Best Bow Stabilizers of 2021 – How to Choose & Top Picks

| Last Updated June 1, 2021

Stabilizers are an important part of hunting for many of you out there. They’re mainly known for improving the accuracy of your shot and minimizing any noise that the bow makes.

The following article will help you find the best stabilizer for you. We’ll mention all the features that should make a great stabilizer and review several of the best stabilizers currently on the market.

Comparison Chart of the Best Bow Stabilizers

  • Eight inches long
  • Proprietary dampening materials
  • Carbon fiber accessory for added balance
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  • Made from high-grade aluminum
  • Comes in three different sizes and weights
  • Offers a full draw counterbalance for stability
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  • Quick and easy to install
  • Coiled design means extra absorption
  • Lightweight design ideal for long hunting trips
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  • Great stabilization
  • Comes in five different sizes
  • Includes three one ounce weights
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  • Customizable weights
  • Strong, lightweight aluminum structure
  • Designed to keep steady during window conditions
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  • Aerodynamic spiral design
  • Perfect for windy conditions
  • Extra weights for additional balancing
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  • Carbon fiber rod
  • Multiple designs to choose from
  • Advanced dampening technology
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What is a Bow Stabilizer and What is it Used For?

Bow stabilizers are used by both novices and professionals alike to make your shots more accurate and reduce the noise created by your bow. They’re also used for stability, which can be crucial when you just can’t stop a shaky hand. Stabilizers do the majority of the work, meaning that you’ll just need to concentrate on what part of the target you’ll be aiming at.

Some bows aren’t fitted to be equipped on to a stabilizer; you’ll also need to take into account other aspects such as the weight and length of your stabilizers.

Are Stabilizers Important While Shooting?

Stabilizers are important depending on what kind of hunter you are. People have several reasons why they might use a stabilizer, and there are many pros and cons associated with using one. Some people might see them as valuable pieces of equipment and some may not.

Some advantages include being able to use a stable platform to take an effective shot that will more likely hit the target. Another benefit could be that there are various sizes that can either provide you with better accuracy or noise cancellation, depending on the length of the stabilizer.

Some disadvantages to using a stabilizer might include the possibility of becoming far too reliant on using it for hunting, which can halt your progress as a hunter. Another con is that they can become a burden if you’re traveling far off-trail.

How to Choose a Bow Stabilizer

Like all great investments, you’ll need to do some research before you dedicate your time and money into a stabilizer. The following section will discuss the multiple features or considerations to think about when looking for the best stabilizer for your hunting trips.


The heavier your stabilizer, the fewer vibrations you’ll suffer from; the weight will also ensure that your bow is more stable and can offer a more balanced shot. However, a heavy stabilizer can be a real problem if you’re going to be hunting for hours on end. Still, if your stabilizer is too light, it won’t be any good at eating up vibrations and might make more noise than you’d like.  

Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer Black 6"


The length of your stabilizer is an important factor; most hunters would prefer smaller stabilizers since they’re easier to carry and move around with while hiding. However, longer stabilizers are better for accuracy and balance; these longer types are best for target practice and not for actual use in hunting. The best length range is between four and eleven inches.


By suitability, you should be looking to see if your bow has an attachment so that you can use your stabilizer. There are some bows that you’ll find that won’t have these kinds of features. You’ll also find some stabilizers that have interchangeable weights and adjustable lengths that you would really benefit from, if they’ve got these features, you’ll have the best of both worlds.

Review of the Best Bow Stabilizers

This section is hugely important for anyone that’s serious about buying their next stabilizer. In this part of the article, we’ll discuss the various stabilizers on the market that we believe are some of the best and we’ll highlight and discuss the various pros and cons of each.

Best Overall:
New Archery Products NAP Black Apache Stabilizer 8” Stealth Dampening

NAP Black Apache Stabilizer 8 Inch Stealth Dampening


  • Lightweight
  • Absorbs vibration and noise
  • Carbon fiber balance accessory
  • Great length that can be adjusted


  • Can only be adjusted into two sizes

The overall length of this product is eight inches, which makes it easier to carry around without sacrificing the overall balance of your bow. The weight of the product is another key point as it only weighs 7.5 ounces, which is extremely light and should be easy to carry around for prolonged periods.

