Best Wyoming Hunting Guides – 2021 Comprehensive Review

| Last Updated July 7, 2021

Hunters usually dream of large spaces filled with forests, lush greenery, and large mountains where they can spend days or even weeks catching their favorite birds and animals. If you also share the same dream, then you are in for a treat.

The state of Wyoming comprises the huge plateau that includes mountainous and hilly lands. The weather is also a bit chilly, which makes it a great place to hunt in the open. You will also find a diverse range of animals around you, but more on that later.

The article will introduce you to some of the best hunting guides offered in the state. These are reviewed based on their facilities, affordability, and, most importantly, diversity. If you are looking to have a fun-filled weekend in the open, we recommend you give this article a thorough read.

Comparison of the Best Wyoming Hunting Guides

  • Most Popular
  • Many different caliber hunting
  • All meals are included in package
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  • Best Value
  • Great for group hunting
  • High success rate
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  • Best Wyoming Elk Hunting Guide
  • Price includes hunting and transportation
  • Meals are provided
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  • Best Wyoming Antelope Hunting Guide
  • Great for bow hunting and stalking
  • Guided hunt for two hunters
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  • Best Wyoming Mule Deer Hunting
  • Long 5 day deer hunting session
  • Transportation is provided
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  • Best Wyoming Prairie Dog Hunting
  • Year round hunting available
  • Easy guided trip
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  • Best Wyoming Moose Hunting
  • Regular guided hunting trip experience
  • Accommodation and meals are included
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Why Wyoming is Such a Great Place to Hunt

Wyoming is a great place to indulge in all your hunting dreams, but what is it that makes it such a stunning place for the sport? This section will introduce the many great features of Wyoming that make it a great place for hunting and shooting.

Spacious Land

The best thing about the hunting grounds in this state is that they are large and spacious. These aren't only full of hills and mountains, but greenery also envelops these areas. Some of the best and most awe-inspiring mountain ranges are also in the vicinity, making up beautiful landscapes. There are also the bighorns in the north-central and the very beautiful snowy ranges in the south.


Hunters adore diversity because they get bored after having to chase the same animals again and again. This is why there are many distinct birds only available in Wyoming. You will find a range of elks, mule deer, mountain goats, and grizzlies here. There is also the bighorn sheep that inhabit these lands. Moreover, one of the most sought after game animals are the moose and the white-tailed deer.

Guides and Help

Since more than 30 million acres of public land is designated for hunting, it is no wonder that you will find many professional guides ready to help and serve you. Some of these are also federally trained to ensure that everyone follows the rules diligently. Moreover, the laws of the county help ensure the safest practices that keep everyone safe and well-protected from hunting accidents.

Review of the Best Wyoming Hunting Guides

Wyoming makes for great hunting land, but with so many great lands available for the activity, hunters are bound to be confused. Most professionals are unable to decide on the package, and we are here to help with that. Here are the best options available on the market. You can make swift comparisons to see which one suits you best.

Most Popular:
Rifle Antelope 2 Day Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

It takes a lot of time and effort for a company to emerge on the top of a list. This two-day hunt has managed to impress people with its dedicated staff and great focus on hospitality. The hunt is based on 200,000 acres of land, which means you have ample ground to access.

Moreover, you can hunt a diverse range of birds and turkey. But more importantly, there are various other entertainment activities that you can enjoy. This includes fishing, shooting, and camping activities.

As for your lodging, you will be staying at an exotic lounge that is located at the base of the Horn Mountains. The facilities include warm water, gas stove, and heated bedrooms. All meals, including breakfast and snacks, will be provided to you at these wonderful lounges.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The best thing about this hunt is that it offers privacy and seclusion. You won’t be disturbed by other hunters intruding on your space and your time. This is because the company has put a limit on the number of people accessing the ground at any one time.

Another reason for its popularity is the focus on providing good guides. There is usually one guide who will assist two hunters at a time. This gives you ample attention. Moreover, since the company was established in 1983, it provides reliable services that people can trust.

Various mountainous areas in the vicinity make for an impressive sight. After a hectic day on the ground, you can lie on one of the serene grounds and enjoy the wonderful nature around you.

Best Value:
Dirk & Jen - Prairie Dog/Varmint Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

This is a 40,000 acres private land that is owned by Dirk and Jen. They provide one of the best value hunting guides in all of Wyoming. They have been operating since 2006, and over the years, the company has seen many hunters enjoy extended hunts on these grounds.

