Best Alaska Hunting Trips – 2021 Round-up Guide

| Last Updated June 9, 2021

Remote and serene, Alaska is one of the most amazing and stunning places on Earth. The scenery that you can enjoy here is possibly the most breathtaking, not just in the United States but in the whole world.

When we talk about wildlife, Alaska is famous for its moose, bison, salmon, bears, caribou, Dall sheep, and many more. Hunters from around the world come to this great white north to enjoy the sights and experience a level of hunting that is not possible anywhere else on the planet.

Hunting in Alaska is every hunter’s dream. But before going on your next hunting trip, it is best to find out about the best Alaska hunting trips as it will help you get familiar with the terrain and increase the likelihood of finding game.   

Comparison of the Best Alaska Hunting Trips

  • Most Popular
  • Accommodation and food included
  • Trophies can be up to 7 ft
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  • Best Value
  • Package is for one week
  • Price includes a black bear
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  • Best Alaska Brown Bear Hunting Guide
  • Owner has 20 years experience
  • Guided hunt included
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  • Best Alaska Moose Hunting Guide
  • Offers shotgun hunting
  • Gun rental offered
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  • Best Alaska Duck Hunting Guide
  • Boat hiring offered
  • Law Enforcement gets 10% discount
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  • Best Alaska Wolf Hunting
  • Money-back guarantee of success
  • Boat-based hunting experience
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  • Trophies included in price
  • Laundry and snacks included
  • Accommodation for seven days
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Why Alaska is Such a Great Place to Hunt

With icebergs taller than skyscrapers and national parks bigger than some countries, Alaska is a place that doesn’t do things by half measure. Home to one of the world’s longest coastlines, multiple mountain ranges and unlimited opportunities to hunt game, Alaska is a must-visit destination for hunters:

Abundance of Wildlife

Alaska has a varied and amazing wildlife population, which consists of many species that live both on land and in water. You can see magnificent bald eagles flying overhead or take a cruise and see whales and sea lions. From moose to caribou, from bears to Dall sheep, there is no shortage of wildlife in Alaska. If you want to experience a multi-species hunt, then Alaska is the place for you.   

Harvest Trophy Animals

Alaska is home to some of the world’s largest game animals. These include caribou, moose, brown bear, black bear, mountain goats, etc. The species of moose and brown bear found in Alaska are the largest in the world. Moreover, the predator control programs initiated by the Department of Fish and Game has resulted in increasing the moose population, thus providing endless opportunities for hunters to harvest trophy moose.  

Salmon Fishing Paradise

Alaska is home to more than three million lakes, more than three thousand rivers, and boasts almost 34,000 miles of coastal shoreline, thus providing a wealth of opportunities for anglers. Fishing in the salmon-rich lakes of Alaska will provide an unforgettable experience, or you can try halibut fishing in this beautiful ‘halibut fishing capital of the world.’

Other common types of fishing include ice fishing, fly fishing, and deep-sea fishing. In addition to salmon, you can also find other varieties of fish in Alaskan waters, including arctic char, various species of trout, dolly Varden, northern pike, and grayling, etc.

Review of the Best Alaska Hunting Trips

The Alaskan wilderness offers a unique and sometimes dangerous hunting experience. You should have complete information about the lands that have a large density of game and where you can find the species that you want to hunt. The following reviews of some of the best Alaska hunting trips will help you enjoy a hunting experience of a lifetime:

Most Popular:
Chet & Halie Benson - Spring Black Bear Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

The Spring Black Bear Hunt offered by Chet & Halie Benson is a five-day hunting trip that takes place in the month of May and June. You can experience hunt over bait or spot and stalk hunts whichever you prefer and enjoy a most amazing time. There is a large population of black bears in the area, and you are sure to hunt a trophy bear.   

The baited hunts are carried out just outside the Denali Preserve. Hunters are provided with comfortable cabins for cooking and sleeping. On this hunt, you can find trophies that are up to 7 ½ feet. The hunt includes transportation and accommodation with meals, and trophy and meat care. You can also combine this with a Brown bear trophy hunt to experience an exceptional spring hunt.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The best thing about Chet & Halie Benson is that they put up an extreme effort to ensure that your hunt is a successful one. Their hunting areas are well-managed and hold quite a good number of quality trophies.

