Best Maine Bear-Hunting Guides – 2021 Round-up

| Last Updated January 22, 2021

Are you passionate about seeking, pursuing, or killing wild animals? Trophy hunting endangered species is certainly wrong. But if you are hunting to reduce a growing animal population that can become a threat if left alone, then you are in the clear. Different states across the US have placed regulations over hunting wildlife. If you strictly adhere to them, then you can pursue your passion for hunting. 

Maine is a beautiful state in the northeastern part of America. It is known for its vast countryside, lush woodlands, and plentiful wildlife. The scenic state is one of the least populated. It is certainly worth visiting once in your lifetime. It is a great place to plan your next hunting expedition. It has a year-round hunting season with restrictions on different animal species each month. It is the home to some of the area's premier hunting games like moose, black bear, and deer. 

If you are planning a hunting trip for the upcoming season, we strongly advise you to try your hand in Maine. The bear hunting here is conducted via baiting. You can also enlist the help of bear hunting guides to help you around and take you to the best hunting spots. In this article, we have rounded off some of the best Maine bear hunting guides for you to become successful and have a thrill of a lifetime. 

Comparison of the Best Maine Bear Hunting Guides

  • High success rate
  • Regular guided hunting trips
  • Field trophy preparation
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  • Field preparation of trophies
  • Guided trips is provided
  • A high success rate
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  • Additional entertainment available
  • Cost includes accommodation and all meals
  • Guided hunting experience
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  • Many different hunting applications
  • Field dressing and skinning is included
  • Meals are provided
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  • Combo hunting opportunities
  • Professional guided hunting experience
  • Accommodation is included
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  • Guided hunting on regular trips
  • Meals are provided for all
  • Trophy preparation is included in the price
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  • Five full days of hunting experience
  • All meals are included
  • Accommodation is provided
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Why Maine is Such a Great Place For Hunting Bear

Despite being one of the greatest states for hunting, Maine is often neglected in the best hunting lists. It actually is one of the best places for big game hunting like moose and bear as well as small game and waterfowl. In this section, we will tell you why it is such a great place for hunting bears. 

Lush Woodlands

Maine is one of the least populated states in America. In fact, 90% of the state is covered in pine forests. The large area of wilderness, sparkling lakes, thick forests, and quiet marshes make it the ideal habitat for a variety of animal species. Hunting is an old recreational activity in Maine with its vast countryside and lush woodlands. 

Increase in the Bear Population 

The place is inhabited by a high density of hunting species. It is especially known for its black bear hunting. For the last few years, the bear population in Maine is steadily on the rise, which makes for better hunting opportunities. The variety of wildlife is another factor that makes Maine great for bear hunting. 

Sporting Camps and Guiding Services

Maine is the home to a number of sporting camps and guiding services. Throughout the state, you will come across great hunting lodges to serve as your hunting base. You can enlist the help of an experienced guide available to take you to the best hunting spots. 

Safety Protocol 

The state of Maine has placed strict regulations in place for the preservation of wildlife as well as for the safety of hunters. The majority of bear hunting is conducted on private land.

These areas are open to the public for hunting but with the application of some rules and regulations. The safety protocol requires all hunters to wear orange hats and vests while hunting.

Excellent Hunting Season 

Maine hosts bear hunting season once every year in fall. It starts in August and ends in November. Even with an annual season, the hunting is so successful that more and more people are demanding a spring season as well. It is an excellent location for a successful bear hunting experience. 

Review of the Best Maine Bear Hunting Guides

Bear hunting guides are people who guide and help hunters on hunting trips. The entire state of Maine is dotted with a number of guiding services that organize and supervise successful hunting expeditions. Here is a brief account of some of the best Maine Bear Hunting Guides whom you can enlist to assist you on your next hunting expedition. 

What the Hunt Includes

Baited black bear hunt offers one hunter a five-day package that includes the bear too. The amenities they offer in their package include high-quality lodging at Branch Lake in Ellsworth, Maine. The lodge has a fully functional kitchen. You can book a place in their package that facilitates a hunter for five days and includes a bear. 

They facilitate their hunters with accommodation in a camp that is equipped with everything you might need for a comfortable stay. They offer four weeks of hunting in the bear season. You arrive at noon on Sunday and depart on the coming Saturday morning. Throughout your stay, your meals and transportation are their responsibility. 

