Best Bow Sights of 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated July 7, 2021

You can be the best hunter in the entire world, and yet you can fail miserably at target acquisition. This is because accuracy and precision have more to do with your hunting equipment than your skill or your efficiency.

Natural training and skill can only take you so far, but you can achieve perfection if you just pay attention and invest in good equipment. Many people buy expensive bows, yet they use cheap bow sights with them. This not only wastes their money but also hinders their performance.

This is why you need to invest in a quality bow sight. We have highlighted the best models in the market for you to choose from. These have been assessed based on factors like their features, reviews by buyers, and their general appeal. So if you want to know all about them, continue reading ahead.

Comparison of the Best Bow Sights

  • Fiber optic pins included for maximum visibility
  • Mount is reversible for use with right and left-handed persons
  • Precision bubble level installed for improved leveling
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  • Retina lock technology included for better accuracy
  • Equipped with macro adjust knobs for precise adjustments
  • A dual position mount included for better sighting
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  • Best Bow Sight for the Money
  • Bright fiber wrapped pins for improved visibility
  • Comes with a lightweight and compact design
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  • Best Compound Bow Sight
  • Micro adjustment pins included for easy adjustment
  • Horizontal fiber pins for improved visibility
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  • Best Single Pin Bow Sight For Hunting
  • Easy maximum yardage setting adjustment
  • Easy one hand adjustment with smooth bracket
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  • Best Bow Sight For Deer Hunting
  • Made from strong and durable materials
  • Auto ranging feature included for easy range finding
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  • Best 5 Pin Bow SIght
  • Bubble level installed for precision leveling
  • Comes with a reversible mount design for left and right-handers
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What is a Bow Sight? 

A bow sight is a small device that contains a lot of pins. These are precisely set in a calibrated frame that is attached to the bow and allows hunters to aim at a distance with ease.

A bow sight works best when you know the distance between the target and your own position. So if you are hunting from a blind or a tree and you can see the target, it is better to use a bow sight. You can also use it when the distance is unknown; however, you won't be able to achieve very good accuracy in that case.

It can also be mounted on the end of your riser and will help you identify the exact direction of your projectile motion. Moreover, you can use a bow sight with either a peep sight or a kisser button and further enhance the performance. Almost all modern bows now come with sight compatibility.

How Does a Bow Sight Work? 

A bow sight usually comes with a single or a number of pins. The way the two variants of work are also different; however, the general procedure is quite similar. 

Every pin in the sight allows for a different yardage increment and a different range. If you have a single pin, you will achieve a fixed range with it. However, if you have more than one pin in your unit, you can set them according to the distance you want to cover. You can set them at 10, 20, 30, and 35 yardage points.

These pins, once in position, will help hunters achieve their target. Archers usually center their target in the middle and achieve a reference point for aiming. But this may differ according to the experience level of the hunter.

Are Bow Sights Universal?

Most bow sights you find in the market are universal and can be fitted and mounted to any bow you have. However, having compatibility does not guarantee success. Your sight may work with your bow, but if you are looking to enhance performance and get the most out of your activity, then you need to find one that works incredibly well with your bow. 

Moreover, there are many options for you to choose from. You can get a single pin unit or a multi-pin one. But more importantly, you need to first access the kind of bow that you have. If you have a compound bow, then you may need a sight made specifically for it. The same goes for recurve, longbows, and crossbows.

Review of the Best Bow Sights 

We have already explained the basics in regard to bow sights, but that might not be enough to buy the best one. There are many models in the market worth considering. To help you pick one, we have highlighted some of them in this section below.

Best Overall:
Trophy Ridge Joker AS108

Trophy Ridge Joker Bow Sight


  • .019-inch fiber offers better visibility
  • Comes with a precisely installed bubble level
  • Greenhood accent ensures quick sight acquisition
  • Multiple mounting holes offer greater customizability
  • Mount design is reversible and can be used by right and left-handers


  • Not suitable for a compound bow

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are absolutely smitten by this excellent product. It offers excellent visibility that helps hunters get ahead in their game. Many people have also complimented this Trophy Ridge unit for the precisely installed bubble level that allows for easy adjustments.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One look at the horizontal fiber optics and the construction of this model was enough to make it stand out to us. Using this Trophy Ridge sight allows you to make every hunt successful and acquire every target; that too in the first go. It also provides you with all the anchors that you needed for proper assembly. But the best thing about the design is that you can use it with both three-pin and four-pin sights.

