Best Florida Duck Hunting Guides (2021 Reviews)

| Last Updated September 14, 2020

Hunting for many is more than just a sport. For some, it is a great bonding time with their elders, whereas, for others, it is a tradition passed down the generations. No matter what the case is, hunting enthusiasts are very passionate about it. 

Florida is considered to be one of the best spots for duck hunting, given the migration patterns of the birds. They have incredible varieties of migrating and resident birds. To help you maximize your duck hunting experience in Florida, we have reviewed the best Florida duck hunting guides you can opt for. 

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Comparison of the Best Florida Duck Hunting Guides

  • Great variety of ducks available
  • Boat hiring for additional entertainment
  • Field trophy preparation
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  • Easy guided hunting trips
  • Have half day trips available
  • Price includes insurance
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  • Transport on territory
  • Guided hunting for all
  • Decoys are included
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  • Extra entertainment available
  • Shotgun hunting of ducks
  • Guided hunting experience
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Why Florida is Such a Great Place to Duck Hunt

One must wonder what exactly it is about Florida, which makes it such a hot spot for duck hunting. Whether a person is a beginner or a professional duck hunter, Florida is at the top of his list for the best places for hunting. Let’s look at a few key points which make Florida a great destination for duck hunting:


Be it migratory or resident, Florida becomes the sanctuary to a large number of ducks offering a great opportunity to hunt. As the winter approaches the North, the birds migrate to Florida to the coasts in seek of refuge. Bluebills, Canvasbacks, Widgeon, Redheads, Pintails, Gadwalls, Blue-winged teal, Mottled ducks, etc. are just some of the varieties available to hunt. 

Ideal Location

Location is very important when it comes to hunting ducks, which is precisely why Florida is a great place for duck hunting. It is home to many beautiful lakes, ponds, marshes, coast as well as flooded pastures, making it a great spot for migratory ducks. Thus, whether you are a skilled professional or a beginner, you are bound to find a good location for hunting in Florida. 

Ease of Hunting

Florida opens its top locations to the public for hunting, unlike many other states. Their licensing and permit procedure for hunting is pretty straightforward. You can get a hold of guides in all price points, which makes it accessible. 

Furthermore, some guides even offer a gun rental service in case you don’t have ammunition with you. The outstanding locations with such great opportunities make it a great place to hunt ducks.

Review of the Best Florida Duck Hunting Guides

There are plenty of duck hunting guides, but not all are worth your time and energy. It is important to have the right guide with you to help make your hunting trip successful and fruitful. Thus, we took the liberty of reviewing the best duck hunting guides for Florida. Have a look:

What the Hunt Includes

This incredible guide includes hunting on Okeechobee Lake, which is surrounded by private wetlands. Most of their hunts take place from duck boats, which are very well equipped and highly ergonomic. These feature comfortable seating, blinds as well as decoys

The management keeps tabs on the ducks and their movements throughout the season solely to improve the success of their clients. They can even offer trips to hunt mottled and tree ducks that are hard to find without charging any extra. They also offer a gun rental service. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Duck hunting is incredibly subjective as what is preferred by one may not seem like a suitable setting for another. However, this guide made sure that experience was appreciated by all clients. They were deemed as incredibly professional and helpful throughout. 

They offer ergonomic and well-equipped duck boats that have blinds and comfortable seating. Another great feature is how they offer trips upon request to hunt mottled and tree ducks, which are Florida elusive and that too without any additional charges. 

What the Hunt Includes

December is a great season for duck hunting. Many species of ducks migrate to Florida in December and January; thus, it is the perfect time for hunting ducks. A good guide can make a world of difference when it comes to hunting ducks. It provides calling, hunting from a blind, shotgun hunting, and an overall guided, easy trip.

The price for the entire package also involves transport on the territory, guiding by PH, beverages, hiring boats, etc. The insurance allows you to completely enjoy our trip rather than worrying about anything. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are plenty of features that allow this to be a great hunting guide. It features transport on the territory, which a lot of companies do not offer. This proves to be highly useful. 

Furthermore, insurance is a huge relief as well and is included in the package cost. It gives you a chance to enjoy the trip rather than worrying about anything. It also offers calling and blinds; thus, it’s good for you if you are a hunter who prefers using these hunting accessories.  

