PSE Stinger Extreme – 2021 Complete Review

| Last Updated June 14, 2021

Holding its position as the largest manufacturer of bows, Precision Shooting Equipment (PSE) employs cutting-edge bow technology to come up with the fastest yet affordable compound hunting bows throughout the globe. 

The firm owes its spotlight to its PSE Stinger Extreme, which has proved to be amongst the best by providing speed, consistency, and accuracy, all in a single bow.

For those interested in this product, we have done a full review below, expanding on things such as unique features, usage, and the pros and cons pertaining to its long-term use.

  • Draw weight of up to 55 pounds
  • A compact and lightweight design
  • A draw length of up to 29 inches fro different sized persons
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PSE Archery Stinger Extreme

PSE ARCHERY, Stinger Extreme, Purple, Right Hand, 55#


  • Budget-friendly
  • Inclusive design
  • Variety in Finish
  • Unique Riser and Grip Design
  • Adjustable Limbs with Vibration Dampeners


  • Grip is too wide
  • Low-quality strings

PSE Stinger Extreme Specs 

Draw Weight: 45-70 lbs

Arrow Speed: 308-316 fps

Weight: 55 lbs

Length: 21-30"

Width (axle to axle) 32 1/4", Brace Height: 7 1/8"

Power Stroke: 15½”

Draw Style: 50, 60, and 70 pounds, Right-Hand

Trigger Pull Weight: 3.8 lbs

Type- Recurve or Compound: Compound Bow


PSE Stinger Extreme owes its popularity to its limbs, which are yet to be seen in any crossbow at this price point in the market. Apart from this, there are a great many benefits it has to offer in a single go. Some of these have been expanded on below;

Adjustable Limbs with Vibration Dampeners

Good limbs are crucial in a crossbow as they are generators of power. The ones designed for PSE Stinger Extreme are highly stressed, preloaded, and also offer adjustability of the draw weight between 22 and 70 pounds. What is so unique about these limbs are the multiple connection points that link the limbs to the riser, ensuring further stability while drawing. 

Furthermore, the limbs have in-built vibration dampeners for a noise-free hunting experience. This is great to see in a budget-friendly model as vibrations dampeners often have to be bought individually, even in some high-end crossbow models.


Being the champion of producing some of the best crossbows, PSE prides itself on having a huge range of crossbows at various price points. This one is one of the rare budget-friendly bows in the market, featuring nine-inch of draw length from 21-30-inches and draw weight of 22-70-pounds. PSE has included some high-end features in this one, at a fraction of the assumed price, such as the limb pockets.

Inclusive Design

Left-handed people can also use this bow. Most left-handed bows are offered at a higher price because their demand is not as high as that of right-handed variants. This bow is designed to be inherently inclusive while offering excellent performance in terms of speed, at 316 feet per second.

Variety in Finish

It offers eight finish options, all of which represent the excellent quality and craftsmanship that PSE stands for. Many have not been able to majorly distinguish its finish from the high-end, pricey aluminum bows options by PSE. There is an aesthetic for everyone. For example, for shooters interested specifically in a camouflage aesthetic, there is the Mossy Oak Country, Kryptek Highlander, or Muddy Girl to choose from, and all of them are equally pleasant to look at. 

Meanwhile, for hunters who prefer a solid color, there are black, charcoal, purple, white, and lime green colors to choose from. All options are offered at the same price point; however, it is important to consider that Muddy Girl and solid purple can only be chosen if you are going for 55-pound limbs.

Unique Riser and Grip Design

The riser has been designed in a unique manner on this bow, which is yet to be seen in the market at this price point. The technology added to it works well in combination with the limbs and cams, offering a brace height of 7-⅛.” Since the bow is super light in weight and the riser has a good height, it gives the user a lot of opportunities to add some extra features.  

There are no rubber inserts or other grips included in the riser design, which is a good thing as they were mostly made of a material that could wear out pretty quickly. In its place, users now have a contoured edge that offers a good grip to the users. The grip bar is made of aluminum, which is a lot more durable than conventional rubber inserts.


Just like any other crossbow, the PSE Stinger Extreme comes with its own set of cons pertaining to its usage or circumstances. Some of these have been highlighted below;

Grip is too Wide

Since the grip is made of aluminum, a material that is not inherently flexible, some user groups such as youth or women having smaller frames would find the grip too wide for comfortable use. This is a primary concern that could reduce the effectiveness of how well the bow is handled. However, some users have found a solution to this by purchasing covers that would fit the grip and reduce the negative space so that the grip can be a better fit for their hands. 

Low-Quality Strings

The strings that come with this crossbow are reported to not be durable for extensive or regular use, lasting only a season or two. Some users prefer replacing it with a more high-quality string and still consider it worth the money, as PSE has been very generous with this one. It offers multiple high-end features that work perfectly fine at an affordable price.  