You also get a guide to advise and settle you in your baiting site. They also offer skinning, measurements, and field trophy preparation as a part of their package. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The hunt is done on privately leased hunting lands, and the guides promise a memorable experience that a true sportsman and hunter will surely appreciate and remember for a long time. They promise to deliver a unique experience to each and every one of their clients regardless of them being a beginner or a seasoned hunter. You can also book yourself with them as a group of family members or friends. 

They prepare their bait in active bear areas where the bears are actively sighted. They accommodate the unique demands of left-handed people and provide them stands in left-handed trees as well. 

What the Hunt Includes

This is a registered owner-operated guide. It includes accommodations to make your stay cozy and comfortable, transportation around the territory as well as to and from the hunting site, three times meals consisting of breakfast, lunch and dinner, beverages, and soft drinks are also a part of the package. 

Besides taking care of you, they advise and guide you through your trip and also make the necessary preparations for preparing the trophy. From trophy measurements to preservation, they take care of everything. Since hunting is a messy activity, they also offer laundry services as a part of their package. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The company operates on one territory. It offers a six-day package for one hunter with a promise to deliver you to an active bear site. They have placed a number of trail cameras to monitor their baiting sites in real. If you book your trip with them, they will provide you with the photos to prove that they have authentically booked you a hunt in a fresh baiting site. 

The bait they use to attract bears is not only fresh but also high in quality, which ensures that your prey will most certainly return for it. They have a strict discipline that you are supposed to maintain if you want to be successful. Disrupt it, and they might not book you ever again. 

What the Hunt Includes

Despite being fairly new, the company has managed to make a name for itself. It offers a comprehensive package for a single hunter for six days, along with a black bear. 

When you book yourself with them, they are responsible for taking care of you. Their package includes comfortable living arrangements at Reinhart's Lodge. It is a large and spacious place that can accommodate a big group easily. It has two fully equipped kitchens and a full bath on every level. They also have a washer and dryer to take care of your dirty clothes. 

Aside from the accommodation, their package also includes transportation, meals, beverages, and a full-time guide. They are also responsible for taking care of your trophy. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

John is a registered Maine guide who strives very hard to satisfy his clients. Whether they are beginners or seasoned hunters, this outfitter goes out of his way to make sure everyone is comfortable. He truly wants his clients to succeed, so he not only rectifies their technique but also motivates them with encouraging words. 

The guides prepare their baiting sites in advance and leave behind trail cameras to keep an eye out for bear activity from the camp. This ensures that you are taken to an active bear site. They are very strict about their discipline, so you must also adhere to it. 

What the Hunt Includes

This company has been in operation for over two decades. Currently, it operates in five territories. It offers one hunter a five-day package that includes black bear hunting. 

Other facilities include living accommodations in a cozy and comfortable camp that has all the essentials for a comfortable and relaxing stay. They will also provide you with transportation to take you around the territory. 

You also get hot and tasty meals three times a day. You can also have snacks or beverages if you want some. They will also take care of your prey. They will organize a field trophy preparation, measurement, skinning, and quartering. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

We find this to be an amazing choice for Maine Bear Hunting. The staff here is very polite and goes out of their way to make your stay with them comfortable. They take their hunts very seriously and strive to provide you with a lasting and memorable experience. 

They have over one hundred and fifty baiting sites distributed remotely over a vast paper mill land. The sites are well established and are prepared days in advance. The baits ensure that bears frequent the area and keep coming back for more. 

They are very accommodating to the unique requirements of left-handed people too. They offer both right, and left-handed ground blinds and tree stands to facilitate each and every client. 

What the Hunt Includes

John, a well-known outfitter, made this package to facilitate hunters who want to up their hunting games by gaining more exposure. This hunt is scheduled near the end of the season when the black bear season and the firearm deer season overlap. 

This is a semi-guided hunt where the guides set you and leave you on your own to hunt for whitetail deer, black bear, or coyote whichever you come across. The package includes lodging, meals, beverages, snacks, transportation, laundry, and trophy preparation. They will provide you with a stand or a blind if you ask for it. You are also allowed to bring your own if you want. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like that this is a unique package for more experienced hunters. It is economical and more liberating than bait hunting. When you book yourself for this hunt, you are in for an experience of a lifetime. The staff here will go to any lengths to make your stay with them comfortable. 