Chet has worked as a hunting guide, outfitter, and packer for the last 20 years and is an enthusiastic and experienced outdoorsman. His team of guides and packers work tirelessly to fulfill all your needs on the hunt and at camp as well.  

When you book your hunting trip with this outfit, you can be sure of personal attention. They will prepare you for your hunt even before you arrive by getting the logistics and gear organized, and ironing out the plans. Your professional and experienced hunting guide will work diligently to make your adventure hunt a successful one.  

Best Value:
Spring Black Bear/Grizzly Hunt 2x1 Wk 1

What the Hunt Includes

If you want to enjoy an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime experience of hunting a black bear, then the Spring Black Bear/Grizzly Hunt is for you. In this hunt, you have a high chance of harvesting a color phase black bear as t is conducted in areas where there is a high density of such bears. You can bring along a family member or a friend on this seven-day hunt, which is carried out in May.

There is no need to rough it on this hunt as the accommodations provided include a beautiful, modern, and well-appointed cabin. This cabin is powered by a small generator and comes with many facilities, including television, fridge, mobile network coverage, bathroom, etc.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The dedication and hard work that this outfitter puts into his hunts have impressed us greatly. When you join this hunt, you are sure to take a bear or a grizzly as a trophy. The guides work very hard and make multiple flights to ensure that the hunters get close to the animals, thus increasing their chances of a successful hunt.

The guides of this hunt are very knowledgeable and give first priority to client safety. They take excellent care of hunters and their hunt from once the game is down till trophy care. The food and camps are excellent even though it is the middle of the wilderness. Whether you want to hunt a Grizzly or a Caribou, this outfit thinks of your success as their success and strives hard to make it possible.

Best Alaska Brown Bear Hunting Guide:
Chet & Halie Benson - Spring Brown Bear Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

Brown bear hunting is an exciting and memorable experience for a trophy hunter. If your dream is to get a brown bear trophy that is seven or eight feet, then you have come to the right place. Chet & Halie Benson offer spring hunts in May and June, where you can hunt Brown Bears and Grizzlies as well. These hunts last for ten days, and in the end, you are sure to get the trophy that you desire.

The hunt includes a comfortable cabin that contains everything that you need to have a comfortable stay. It also includes transport, field trophy preparation, and trophy measurement, among other services. This outfitter offers hunt over bait as well as spot and stalk hunts.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Chet & Halie Benson not only love everything that Alaska has to offer, but they also love sporting and outdoor life. This is one of the reasons why they provide such amazing hunting trips to their clients. They make sure that their clients have a successful hunt and take back beautiful memories of the greatest adventure of their lifetime.

The outfitter takes a personal interest in all the hunts, which we find very refreshing. These hunts are put together with tremendous amounts of effort and preparation, which makes the clients feel special and important. Special emphasis is put on the safety and success of every hunt.

Best Alaska Moose Hunting Guide:
Chet & Halie Benson - Moose Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

The Alaskan moose is the largest moose on this planet, and the Chet & Halie Benson has produced a number of trophy moose over the years. This ten-day hunt in the Alaska Range is available in September, and hunters will be able to take a 50-inch or bigger moose.

Delicious food and comfortable accommodation are provided to hunters during the hunt. The guides on this hunt will make sure that you get every opportunity to harvest your perfect moose trophy. They have excellent knowledge and experience regarding field trophy preparation and trophy measurement. You can also take extra animals such as wolverine, caribou, mountain goat, etc. while you are on this moose hunt.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This moose hunt, which is organized and operated by Chet, is perfect for any hunter who has ever dreamt of a trophy moose. Chet is a licensed pilot and has advanced wilderness medical training. His enthusiasm and dedication towards a successful hunt will get you your dream trophy.

Their hunting areas hold a number of good-sized trophies. The guides of this hunt set the pace of the hunt according to the client’s physical health. If you are physically fit, they are going to push you to the limit and rest only after you have a trophy that will be the talk of the camp. 

