Best Wyoming Elk Hunting Guides – 2021 Top Picks

| Last Updated June 9, 2021

Wyoming's vast landscapes offer plenty of open spaces for wild animals to roam around. The mind-blowing scenery with a wide selection of games adds a wild spirit to your hunting adventure. 

You can also experience the spirit by hiring one of the local experts. This can arguably take your hunting game to the next level.

Here is a quick round-up of some of the best Elk hunting guides in Wyoming that would definitely increase your chances of being successful. 

Comparison of the Best Wyoming Elk Hunting Guides

  • Most Popular
  • Accommodation is provided
  • All meals are included in package
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  • Best Value
  • Fully guided 5 day hunting experience
  • Variety of hunting applications
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  • High success rate
  • Top quality trophy
  • Accommodation is included in the price
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  • Long 6 day hunting trips
  • On territory transport is provided
  • Meals are provided all the days of tip
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  • Stalking opportunities available
  • Guided hunting experience
  • Field trophy preparation
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  • 90 percent success rate
  • Group discounts are available
  • Guided hunt for 1 person
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  • Quality game trophies
  • Great success rate
  • Accommodation is included
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Why Wyoming is Such a Great Place to Hunt

If you have a passion for hunting, then Wyoming is the state to go to. There is no other state in the country that offers as many opportunities that Wyoming boasts. We have gathered a couple of reasons that can convince you why Wyoming is amazingly popular among hunters for elk hunting


Since you have to spend your whole day on the field during hunting, you can’t ignore the importance of weather. The great weather of Wyoming attracts most hunters to spend fantastic hunting time outdoors.

A Vast Herd of Wildlife

Wyoming is the home of a range of wild animals. You can find a sustainable number of various species in the region. Apart from elk, other animals like moose, deer, antelope, bighorn sheep, pronghorn, and mountain goat also exist in the state, making it an attractive hunting spot. 

Breath-Taking Scenery

Wyoming is truly a hunter’s paradise for its prairies, high-desert plains, and alpine mountains. There are vast open spaces and wild scenic countryside to let you enjoy hunting in its most natural form. 

Multiple Hunting Habitats

Another reason that makes Wyoming a great place for hunting is the availability of a number of hunting habitats. You can either go for Green River or Natural Forests, Wilderness country or mountains for elk hunting as per your taste. 

Review of the Best Wyoming Elk Hunting Guides

If you have always dreamed of hunting an elk, it’s time to turn it into reality. However, you are recommended to always get a guide in order to make the most of the opportunity. Here is a detailed review of some of the finest Elk Hunting guides that are worth consideration.

Most Popular:
Dirk & Jen - 3 Day Cow Elk Hunt 2x1

What The Hunt Includes

With the best guide, you won’t go wrong. Dirk & Jen offers the most exceptional hunting guide ever possible. You get to hunt at some of the most beautiful places to add some new memories. They offer a very attractive package with the elk included.

The package includes a guided trip in Wyoming with three-day accommodation. You will get all the transportation facilities during your travel on the territory. Besides, the guide includes three meals a day with lots of beverages to improve the experience. Finally, you will be fully assisted in trophy preparation on the field.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This guide is second to none, which is the main reason for its popularity. It is known for providing an unforgettable hunting experience to its clients. Established in 2006, this company is ideally recognized for its sound management and successful hunting trips.

Once you book this guide, there would be no problems regarding accommodation. You get to stay in a fine resort for three days. They cover everything for you, from transport to food. The best thing is that you will get all support in harvesting the elk and then in trophy preparation. Finally, you will get a chance to get close to nature. What else would you want?

Best Value:
Dustin - Fully Guided Archery Bull Elk '21

What The Hunt Includes

This guide has our attention for providing a thrilling hunting adventure, that too, at a very reasonable price. They provide one of the most unusual experiences of your life. The cost covers one hunter and an elk along with five-day accommodation at a nice place.

In this package, you will get a guided hunt on private land to get down a giant elk. It includes free delivery of meat to the game processor. Similarly, there would be a transportation facility on the territory. Moreover, you are helped in trophy preparation to take back a souvenir. Overall, the guide lives up to the expectations of the client.

Why it stands out to us

One of the most budget-friendly deals on the list; this guide is great for providing a thrilling hunt at a relatively low price. You get to hunt on private lands, under the guidance of experienced hunters. There would be no hassle about accommodation as you would have a stay in a good place to get a sound sleep at night.

You also don’t have to arrange your separate transportation in order to move around on the land. Furthermore, once the animal is harvested, you are properly guided in trophy preparation in order to boast your adventure for the rest of your life.

3. Dirk & Jen - 5 Day Elk Rifle Hunt 1x1

What The Hunt Includes

If you are looking for a great hunting guide to enjoy a memorable hunt, then you should definitely consider Dirk & Jen. They offer an exceptional package to convert your hunting dream into a reality.

The package covers five-day accommodation in a fine place where you can rest after a tiring day. You would get all transportation facilities on the land along with three meals a day. Besides, you will be supported in trophy preparation and assured the great services of a professional hunter. Overall, they work hard to make the experience unforgettable.

