Best African Hunting Trips – 2021 Round-up

Whether it’s the experience or the tradition of hunting, Africa has a lot to offer. 

However, while planning a trip, a lot goes into consideration to make sure that the experience is memorable. Keeping this in mind, we have put together the best African hunting trips for you. 

To find out more about them, keep on reading!

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Comparison of the Best African Hunting Trips

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Why Africa is Such a Great Place to Hunt 

You may wonder, what is it about Africa that makes it such a great place to hunt? That’s a fair query as Africa has some of the best hunting spots that attract hunters globally. Here are top factors that make Africa such a great hunting spot:

Variety and Population

Africa is home to many wonderful hunting species, making it a versatile and diverse hunting land. It offers great trophy hunting opportunities that are well-regulated and under control in the continent; thus, the population of hunting species is actually now growing in number and is larger than before. The diversity Africa offers is hard to find elsewhere. 


Contrary to popular belief, Africa has a great infrastructure that will make your hunting trip worthwhile. Whether it is transportation or accommodation, one can achieve both convenience and comfort. Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and many other similar countries are applauded for their incredible infrastructure. 


The wonderful African sunrises, sunsets, and the vast lands provide the peace and quiet one didn’t think it needed. Africa offers an incredible environment for hunting, which is a treat for your soul and wellbeing. African hunts are known to allow one to experience nature in its truest and purest form away from the hustling life. 

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Review of the Best Africa Hunting Trips 

To make the experience of an African hunting trip memorable, one needs to book a hunt that offers the maximum features and benefits. Therefore, we have compiled and reviewed for you a list of some of the best African hunts you can book.

Have a look!

Most Popular:Promo Namibian Plains Game 1×1

What the Hunt IncludesThis wonderful hunt offers a vast, private ground that is spread across 60,000 acres. It houses 25 species of plain game in the land, making it wonderful for plain game hunting. The hunt carries a policy where they do not accept a double booking, enabling you to be the only group/hunter in 94 square miles. The pricing includes accommodation, on-territory transportation, transport from and to the airport, and being guided by a PH. Furthermore, it also accommodates hunting licenses, food, drinks, laundry, etc. One can also enjoy a single day shopping trip to Windhoek, professional hunting services, and field trophy preparation. Why it Stands Out to UsThere is a good reason why it is one of the most popular hunting plans for African hunts. This wonderful plan caught our attention with not only the things it offers but also the value it provides. It is a prime location for plain game hunting, given that it offers 25 different species. Furthermore, it has a vast hunting land spread across 60,000 acres.The wonderful package includes on-territory expenses as well as transportation from and to the airport, which a lot of other packages don’t offer. It is a wonderful spot if you want to experience nature in its full glory.

Best Value:5-day Classic Quest Bushveld Hunt 1×1

What the Hunt Includes

This hunt consists of a six-night trip with five hunting days. It is catered to beginners and first-time hunters. The pricing includes transportation on-territory as well as from and to the airport. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks are also a part of the package.

With this hunt, you will be guided by a PH that is incredibly experienced and knowledgeable. One is granted daily access to hunting sites. This hunt also accommodates a tracker/driver for your ease. Furthermore, it provides field trophy preparation, trophies, and skinning of trophies. The three trophies included with this package are one warthog, one impala, and one Kudo.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There aren’t many hunts that specially offer a great package for beginners. Most hunts are focused around experienced or professional hunters; however, this particular package offers a wonderful five-day trip that grants special benefits to beginners.

It accommodates one hunter for six days, out of which five are hunting days. The price of the trip includes accommodation, transport on-territory, and to and from the airport. Furthermore, it includes laundry, drinks, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so most of your expenses are sorted out. One can even include an observer on the trip for $800 only. 

Best South Africa Hunting:4 Animals Package on 1×1

What the Hunt Includes

The pricing accommodates one hunter and one guest. This hunt package includes eight nights and seven hunting days at a wonderful five-star lodge. The lodge was established in 2009 and is one of the best ones out there. It offers a free stay and access to one observer. 

This hunting package includes trophies and field trophy preparation. Trophies include one impala, one Blesbuck, one Springbuck, and one Wildebeest. It also includes transport on territory and transport to and from the airport. Gun rental service is also available, and a PH guides the entire hunt. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

South Africa hosts many wonderful hunting spots. This hunting package is one of the best ones to get your hands on, which is why it stood out to us. The package includes accommodation in a five-star lodge for the hunter and one observer. The package includes hunting and program planning licenses. 

One of the most impressive aspects of this trip is the trophies included in the pricing, which are one impala, one Blesbuck, one Springbuck, and one Wildebeest. Transportation is also a part of the pricing so that the trip is incredibly convenient and comfortable.

