Best Hunting Jackets of 2021 – Stay Warm & Safe!

| Last Updated June 2, 2021

When you are having fun outdoors, you want to make sure that you stay warm and are prepared for any type of weather condition.

Which jacket you decide to wear can make all the difference in your outcomes. Outdoor activities like hunting, require optimal comfort in order to have maximum success.

This article will review the best hunting jackets on the market today.

Comparison of the Best Hunting Jackets

  • Customized Fit and Sturdy, With Very Little Stiffness
  • Durable Against Cold and Windy Weather Conditions
  • Adjustable Snapping Arm Cuffs and Removable Zipping Hood
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  • Available in Many Different, Professional Styles and Colors
  • Made With The Most Up-To-Date Technology and Features
  • Extremely Waterproof for Ultimate Protection and Defense against Rain
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  • Great Fit for Men Who Enjoy the Outdoors
  • Traditional Wool Coat and Style for Ultimate Warmth
  • Many Pockets Allow For Optimal Storage and Organization
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  • Ribbed Knit Cuffs Provide a Universal Fit
  • Made with Excellent Durability and Protection Against Rain
  • Simple Yet Warm Outdoor Option That Easily Maintains Heat
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  • Gives Users a Comfortable and Accessible Wear
  • Made with Extremely Nice, High-Quality Technologies
  • Ability to Stay Inconspicuous In The Woods, The Fields, and Outside
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  • Waterproof and Easy to Handle and Clean
  • Heating Technology Made for Extremely Cold Weather
  • Many Different Features For the Ultimate Outdoor Experience
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  • Available in Traditional Hunting Designs and Colors
  • Keeps Users Warm in Standard, Average Temperatures
  • Front Pockets Keep Hands Warm and Provide Organization
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Are All Hunting Jackets the Same? 

Not all hunting jackets are the same. Some jackets provide a drier experience with a decent amount of waterproofing invested into them while others focus on the amount of warmth that is maintained or provided.

Not all jackets fit the same either. Some have a casual, old school fit, while others may have a tight fit. There are products that aim at a more traditional look of camouflage or bright orange, while others are a solid color like black or brown. Certain jackets even work to provide you with additional convenience features, such as being able to charge your smartphone or handheld device.

How to Choose a Hunting Jacket

Choosing the right hunting jacket is vital for your overall experience. Today, top of the line products should be oriented towards how waterproof the product is, how warm the product is, and how durable the product is.

If the product you are looking to purchase isn’t waterproof, you are going to become extremely wet and cold in the field. If the product you purchase isn’t warm, you could literally freeze. If the product you invest in isn’t durable, it may fall apart in the wash or after the first initial use.

So be sure that the jacket you choose fits your specific intended use for hunting.

Review of the Best Hunting Jackets

We are here to help you choose the most effective hunting jacket for your endeavors. Below we have reviewed the best hunting jackets. Each has its own unique features and strengths.

Best Overall:
Legendary Whitetails Big Game Camo Jacket


  • Stylish Look
  • Good Weight
  • Adjustable Cuffs
  • Blocks Wind Well
  • Keeps User Warm in 30-Degree Conditions for Up to 6 Hours


  • Runs Larger Than Expected
  • Some Customers Experience Seams Ripping in the Washing Machine

The Legendary Whitetails Big Game Camo Jacket is a hunting jacket that comes in four colors, barley, black, chocolate, and twig. The shell is made from 100% cotton while the lining and the fill are 100% polyester.

This product features 210 grams of insulation in order to keep its user warm and protected from cold conditions. It also features a heavy-duty zipper and double interior pocket for easy access to items that need to be kept warm.

Additionally, this jacket offers a zip-off hood for users that do not like the experience of having a hood. This product is built tough to work hard and contains a good amount of insulation.

Users will stay dry wearing this jacket because it has a heavy-duty, water repellent 10oz. sanded canvas, customized for the most comfortable fit possible. With its Big Game accents and embroidered Signature Buck logo, this is a great selection for any hunter.

Bottom Line

The Legendary Whitetails Big Game Camo Jacket is a good choice if you are looking for something that comes in different colors and gives you the best bang for your buck. The majority of customers say that this jacket keeps them warm even in really cold conditions, but also mention that it is not a bad idea to wear an additional layer underneath.

Best Waterproof Choice:
Wildfowler Outfitter Parka

Wildfowler Outfitter Performance Camo Hunting Insulated Parka


  • Old-School Fit
  • Warm Insulation
  • Material is Soft and Quiet
  • Works Well Against Winds Up to 100mph
  • Withstands Cold Temperatures as Low as 15 Degrees


  • Few Pockets Overall
  • Poor Fit for Some Customers Around the Shoulders

The Wildfowler Outfitter Parka is 100% waterproof with taped seams to keep water out provided by a double waterproof construction. The shell has a lining made of polar fleece and the parka has a hood with an elastic drawcord to keep users dry and protected against rain and other forms of participation.