You will have access to 20% hills and bush and 80% of the land that includes the forest. This is the main area where you will look for mature bucks and turkeys. You can come to enjoy here either alone or with your family because the lodging facility provided is pretty large and provides accommodation to a large number of people at a single time.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This fun hunt is mostly known for being very affordable, especially for amateur hunters who are still developing an interest in the activity. It consists of a single day of strenuous activity and loads of interaction with the staff and fellow hunters.

People usually compete against one another to catch the biggest birds and trust us when we say that there are ample in the ground. The management is there to help and assist you at all times, and they recommend that you bring at least 300-400 rounds of ammunition for a single day. But even if you run out of ammunition, you don’t have to worry because there are several stores around the vicinity where you can get your guns reloaded at an affordable rate.

Best Wyoming Elk Hunting Guide:
Dirk & Jen - 3 Day Cow Elk Hunt 2x1

What the Hunt Includes

Comprising millions of acres of ground, this hunt is everything that you ever dreamt of. It comprises a comfortable accommodation that includes all the basic amenities of life. You will also get access to transportation services for all three days so you can move to and from your cabin at all times.

Moreover, there will be a guide assisting you at all times. He will not only inform you about the top places for mature bucks but will also give you ways to put proper decoys.

Furthermore, you won't have to cook your own food on this hunt. You will be provided with ready-made breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are also different kinds of beverages placed around the cabin so that hunters don't feel the effects of sweating.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

It is hard to point at one single feature that stands out about this hunt. The land not only consists of large forests and hills but is also wooded in certain areas to keep you comfortable. You can bring your large rifles and guns to shoot large and mature turkeys. All year-round, the management does its best to feed these animals so that they are prepared for harvest.

Moreover, you get access to the trophy and meat. You can also fish in the area if you possess a fishing license. Not just that, but you will also be provided with a single guide for two people. If you want a single guide to assist you at all times, then you can request that in advance.

Best Wyoming Antelope Hunting Guide:
Dirk & Jen - DISCOUNTED 3 Day Archery Antelope Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

When you enter this exotic land, you will see small hunting houses and ladder stands placed around. These come in handy when you have to catch rare birds and prey. The price you pay makes you eligible to stay here for three full days and two nights.

You will be provided with comfortable accommodations with facilities like a bathroom, couch, and bunk beds and, in some instances, a mini-fridge. The cost also includes food services, but if you don't like the food offered to you, you can also get it from some of the very good restaurants situated in town.

So whether you have decided to chase a large antelope with a rifle or a bow, or you want to catch one of the signature animals, rest assured that they provide the full means to do so.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

When it comes to hunting or any other similar activity, comfortable lodging is extremely important. This is why the management has gone out of its way to provide you with all the best amenities on your three-day trip. The cabin is not situated amidst a beautiful hillside, but it is also surrounded by lush greenery and large mountains.

The facilities are also extensive. You get access to a bathroom suite that contains a proper space for shower. Moreover, there is a mini-fridge that you can keep your snacks and drinks in. Unlike many other hunting areas, you won’t be deprived of network facilities. There is access to Wi-Fi and a speedy network so you can keep in touch with your family at home.

Best Wyoming Mule Deer Hunting:
Dirk & Jen - 5 Day Mule Deer Hunt 2x1 (Priv. land)

What the Hunt Includes

At a discounted price, you will get to stay at an excellent facility for five days and four nights. In this time, you will be accompanied by an experienced guide who will provide you with all the information regarding the hunt. Whether you are a professional who needs to know about the best spots to find the prey or you are an amateur who is still new to the sport, rest assured that the services and guidance provided will be the same.

You will also get access to transportation services. You can call upon the driver to take you to and from the spot of the hunt. There are also wheel carts available that you can use to carry the deer you catch. As for the limit of the hunt, you can harvest one mule per day.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This program doesn’t need anything else for it to stand out. This is because it allows you to hunt mule deer, one of the most exotic and iconic animals in all of Wyoming. Whether you are hunting on private or public land, getting your hands on a mule deer is a huge win.

You can also indulge in competitive sports in one of their large and spacious lands. After a full day of strenuous exercise, you will be pleased to capture such a unique animal. The package usually provides one guide for two people; however, if you want a single guide to assist you at all times, you can request it by paying a small amount of extra money.