This stabilizer also comes in two different sizes and weights, which you can choose depending on your hunting style or how comfortable you are with them.

The dampening system is a series of rubber disks that will absorb any vibrations or noise that’s created by the shots that you take, meaning that you’re less likely to scare away any other targets in the area.

Another feature of the eight-inch stabilizer is that you can adjust the length by simply unscrewing the parts down to a five-inch version.

Bottom Line

This product is great for any hunters out there that want a stabilizer that allows them to hunt for hours on end without facing fatigue from the weight. The product weighs a tiny 7.5 ounces with thanks to the lightweight material used. The length of the product can be adjusted; the adjustable length will always be a great benefit as this gives hunters more options when it comes to their strategy and abilities.

The carbon fiber balance is great for that needed extra weight to give you the stability you need for when you’re pulling back for a shot. The most important feature and greatest benefit would have to be the rubber vibration and noise absorber that will greatly benefit your hunt by limiting the noise that your bow makes, which could ultimately stop scaring any local targets away every time you take a shot. The only downside with this product is that it can only be adjusted between two sizes, either an eight-inch or five-inch stabilizer.

SAS Archery Aluminum Bow Stabilizer

SAS Archery All-CNC Aluminum Bow Stabilizer for Compound and Recurve Bows


  • Great quality material
  • Stable and well-balanced
  • Multiple sizes and weights


  • Can’t be adjusted

This high-grade aluminum stabilizer will provide you with years of accurate and noise-free shots. The internal vibration absorber will be able to cancel out any vibrations or noise that’s created from taking a shot at a target. Fortunately, the absorber is built inside the stabilizer, meaning that the aesthetic of this product looks a lot more attractive.

The full draw counterbalance is another key feature that’ll ensure the stability and pinpoint balance needed for an accurate shot even up until the maximum draw that usually knocks your shot off balance. The stabilizer comes in three different sizes and weights including 5.3 oz/5 inches, 6.5 oz/8 inches, 10 oz/11 inches.

Bottom Line

It’s great that this product offers different sizes and weights as it allows hunters to use what suits them best; being comfortable and having flexibility in your tools is always a great benefit.

The quality high-grade aluminum makes for a reliable and durable product that’ll last a lifetime if kept well maintained. The stability and balancing features of this product are also another thing to brag about as they’ll provide you with great stability, even when you’re fully drawn back. Just like the previous model, you’ll benefit from noise and vibration cancellation.

However, the only downside to this product that makes it the runner up is that it can’t be adjusted as the previous stabilizer can; the multiple sizes and weights should cancel this problem out. That said, it’s still great to have a flexible and versatile stabilizer to work with.

Best for the Money:
LimbSaver S-Coil Bow Stabilizer, 4-½”

LimbSaver S-Coil Bow Stabilizer, 4-1/2 Inches, Camo


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Vibration and noise limiter
  • Multiple colors to choose from


  • Small size
  • Can’t be adjusted
  • No advanced features

This lightweight bow stabilizer is currently the best product on the market in terms of value for money. The four-inch and 4.5-ounce construction will allow you to hunt for hours on end with a well-balanced stabilizer.

The NAVCOM material is coiled and will really limit the vibrations and noise that’s emitted from the bow when firing, this dampened ability is mainly thanks to the increased surface area that’s created.

The stabilizer is also an easy installation, as all it takes is for you to screw it into your bow. You have a great choice of nine different colors when purchasing this stabilizer. However, we’d recommend sticking with the camo as the neon-green wouldn’t blend much into the environment.

Bottom Line

It’s clear why this product is currently the best value for money; this product is fairly easy to use. All you need to do is screw it into your bow and you’ll also find that it’s very lightweight and small. It does offer the basic benefits like the noise cancellation and vibration absorber.

However, there are also a few disadvantages that come with such a cheap product, such as its small size; this could seriously impact the effectiveness of any balance or stability it can offer. It also doesn’t provide any advanced features like balanced technology.

Another huge downside would be that it can’t be adjusted past the four inches that it offers, meaning that it’s not the best for flexibility. You’ll save money on this product, but it does sacrifice some serious features.