This item is quiet in the field because of its soft tricot material and has great insulation to keep warmth in, along with a zipper front and button-down storm flap.

This comes in the colors of wild grass, blaze, and wild tree snow. These patterns could be considered to be the best on the market right now as this brand prides itself in being “concealment specialists.”

The quality of this item is high as the products this brand produces all experience strict testing and only the latest materials and technologies are used. Overall, this is a superb blend of features and functionality to create a durable, ideal parka.

Bottom Line

The Wildfowler Outfitter Parka is an extraordinarily waterproof hunting jacket. While this product keeps its users warm and protected from the cold, most customers have said that it is best to wear an additional layer of clothing, such as a sweatshirt, underneath. With this jacket, you will create a minimal amount of noise when out hunting. Even though it may not fit everyone perfectly, the majority of customers are pleased.

Best Wool Choice:
Woolrich Wool Coat

Woolrich Men's Classical Field Wool Coat


  • Very Warm
  • Great Quality
  • Classic Wool Coat
  • Can Withstand up to -26 Degrees


  • Runs Small

The Woolrich Men’s Classical Wool Coat is an outdoor jacket made with a vintage six-pocket front, an additional internal pocket for security and a back storage pocket that was originally designed to put game in.

This item has hand warming pockets in order to keep all parts of its user warm at all times. The shell is made from 80% wool and 20% nylon/plaid wool.

There is an under-collar tab that keeps the collar up in order to protect against all different types of wind and the cold. The rugged wool-blend shell has the capability to fight off even the worst and coldest types of weather.

It has a classic fit that works for most users and has maximum flexibility in order to provide an ideal amount of mobility. This is imported and can withstand machine washing.

Bottom Line

The Woolrich Men’s Classical Wool Coat is an outdoor jacket made for cold weather conditions. It is able to withstand wind and different types of precipitation. How waterproof this item is remains a mystery. It seems to fit the majority of its users but runs small. The weight is overall heavier than expected. If you are looking for a simple and classic wool jacket that sustains warmth and has a sufficient amount of organization and places to put things, this is the product for you.

Best Camo Choice:
Carhartt Camo Active Jacket

Carhartt Men's Quilted Flannel Lined Camo Active Jacket


  • Ability to Wear a Layer Underneath
  • Ability to Add a Layer of Waterproof Spray
  • Trusted Brand With Good Customer Service
  • Very Stiff and Stays Warm in Cold Conditions


  • Runs a Little Bit Large in Size

The Carhartt Men’s Quilted Flannel Lined Camo Active Jacket is imported and made of 12oz. 100% cotton duck. It has a zip-front and is made for an active user. The hood is lined with flannel and has a built-in drawcord in order to maintain warmth.

There is a split kangaroo pocket on the front for dual use, as well as a Carhartt logo patch on the left side of the pocket and multiple pockets on the interior.

This item comes in the colors of Realtree Extra, Camo (closeout), and Mossy Oak. There are ribbed knit cuffs at the end of the sleeves and around the waistband. The seams are a classic Carhartt triple-stitch. Because Carhartt’s products are so durable and made with high-quality techniques, this is able to withstand machine washes.

Bottom Line

The Carhartt Men’s Quilted Flannel Lined Camo Active Jacket is a great choice for an outdoor hunting jacket if you are in the market. Carhartt is a reputable brand known for making high-quality products. The majority of customers are satisfied with their purchase and would recommend it to others. It is only made in men’s sizes, so others should steer clear especially since it does not run in size small.

Best Women's Choice:
ScentLok Women's Hunting Jacket

ScentLok Women's Full Season TAKTIX Hunting Jacket


  • Good at Maintaining Warmth
  • Safety Harness Access Opening
  • Great Amount of Odor Absorption
  • Three-Piece Hood Design for Customization
  • Two Zippered Waist Pockets for Organization
  • Custom Fit to Keep Sidearm Available, Secure, and Ready


  • Not Available in Size Small

The ScentLok Women’s Full Season Hunting Jacket is ScentLok’s new system that works at getting a good balance between feature and function. This is equipped with Carbon Alloy technology for maximum odor absorption. This specific technology was created in order to prevent animals from picking up on a hunter’s scent. It comes in the colors of Realtree Edge, Realtree Edge Camo, and Realtree Extra.