Best Uses For the PSE Stinger Extreme

Owing to its features and capabilities, the PSE Stinger is great for use for beginners to practice and also for professional archery. Both these uses have been expanded on below;

Beginner Practice

Specially targeted towards shooters who are new to crossbows, it makes a great choice by being extremely comfortable to work with on domestic 3D ranges. Most beginners have reported finding it aesthetically pleasing and fun to shoot with. 

Moreover, its lightweight nature of just 3.5 pounds makes it even easier to be managed by beginners. The bow comes with all the accessories included, such as pin sight, stabilizer, etc. Its original string lacks the quality needed for a competition or sports leagues, but everything else is perfectly capable for use by even professionals.

Professional Archery

This crossbow allows the user to make adjustments in the sight. The pin is not too oversized, which is a good thing as it is easier to set it with the strings using three connection points. This would prevent any rotation, which is an extremely important thing to consider if you are a professional hunter involved in seasoned archery. 

The adjustable draw length is another factor that would really come in handy along with speed, which offers coverage of 316 feet per second (FPS). All these factors make it great for professionally hunting all sorts of game.

Is the PSE Stinger Extreme Hard to Use?

This crossbow is fairly easy to use as it has a draw stop installed that can be adjusted as per your inner cam draw length setting. The adjustment of the draw length and draw weight is not too technical either. This versatility helps the user bring out the maximum potential of the crossbow. 

Components and Included Accessories 

PSE Stinger is made up of some of the best performing, high-end features that allow the user to customize it completely according to their preferences and thus make the best use of it. Some of the features that contribute to its uniqueness are highlighted below;

SX Cam

The SX cam system this crossbow employs feels like the usual single cam to people and is pretty seamless to draw. The beauty of this feature lies in the fact that users don’t require a bow press while trying out half-inch increments in the adjustable draw lengths. It is easy to keep the aim on the target with this one as the SX cam has amazing stabilization. 

The 32.5-inch axel-to-axel measurement is also a very comfortable fit for most people, creating a relaxed string angle for users. This allows them to settle into suitable anchor locations. This single-cam technology offers a speed of 316 feet per second with a let-off of 75%.


The sights are made of high-grade aluminum and have dovetail adjustments that allow for rotations horizontally as well as vertically. It consists of three wrapped fiber optic pins in .029, and for added clarity, it has a phosphorescent ring at the edges. There is a bracket that comes along with it, which helps with mounting it on either side of the bow.


The bow comes with on-hand accessories, including a four-pack of arrows along with a release and a bow case. Their quality is pretty good, and they are known for their ability to pierce through the game in a single hit. The only thing missing in this is broadheads that can be purchased separately.


Employing a target hip quiver, this bow is packed with some seriously effective features, such as a removable, zippered pocket and internal organizer slot so the user can keep all the small components in place.


The riser of this bow is made of machined 6061 T6 aluminum, and so are the limb pockets. A rubber grip can be purchased separately, which aids in getting rid of any vibration while drawing, thus giving a more seamless overall experience. Since the grip handle is made in aluminum, there are replacement options available, and this choice of material helps the bow be 0.8 lbs lighter than its previous model.

What Ages and Skill Levels is the PSE Stinger Extreme Suitable For?

Judging from its features, the Precision Stringer Extreme is great regardless of where you stand in the archery world. It suits both beginner archers and professional hunters. Its lightweight nature and ready-to-use assemblage make it a complete and affordable package for youngsters and beginners. 

Because of its adjustability, speed, and durable material, it makes a great choice for professional hunters, too. Although users may have to keep replacing the string as it wears out quickly, it is still a great overall package for those who know their way around compound bows.

What Makes the PSE Stinger Extreme Stand Out From the Competition?

Being a revolutionary innovation, it has 20 patents for its archery products, especially the bow design. It is unique in the sense that it has risers and other accessories made from aluminum, which is something uncommon in affordable bows. The choice of this material also brings lightness to its mass while retaining the sturdiness that serious buyers aim for.

Overall, users get a lot more than what they pay for. The highly adjustable mechanism of this bow and the finish options at a cheap price range has proved to be an effective strategy to make it stand out in the crossbow industry.

Comparison Overview 

Due to the increasing competition in the market for crossbows, making the right choice can be quite difficult. To make things easier for you, we have compared the PSE Stinger with two other well-known crossbows so you can be a better judge of which one would be more suitable for you;

PSE Stinger vs. Vision

The PSE Vision is made for professional shooters who like to work with high adjustability levels and like to have a lightness to the overall mass of the bow. The Stringer comes quite close in this regard. For further clarity, both have been compared down below: 

Build Quality

Stinger shoots faster than Vision thanks to its overall frame built. The latter has longer-lasting, good-quality strings, but they need to be waxed to maintain their quality.

Value for Money

Vision and Stringer both offer highly adjustable features, which is a great thing for users who look to customize their hunting equipment as per their exact preferences. As bows for beginners, both come at a good value for money.


