Best Hunting Trips on a Budget – 2021 Guide

Hunting trips usually come with a high price tag, especially if they are guided. Most dream hunter’s destinations surpass the amount most people can spend on recreational activity. But that doesn’t mean you can never go hunting again. 

There are destinations that offer affordable alternatives. If you can build up some physical strength and gain some extra skill sets, then you can have an incredible trip at a very reasonable price. 

This article is all about affordable hunting destinations filled with good-sized animals. A closer look at what these destinations have to offer will help you plan an incredible trip. So read on and start planning!

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Comparison of the Best Hunting Trips on a Budget

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Can You Go Hunting on a Budget?

Most expensive hunting trips offer a lot of services that make the overall experience quite convenient. However, willingness to put in some extra hard work can go a long way in bringing you an affordable deal. 

There are hunting destinations that are less treaded by gamers because of their steep land or somewhat difficult navigation. These sites are filled with diverse species of incredible animals. If hunters are ready to take on difficult terrain, they can get very successful at these destinations.


Additionally, you may also learn extra skills to survive better in the wilderness and opt for options like camping instead of a cabin stay. Learning to set up a tent, make your own food, travel with little luggage, etc. equip you to endure the wilderness at its fullest. Not only do these experiences become a cherished memory, but they also cut down the cost of hunting.

In a nutshell, hard work pays off. If you want to hunt on a budget, start with building some physical strength and try to minimize your dependence on others for comfort. These, along with know-how of where to look for your favorite animal, will make for a very reasonably priced hunting trip

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Review of the Best Hunting Trips on a Budget

There are plenty of opportunities for a great hunt out there. Be it moose, deer, alligator, duck, goose, hog, or whatever you are after; there are hunting trips that offer a high success rate for them.

However, some hot sites sprawl with species of a certain kind. In this section, we will look into some of the best budget-friendly hunting trips that cover these sites and what they have to offer.

Best Hunting Trip on a Budget:Prairie Dog/Varmint Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

This hunt includes mostly varmints and prairie dogs. These little mammals run around and hide, which makes for an exciting chase and a fun challenge. The site is abundant in the animals, and you can shoot to your heart’s content. 

The locality has private grounds, so you don’t fear the risk of hunting outside the law. This trip makes for a very fun and recreational experience to enjoy with friends or family. 

The guided trip opens from the start of April till the mid of August, giving you plenty of time to plan and enjoy your stay. All in all, the journey to hunt prairie dogs and varmints to Wyoming, United States, makes for a memorable hunting expedition.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The trip has a lot to offer. The site spans over 40,000 acres of fenceless land that is guided by experienced professionals. The animals are in such abundance that it is suggested to bring 300-400 ammunitions per person for one day. Visitors are transported to the several prairie dog towns on the ranch via transportation and are provided with lunch as well.

Even though onsite accommodations are not available, they are many motel options in Wyoming that the hunters can explore. Moreover, the site is kid-friendly and is 80% forest, which turns the grounds into a beautiful scenery. 

Best Elk Hunting Trip on a Budget:Late Seas.Cow Elk

What the Hunt Includes

Elk hunting is very popular, especially because the kill is good sized and eatable. Late Seas Cow/Elk hunting in Wyoming provides guided trips for hunting the gorgeous beast. These are three days long and fully guided with plenty of animals around the property. 

With a 95% success rate, the site offers combo hunts to enjoy with friends and family. The staff helps you stalk the game and also manage the meat. Their hunting season lasts from the start of November to the end of December.

With transport provided on the territory along with facilities like trophy measurements, this trip packs a successful game season with excellent facilities. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Elk hunting can be demanding. It is a tedious business, especially if the animal is scarce in number at the site. But on this trip, there is a chance you’ll see an elk every day. The trip takes place on a beautiful lush green hilly landscape covering 34 square miles that provide an ideal environment for elks.

The fully guided trip offers onsite transport. It offers facilities like quartering of meat to the game processor, capping, and delivery to the taxidermist, field trophy preparation, etc. that enhance the overall efficiency of the trip. In this way, they also take into account the convenience of their visitors. 