Best for Hunting:
Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer

Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer


  • Multiple weights included
  • Has multiple sizes on offer
  • Effectively limits noise and vibrations


  • Size can’t be adjusted

This stabilizer is currently the best on the market for hunting as it has plenty of helpful features to offer. This product was specifically designed to offer great balance and stability when taking that crucial shot. You’ll also have the benefit of using the three separate one-ounce weights, a great feature that offers flexibility when hunting.

The built-in de-resonator will minimize the vibrations that are created when the shot is taken. The dampener will also work to counteract the noise that this same action creates so that it doesn’t scare away any possible targets. You’ll also notice that it comes in five different sizes, which will allow you to choose a stabilizer that you’re 100% comfortable with.

Bottom Line

This stabilizer has been voted as the best stabilizer for hunting; its main benefit is that the weights can be adjusted, thanks to the three separate one-ounce weights that come with it. You’ll also have the chance to choose from five different lengths, ranging from 6-inches up to 10/8-inches.

The de-resonator and harmonic dampener will effectively limit any vibrations and noise that comes from each shot taken at targets. The only downside with this stabilizer is that it can’t be adjusted between sizes; you’d need to purchase each size individually, which can be expensive and a hassle to carry.

Best for Accuracy:
Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer Black 6"

Trophy Ridge AS1306B Static stabilizer 6' Black


  • Customizable weights
  • Aerodynamic spiral design
  • Strong yet lightweight material


  • No internal dampeners

This aerodynamically designed stabilizer will be perfect during inclement weather conditions. The spiral design will allow wind to pass through and keep your bow stable and well-balanced in any situation.

The two customizable weights that come with your stabilizer are also great for when you need some extra weight to find that perfect balanced shot. You’ll have the choice of four different sizes; these will offer different kinds of balance and stability. The aluminum material is super strong, yet is 25% lighter than any other aluminum stabilizers.

Bottom Line

This stabilizer is great for its accuracy all because of the strong, yet lightweight design that is made to replicate the structure of a spiral, thus giving it a more aerodynamic ability. These huge benefits are key to why it’s been voted the best for accuracy.

Wind passes straight through this product so that it doesn’t blow around and mess with your shot. If you need some extra weight, you’ll be happy to know that this stabilizer comes with customizable weights that will help with any balancing or stability concerns.

However, there is a downside to this product; because this stabilizer is mainly used for archery and not for hunting, it doesn’t have any internal dampeners or absorbing abilities that limit noise or vibrations. Therefore, this product would easily scare away nearby targets.

Best for Compound Bows:
Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer Camo

Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer


  • Camo
  • Aerodynamic
  • Adjustable weights


  • No internal dampeners

This spiral designed stabilizer, made with high-quality durable aluminum, was specially made to combat windy conditions when your bow would usually be beaten around. The spiral design maximizes stability during these poor conditions.

The extra added weights that are also provided will allow you to customize the weight to what suits you without offering too much. The camo option will allow this product to blend into the environment.

Bottom Line

The lightweight aluminum will make it easy for you to carry this product around during long hunting trips without sacrificing the strength. The aerodynamic nature of this stabilizer will give you the benefit of hunting even in the windiest of conditions without being blown all over the show.

If you need extra weight you’ll be able to add small weight discs onto the stabilizer to provide the weight that you need for a more balanced and accurate shot. You’ll also have the benefit of blending into the environment with the camo design. The only real downside with this stabilizer is that there’s no noise or vibration absorption technology built into the product.

Best from Mathews:
Mathews Flatline Stabilizer 6" Lost XD

Mathews Flatline Stabilizer 6' Lost XD


  • Carbon fiber
  • Goldilocks zone six inches
  • Advanced technology used
  • Weighted ends offer excellent balance


  • Can’t be adjusted
  • Only available in limited sizes

This device offers some of the most advanced dampening and anti-vibration technology on the market. You’ll be happy to know that you’ll emit almost zero noise and suffer from zero vibrations thanks to this stabilizer.

