bag you choose needs to have the required compartments to store your essentials in a categorized way, which will grant you more convenient and faster access.


This not only applies to the longevity of the product but also to how well it fares against water. Generally speaking, the best options are entirely waterproof, while some can even float.

Review of the Best Blind Bags

Taking into account that no product is the same, here is a list of the best options and their various different characteristics. We hope this information is helpful as you choose the one that best suits your needs:

Best Overall and Drake Blind Bag:
Drake Blind Bag

Drake Waterfowl Blind Bag 2.0 Mossy Oak Bottomland Large


  • Shoulder strap is adjustable
  • Convenient thermos sleeve on the top
  • Waterproof construction for additional safety
  • Fully padded to ensure storage space with comfort
  • Features a lot of storage compartments like for sunglasses


  • No size or color variety

What Recent Buyers Report

This bag by Drake is backed by reviews from buyers who particularly used it for hunting purposes.

They report the waterproof quality of this bag to be really reliable and efficient, allowing their belongings to remain safe. People also report positively about its durability.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A blind bag needs to have several features that will guarantee not only good storage space but also safety for your belongings. This bag offers that. It has a range of compartments to accommodate several accessories and is also made with HD2 material that will definitely last for a long time.

Bottom Line

Summing it up, the Drake blind bag has a lot to offer to its buyers. It has a padded shoulder strap that has a fully adjustable length.

The waterproof structure of the bag, along with its camouflage print and padded backing, further adds on to the safety and comfort.

Runner-up and Best Floating Blind Bag:
ALPS OutdoorZ Deluxe

ALPS OutdoorZ Deluxe Floating Blind Bag Large, Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat


  • Available in two sizes
  • Interior dividers are removable
  • Available in two colors and patterns
  • Jacket sleeve ensure comfort and sturdiness
  • Shoulder strap is padded, good for carrying for long hours


  • Not entirely waterproof, things can get wet

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers of this bag particularly enjoy the massive storage space it has. They were very impressed with the pockets on the outside, and also enjoyed the large size version of this bag.

Other reports showed buyers being hugely satisfied with the durability of this bag. People used it for more than one season without any troubles.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The bag has an internal sealing with a waterproof cell membrane that is guaranteed to keep your belongings safe. Other than this intelligent design and structure, the bag also features dividers inside the main pocket that are also removable so you can adjust your things accordingly.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this ALPS blind bag is a remarkable product in terms of the variety of size and color options it offers. The bag also has good storage space, as well as a comfortable design, featuring waterproof membrane and padded shoulder straps.

3. ALPS OutdoorZ Backpack Blind Bag

ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Backpack Blind Bag


  • Shell loops
  • Water pocket
  • Realistic camo
  • Includes LED light
  • Rigid bottom pocket
  • Aluminum back is rigid
  • Drop down weapon boot
  • It has a reinforced strap and waist


  • Zippers are not sturdy and can break easily

This option is a practical alternative for people that prefer to wear shoulder straps. This model offers a lot of functionality, starting with the hard bottom compartment that keeps the pack standing on itself for easier access to other pockets.

It includes a front pocket fitted with shell loops for ammo and a drop down boot you carry your shotgun. While the boot can hold a bow or a rifle, the bag works better for someone that does waterfowl hunting with a shotgun.

The pack has an adjustable and multifunctional LED light. The shoulders straps have foldable game totes to carry ducks more efficiently. The waist is reinforced to provide more comfortability, and it has an aluminum stay in the back that doesn't interrupt the flow of air to control humidity and sweat.

The blind bag sports the Realtree Max 5 camo technology, whose purpose is to blend in flooded marshes, as it resembles a mix of reeds, cane, grasses, and cattails in a realistic manner.

In terms of other compartments, it has a meshed hydration pocket on the exterior and a hard compartment for sunglasses. The zippers are built out of plastic to avoid rusting from water contact but, unfortunately, the material is not too durable, and zippers can break with relative ease.

Bottom Line

Given the many functional pockets and accessories, this is a product that can quickly adapt to different situations. Its hard bottom makes for an accessible blind bag that can help you carry your weapon with ease. Just be sure not to be hard on the zippers.