Best Alaska Duck Hunting Guide:
Waterfowl and Wingshooting

What the Hunt Includes

If you want to experience one of the best waterfowl and wingshooting hunt in Alaska, then this hunt is for you. On this trip, you can hunt a variety of diver and puddle ducks as well as sandhill geese and crane. Their upland bird hunting offers a chance at ruffed grouse, spruce grouse, and all three species of ptarmigan.

You can book your hunt from August 10 to March 15. You will be provided a cozy and modern cabin for your stay and the day trips will be conducted from there. There are no assistant guides on this hunt, and you will be guided by the owner Matt. The best thing about this hunt is that you will be provided a one-on-one experience as only one hunter is booked at a time.   

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you want to experience a duck hunting trip that is custom-made, then this trip is just right for you. The owner takes a personal interest in all the hunts and guides all the trips personally, thus creating a special bond with his customers. The complete satisfaction of the hunters is guaranteed, which is highly appreciated.

Another great thing about this outfit is that only one hunter is booked at a time, so you can be sure that you will have a trip tailored according to your requirements and preferences. Moreover, there is a special 10% discount for first responders and military law enforcement.    

Best Alaska Wolf Hunting:
Boat Based Wolf Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

Have you ever dreamt of going on a boat-based wolf hunt that is conducted from the comfort of a modern boat, then this quality trip is for you. Hunting a wolf requires patience and diligence. With a combination of calling and spot and stalk, you will have a high chance of success in obtaining one of the hardest trophies.   

This hunt is carried out from the comfort of a fifty-foot boat where hearty meals and a warm bunk will be your base camp. The success rate of this outfitter has been phenomenal, which is why they claim that if a hunter does not have a successful trip, he will get a rebate of $3,000!

Why it Stands Out to Us

Hunting from a boat is a unique experience, and this outfitter ensures that on this hunt, you will be able to fulfill your dream of catching the ‘ultimate predator.’ All the guests will stay aboard a fifty-foot boat fitted with all the modern amenities, including a fridge, en-suite shower, bunk beds, etc.

We like the fact that this outfitter is very sure of his success and promises a rebate to his customers in case they don’t get a trophy. The guides on this trip are very knowledgeable and work hard to provide their customers with multiple opportunities at a wolf pack.    

7. Fall Black Bear Hunt 1x1

What the Hunt Includes

Southeast Alaska has an abundance of the black bear population with color phase bears found in very large numbers. Fall bears are usually found at an elevation of 2,000 feet or above, and they are highly active during daylight hours, which greatly increase the chances of having a successful hunt.

All the hunts start and end at Haines, Alaska, and you will be required to wear mountain boots on this fall black bear hunt. Hunters will be provided cabins on this hunt. These comfortable cabins not only provide a panoramic view but also come with en-suite shower, washer dryer, Wi-Fi, mobile network and electricity, etc.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

This outfitter has a twenty-year experience of guiding one-on-one archery and rifle black bear hunts in the Chilkat Country. This hunt takes place from 1st September to 15th October. The beautiful wilderness and professional guides combine to make this trip a hunt of a lifetime.

If you want to experience an amazing fall bear hunt, then this hunt is not to be missed. The big game tags are available over-the-counter, and the rustic, remote cabins provided to guests on this hunt are truly awesome. Reaching the hunt may require extensive arrangements, but not to worry as you will be assisted by the outfitter. 

8. Free Range Plains Bison Draw Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

Hunting the magnificent Bison is unequaled in adventure and excitement. This once-in-a-lifetime drawing hunt can be booked from 22nd February to 31st March, but the application period for the coming year starts from 1st November and ends on 15th December. The free-range plains Bison draw hunt takes place on private land on the East side of Copper River inside the Wrangell St. National Park and Reserve.

During February and March, Bison come down from the mountains in order to feed near the river. On this trip, you will use snowmobiles to access the area. This is a difficult but highly rewarding hunt, and anyone interested in this hunt should start putting in now as it might take many years to draw a tag.   