Best Wyoming Prairie Dog Hunting:
Bruce - Prairie Dog

What the Hunt Includes

If you want to shoot and hunt with peace of mind without getting distracted by other hunters nearby, then you will absolutely love this hunt. It comes with a professional guide who will help you chase the most difficult of the animals. The thrill of killing such a competitive animal can only be contemplated by someone who knows the essence of hunting.

Moreover, since most of these packages are booked exclusively, you don’t have to worry about running short on ammunition or hunting equipment.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Hunting most animals in the state requires a license, which is expensive and very time-consuming. The best thing about this hunt is that it comes free of any such hassle. You neither need a license nor any sort of permit to hunt and kill these rodents.

Moreover, the price stays the same regardless of how large the group is. Another exciting thing is that you can shoot as many dogs as you want. Like with most animals, there is no limit on the number of prey you can catch and kill.

Best Wyoming Moose Hunting:
Dirk & Jen - 10 Day Moose Hunt 1x1

What the Hunt Includes

After a tough day on the hunting ground, you will obviously be looking forward to cold and delicious beverages, and that is exactly what the waiters will serve you every day at this hunt. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more that the hunt offers.

You get all three meals cooked and delivered to you at your doorstep. Complete hygiene practices are followed to ensure you don't miss home-cooked food. Moreover, you can get access to large fishing grounds at the same cost. The hunt also includes a professional guide and access to the trophy and meat care products.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The fact that people choose this hunt regardless of it being ten days long says a lot about how great it is. Since the timespan is really long, you will expect to stay at a comfortable and exotic location and rest assured that you will get exactly that.

The location is chosen especially to assist your peace of mind. Each hunter and his friends or family are provided with a separate hut that comes with complete privacy. Moreover, the beds inside are comfortable so you can sleep in peace. You will also get things like hot water at all times, thus enhancing the quality of your hunt.

Best Wyoming Turkey Hunting:
Dirk & Jen - 3 Day Spring Merriams Turkey Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

This three-day turkey hunt is for the most enthusiastic hunters. It includes good accommodation and access to proper transporting services. You can call upon the transport whenever you feel tired and need to go back to your lodgings to rest for a short while.

The cost also includes a three-time different meal menu. Some of the best chefs in town will prepare hygienic and delicious food for you and your family. Trophy and meat care are also included in the package, and so is a wheeled cart that you can use to carry your turkey from the place of hunt back to your cabin.

For three days, you will also be provided with a professional guide who will help you navigate the land.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

Recent hunters who availed this offer can't seem to stop talking about it. According to them, the hunt was not only very fulfilling, but it also gave them many reasons to return next year.

One praise that was unanimously awarded was the beauty of the land. Everyone felt that the huge land had a lot of beauty to offer to hunters. This included a land surrounded by 80% forest and only 20% of the land.

You could also see lush greenery all around and a diverse range of flowers, adding to the magnanimity of the sight. Not just that, but the land also contains many small mountainous hills that were a sight for sore eyes. So if you are looking to have your money's worth, then this is the place for you to hunt.

Best Wyoming Bear Hunting:
Dirk & Jen - 5 Day Spring Bear Hunt 2x1

What the Hunt Includes

Having more than 40 years of cumulative experience, Dirk and Jen provide you with a week that will forever be imprinted on your minds. This bear hunt is unlike any other and is only suitable for the most dedicated hunters. It’s not going to be an easy chase, and you might have to spend all five days chasing a single bear.

The company also offers spot-and-stalk hunts and access to many bait sites. There are many black and color phase bears in the area, and even looking at one is considered an exceptional feat. Once you end up successfully shooting a bear, you can finally rest in the comfortable lodgings that you are provided.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The company hasn't been in the market for very long, yet it has managed to woo many hunters in the region. Established in 2006, the brand operates in a total of two territories only and provides exceptional services in both.

What really amazes most users is the very comfortable lodgings provided to individuals and their families. Unlike many other areas, the accommodation does not consist of a single cabin only. You will get a small hut that contains bunk beds and a couch. There is also going to be a mini-fridge and network facility so you can stay in touch with your friends and family. Moreover, there is hot and clean water that you can use for drinking and showering.

