Best Montana Hunting Trips – 2021 Complete Review

| Last Updated June 9, 2021

Hunting is a sport that is loved by many people. It is an activity that people use to give themselves a break from their busy lives. 

However, there is no joy in it if you can’t find the animals you plan on hunting.

Hence, we have compiled a list of top hunting trips that will take you to good locations and help you hunt your preferred animal.

Comparison of the Best Montana Hunting Trips

  • Most Popular
  • Lunch is included in package
  • Transport on site is provided
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  • Best Value
  • License application assistance is provided
  • You will receive all meals and snacks
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  • Best Montana Elk Hunting Guide
  • This is a long 6-day hunt
  • Fully guided hunts is part of the package
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  • Best Montana Turkey Hunting Guide
  • All meals and extras are included in price
  • Assistance for license application provided
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  • Best Montana Deer Hunting
  • Fully equiped hunting lodge experience
  • All hunts are guided
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  • Best Montana Bear Hunting
  • All hunts are 100 percent fair chase
  • The hunts are guided for safety
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  • Best Montana Whitetail Hunting
  • Transport from and to airport is provided
  • Ideal for archery hunters
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Why Montana is Such a Great Place to Hunt

Montana is a huge state with many places to hunt and explore. There are also a wide variety of animals and birds to hunt. It can be overwhelming to decide where to hunt. Hence, seasoned hunters have shortlisted some of the best reasons to hunt here. 

Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest

If you enjoy hunting big animals like elk, Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest is one of the prime locations for hunting for you. The forest is in the southwest part of the state. Many hunters also prefer it because this area provides a natural cover for hunters.

District 285

Montana is rich in wildlife, and whitetail deer is one of its most famous animals. To hunt this kind of deer, District 285 is the most suitable location. It is a beautiful valley covered in the mountains. This gives hunters a lot of options for cover, and they feel relatively safe in these areas.

Red Rocks National Wildlife Refuge

Montana isn’t just about hunting big animals. You can also find a lot of small species like birds, waterfowl, fish, etc. There are several spots to enjoy such hunting like Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge, Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge, and Nine Pipe National Wildlife Refuge. However, the best one is the Red Rocks National Wildlife Refuge. 

Review of the Best Montana Hunting Trips

We understand that it can get highly overwhelming to find an ideal place to hunt that isn’t too crowded with hunters and has good animals to hunt. It can be extra hard to go alone if you are a beginner. Hence, we have shortlisted some top hunting trips organized in Montana.

Most Popular:
Tim and Joanne - 2x1 Upland Bird Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

This hunt is mainly for people who enjoy hunting birds. The location chosen for this hunt is the north-west part of Montana. The guides are all local and know the area inside out. You can find several beautiful birds there like blue grouse, spruce grouse, and ruffed grouse.

There is a 200 square-miles of area that you can legally hunt in. You will be taken into that area and given the opportunity to hunt your preferred bird. You will be guided through the woods, and you will have professionally trained English Setters and retrievers to help you hunt. Furthermore, you can bring your own dogs if you prefer.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This upland bird hunt will give you a wonderful experience in the woods. You will be able to explore the north-west area of Montana with the locals who will take you through every twist in turn as the locals know it. They will help you walk on the tracks that are less traveled.

Furthermore, the success rate of this hunt is 100%. Everyone catches something, even hunters who don’t have much experience. This is mainly because the bird population in the area is good, and the dogs will help you locate the birds even more efficiently.

Best Value:
Rich Rick & Mike - Antelope Rifle Hunts EK

What the Hunt Includes

Antelope Rifle hunting season in Montana lasts for about four weeks only. Hence, if you are planning on such a hunt, then you need to start preparing for it right now. You need to acquire the license to use the rifle in advance. Rich, Rick & Mike help their customers acquire this license. They will help you go through the entire application process.

This hunt is mostly suitable for professionals because it is more of a shoot-on-sight hunt. The hunter needs to have the experience to pull this off. The area has a 90% success rate, and you only see about 100 antelopes in the whole area in a day max.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Despite being a professional-level hunting trip, it is highly economical. You don’t have to pay a huge sum of money to experience the adrenaline rush that comes with hunting an exotic and beautiful animal. And even the money that you do pay gets you a rich experience and service with it.

The hunting trip organizers themselves will help you get the license to shoot the rifle, and they will walk you through every step so you can have a comfortable and fun experience. Just put your hunting boots on and practice well since this hunt will challenge your hunting abilities.

Best Montana Elk Hunting Guide:
Keith - 7 Day Archery / Rifle Elk Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

If you want to have the most enjoyable and facilitated elk hunting trip in Montana, then this trip will be best for you. First, you can bring the weapon of your choice, whether you enjoy using guns more or a bow and arrow, both will be fine. Second, you will have access to private hunting grounds that will be easily accessible from your private lodge.