4. Avery Outdoors Finisher Blind Bag

Avery Outdoors Finisher Blind Bag,Marsh Grass


  • Perfect size
  • Valuables pocket
  • Top-tier camouflage
  • Many compartments
  • Comfortable carry handle
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • All compartments have zippers


  • This model can't float on water

The precise size of a bag can make all the difference. This model has the necessary space to carry all your valuables without being too spacious or falling short on capacity. It comes with an expandable front pocket, a pair of side compartments, and one for valuables that can protect your critical items.

It has nylon zippers to avoid rust, including one under the flap. The shoulder pad is adjustable to fit you more comfortably, but should you desire to carry in other ways, it includes a padded carry bag handle that fits your hand perfectly. For secure access to your equipment, the buckles have a quick release mechanism.

The camouflage resembles wet environments to match the rest of your gear while keeping you concealed. It excels at preserving your equipment dry with a resistant zippered pouch; unfortunately, it is not floatable.

Bottom Line

The size of this alternative is ideal so that you can carry a wide array of valuables without worrying about space but also intelligently using compartments, so there’s not a lot of free space either.

5. Timber Ridge Camo Catch Blind Duffel Bag

Timber Ridge 15-inch Camo Catch All Gears Deluxe Blind Duffel Duffle Bag (Style-B)


  • Smart camo
  • Cost-effective
  • Water resistant
  • Strong material
  • Zippered pockets
  • It is not limited to hunting
  • Silent non-metallic zippers


  • Minimal storage
  • Water can build on top of it

The Timber Ridge is made out of 600D polyester meaning the fabric is very durable, thick and waterproof. It’s is designed to withstand complicated situations without falling short on the storage department. Nonetheless, it is a lightweight alternative covered in a high-quality camo while also being the best cost-effective option on the list.

Storage- wise, it’s fitted with a main U-shape pocket, side alternatives, and three options on the front, all of them zippered for better classification of equipment. The shoulder strap is adjustable, but it also has a soft handle for an alternative carry option. While the design offers a lot of variety or adjustability, rainwater can build on top and storage-wise it can’t hold as much equipment as other options.

The overall dimensions of the bag are 5"L x 10"W x 7.5"D. It’s also fitted with non-metal zippers that hinder noise, which is critical while on a pursuit trying to stay concealed. While it's designed for waterfowl hunting thanks to the product versatility and tactical design, it can be used on many other activities like camping, hiking, and sports. Although the blind bag is water resistant, it’s not floatable.

Bottom Line

If you’re on a budget then this is the best option on the list; nevertheless, it offers a lot of versatility. While it’s an excellent product for any waterfowl hunting situation, it can also work for other activities. Depending on the size of your gear it may fall short in the storage category.

Best Waterproof Model:
ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Floating Blind Bag

ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Floating Deluxe Blind Bag


  • Comes in different sizes
  • Includes an adjustable LED light
  • Has a padded shoulder strap and handle
  • Completely waterproof inside and outside


  • Waterfowl but doesn’t excel at floating
  • Zippers are fragile and can break with relative ease

If the environment around you is a concern, then this model will ensure your equipment stays completely dry. Outside of its non-absorbing material, the main compartment has a sealed membrane, providing your gear with extra protection. Depending on your needs, you can acquire the bag in two different sizes, standard and large.

The blind bag includes an LED adjustable light, and the interior dividers are removable so you can personalize the sizing options to your liking. On top of all the protected space, it has a valuables pocket should you need reassurance for objects like your cell phone. In case you need storage for your sunglasses it’s fitted with a hard case pocket that can be used for other fragile equipment.

Regarding comfort, both the carry handle and the shoulder strap are padded for a less fatiguing experience. The dimensions for each type are 12"x9"x8" for the standard and 14"x11"x9" for the more significant alternative. The zippers are not as durable as the rest of the product, so if a considerable amount of force is applied to them, they may break.

Bottom line

During any waterfowl hunting experience, your gear is likely to get wet, but with this model, this shouldn't be a concern anymore. While being comfortable, thanks to its padded strap, it offers a lot of versatility because of the adjustable dividers. Be sure not to let it float for too long.

Best Waterfowl Blind Bag:
ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Floating Blind Bag

ALPS OutdoorZ Delta Waterfowl Floating Blind Bag


  • Floatable
  • Different camo types
  • Many types of pockets
  • Waterproof technology
  • Acquirable in different sizes
  • Adjustable and padded shoulder strap


  • Outside pockets are not as water resistant as the rest

This alternative fares considerably better on water thanks to its floating closed cell foam technology, meaning that it’s also a great waterproof option. The main sealed compartment has a divider for further classification of your equipment. Storage-wise, it’s also fitted with two side pockets and a front pocket, all of them equipped with zippers.