10. Bruce - Merriam Turkey Hunt

What the Hunt Includes

Established 30 years back, this hunting guide, over the years, has seen a sharp increase in the number of customers. This is because its staff becomes friendly instantly and goes beyond to help provide you with an unforgettable experience.

There are also the most picturesque places that surround the main grounds. The land is also home to an excellent population of birds, and all the hunters can expect a wonderful and exciting turkey hunt. Another special feature of the hunt is that you can get access to fishing grounds by paying only a couple of extra bucks.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The company that was established almost three decades ago stands out to us mainly because of its focus on individual hunters. Unlike most other guides, the staff at Bruce-Merrium is solely focused on providing the best facilities to all the users. It also operates in only one quantity, which is a testament to the fact that the guide focuses on quality and not quantity.

The hunts are booked exclusively by individuals or groups. This means that you won’t be seeing many people roaming around, and you can shoot in peace. Moreover, by placing a limit on the number of people, they ensure that you have the utmost focus and attention from their dedicated staff.

Final Thoughts Before Hunting in Wyoming 

Wyoming is a hunter's dreamland, and there are no two opinions on that. The article highlights all the reasons like the presence of beautiful landscapes, lush greenery, and diverse animals that might compel you to consider it for your next trip.

We have also listed the best hunting guides for you to choose from. These are compared against each other based on their main features, affordability, and staff presence. You can see which one suits you best. You need to consider things like the land, access to ammunition, and food options.

Moreover, the FAQ question at the end will also help you know more about your options. A good read at these will help solve all your queries. But regardless of what guide you choose, rest assured that you will have a wonderful time in Wyoming.

People Also Ask

No matter how much information people are provided regarding hunts, they will always be looking for more, such is their passion and love for the sport. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions those looking for a hunt to have. The answers have been provided after extensive research.

Do You Need a Guide to Hunt in Wyoming?

The rules regarding these differ for residents and non-residents of Wyoming. If you are a non-resident, you will either need a licensed guide or a resident companion to hunt trophy game or large birds. This can then be done in any wilderness area. The law, however, doesn't pose any restrictions on non-residents hunting game or small birds.

Where is the Best Hunting in Wyoming?

Wyoming is full of areas that are amazing for hunting. There are more than 30 million acres of dedicated land that can be used for the activity. But among the best places is the National Forest, the green river, and the Great yellow Ecosystem. The Killpecker Sand Dunes also make for a great hunting ground.

Can You Use Radios While Hunting in Wyoming?

The use of radios and walkie talkies is not only legal in the state, but it is also encouraged in some instances. This is because hunters can talk to and update each other on their locations using these devices. This not only keeps hunters from feeling bored but also keeps them safe in dangerous forests.

What Animals Can You Hunt in Wyoming?

Wyoming is home to a diverse range of animals, but among the most popular animals are the Pronghorn and the mule deer. You will also find a lot of people chasing after elks and moose in the state. The white-tailed deer is also an exotic and rare animal that is a treat to chase. 

How Much is a Grizzly Bear Tag in Wyoming?

When it comes to Grizzly Bear tags, the cost is a big issue. To get the tag, you need to first pay $20 to enter Wyoming's Grizzly hunt sweepstakes. However, there are very few people who can get this tag. There are strict eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill if you want the tag. Once you enter the draw, you will have to pay $600 for the tag. For non-residents, this cost goes up to $6002.

How Many Preference Points Do I Need to Hunt Elk in Wyoming?

Most hunting areas in Wyoming accept preference points. Every year, many unsuccessful applicants get a preference point. The system then automatically puts you higher on the list for hunting tags. To hunt an Elk, you need at least four preference points.

Does Wyoming Have Landowner Tags?

In Montana and Wyoming, landowner tags are not at all transferable. The state requires that the owner of any 160 acres of land needs to be either an individual or a corporation. A trust or a partnership can also be eligible for such a tag. Spouses, grandparents, and parents of the owners can use the tags.

Is There a Bounty on Coyotes in Wyoming?

Unlike many other states, there is a bounty on Coyotes in Wyoming. Although the amount varies from area to area, the average cost per set of ears of a Coyote is approximately $20.

How Much Do Wyoming Preference Points Cost?

For most non-residents, preference points can be easily accumulated by applying for a special preference point card. The price of different cards varies. Non-residents will have to pay $52 for elk, $31 for antelope, and $41 for deer. The price also varies for the youth of each species. 

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