Best Duck Hunting Trip on a Budget:Guided Duck Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

The guided duck hunt is located in Oklahoma. The site organizes morning hunts that last from sunrise to 11 AM. The trip is usually offered from the first week of November to the last week of January, with the peak duck season lasting from Mid-December to the end of January. 

The hunt takes place on 1800 acres of Red River bottom farmland, small creeks, and also on ponds present on the property. The initial payment covers all expenses of calling, decoys, blinds, and dogs for bird retrieval. Depending upon the situation of the day, the trip might include hunting geese as well. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

As one of the most affordable and facilitated hunting trips, the expedition has a lot to offer. In addition to transport on the territory, the site also offers trophy preparation and essential equipment, such as decoys and blinds. They have alert dogs for quick bird retrieval covered under the price. 

The cost also includes snacks, water, and coffee. The birds are hunted with shotguns that can be rented for $100. One of the best things about this trip is that it does not allow hunters who do not have hunting licenses and gun permits. As a result, an overall safe environment prevails where no unauthorized hunters dwell. 

The grounds open for about three months, yet the ducks remain in abundance. With a long hunting season, you can easily plan your trip according to your convenience. 

Best Whitetail Deer Hunting Trip on a Budget:Deer Day Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

Situated in the remote wooded acres of Arkansas, the site is rich in wildlife. The trips offered are guided with the promise of an authentic wilderness adventure. The site has plentiful non-captive whitetail deer.

There are several grazing patches of wheat, turnips, acorn, clover, etc. to lure the deer in sight. The hunting trip opens from the first week of September to the last week of February, with the best hunting period falling from the end of September till the end of February. Hunters can use a variety of weapons, including crossbows, muzzles, shotguns, and rifles. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The trip focuses on providing the best experience to all their customers. This is why they take only one trip at a time to provide an exclusive and safe trip to them. They specialize in catering to the needs of different skill levels of hunters from beginners to experts.

The site is filled with non-captive and non-engineered animals living in their natural habitat. With a success rate of 93% and an opportunity rate of 100%, the trip offers amazing facilities such as field dressing and de-boning. 

Overall, this trip can accommodate the needs of all levels of deer hunters. The hunting grounds allow you to take lodgings at the site and experience true wilderness. 

Best Moose Hunting Trip on a Budget:European Moose Hunt in the Rut

What the Hunt Includes

For moose hunting, we turn to Russia. The land provides for an unbeatable moose hunting trip, especially during the rut season. On 36,000 hectares of mostly forested non-fenced land, moose wander in quite a significant number.

Moose are especially easy to spot and trap during the rut season. When a hunter imitates the mating calls of a male moose, the old bulls in response draw closer to the place where the hunter is located. Once near enough, they come within a clean shot’s range. 

The trip is offered for only the month of September and is guided. Hunters can hunt using only rifles, and the wounded game is considered to be taken and is charged for. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The trip and hunting grounds ensure a good stay for their customers. That is why onsite accommodations are included in the charges. Moreover, three meals of the day and snacks are also provided by the management. 

The trip lasts for two days and covers wide expanses of thick forest on scarcely hilly terrain. Moose are trapped by imitating mating calls. For the convenience of the visitors, the trip also offers trophy measurements and hunting licenses. 

Hunters must bring their own rifles as rifle rentals are not available. The visitors are met at the airport by the management’s representatives and brought to the site. At the site, they are given safe and clean accommodations in classic hunting houses. The whole setup makes for a truly unforgettable bucket-list experience.  

Best Bear Hunting Trip on a Budget:Baited Black Bear Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

Bear sightings are routine in Maine, United States, especially from the middle of summers to the end. The hunting site situated in Maine cares about the personal attention for each of their visitors. This is why they take only a limited number of people for the guided trip.

The trip includes bear hunting as well as fishing. The site management sets up baits on several spots throughout the property prior to the opening season. All of the baits are metal ladder stands and securely hold the bear, allowing you to go as close as 20-100 yards.

The trip is open for bow hunters and offers special discounts to youth and militia hunters. The hunting season lasts from the end of August to the end of September, with the peak bear activity falling from the end of August to mid-September.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

The trip offers transport to and from the airport as well as comfortable lodgings. Since it is a bear hunting site, trophy kills are frequent. As a result, the trip offers field trophy preparations and trophy measurements. 