Moreover, the guides are highly trained archery professionals who know the area well. But not just that, they are all highly educated in animal behavior. You will be able to hunt several animals using the specialized equipment provided to you.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Every aspect of this trip helps it stand out, whether we talk about the area, location, guides, equipment, or service. The location has a good population of various animals like elk, whitetail deer, antelope, etc. You also get access to private lands for hunting, which means that you don’t have to worry about hunters crowding the place.

The best thing about this trip is, however, the guides who accompany you. They are highly knowledgeable in areas of animal behaviors, feeding patterns, seasonal bedding, travel corridors, weather conditions, etc. They know how to call the animals, the right equipment to be used, and things like scent control. Hence, they are the perfect hunting partners.

Best Montana Turkey Hunting Guide:
Rich Rick & Mike - Upland Bird Hunt EK

What the Hunt Includes

Hunting birds is primarily about two things. First is having a good location, and the second is having a good shotgun. Rich, Rick & Mike also believe this, and they have designed this trip keeping these factors in mind. 

You will get to explore the forests of south-east Montana where various species of birds live. Some of them include pheasant, sharp-tailed grouse, and Hungarian Partridge. This hunt usually takes place once a year in December. 

Furthermore, you will be staying at the Ekalaka camp with beautiful scenery and many facilities like comfortable lodging, internet, TV, laundry, en-suite showers, etc.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Animals also have a memory, and they evolve based on that. If a place permanently becomes hunting grounds, then the animals there also get used to being hunted, so their behavior patterns evolve. This can often make your hunting experience dull and artificial. 

However, the good thing about this trip is that it only happens in December, and hence the birds there don’t form any unnatural reflexes. Every year, you will meet a new population that has been untouched by humans for the most part. Hence, your hunting experience will be natural and raw.

Best Montana Deer Hunting:
Keith - 5 Day Rifle Mule Deer Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

This trip will take you to a beautiful hunting location in south-west Montana with beautiful mountains and Shield River Valley. You will have access to private land on which you can stalk your hunt comfortably and shoot it when you think the time is right.

You will have two options for hunting. You can either go to the private grounds yourself and hunt from there, or you can stay near the lodges and use your riflescope to stalk and then hunt your target. Every year, only six people are accepted for this hunting trip. The success rate hence is 100%.

Why it Stands Out to Us

At Keith, customer experience is the first and only priority. The hunts are specially designed to make sure that hunters have a successful and rich experience and that they are facilitated in any way possible. Only six people are selected for this trip annually. This is to ensure that the private grounds you will have exclusive access to are not crowded at all.

Furthermore, they want to ensure that all the hunters get to hunt their favorite animals comfortably. For this reason, the guides are also highly trained and have a great know-how of the area and the animals.

Best Montana Bear Hunting:
Tim and Joanne - 2x1 Spring Bear Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

Black Bear is also one of the popular animals to hunt in Montana, and it is usually found in north-west Montana. Tim and Joanne have exclusive access to about 500 square miles of Kootenai National Forest, which is basically the golden area with the best population of black bears.

In winters, the bears stay in the high regions, so you might have to do a little bit of hiking to get your hunt. However, in summers, the bears come to low grounds, which makes it easy to spot and stalk them. Furthermore, the guides understand the bears best, and hence you will be safe with them; otherwise, bears can be highly dangerous to interact with.

Why it Stands Out to Us

When it comes to bear hunting, no one has exclusive access to such great grounds and location. The area is especially famous for hunting black bears. While bear hunting, safety is a huge concern because bears don’t just run away; if they spot you, they might run to you. Hence, having people who can guide you above their behavior is very important.

The guides at Tim and Joanne are locals who understand animal behavior, and hence there is no better hunting companion than them.

Best Montana Whitetail Hunting:
Keith - 7 Day Archery Whitetail Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

Archery is one of the classic methods of hunting, and it is still loved by many. People love to hunt their animals using this subtle and silent method. Keith understands this and has designed a week-long trip to satisfy the desires of archery lovers.

This type of hunting is mainly done from elevated positions. You will also be given elevated ladders stands with a height of 15 to 20 ft. The success rate with ladder stands is very high since you will not be in the sight of animals. This also makes hunting safer for you.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Mostly, hunting is done with rifles and guns. There are very few hunting trips that are specially designed for archers. Hence, for all the archers out there, this trip is truly a treat. They have access to well-populated lands where they can easily locate their target.

Furthermore, they are given the right equipment to enhance their chances of succeeding. The setup is easy to install and can be arranged in a matter of minutes. The staff and guides at Keith are also highly trained hunters. They have a great understanding of animal behavior, and they organize the hunt for you accordingly.

Best Montana Mountain Lion Hunting:
Mountain Lion Hunt 1x1

What the Hunt Includes

This hunt will be one of the most natural and rich experiences of your life. There is no fancy business or group setting it up. An independent individual sets it. He guides his customers himself and only books one person per week. This allows him to focus his full attention on that one person.