What the Hunt Includes

Professional waterfowl hunters look forward to hunting in Florida, given its prime location and weather. This guide offers a disabled-friendly trip, which is often something people have trouble looking for but not with this guide. 

The entire territory size is 1000 square miles, which, according to landscape, is 40% Fields, 40 % Forest, and 20% agricultural lands. It also comes with insurance, which removes the worry and allows you to enjoy the trip.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Surely, this guide is one of the best ones in Florida. It stood out to us due to how disabled-friendly it is, as many guides do not offer this privilege. Furthermore, it offers transport on the territory, which is quite helpful as the total territory size is 1000 square miles. 

You can also experience hunting from a blind if that is something that works for you. They also offer a gun rental service, which isn’t the case for all companies. 

What the Hunt Includes

The best thing about this hunt is that it offers duck hunting in the morning and fishing in the afternoon. It also involves hunting from blinds. Furthermore, it can come with insurance that can be added to the existing package to have a worry-free trip. 

There is a gun rental service available as well, so you can rent guns on the site in case you don’t bring your own. The territory isn’t fenced and is managed by a highly professional team.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Last but certainly not the least, this Cast and Blast hunt guide is incredible. The guide management is incredibly professional and very helpful as well. One of its standout features is on-territory transport, which allows it to be convenient as well. 

Another great feature is the insurance, which can be added upon the existing price to ensure a worry-free trip. Furthermore, a gun rental service is also available in case one doesn’t have his own ammunition. 

Quick Take | Best Florida Duck Hunting Guides

Just looking for the three best Florida duck hunting guides? Here they are:

  1. Duck Hunting
  2. Duck Hunt December 
  3. Waterfowl Hunt '19-'20

Final Thoughts Before Duck Hunting in Florida

Florida is perhaps one of the top places to consider for duck hunting in the states. It offers prime locations as well as a variety of different duck species to hunt. This is why it is such a favorite for hunters, whether they are professionals or just beginners. The coast becomes home to many species of migratory birds. 

Hunting is a very rewarding sport as it puts you in a natural environment and requires you to have a heightened response and to be aware of the surroundings. For a lot of people, it has sentimental value as well, given its tradition and culture. 

Thus, with this post, we decided to review the best duck hunting guides for you in the hope of delivering all the information you need to in order to have a great duck hunting trip

People Also Ask

Before going forward with your hunting trip, it is important to know about the place, guide, etc. This is precisely why people tend to have a lot of questions about it. Thus, we took your most frequently asked questions and answered them. 

What Kind of Ducks Can You Hunt in Florida?

Florida is a great place to hunt ducks, as, during the hunting season, it becomes a host to many migratory birds apart from the resident ones already located there. These include Ringneck ducks, Bluebills, Canvasbacks, Red Heads, Widgeon, Blue-Winged Teal, Gadwalls, Redheads, Fulvous whistling Ducks, Black-Bellied Whistling ducks, etc. 

What is Needed to Hunt Ducks in Florida?

There are a few things that need to be checked before you go on your hunting trip. The first and foremost requirement for hunting ducks in Florida is a hunting license. To be able to hunt migratory birds, you will require a migratory bird permit. You will also need a waterfowl permit as well as a federal duck stamp. 

How Long is Duck Season in Florida?

The duck season is different for different species of ducks. The duck season for teal and wood duck only is 21st to 25th September. Meanwhile, it’s 26th September to 29th for teal only. Furthermore, 23rd November to 1st December and 7th December to 26th January are also duck hunting seasons. 

How Many Ducks Are You Allowed to Shoot?

The possession limit for shooting ducks is triple the daily bag limit. The number of ducks you’re allowed to shoot differs according to the species. One pintail, three redheads, two canvasbacks, seven mallards, and three scaups are the possession limit for a few species. It is important to know this before going hunting. 

How Many Wood Ducks Can You Kill in Florida?

The possession limit in Florida for ducks is three times the bag limits. The bag limit is six birds, amongst which only two can be wood ducks. It is important to kill them in a humane way. Furthermore, the residents are allowed to shoot and kill Muscovy ducks as long as they are on their property. 

What Time Can You Shoot Ducks?

The shooting hours can differ, and that would be mentioned in the guides. However, the standard shooting hours are from half an hour prior to sunrise till the sunset. 

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