One month of the hunting period is divided into four weeks. Groups can decide upon which week they want to join based on their availability. 

The hunting takes place on 15,000 acres of non-fenced land that is partly hilly and mountainous and partly plain. The site has spots with thick, dense forests as well as agricultural fields. For the entertainment of the visitors, fishing is also allowed on the territory. 

This trip is ideal for bear hunters who are looking for a good gaming season paired with assisting facilities for a time well spent.

Best Goose Hunting Trip on a Budget:Manitoba Wilderness Waterfowl Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

The waterfowl hunting territory located in Manitoba, Canada, provides a serene landscape with wild rice lakes and vast expanses of greens. The lakes are frequented by geese and ducks primarily during the migration season. The trip is guided and opens from the end of September till the mid of October.

A four-day fully-guided trip stations the hunters near the lakes in blinds. Decoys are also covered in the price and attract the largest geese for an easy shot. The bag limit of ducks is eight, and for geese, it is five per day. Meanwhile, the possession limit is 24 and 15, respectively.

The territory is a shotgun range that can be rented from the camp. For entertainment, hunters may also indulge in fishing on their own. The site welcomes all levels of hunters from novice to seasoned. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The trip is very accommodating. It provides the comfort of home while giving a unique hunting experience. The hunters stay in fully equipped, modern, and newly constructed cabins. The cabins are supplied with TVs and VCRs for entertainment as well as complimentary movies.

The cabins also house fully equipped kitchens with propane barbecues. There are fully functional bathrooms with showers with each cabin. All these facilities provide unmatched comfort.

The camp can also arrange charged pickups from the airports for their visitors. In order to enjoy your time at Manitoba waterfowl hunt, all you need to do is book your four days and pack only your clothes and weapon. The camp has you covered for the rest.

Best Turkey Hunting Trip on a Budget:Missouri Spring Unguided Turkey Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

These hunting grounds are functional throughout the year. Located in one of the top three turkey hunting sites, Missouri, the territory expands over 10,500 sq. miles of land. The camp boasts wooded forests and wide lakes where turkeys dwell.

There is a significant population of eastern turkey that can be targeted from the blinds provided by the camp. The three-day trip is self-guided with a 100% success rate. 

The hunting period lasts from mid-April to the start of May. Bird limits are restricted to one bird in the first week, two birds in the second week, and one bird per day in the third week. The site caters to bow and shotgun hunters. However, gun rentals are not available.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Apart from a fully immersive hunting adventure, the site also provides accommodations and two meals with snacks throughout the day. Hunters stay in the main lodge situated in the middle of the grounds. The four bedrooms equipped with attached baths can each sleep up to four people. 

The lodge has a TV and a recreation area. The kitchen is taken care of by a professional chef, ensuring safe, healthy, and delicious food. The cabin is also Wi-Fi enabled. 

The hunting grounds have a variety of hunting setups ready for their customers. The blinds are located near the wooded areas as well as the lake to ensure maximum opportunity. Since this is an unguided trip, it works best for experienced hunters, but the camp welcomes all sorts of hunters.

Best Hog Hunting Trip on a Budget:1 Hog Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

For those who crave a South Texan visit and hunting hogs, this territory located in the Golden Triangle Texas is the perfect destination. The camp is situated only half an hour away from the airport and provides one of the best-guided hog hunting.

The ranch has thick covers of bushes which provide an ideal environment for hogs. When the hogs come out at night, the hunters have already taken place in their blinds. The unsuspecting hogs are taken down with an easy shot.

The ranch is active throughout the year, and each trip lasts for two days and one night. A limited number of hunters are allowed at one time to give exclusive treatment to all the guests. 

The 1000 acres of mainly plain landscape houses one of the best hunting experiences anyone could dream of. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

When it comes to taking care of their guests, the ranch is second to none. The hunters lodge in private cabins that are tastefully and fully furnished with a functional and equipped kitchenette as well as a running shower bathroom. 

The trip is inclusive of all prices, so there are no hidden charges throughout your stay. Your payment covers lodgings, meals as well as beverages. 

Transport from the airport is available, which further adds to the convenience of your stay. The camp provides trophy-related facilities and is open for bow as well as rifle hunters. The site is also disabled-friendly. 