Why it Stands Out to Us

The free-range plains Bison draw hunt has some of the most professional and experienced guides who are not only knowledgeable about the animals but are also very concerned about making this a successful trip for their customers. The hearty home-cooked meals and a rustic bunkhouse as accommodation ensure to make this a memorable trip.

Nonresidents are allowed only one Bison tag per lifetime, and if you are up to the challenge, then there is no time to waste. We find this an ideal hunt for hunters interested in Bison trophy as it has an opportunity rate of 100% and a harvest rate of 80%.

9. Yacht Based Sitka Black Tailed Deer 2020

What the Hunt Includes

Hunting the Sitka Black-Tailed deer is a unique and stimulating hunt. These hunts take place in the month of November, during peak rut, or in December post-rut. During November, bucks respond to a fawn bleat and often come at a very close range, thus providing hunters with an exciting experience. Hunting during this period is done in the walk-then-sit style.

This hunt can be quite challenging, both physically and mentally. It is yacht-based, and the hunters will stay for six days onboard a luxurious and modern yacht. The cabins are spacious, and guests can enjoy some great cuisine. The weather can turn quite cold, and you can expect both rain and snow.   

Why it Stands Out to Us

This hunt has all the makings of a comfortable and safe adventure. We find the 78-foot custom yacht, Alaskan Grandeur, pretty impressive. It is designed with four guest rooms, each with its own in-room satellite phone and a private bath. The Grandeur also boasts a spacious salon with comfortable leather couches where guests can gather to regale the day’s events.

On this hunt, you can also enjoy some of the most breathtaking scenery. The only sound you will hear will be the rippling of water, screeching of Bald Eagles or Gulls, and the blowing of whales. You cannot only hunt for a Sitka Black-Tailed deer trophy successfully but also experience a relaxed and tranquil trip. Another great thing about this outfitter is that it promises a 100% shooting opportunity.     

10. Sea Duck Hunting

What the Hunt Includes

This seven-day sea duck hunting trip on the Alaska Peninsula is a wonderful experience. The scenery is amazing, guides are easy-going and knowledgeable, and the birds are in great numbers. This outfitter provides a truly memorable sea duck hunting trip where you can hunt Pacific Elders, Long-tailed duck, Common scooter, and Ptarmigan.  

On this trip, you are sure to take a number of species of waterfowls, whether you are shooting from the beach or from a layout boat. Special emphasis is given to the safety of hunters in all aspects of the operation. The sea duck hunting season begins on the 1st of November and runs to the end of the month.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We find this to be an exceptional hunt as it offers Pacific Common Eider hunts with a good chance of success. Usually, on these hunts, there is a great risk to the hunter involved, or there aren’t enough birds to sustain commercial pressure. This outfitter, on the other hand, not only pays particular attention to the safety of his clients but also hunts in areas where there is an abundance of birds.  

Hunters are provided accommodations at the cozy Bering Inn located in the vicinity of Nelson Lagoon. There are three guest rooms with private baths, while two rooms come with a shared bath. You can also enjoy some of the local cuisines in the inn’s dining room.

Final Thoughts Before Hunting in Alaska

There are many places in the world where you can enjoy game hunting, but those places do not possess the charm that Alaska has. The sublime beauty of this country is enhanced by majestic mountains, magnificent glaciers, and the mystery that surrounds its beautiful forests. Moreover, it is home to some of the world’s most unique animal species and biggest game animals.   

Hunting in Alaska offers a truly unforgettable wilderness adventure. There are a number of hunting trips available in Alaska that can help you enjoy an extraordinary hunting experience of a lifetime. These trips offer world-class amenities as well as exceptional hunting trophies. Book today and capture that trophy that you have always dreamt about while experiencing the breathtaking and exceptional Alaskan terrain. 

People Also Ask

Having complete knowledge about the weather conditions in Alaska, rules, and regulations regarding game hunting, services provided by the outfitter, and what equipment you will need on a hunting trip to Alaska will ensure a successful hunt. In addition to this, answers to the following questions commonly asked by people will help you get your dream trophy.    