Best Big Game Hunting in Africa:Danene – Caprivi Buffalo Safari

What the Hunt Includes

This package includes hunting on a beautiful ecoregion called Caprivi strip, which is home to many big and beautiful hunting species, including Buffalo, Crocodile, Elephant, etc. The territory spreads across 125,000 acres. Gun rental service is also available, and a skilled and knowledgeable PH guides the entire trip.

Accommodation and transport from and to the airport are also available. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with drinks and snacks, are part of the pricing. Furthermore, field trophy preparation and hunting licenses are included in the package as well. Overall, it is a 10 to 14-day experience. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are plenty of aspects of this wonderful package that caught our attention. Firstly, the territory of hunting land is marvelous. The Caprivi strip is beautiful, vast, and home to many species offering great diversity for hunting. Furthermore, it spreads across 125,000 acres of land, which is exceptional. 

Moreover, the package offers transportation from and to the airport as well as on the territory. Accommodation is also included along with breakfast, lunch dinner, snacks, and drinks. The pricing accommodates your hunting license and field trophy preparation as well, taking care of everything. 

Best Lion Hunting in Africa:Danene – Caprivi Lion Safari

What the Hunt IncludesThe package accommodates one person for 14 days. A wonderful and knowledgeable PH guides the trip. It includes baiting, rifle hunting, and hunting from a blind for people who prefer it that way. The hunting land is a beautiful eco-region spread across 125,000 acres. The price includes gun rental and field trophy preparation. Your hunting license is also a part of the package expenses. The entire package is incredibly convenient as it includes accommodation and breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks as well. Your laundry is also taken care of; thus, you have nothing to worry about. Why it Stands Out to UsThere are many aspects of this wonderful hunt that truly attracted us to it. Firstly, it is one of the most valuable and wonderful trips for lion hunting in Africa. The hunting land is wide and vast, spreading across 125, 000 acres. Rifle hunting, baiting, and hunting from a blind can be arranged.The price includes gun rental service and field trophy preparation. The package all in all accommodates one person for 14 days and proves to be incredibly convenient. The price includes your stay, breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as snacks and drinks. Laundry is also taken care of.

Best Elephant Hunting in Africa:Danene – Caprivi Elephant Safari

What the Hunt IncludesThe hunt includes accommodation at a wonderful camp for 14 days. The camp is comfortable and equipped with all the necessities required, such as an en-suite shower, electricity, fridge, etc. The pricing covers your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with drinks, and also takes care of laundry. Hunting license, trophy measurement, guidance by PH are all a part of your package. You will be met with the staff at the airport and transported to the camp area. The staff is incredibly well-trained and fluent in English and German. Entertainment services such as shooting range are also provided. Why it Stands Out to UsNot many hunts offer a package catered to your preferences. Fortunately, that isn’t the case with this one, which is one of the reasons why it caught our attention. You can expect to spend 14 delightful days of hunting, sightseeing, and have the time of your life in a wonderful and gorgeous land with this hunt. The hunting land is wide and spread across 125,000 acres. Transport on territory and from and to the airport is a part of the pricing. Furthermore, the trip is guided by a wonderful PH. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks are all a part of the package as well.

Best Leopard Hunting in Africa:Danene – Leopard Safari

What the Hunt Includes

This incredible hunting package accommodates two hunters and two guests. The entire trip is guided by a PH and is disabled-friendly. It allows hunting from a high seat or a blind and features rifle hunting. The territory size is 20,000 acres. It offers multiple entertainment services as well, like shooting range, fishing, excursions, etc. 

The clients are collected from the airport and escorted to the lodge. The lodge is equipped with all amenities like electricity, bathroom, mobile network coverage, internet, etc. Gun rental service is also available. Trophies, trophy measurement, and field trophy preparation are also included in the package. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This hunting package promises the ultimate getaway from your tense life to enjoy a peaceful time at one of the most beautiful locations in Africa. It is a great place to be if you like nature and want to be close to it. The package includes all essential benefits and amenities, so you have less to worry about.

The accommodation is for four people (two hunters and two guests). The lodge where you will be staying is well-equipped with all facilities including electricity, network, internet, etc. The package includes three meals a day, daily laundry, transport, etc. 

Best Giraffe Hunting in Africa:The Best of Both Worlds

What the Hunt Includes

The total duration of this package is ten days. It offers nine nights’ accommodation, five full days of hunting, and four days of touring. It is suitable for two hunters and two guests. The tour includes an entire day at the Kruger National park, Cultural village tour, visit a wildlife rehabilitation center, etc. 