Best Alligator Hunting Trip on a Budget:Discounted Priv. Land Alligator Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

The Florida-based hunting territory makes a bucket list hunt come true. The management provides the opportunity to fill public land tags or provides private land tags. The opportunity rate is 100% for mature alligators.

The alligators are hunted by the spot-and-stalk technique from a Swamp Buggy or an AirBoat. The grounds offer a no-harvest no-pay guarantee, which reinforces their confidence in their high success rate.

There are no additional charges for trophy hunts. The camp is open for novices as well as experienced hunters. The guided trip allows hunting on private grounds via any weapon of choice.

The hunt lasts for a total of one day and is available throughout the year. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Covering 21000 acres of land, the hunting grounds give one of the best hunting experiences. They cater to all skill levels of hunters and provide private as well as public ground coverage.

The trip lasts only for one day and still has a 100% success rate. The camp facilitates trophy hunting and measurements as well as field preparations. In case you bag a trophy animal, no additional costs are charged.

For hunters who want to elongate their stay, the management can set them up at multiple locations throughout town. 

Gun rentals are available, so all you need is to bring your hunting licenses. The property allows hunters to use any weapon to harvest the alligator on private grounds. However, for public grounds, usually harpoons, crossbows, and bang sticks are used. 

Quick Take | Best Hunting Trips on a Budget

Just looking for the top three best hunting trips on a budget? Here they are:

  1. Prairie Dog/Varmint Hunt
  2. Late Seas.Cow Elk
  3. Guided Duck Hunt

Final Thoughts Before Hunting

A successful, fun, and relaxing hunting trip should not cost you a fortune. The United States is abundant in wildlife, and there are many hunting grounds operational that provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

With the right locality and an experienced guide, you can enjoy high success rates on the hunting grounds. Some camps also offer comfortable and clean lodgings for you to unwind and relax after a hectic day fueled by adrenaline.

From large mammals like elks and deer to exotic fowls like alligators, you can have a wonderful time hunting and harvesting trophy animals. So start planning for your thrilling and exciting adventure. 


For a successful, memorable, and enjoyable hunting trip, there are affordable alternatives available. With the right skill sets that reduce dependence on assistance from others and a hunting site that offers the basics without the unnecessary luxuries, you are in for a great time at an affordable rate. 

There are plenty of hunting grounds located around the States that provide the basic facilities and have plentiful animals on their grounds. These sites offer a high success rate with an authentic taste of the wild that makes for a worthwhile experience.

People Also Ask

Planning a hunting trip needs a lot of looking into. At times, it might even get confusing and overwhelming. It is best, therefore, to do as much homework as possible to end up with a trip perfect for you. 

Regarding that, you still might have some questions left unanswered. In this section, we will address some of the most asked questions about hunting trips on a budget with clear and well-researched answers.

How Much Are Hunting Trips?

The cost of a hunting trip depends upon a few factors. Including these are mainly the type of animal you want to harvest, facilities provided by the camp, duration of the trip, and lodgings. Based on these, a hunting trip can cost from $200 to $2000. 

Pricier hunting trips are usually for larger animals such as elks, moose, and deer. They span over a few days and might also accommodate lodgings. Smaller animals, such as fowl and varmints, do not cost as much.


Are Guided Hunts Worth it?

For hunters who are new to the territory, a guided hunt is better. These are led by experienced professionals who know exactly where to find the animal and how to lure it closer. They can imitate almost perfect callings to draw the animals closer. 

Moreover, you get an extra pair of hands to deal with your kill after. Be it novice or experienced hunters, a guided hunt is always a good idea.

What is the Most Expensive Hunt in the World?

The most expensive hunts in the world belong to five species. These include leopard, lion, elephant, rhinoceros, and cape buffalo. The price may go up to $15,000 per animal. The reason behind the expensive hunt is mainly that they are becoming more and more endangered and need to be protected at all costs to maintain the global ecosystem. 

How Much Does a Guided Moose Hunt Cost?

Guided moose hunts are a popular sport throughout the world. In the United States, they can cost from around $1500 to more than $5000. The rise in price is proportional to the party size, length of the trip, and the facilities provided. The larger the animal, the higher is its price. Similarly, each additional facility adds on to the cost.