With its camouflage style, not only will animals not be able to track your scent, but they also won’t be able to see or detect you in the environment. This item has a built-in NeverWet feature with a hydrophobic coating which aids in repelling anything from rain, snow, blood, and mud.

Because of this technology, cleaning the coat has never been easier. This company is the only company known to have direct access to all scent-controlling technologies which includes their patented activated carbon technology known to outperform all of the other technologies on the market.

Bottom Line

The ScentLok Women’s Full Season Hunting Jacket is probably not the best hunting or outdoor jacket on the market. There are not many customer reviews or known purchases and few details as to what it is made out of or how to wash/clean it. Overall, it does look nice and seems to be made well.

Best Heated Choice:
ororo Soft Shell Jacket

ORORO Men's Soft Shell Heated Jacket with Detachable Hood and Battery Pack


  • Keeps Scent Inside
  • One Year Warranty
  • Good, Quick Customer Service
  • Machine Washable and Easy to Care For
  • Ability to Charge Smartphones and Devices


  • Not as Warm as Expected
  • Not as Waterproof as Expected

The Ororo Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket with Detachable Hood and Battery Pack is made from 100% polyester and comes in the colors of black/blue and black/gold. On the exterior, there is a soft shell fabric with a fleece lining that ensures maximum warmth and minimal loss of heat.

The jacket also works to make sure that its user does not overheat and allows it to be worn comfortably. There is a detachable hood made for cold days that provides an extra layer of protection during extremely windy days.

There are three carbon fiber heating elements that generate heat across specific core areas of the body such as the left and right regions of the chest and mid-back. These elements have three different heating settings: high, medium, and low. It is very easy to turn these on, all you have to do is touch a button and heat will start in seconds. This jacket works for up to ten hours and has a USB charging port for smartphones and other devices.

Bottom Line

The Ororo Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket with Detachable Hood and Battery Pack is a different style of outdoor jacket as it has many features other products don’t have. This item is best used for activities ranging from motorbiking, camping, fishing, construction, and other sports in cold climates, as it has the ability to keep warmth in and heat its user along the way.  

Best Orange Hunting Jacket:
Gamehide Flatland Deer Hunting Parka

Gamehide Flatland Deer Hunting Parka


  • Comfortable Fit
  • Good for Base Layers
  • More Lightweight Than Expected
  • Orange Color is Visible From Long Distances


  • Runs Bigger Than Expected
  • Pockets May Be Too Small for Big Game Calibers

The Gamehide Flatland Deer Hunting Parka is made of waterproof hush hide fabric and comes in the color of Blaze Orange Camo, Realtree Xtra, and White Camo. There are two large front dump pockets for organization and storage. The hood is detachable and has the ability to close the front section. The waist straps are adjustable for ultimate comfort and customization.

It is considered to be a mid-weight parka that will keep warmth contained and keep its user dry from rain or snow in any sort of hunting condition. It weighs in at 4.5 oz. which is an ideal weight for hunting but also allows for additional layers underneath.

The lining is made of nylon, therefore, layering clothes won’t cause any form of sticking. This product also supports the Gamehide Flatland Deer Hunting Bib to be worn underneath it.

Bottom Line

The Gamehide Flatland Deer Hunting Parka is a decent buy if you are looking for a day-use jacket in average temperatures as it is not specified the temperatures this product can withstand. Its main selling point is the colors it comes in and the ability to comfortably layer clothes underneath it. Unfortunately, this jacket runs a bit bigger than expected. So be sure to order the correct size for your use.

Best Youth Hunting Jacket:
Carhartt Taffeta Quilt Lined Jacket

Carhartt Boys Active Taffeta Quilt Lined Jacket


  • Can Barely Tell When it’s Dirty
  • Functional Cuffs on the End of the Sleeves
  • Trusted Brand and Good Customer Service
  • High Quality and Keeps Warmth Contained


  • Not Waterproof or Made for Snowy Conditions
  • Runs Small and Sleeves Are a Little Shorter Than Expected

The Carhartt Boys Active Taffeta Quilt Lined Jacket is an outdoor option designed for active youth, made of 100% cotton, is imported, and has the ability to withstand machine washing.

This is considered to be a duck jacket with brushed tricot lined hood and uses the original Carhartt triple-stitched seams. It is also imported and has a zipper enclosure on the front that attaches to a split kangaroo pocket with the leather Carhartt brandmark label on the left side. There are a hidden interior pocket and a hanging loop near the hood. The front pockets keep users’ hands warm and provide room for storage.

It weighs a little over three pounds and comes in many different sizes, however, it is only made for youth boys. The lining in the sleeves is available in quilt or flannel and the jacket comes in the colors of Carhartt Brown, Dark Tan, Realtree Xtra, Mustang Brown, Brown, Asphalt, Ivory Green, and Caviarl Black.