Where Can I Hunt Dall Sheep in Alaska?

Dall sheep is an all-white, hoofed large mammal native to Alaska. It is stocky with yellow eyes, amber horns, and black feet and nose. Dall sheep hunting is preferred by individuals who love the challenge and want to experience alpine hunting. The Mackenzie Mountains located in Canada’s Northwest Territories are famous for Dall sheep hunting. These mountains are inhibited by record class trophy rams, and hunters have recorded trophies up to 46-inches.    

How Much is a Dall Sheep Hunt in Alaska? 

For a genuine hunting experience, you will have to travel to some of the most inaccessible and remote areas in Alaska. Hunts to such places are usually priced between $16,000 and $20,000. However, the cost of tags and licenses, and travel from residence to the provincial or state capital is not included in this.

How Many Moose Can You Hunt in Alaska?

Moose are not just a game animal. They are also valued for their meat. Annually, at least 7,000 moose are harvested, which results in almost 3.5 million pounds of meat. However, in order to protect the moose population, a hunter is restricted to one species.

What Can You Hunt in Alaska?

Alaska is a hunting haven for hunters as it is home to a number of big-game animals such as caribou, muskox, elk, bison, Dall sheep, grizzly and brown bear, wolves, moose, black bears, mountain goats, and Sitka black-tailed deer.

In addition, it also provides excellent waterfowl and small game hunting opportunities.

How Much Does it Cost to Hunt in Alaska? 

Hunting cost in Alaska varies depending on the game animals and the number of hunting days. For example, a five-day caribou hunt can cost from $9,000 to $11,000, while a black bear seven-day hunt can cost $5,000 to $7,000. A five-day duck hunting package can cost $4,000 to $5,500 while an eleven-day brown bear hunt, on the other hand, can cost a hefty sum of $17,000 to $ 21,000.

Why Can't You Hunt the Same Day You Fly in Alaska?

An airplane is one of the best ways to access remote places to hunt. But there is a chance that as you are coming in to land at your moose hunting camp, you spot a large bull moose nearby. If you head out immediately to the spot where you saw the moose, it will give you an unfair advantage over the animal. Thus, the hunting regulations in Alaska prohibit hunting within 24 hours of flying in Alaska, giving the moose a fair chance to be elsewhere when you start your hunt the next day.

How Much Does it Cost to Hunt Grizzly Bear in Alaska?

Hunting a grizzly requires experience and a lot of preparation. As it takes place in limited and difficult to reach places, it is quite expensive. A grizzly hunt with a well-equipped and reputable outfitter will cost from about $12,000 to $20,000.

How Much Does it Cost to Hunt Bear in Alaska? 

The cost of bear hunting in Alaska depends on the distance that you have to travel to get to the hunting area, what gear you will need to purchase, what kind of transportation you will use to get to the hunting area, and several other factors that are unique to your situation. In addition, you will also have to take into account some fixed costs, which include hunting license, bear tag, guide fees, taxidermy fees, and land use fees (if any). Thus, a bear hunt in Alaska can cost $16,000 to $22,000.  

How Much Does it Cost to Hunt Moose in Alaska? 

The Alaska-Yukon moose is one of the most expensive moose to hunt with prices ranging from $16,000 to $18,000. A large part of this sum is used to cover the travel expenses to remote areas where these moose dwell.

Can You Hunt Year Round in Alaska?

There are only three animals that you can hunt all year round in Alaska. They are squirrels, beavers, and coyote. Hunting season for deer, elk, caribou, and mountain goat is open August through December. September through October is moose hunting season while the wolf season starts in August and runs through May.  

Can You Hunt on Your Own Land in Alaska?

Private landowners have special hunting rights in Alaska. They can hunt big game on their property out of season.

What Animals Are Illegal to Hunt in Alaska?

It is illegal to hunt threatened or endangered species in Alaska.

Can You Hunt Anywhere in Alaska?

All Alaska residents qualify for subsistence hunt and fish on private land as well as state waters and land. Generally, these residents can hunt or fish on federal subsistence areas near their residence to ensure minimum loss of wildlife on protected lands. 

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