The main compartment has three choke tube holders in which smaller gear can be stored and accessed with relative ease. The shoulder strap is adjustable, and just like the handle, it’s padded for a more comfortable and less fatiguing experience. The bag can be purchased with two different camo types that can adapt better to specific environments. In terms of dimensions, it is 12" W x 9" D x 8" H; it weighs a total of 1. 8 pounds.

This bag’s floating qualities perform adequately with up to 15 lbs of weight stored in the bag; however, the outside pockets tend to be less effective than the other ones in terms of water resistance. Since the zippers are non-metallic, exercise caution when using them; they may deteriorate faster with when applying a lot of force.

Bottom Line

The different camo options offer a great deal of adaptability to waterfowl environments while the floatable trait makes for a waterproof and practical product. It includes different organization options that can adapt to varying types of materials.

Best for Duck Hunting:
Mossy Oak Shadow Ultimate Waterfowl Bag

Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades Pattern Ultimate Waterfowl Bag


  • Many pockets
  • Hard shell bottom
  • High-quality camo
  • Floatable blind bag
  • Waterproof main pocket


  • The side pockets are not as waterproof as the rest of the bag

Duck hunting usually demands specific and essential gear that can be a hassle to pack if you don’t have an adequate blind bag. This model offers a solution to all your storing issues with a waterproof and floatable option that is great for any waterfowl environment. It’s also fitted with a wide array of pockets and the main one with a considerable amount of storage space.

The product includes a hard shell bottom that protects from moisture and also offers rigidity for easy access to the bag compartments. The main pocket works great for valuables and gear that requires a careful handle. The side pockets are not as practical as the main one, but the bag can float with ease, provided that it’s not overloaded. The Shadow Grass Blades camo pattern has been photographed to have a 3D resemblance to natural environments.

Bottom Line

The large main compartment and the waterproof and floatable properties make for a useful and versatile model that fares well in humid weather. The has excellent life-like features to blend better in different environments.

Tips for Packing Your Blind Bag

If it’s your first time using a proper blind bag on a hunting trip, or first time at a hunting trip at all, this section will help you out. 

Here, we will discuss some tips that you can use for packing your blind bag like a pro. 


One of the major aspects that many military forces teach their men is to religiously follow their checklists. Run double and triple checks till the very moment you actually leave your house and are on the way to the hunting location. 

We recommend creating this checklist way before the actual hunting day, perhaps 4-5 days before, so that if you do not have something available, you can quickly arrange it too. 

Trial Run

To understand the dynamics of your bag better and get familiar with it, make sure to pack and unpack before you actually go out for the hunt. These will be trial runs that will allow you to learn how to efficiently use the bag. 

Stay Minimalistic

Do not overpack. Pack only what you deem is necessary. We recommend speaking to your fellow hunters who are either going with you or have been on a similar trip before you. 

Specify Your Needs

Specific situations need specific items. For example, the winter season might not need any bug spray, but the summer season will. So, make sure to check facts such as the climate and the kind of landscapes you will be spending your days in. Pack accordingly. 

Essential Blind Bag Items

Once you’ve acquired a top-tier blind bag to store your essential hunting gear, it’s important to review which items should you bring with you and how you can benefit from them:


  • Ammo: This is the essential part of your equipment. It’s not an exaggeration to carry a container box with 50 shells as it is better to have plenty of ammo than lack of it.

  • Choke tubes: These controlling the spread of your shotgun; it is ideal to have better control of your aim as it can have a significant impact on your accuracy.


  • Hangers: This is the most practical way to carry waterfowl after your hunts. You need a choice that doesn't affect your mobility, and it’s better to have at least three of them with you.

  • Sunglasses: Many blind bags come fitted with hard cases for glasses, and there’s a reason for it. Without protection, sun flare can impede your sight and comfort.


  • Snacks: You don't have to pack a whole meal unless you are going to spend a considerable amount of time hunting, but a little bite here and there should keep your hunger at bay.

  • Baby wipes: Personal hygiene becomes a critical and hard task the further you venture into the wild, and that’s why being prepared is essential.


The equipment you take with you doesn’t define your ability to hunt, but it does have an impact on it. Having a blind blag that caters to your needs to carry your essentials is an efficient way to approach and tackle any challenge that may arise in waterfowl environments.

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