Why it Stands Out to Us

For those who have always been dreaming of getting the elk and hanging it above the fireplace, this guide is for you. The company is well-known for organizing well-managed trips under the supervision of professional hunters. During the hunt, you will get to stay in well-furnished accommodation and have the best transport facility available.

You will get freshly cooked food three times a day, which can save you from a lot of hassle. Another exciting thing is that the package covers beverages as well. In short, from traveling to trophy preparation, you will be provided the finest facilities possible.

4. Dirk & Jen - 6 Day Elk Archery Hunt 1x1

What The Hunt Includes

Another package by Dirk & Jen, this hunting trip would make a great pick. They allow you to hunt on the beautiful territory, that too, under the supervision of a professional hunter. The package includes six-day accommodation and an elk.

You will be guided about bow hunting, trophy measurement, as well as trophy preparation on the field. There would be three meals a day, along with beverages, to ensure a wonderful hunting experience. You will be provided a transportation facility to travel on the territory during the hunt. Moreover, it would be a great opportunity for nature photography.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Dirk & Jen has always aimed to provide their best services during a hunting trip since their establishment. What we most like about this guide is you get to hunt under the guidance of a professional hunter, which means the success chances are high.

Whether we talk about transportation or a stay at a well-furnished place, the guide covers everything for you. You will get freshly cooked food during the complete hunt. Once the elk is down, you can go for trophy preparation with the help of professional hunters so that nothing goes wrong. Honestly, it is probably one of the best deals out there for you.

5. Dustin - Late Seas Cow Elk

What The Hunt Includes

Hunting could be a great experience for any enthusiast. Well, Dustin has something to offer. This hunting trip is for three days and gives you a chance to hunt down a gigantic elk.

In this package, you will be provided three-day accommodation along with a top-notch transport facility on the land. This hunt is done on private lands under the guidance of professional hunters. Moreover, you will be trained for rifle hunting and assisted during the trophy preparation to bring a bang to your bucks. Moreover, you don't have to worry about the caping and delivery to a taxidermist.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This guide stands out from its competitors for providing a great hunting trip in a reasonable amount. Not only does it promise great value for the money, but it also provides tons of opportunities to hunt and collect memories in Wyoming.

This hunting trip is quite attractive to us for offering a number of facilities, including transport, accommodation at great places, rifle hunting, exceptional services of a professional guide, and trophy preparation to allow you to boast your success in years to come. They have a nice staff that ensures collaborative interaction with the disabled. Likewise, you will receive rescue travel insurance for additional safety.

6. Elk Cow Hunt for 1 hunter

What The Hunt Includes

Established in 1990, this company operates in one territory where it offers the most exciting hunting adventure of your life. The hunt lasts for three days and includes an elk hunt under the supervision of an experienced and cooperative hunter with all the essential facilities.

You will get three-day accommodation and a high-end transport facility on the territory. They will provide you lunch and all the help in trophy preparation. Moreover, there are certain entertainment activities like fishing and fly fishing in the package to add on to perfection. Finally, the guide takes care of rescue travel insurance.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Another great hunting guide on the list, this package would give you some unforgettable memories for your whole life. They caught our attention for providing a lot at an affordable price. During the trip, you get to hunt on private ranches where the success rate is phenomenal.

With a cooperative staff and a professional hunter, you can achieve your hunting goals. You will get everything from accommodation to transport facility and from lunch to trophy preparation during the trip. Moreover, you will get a chance to get close to Mother Nature and capture some stunning shots in the region. In short, this chance is not to be missed.

7. Wy. Cow Elk Bow or Rifle 4 Day Guided

What The Hunt Includes

Founded in 2000, the company is operative in only one territory but has developed a good reputation in the market. This company ensures that the hunting adventure is the best you ever had.

With this hunt, you can either go for archery or rifle hunting according to your desire. They will provide you accommodation for four days along with freshly cooked meals three times a day. You can also count on the soft drinks.

Moreover, there will be a transport facility and complete guidance regarding trophy measurement and its preparation in the field. Not to forget, there will be a shooting range for entertainment purposes.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Their motto is “quality, not quantity.” This hunting trip is a great chance for those who are seriously seeking a quality game. Not only do you get to hunt on one of the great spots in the region, but the success rate is high as well.

The most admired thing is that the hunting camps are organized neatly and in an orderly fashion. The crew is experienced and has been doing this for years. The transport facility would save you from the worry of arranging a separate one for moving around. Apart from all this, the staff makes every effort to make your hunt successful and enjoyable.

8. Archery Elk Hunt

What The Hunt Includes

This company takes pride in a very organized yet thrilling hunting trip in Wyoming. During this five-day trip, you will get a chance to bring down an elk on private ranches under the supervision of an experienced hunter.

They provide tons of facilities during the trip. You will get accommodation for five days, transport facilities, and trophy preparation at the end of the hunt. You will have freshly cooked food three times a day with soft drinks for a hearty meal. Moreover, the staff will arrange various entertainment activities like fishing, excursions, and shooting range to improve your overall experience.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Who would not want a lifetime hunting opportunity? Well, this hunting guide is here to turn your dream into practice. Although the trip is a bit expensive, it's worth the investment. First of all, you get to stay in a fully furnished hunting lodge that is equipped with a TV, gas stove, and has a comfortable lounge area to stretch after a long tiring day.