Since the bear season and the deer season overlap during this time, IFW has allowed hunters to book a late-season chase. Being semi-guided, you are accompanied by a guide. You can bring your own blind, but if you ask for one, they will provide you with a blind or a stand. After that, you are on your own. Once you are successful, they will also help you with field care and tagging. 

What the Hunt Includes

The Maine Fall Black Bear Hunt is known for its 100% response rate. The company was established nearly two decades ago and is currently operational in two territories. Their black bear hunting package is valid for one hunter for a period of five days and includes a black bear. 

They offer accommodations where you can rest and freshen up. They are also responsible for your transportation around the territory. You will get regular meals three times a day, along with snacks and beverages. You will be provided with a PH to assist you throughout the trip. They will also arrange for field trophy preparation. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us because this outfitter is capable of providing you with a good and successful hunting expedition. If you are unable to travel to Canada, they will give you the Canadian experience closer at home. 

They organize baited bear hunts with ground blinds. You can choose between natural setups and pop-ups. They even offer their own custom blinds to make your experience more worthwhile. They are quite dedicated and professional in what they do. They only book one or two clients per week and focus on giving them a quality experience. All the gear and equipment they provide is also very high in quality. 

What the Hunt Includes

Jim Neville is the owner of this company. It was established in 2013 and is functional in one territory. This is a complete package for a single hunter for a five-day expedition that includes a black bear. 

When you book yourself, you are scheduled to arrive on Sunday and depart on Friday. They accommodate you in a comfortable cabin atop the Upper Lead Mountain Pond. The rustic cabin is powered by a solar-powered generator. You have access to hot and cold water, fridge, bathroom, and electricity. 

They are completely responsible for your transportation, including the arrival and departure to the airport. You will also get meals three times a day with some beverages and snacks. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

What’s best about this hunt is that the guide is known to be a very hospitable person. Since you are lodging by a pond, you can go on kayaking, swimming, or fishing if you like. If you don’t have the required gear, this guide has you covered. He lets you use his own gear for these activities. 

Fresh baiting sites are prepared in advance, so you have more chances of being successful because the guide settles you in an active bear site. The provided stands and blinds are made with durable materials. The bait is also fresh. Being near the lake, you can spend the time when you are not hunting in other activities like swimming, kayaking, and fishing. 

What the Hunt Includes

This outfitter is quite old. Established in 1964, this company is currently operating in two territories. This package is designed for one hunter who can stay for five days. You can bring along a non-hunting spouse or partner for an additional fee. 

The package includes living accommodations in comfortable camps and cottages. They are modern vacation homes that are equipped with electricity and running water. Some have a lakefront view with private docks. Although they don’t provide meals, you do have easy access to everything you need for cooking your own meal. There are also some good places nearby where you can eat. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

We find this to be a great choice for any type of hunter. Their stands are designed to offer bowhunters a precise shot at 18 yards, hand gunners at 20 to 30 yards, and rifle hunters at 75 yards. You hunt from pre-built, permanent stands that are installed in locations that are created from all obstructing branches and bushing that might prevent you from aiming better. 

They prepare their baiting sites in advance with highly processed bait that is scented with their own highly productive formula. All of this works towards attracting the bear towards your site for you to hunt. If a non-hunting partner accompanies you, they can stay behind and relax while you are away. 

What the Hunt Includes

Established in 2013, this is an owner-operated company. It currently operates in one territory. It offers a very reasonable package, accommodating a single hunter for five days and promises a black bear. 

It offers living accommodations in a cabin located on the shore of Upper Lead Mountain Pond. The cabin is rustic and is powered by a solar-powered generator. You have complete access to electricity, hot or cold water bathroom, and shower. 

It also offers a number of activities other than hunting, such as canoe riding, fishing, and swimming. The owner here is very friendly and will go to any lengths to make you feel welcome. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you are planning to hunt in the upcoming Maine Bear Hunting season, this is a good bear hunting guide to book yourself with. Jim Neville is a registered and insured hunting and fishing guide who is very eager to assist new hunters. He strives to help them learn and be successful in their game. 

Ever since its establishment, this company has generated a name for itself in Maine Bear Hunting. The guide believes that we should explore more, challenge ourselves, and live outside the fake social persons we have created. Hunting offers all of this. Do get yourself booked with this guy to experience his witty and charming personality. 

What the Hunt Includes

Established in 2009 and operating in five territories, this company offers amazing hunting experiences that are truly loved by their previous clients. 