The technology used is EHS Nano technology, which also offers better stabilization than other products on the market and is currently the best of its kind. The high carbon fiber rod and weighted end caps will offer a lightweight yet perfectly balanced stabilizer, which will provide really accurate shots. The stabilizer itself is only six inches and is available in a variety of designs.  

Bottom Line

This stabilizer is currently the best on offer from the Matthews stabilizer range. You’ll benefit from the lightweight carbon fiber structure, which comes with weighted end caps that provide the balance you need for a steady shot.

The EHS Nano technology is unique to this product, along with the anti-vibration and dampening technology that gives this product an edge while hunting, as it’s super quiet and really limits any vibrations. The only real downsides with this stabilizer are that it can’t be adjusted into different sizes and it’s only available in two different sizes.

Best from Fuse:
Fuse Carbon Torch FX 8" Stabilizer


  • Custom weights
  • Three different sizes
  • Lightweight yet strong
  • Great dampening features


  • Can’t be adjusted

This cartoon-looking stabilizer is currently the best product offered by the Fuse range. The stabilizer has lethal pinpoint accuracy, which is due to the great vibration dampening features along with the noise limiting qualities. Needless to say, this product is great to use while hunting.

It is currently available in three different sizes: 6, 8, and 10 inches. The custom rubber dampener is what absorbs most of the vibration and noise, allowing you to have a stealthy hunting experience. You’ll also have the benefit of the three one-ounce weights that can be used to customize your balance and stability. This stabilizer is made from carbon, making it light yet strong.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of benefits that come with this product, including that it currently offers you three different sizes to choose from. It also comes with customizable weights that will help you with your balance. The carbon structure is lightweight yet strong, so you won’t need to worry about the problem of carrying around a heavy burden for hours before finding the perfect setup.

You’ll also benefit from great dampening features that make your entire experience silent and vibration-free. The only downside with this product is that the size can’t be adjusted, therefore you’re limited to what you can do with it. You’ll need to carry multiples for any flexibility, which just isn’t practical.


Stabilizers can be a great way to improve your accuracy and success rate. However, there are plenty of features that you should be looking out for when you’re looking at potential candidates. Hopefully, this article has helped to teach you a few things about stabilizers and opened your eyes to a few decent options.

Buying a new bow is about as close to the Christmas morning feel as you’ll get for a bow hunter. When you were eight years old, it was probably all about a toy train or a bike. Now your toys are a bit different. If you’ve been hunting for a while you know what sight, arrow rest, and quiver you want. But most hunters don’t put a lot of thought into a stabilizer. They usually just pick one up that looks cool or doesn’t cost a lot of money. Many don’t even use one.

While stabilizers are an afterthought to hunters, serious competitive archers wouldn’t dream of shooting a bow without one. Competitive target archers use long stabilizers to help balance their bow. When drawing a bow, an archer is pulling weight backward. 

All of that energy also has a tendency to pull a bow up when at full draw. Having weight out in front of the bow helps balance this. The added weight also helps prevent bow torque.

More accurate shooting is just one of the advantages of having a stabilizer. Stabilizers also dampen vibration and noise. When a bow is pulled back, the energy stored in the limbs is preparing itself to be released. The arrow takes much of that energy with it downrange. However, there is a lot of energy stored within the bow. That energy creates vibration and noise. A quality stabilizer can harness some of that vibration and noise, making your bow more quiet and comfortable to shoot.

So what kind of stabilizer should you buy? It depends on what your goals are. Generally, long stabilizers are going to make you more accurate and absorb more energy than shorter stabilizers. However, long stabilizers are cumbersome in the field and add weight to a bow.

Adding a pound of weight may not seem like much. But if you’re shooting a modern bow that only weighs five pounds or less, it constitutes at least a 20 percent weight increase. It’s not just the weight. Think about what it would be like to move through the woods with an added 16 inches of material to the front of your bow.

This is why most hunters choose a short, stubby stabilizer. No matter how long the stabilizer you choose is, pick it up and try to get a feel for where most of the weight is. You want most of the weight to be at the far end of the stabilizer. In most cases, you’re not going to gain a lot of accuracy with short stabilizers. They are only going to offer sound and vibration dampening. But even if you’re only gaining a slight edge in the accuracy department, it is worth doing.

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