He has specialized in mountain lion hunting for over 15 years, making him an ideal person for the job. You will also have to be mindful of the snow since there can be blockades and other problems around that time. This ultimately means that you always need to keep your best wild boots on.

Why it Stands Out to Us

“Customer is King,” we have all heard this at least a billion times, and it’s true for the most part. Most companies prioritize this, and we love being the center of attention. However, no company truly lives by it these days, other than the one arranging this trip. The reason for that is simple.

The guide arranging it is an independent trip organizer. He does all the work, and to make sure that his attention is not divided in any way, he only takes one customer per week. Then he organizes the whole trip to make sure that the customer can have a successful hunt.

Best Montana Duck Hunting:
Rich Rick & Mike - Waterfowl MS

What the Hunt Includes

Montana is great at providing its visitors with an amazing waterfowl hunting experience. Hunters can expect a lot of action since there is a huge population of resident birds in Montana. In addition, there are a lot of migrating birds that come down from Canada. This means you have a great chance of hunting birds like geese and ducks.

The hunt is suitable for all skill levels, and it is highly safe, which means you can even bring your family and kids along. Customer service is also great. The organizers believe in making every customer come back.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This hunt can be used as a recreational activity with families. You can bond over it and spend some quality time with your kids too. There is no danger of wild animals, and the birds have a huge population. Hence, you can find and hunt them easily.

It can also be used as a practice round for people who are interested in serious hunting but are new at the sport. Regardless, this hunt is very easy and safe. People of all skills can do it. You don’t have to be seasoned or trained professional.

Best Montana Wolf Hunting:
Tim and Joanne - 2x1 Wolf Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

Hunting wolves is very interesting. You don’t spot and stalk them or hope that they show up where you are, but instead, you call them. You hide yourself well, set a trap, and howl, which is calling them. Then they respond to your calls, and you hope to ambush them. This makes wolf hunting a very smart sport.

It is not just about shooting accurately. The guides will help you set traps and call wolves. They are professionals and know how to lure the animal. This also helps you increase your chance of successfully hunting wolves.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Most people believe that luring wolves in through calling them is a truly fascinating experience. It really pumps your adrenaline. Thanks to Tim and Joanne, you get to safely experience this while being safe with seasoned professionals. They will teach you and help you to set a trap and call the wolves.

You will experience two types of calling. First, you try to convince the wolves that an intruder is in their area. Second, you make them believe that their prey is near them. Both times, the reaction of the wolves is something to be witnessed firsthand.

Final Thoughts Before Hunting in Montana

Montana has a lot of wildlife, from bears to lions and wolves and from deer and elks to birds. Hence, Montana is any hunter’s dreamland. No matter what you are hunting, you can find it there and have the time of your life. 

Furthermore, there are various groups and individuals organizing focused hunting trips where you pick your weapons and animals to hunt. These trips have high success rates and provide you with great services. In some cases, you also have exclusive access to certain lands. So, what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to book your favorite trip.

People Also Ask

If you are hunting in Montana for the first time, then it can be confusing for you to navigate everything, especially since Montana is a huge state with many hunting options. However, don’t worry. We have answered some top questions for you so you can put your mind at ease.

What Big Game Animals Are in Montana?

There are several big game animals in Montana. Some of them include mountain lions, bears, elks, whitetail deer, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, wolves, pronghorn antelope, moose, etc.

What Animals Can You Hunt in Montana?

Montana is home to many animals and species, and most of them are hunted. Some of them include mountain lion, bears, elks, whitetail deer, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, wolves, pronghorn antelope, moose, ducks, geese, blue grouse, spruce grouse, and ruffed grouse.

How Much Does it Cost to Hunt Elk in Montana?

If you are taking a guided trip to hunt elk, then it will usually cost between $3,000 and $5,000. If you are going without a guide and only take the gear with you and camp in the wild yourself, it will cost half the amount.

How Many Elk Can You Kill in Montana?

If you are going for seasonal hunting, you will need a normal elk A license with which you can hunt one elk; however, if you pair it with your combination license, you will be allowed to hunt two elks.

How Much is a Montana Elk Tag?

The general elk license costs around $850 to $900. If you buy a combination license along with it, then you will have an additional cost of $450 to $550.

Can You Buy Elk Tags Over the Counter in Montana?

No, Over-the-Counter licenses are not provided to out of state people anymore. They are only available to residents. This means you will have to get a license beforehand if you are not from Montana.

Can You Hunt on Your Own Property in Montana?

Yes, every individual is permitted to hunt on their personal property. However, if you are on anyone else’s property, then you must have their consent.

How Much Does a Wolf Tag Cost in Montana?

Wolf hunting licenses are a lot cheaper than elk licenses. You only need to pay $19 to acquire it if you are a resident, and if you are a non-resident, then you only need to pay $50.

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