Stinger performs quite effectively at 60 yards. The only downside of it is that it is a bit heavier, and its weight sometimes poses issues such as oscillation and peep rotation. Comparatively, Vision is known to have a lighter body and better strings, so it can be better handled if you are a beginner still learning your way around proper usage.

PSE Stinger vs. Rally

Belonging to the same brand, Stinger and Rally share the same build quality and are a great fit for all age groups because of the high-flexibility features they offer. Here’s a comparison between the two:


The PSE Stinger and Rally are quite similar when it comes to aesthetics. The only noticeable difference lies in the riser design; Stinger has more stability thanks to its light-weight nature.


The Stringer and Rally both are relatively newer models and have thus an equally good grip design and stable parallel limbs. They also employ a similar cam system with good brace heights, which allows users to aim accurately.

Value for Money

The Stringer and Rally have a negligible price difference. Professionals often opt for the latter because of its comparatively better shooting ability and the extra features. If you are on a tight budget, then Stringer is the obvious fit for you; otherwise, Rally wins overall here.

How to Adjust a PSE Stinger Extreme

Due to this bow being highly adjustable, users need to manually set a lot of components before they move on to using it. You can refer to the steps below in order to set the Stringer up for your first shoot;

1. The first adjustment that should be made is to the SX cam. For this, choose from two options; ‘performance’ or ‘grow with you.’ They both have different draw characteristics and peak weight range. The cam rotates in the direction the string is pulled in.

2. The next step is to loosen the head screws using Allen keys and swivel the inner-cam position to choose the preferred draw length, and then tighten them back up again.

3. Refer to the adjustment chart for the Stringer to see in which category your desired draw length lies. Then position it onto the string posts. The SX cam will have holes labeled A to J for the user to choose from for adjustment. The letters correspond to the half-inch changes for the draw length. 

For further visual guidance, you can refer to the video below;


PSE has always met the expectations of all hunters worldwide when it comes to innovative crossbows. The Stinger Extreme, particularly designed to target beginners or people with a limited budget, has done pretty well for itself. It owes its popularity to the highly adjustable features pertaining to its draw length and comfortable brace height. Its lightweight body and power-packed, the speedy bow makes it a great choice for experienced archers as well.

People Also Ask

Choosing the right bow for yourself can always seem even trickier after you have done your research. To help ease your mind and save the need for further research, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions below;

What Kind of Warranty Does the PSE Stinger Extreme Come With?

This bow comes with a lifetime warranty if you get it from the original manufacturer. It can be replaced or repaired if the user faces any issues with the existing cables or strings. However, to attain the warranty, the evidence has to be given, and mishandled equipment is not entertained. 

For the sake of efficiency, the strings and cables should be replaced after 5,000 shots or per year as a policy of warranty coverage.

Where Are PSE Stinger Extreme Crossbows Made?

Indulged in coming up with cutting-edge technology for its bows, PSE mostly concentrates on supplying the fastest and affordable hunting bows in the industry, such as the PSE Full Throttle and the Stinger X. These, along with all other PSE creations are crafted at the Tucson facility in America.

How Far Can the PSE Stinger Extreme Crossbow Shoot?

Owing to Stinger's adjustability, the user is capable of choosing draw lengths between 21 and 30," without a bow press. The maximum range is pretty sufficient for people having a height of 6’3,” so it is safe to say that this bow is an inclusive one. The maximum draw length of 30” allows it to be used as far as 50 yards.

What Yardage Should the PSE Stinger Extreme Be Sighted in?

The Stinger should be sighted at 40 yards at the maximum. For regular users who like to aim at close ranges, 20 yards is a better choice to achieve efficiency alongside a safe distance from the game. The further your sight, the more chances there are of your bolt not hitting the target or of the game escaping before it is hit. 

However, there is no correct yardage for all; it depends on the game itself. For example, for a deer, sighting from 19 yards is quite sufficient.

How Long Are the PSE Stinger Limbs?

Compatible with a draw length of 21 to 30 inches, PSE Stinger limbs have a length of 33 inches. They are also super light to handle, weighing just 4.3 lbs. This makes the Stinger an ideal hunting bow for beginners.  

How Can I Tell What Year My PSE Stinger Was Made?

The year in which your PSE Stinger was made can be determined by locating the data sticker on the bow itself. It can be found near the inner lower limb area. On this, you can find the model number and the year of its manufacture. For further information, you can even get in touch with the customer representatives of PSE. 

What Length of Arrow Does a PSE Stinger Shoot?

Users have a lot of liberty when it comes to adjusting the nine-inch draw length. Depending on one’s height and comfort, they can choose from 21-30-inches, which complement the 32.5-inch axel-to-axel dimension along with the comfortable 7-⅛ inches of brace height.

Who Makes the PSE Stinger Compound Bow?

The PSE Stinger compound bow is made by the US manufacturing company, PSE itself, in Tucson, Arizona. The facility is located on a 150,000-square-foot plot and is open for visitation after setting up an appointment, highlighting the reason for the visit to it. 

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