Bottom Line

The Carhartt Boys Active Taffeta Quilt Lined Jacket is a very good choice for an outdoor, active kid. Some customers recommend to not buy this item without trying it on first. A fair amount of customers complained that the zipper really didn’t hold up on this jacket and then a handful had problems returning it. Overall, however, this is a high-quality product regardless of whether or not it is waterproof.

Best Bow Hunting Jacket:
Under Armour Scent Control Rut Jacket

Under Armour Men's Cold Gear Infrared Scent Control Rut Jacket


  • Overall Great Fit
  • Extremely Warm
  • Repels Water Well and Stays Warm
  • Room for Layering Clothes Underneath
  • Trusted Brand and Good Customer Service


  • Zipper Seems to Be Weak and Unstable

The Under Armour Scent Control Rut Jacket is a men’s jacket that is 100% polyester and is imported. The exclusive UA Scent Control technology keeps all sorts of scents undetected.

With ColdGear infrared technology, it utilizes a soft, thermo-conductive inner coating that works to absorb and keep body heat contained. ColdGear takes away the need to wear heavy and bulky gear in cold weather. This jacket features a two-layer fleece that traps an immense amount of warmth inside.

The material wicks sweat away, all while drying fast. The anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes. This comes in the colors of Realtree AP-Xtra/Velocity and is available in almost every men’s size. A loose fit should be expected with this jacket as this fit provides a fuller cut for complete comfort. The ideal reason to wear this is when you need to feel warm, dry, and light.

Bottom Line

The Under Armour Scent Control Rut Jacket is a decent purchase if you are looking for a jacket that eliminates smell and helps with sweat. This product comes in original colors and patterns and is from a trusted brand that has good customer service. Overall, it does not have many customer reviews or purchases. The majority of the people who have bought this jacket have been pleasantly surprised by how well it has worked.

Best Upland Hunting Jacket:
Browning Pheasants Canvas Jacket

Browning Pheasants Forever Upland Canvas Jacket


  • Top Quality and Well-Made
  • Location of Pockets Are Well Thought-Out
  • Plenty of Room to Move and Has Enough Storage
  • Has Available Room for Layering Clothes Underneath
  • Performs Well in Cool, Cold, and Warm Weather and Temperatures


  • Description Says That the Sleeves Zip Off, But They Actually Do Not

The Browning Pheasants Forever Upland Canvas Jacket is made from 100% cotton canvas with a 100% polyester blaze overlay of over 400 square inches and a large blood-proof font. This item has top-of-the-line features and has Pheasants Forever embroidery that seems to stand out and make a statement.

This is made in China and has hook and loop pocket flaps for shells on the front and two zippered pockets. The fabric structure is woven and the colors this jacket comes in are either tan or blaze.

At the end of the sleeves are adjustable cuffs and there are Reactar G2 pads behind each shoulder patch. This product is known to be extraordinarily breathable, providing its user with a pleasurable experience without sweat or lack of air.

Bottom Line

The Browning Pheasants Canvas Forever Upland Jacket is a durably-made hunting jacket for men. While it isn’t offered in many different colors or styles, it has a lot of features that make it worth the purchase. The majority of customer reviews are positive. Overall, a good product, but beware about the description of the zip-off sleeves, as this is false.

Types of Hunting Jackets

The different types of hunting jackets can vary in many areas.


Some hunters need more room for storage, so there may be jackets that have pockets on the backside, not just the front side or interior.

Cold Weather Protection

The temperatures that each jacket can withstand can be a make-or-break for users. Some options can keep you warm for more than a day while others cannot. Some require layering underneath for optimal warmth. Still others even have a built-in heating system that runs on batteries and has USB charging ports.


Each jacket has different styles and patterns, but some have the same classical pattern of camouflage. Depending on your taste, you may go with bright orange or something tamer. This may depend solely on taste or could be affected by your intended use. If you are needing to stay inconspicuous while hunting, choosing something in camo may be your best option.


Not all jackets are waterproof. Ideally, you would probably want to have a waterproof jacket. If not, some jackets can have a waterproof layer sprayed on them. You should look at the weather reports before heading out and consider changing weather conditions so you are prepared for any surprises.


If you are looking for an efficient hunting jacket, you should first start by realizing what type of weather conditions you will be facing. After that, make sure you purchase a jacket that is waterproof, durable in the field and during cleaning, and one that is of appropriate weight and warmth.  Also, make sure the item you are looking at will fit your body type and provide you with the storage options you require. We hope this review helps make choosing a hunting jacket easier. 

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