You can enjoy nicely cooked meals and a Wi-Fi facility as well. When it comes to hunting, you are provided with the guidance of a professional hunter that would stick with you from the very start till the trophy preparation. Moreover, there is additional rescue travel insurance to mark reliability.

9. Dirk & Jen - 3 Day Cow Elk Hunt 1x1

What The Hunt Includes

Dirk & Jen surely know how to facilitate their clients. They offer a three-day hunting trip on the millions of acres of Natural Forest. You will get the guidance of a professional hunter and an experienced staff. This package includes multiple facilities.

They will provide you a comfortable transport facility and accommodation in camps where you will get everything you need for sound sleep and rest. You will be provided with three hearty meals a day with soft drinks. Moreover, once you hunt down the elk, the staff will cooperate in every way possible to prepare a trophy.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This guide has everything you are looking for if you are interested in a top-quality elk hunt. Apart from providing an exceptional hunting trip in an affordable range, they make sure you live every moment of the trip to the fullest.

You get to rest in camps with various facilities like electricity, ensuite shower, fridge, as well as network coverage. You can enjoy tasty meals to maintain your energy. The Natural Forest has tons of beautiful spots for your photography. The staff will cooperate with you in harvesting the animal and trophy preparation. Finally, you can always rely on rescue travel insurance in case anything goes wrong.

10. Dustin - Fully Guided Rifle Bull Elk '21

What The Hunt Includes

Established in 2017, this hunt is operated by Dustin. It is operational in six different territories to ensure a successful hunt for clients. This hunting trip is designed for five days, with multiple services included.

First of all, you will complete the hunt under the guidance of a professional guide. The staff is cooperative with the disabled as well. Accommodation is not included; however, you will get the transport facility for moving around. Their specialty is the delivery of meat to the game processor. Last but not least, you will be assured of rescue travel insurance for the best experience.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This guide has marked its position for organizing an exceptional hunting trip on the vast lands of Wyoming. Once you book this guide, you can expect to have top-notch services. With the guidance of an experienced hunter, you are assured of success.

Whether we talk about transport or meat delivery, this guide won't disappoint you. You can easily rely on rescue travel insurance for additional safety. Let's not forget you are promised complete support in trophy preparation and packaging. To put in a nutshell, this trip is meant to provide some lovely memories to cherish your whole life.

Final Thoughts Before Hunting in Wyoming

With its beautiful scenery and various hunting habitats, Wyoming is truly a hunter’s paradise. Whenever you prepare your mind to book a hunting guide, it is always advised to consider tons of factors like weather patterns, as well as the animal population in the region. 

The state is a home to gigantic elks, which makes it a great place for a wonderful hunting experience. There are multiple chances of bringing down an elk in either low-lying plains to steep areas. You can even improve the adventure by hiring a professional and reliable hunting guide. All of our reviewed guides promise to deliver fine services with a thrilling hunt.

People Also Ask

The availability of multiple options might confuse you in picking the right one. Besides, various questions also emerge in your mind regarding a particular guide. This section is specially designed to answer some of the frequently asked questions to help make an informed decision. 

How Much is a Guided Elk Hunt in Wyoming?

Honestly, it all depends on the location and trip length. Similarly, other factors like accommodation, food, and entertainment activities can play a key role as well. However, in general, a three-day guided elk hunt would cost you from $1500 to $2000. Likewise, a five-day hunting trip would set you back approximately $5000.  

Can You Buy Elk Tags Over the Counter in Wyoming?

No, it is not possible to buy an elk tag over the counter in Wyoming. You have to apply before-hand in order to get a tag for your hunt. This may cost around $591 for a bull-elk for a non-resident. A person can apply and get a total of three tags at a time. 

When Can You Hunt Elk in Wyoming?

Depending on the hunting style, you can go hunting in Wyoming from September to December. The archery elk season starts from 1st September and ends on 30th September. Similarly, if you like rifle hunting, the best time to go is after 15th October. Finally, the migratory hunt starts on 1st November and lasts till the end of the year. 

Do I Need a Guide to Hunt Elk in Wyoming?

According to the state's rules, it is compulsory to get a guide during the hunt in wilderness areas. Any non-resident without the guide won't be allowed to hunt down an animal in the designated areas. Besides, a hunting guide could improve your success chances and overall hunting experience to a great extent with his expertise. 

How Much is a Wyoming Elk License?

According to the hunting rules of Wyoming, you have to get a license before hitting the field. They offer a general tag for around $591 for any kind of elk. Similarly, it costs around $302 to get a cow or calf license. However, you have to apply for it earlier to start your hunting trip on time. 

How Much Meat Do You Get From an Elk?

The boneless meat of a bull elk weighs from 190 to 225 pounds. When we talk about a cow elk, it will yield approximately 160 to 180 lbs. of boned out meat. Elk meat needs to be cooked a bit differently. Since there is relatively less fat, it tends to cook quickly.

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