The entire trip is guided and disabled-friendly. It includes a high seat, rifle, bow, and hunting from a blind as well. Transport is also provided to and from the airport. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are also a part of the package along with daily laundry services. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are plenty of reasons why this incredible hunting package has made it to our top ten list. It offers accommodation for two hunters and two guests. It doesn’t just involve hunting activities but also four dedicated days to touring, which are equally eventful and exciting. 

One of the best parts of this trip is that it is disabled-friendly. The package includes hunting from a high seat, bow hunting, rifle hunting, etc. It involves three meals a day and everyday laundry services. Transport is provided from and to the airport.

Best Buffalo Hunting in Africa:Daggaboy Cape Buffalo Package

What the Hunt Includes

This hunting trip accommodates one hunter for five days. It is a completely guided trip with stalking, rifle hunting, and bowhunting. The territory is spread across 5000 acres and is fenced. It includes many entertainment services that make the experience even more fulfilling like Elephant back rides, African Sunlight day spa, Day trip to Sun city, etc.

Transportation to and from the airport will be provided. You will be met at the airport by one of the staff members upon arrival from where you will be escorted to the base camp equipped with many amenities. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the major aims of the company is to provide a fulfilling experience to the clients. Fortunately, this package provides that and more. It is truly one of the few packages that aim to offer convenience and comfort to the client so much so they can have the time of their life with this trip.

The company offers transportation from and to the airport, which is incredibly convenient. Furthermore, the package involves multiple entertainment activities. It accommodates three meals a day and daily laundry services as well.  

Honorable Mention:Karoo Dream Hunt 2×1

What the Hunt Includes

This hunt takes place in one of the most ecologically diverse locations in South Africa. It is home to a large number of plain game species, which makes it another great spot for plain game hunting. It is a completely guided trip which accommodates two hunters for three days. 

Accommodation includes stay, transportation, and a three-meal plan. Furthermore, it has a daily laundry service. The package includes a gun rental service, hunting license as well as field trophy preparation. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This wonderful package is deserving of the honorable mention position in our list. Firstly, it takes place in one of the most ecologically diverse locations in South Africa, which makes it home to many plain game species. Furthermore, the company staff and service are phenomenal. It truly feels like home. 

It offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience as it connects one with nature. It is said to be a place where the sky meets the land. The overall experience is one of the most soulful ones you can have in life. 

Final Thoughts Before Hunting in Africa

Africa is considered by many as one of the best spots for hunting. It has, over the years, become a favorable location for trophy hunting or safari hunting by hunters globally. A lot can be said about what it has to offer in terms of hunting but to be precise, one can say that the experience it offers is unmatched. 

Hunting in Africa allows one to expand their horizon, given the beautiful and versatile hunt it offers. The wonderful environment and close-to-nature experience one gets truly serves as a treat to the soul and works wonders for well-being. It is a must-visit surely. 


People Also Ask

Hunts are an expensive investment, which is why they need to be well-researched rather than blindly chosen. People tend to have a lot of questions when it comes to hunting in Africa. Therefore, we decided to answer some of your most frequently asked questions. 

How Much Does it Cost to Hunt Africa? 

The cost for each African hunt package varies greatly depending upon the days, species, accommodation, and several other factors. However, generally, a five to ten-day hunt can cost from about $3000 to $7000 for more popular species such as zebra, impala, wildebeest, etc. It is important to know that it can differ from country to country. 

Where Can You Hunt in Africa?

Africa offers many beautiful and wonderful hunting locations. It would be difficult and time-consuming to name all of them. However, some of the best ones are Mozambique, Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, etc. These are some of the most loved and favored locations by hunters globally. 

How Much Does it Cost to Kill a Lion in Africa?  

The trophy fee for killing a lioness in Africa is $9,900, whereas, for a black male lion, it is $35,000. The African Hunt lodge sets these. The company has set the fee, which is mostly directed to the anti-poaching efforts made by them. 


Is Safari Hunting Legal?

Safari hunting is also called trophy hunting, and it is a legal practice. It is a kind of leisure activity where animals are essentially hunted for recreational purposes. Hunters planning to go on a safari hunt actually wish to hunt big animals like lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, or cape buffalo, which are collectively known as the big five. 

Can You Hunt in Africa?

Yes, Africa is a big and beautiful continent that offers a diverse range of wildlife hunting activities. Plus, due to the incredible trophy hunting rules and regulations, it is noted that the population of species is growing and larger than before, which is a great achievement. 

How Much Does it Cost to Shoot a Leopard in Africa? 

It depends upon the days; however, an 18-day leopard hunt costs about $26,100.

What is the Most Hunted Animal in Africa? 

The African buffalo is the most hunted animal in Africa out of the big five. Africa is currently experiencing a decline in its population in certain areas where there is insignificant control because of poaching and urbanization.

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