This package is directed towards one hunter for five days. It includes living accommodations in a large comfortable camp that is equipped with all the essentials for a good night’s sleep and refreshing rest. The en-suite shower and electricity are some major highlights. 

They will provide you with the means of transportation around the territory. You will also get hot meals three times a day, and if that’s not enough, you are also provided with snacks and beverages. They will prepare a fresh baiting site for you in advance and provide the stand or blind whichever you may need. It also includes field trophy preparation, measurement, skinning, and quartering. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like it because it is a good guide to book yourself for the upcoming bear hunting season. The guide here is amazing, and the staff is very friendly and cooperative. The meals they provide are tasty and the living quarters are also very comfortable. 

The guides try their best to make you succeed by rectifying your technique and encouraging you on. To make your trip more enjoyable, you can book a trip for all family members or a number of friends. They prepare their hunting sites on areas that are frequented by bears and keep them hooked with their high-quality bait. If you book yourself with this guide, you will sign up for a fun, memorable, and exciting adventure. 

Quick Take | Best Maine Bear Hunting Guides

Just looking for the three best Maine bear hunting guides? Here they are:

  1. Baited Black Bear Hunt
  2. John - Black Bear Over Bait Week 3
  3. John - Black Bear Over Bait Week 1

Final Thoughts Before Bear Hunting in Maine

The bear population in Maine is as plentiful as they have ever been. Actually, it is steadily climbing each passing year. This results in an excess population that can become a threat. It is necessary to stabilize the population to avoid conflicts in urban areas, which can be risky. 

The Fish and Wildlife Department has come up with a Big Game Management Plan to slow down the Maine Bear growth rate. Hunting bear over bait is widely considered a slam dunk. But it is easier said than done, as bears are very clever and wary. You will need to exert a cool head, patience, and excellent marksmanship to be successful. 

People Also Ask

Hunting is a recreational activity that many people love. It is both fun and exciting, especially bear hunting. If you are a beginner who is planning to hunt a bear this season, then you will need all the information you can get. Being uninformed will not only result in failure, but it might also put you at risk. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about bear hunting to help you out. 

How Much is a Bear Hunting License in Maine?

If you want to hunt bears in Maine, you need a Big Game Hunting License and a Bear permit. The fees of both are different for residents and non-residents of Maine. The license fee for residents is $21, while for non-residents, it is $87. The near permit is issued at $7 for residents and $17 for non-residents. 

Where Can You Hunt Bears in Maine?

Contrary to the common belief, bear hunting is considered a good recreational activity in Maine. You can hunt the Maine black bear on the North Maine Woods, which is one of the greatest near habitats in Maine. Rangeley, Moosehead, and Katahdin are also great hunting attractions. Try contacting a Maine Bear guide or undertake an unguided bear hunt yourself. Either way, you will be hooked. 

How Much Does a Black Bear Hunt Cost?

There are three species of bear that you can hunt legally. These are the black bear, the Himalayan bear, and the North American brown bear, also known as grizzly. The black bear hunt is the most affordable form of bear hunting. Packages start at $1500 and go at $3500 for the most expensive guided black bear hunt. 

Can You Hunt on Your Own Land in Maine?

Yes, you can hunt on your own land in Maine. And you don’t even need a license to do so. However, there are some requirements that your land should fulfill. These include that the land you plan to hunt on must exceed ten acres in size and should be used for agriculture. 

Is it Legal to Shoot a Bear in Your Yard?

It is illegal to shoot bears out of season. If you happen to have a bear in your yard and it does not appear aggressive or poses safety threats, you are better off calling the police or trying spooking it away with an air horn. Unless it poses a significant threat, it is illegal to shoot a bear even if it is in your yard. 

Does Maine Have a Spring Bear Season?

No, Maine does not have a spring bear season. They have not had any for over 40 years. The reason for this prohibition is that Maine already hosts 13-week long bear hunting in fall. In spring, the bears come out of their dens, and mothers start providing for their cubs. This is the season when bear population flourishes, so in order to stabilize the bear population, the state does not allow a spring bear hunting season. 

Can a 9mm Kill a Bear?

A 9mm is not a very suitable firearm for killing a bear. Bears are hairy and large, so if you manage to get a headshot, there is a slight chance of an instant kill. A 9mm certainly has good chances of wounding the bear fatally, but it might still be able to do you some damage before finally succumbing. 

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