Four extremely bright and medium-sized fiber pins allow for easy adjustments, but that's not all they do. You will also enjoy greater versatility because of the multiple mounting options. These, together with a reversible mount design, help achieve greater diversity and make this model deserving of the number one spot.

Bottom Line

We placed this model on the top of our list for two main reasons; it offered durability without being too heavy and offered efficiency without being too expensive. When combined, these features allowed the buyers to get good value for the money.

IQ Bowsight

IQ Bowsights 3-Pin Micro Bowsight with Retina Lock Technology,Left Hand


  • Controls muscle memory for greater comfort
  • Micro-adjust knobs allow for quick adjustments
  • Tool-free locking knobs lock your elevation in place
  • Dual-position mount allows for diverse shooting sights
  • Retina lock technology allows for greater form and consistency


  • Heavy

What Recent Buyers Report

One might think that buyers would have an issue with the unit's relatively large size, but they chose to overlook this one drawback. This is because there were so many other extraordinary features like good knobs that attracted the buyers. They found these tool-free knocking knobs very efficient in providing good elevation.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There aren’t many models that can boast having the most advanced technologies incorporated into their designs, but this is certainly one such bow sight. The retina lock technology helps you identify any bow torque inconsistency that you may experience later. It also helps you better anchor your points and hence achieve greater clarity. All this comes as no surprise because this technology is considered one of the most accurate.

This sight also allows for dual mounting positions and hence gives you the ability to mount your unit according to a number of shooting styles. This helps provide diversity and better customization. Another thing that struck us was the inclusion of tool-free knobs. These allow you to adjust your elevation positions and lock your windage accurately.

Bottom Line

Good technology goes a long way, and this model is a testament to that fact. It is a bit large, but that only makes it all the more efficient. The retina lock technology is specially added to provide a great form and shape to the design and allows the IQ Bow Sight to offer better consistency.

Best Bow Sight for the Money:
TRUGLO Storm TG3013B

TRUGLO Storm Ultra-Lightweight Compact Bow Sight


  • Offers easy read level in pin field
  • Circular field of view offers enlargement and clarity
  • Compact and sleek body makes the unit lightweight
  • Sturdy and durable design makes the model last longer
  • Wrapped pins are made with bright fiber for extra durability


  • Doesn’t maintain its durability and breaks after a while 

What Recent Buyers Report

Good durability is the first thing most buyers look out for, but when it came to this Truglo Storm model, buyers actually noticed the shape of the sight first. The unit is neither too long nor too short and hence is very portable. Buyers have also noticed the easy-to-read markings that make hunting easier. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Great construction goes a long way, and that is exactly why this Truglo model has managed to retain its position in the market. A lot of testing goes into making the design to ensure you get more accuracy and precision. But more importantly, the inclusion of bright fiber warped pins makes for easier adjustments, even in low light settings.

But one thing that made this model stand out was the compact size and weight. When you are shooting at a distant target, you need to be quick on your feet. A heavy unit can seriously decrease your speed. Luckily, this Truglo storm model comes in a sleek shape and isn’t too heavy.

Bottom Line

Almost all bow sights offer a circular field of view but what separates this model from others is that it provides an enlarged view that is extremely clear. But more importantly, your eyes don't get strained while looking at your target. So if you are looking for an affordable model that also offers convenience, do consider this one.

Best Compound Bow Sight:
Trophy Ridge Fix Series

Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight


  • Pin adjustment tool can be stored on sight
  • .019 horizontal fiber ensures greater visibility
  • Micro-adjustable pins offer better accuracy and precision
  • Offers heightened accuracy over both short and long-distance
  • Rheostat light allows you to adjust brightness according to the situation


  • Not suitable for left-handers

What Recent Buyers Report

Ease of usage and accuracy are the two words buyers associate with this model, and rightfully so too. The pins are micro-adjustable, which means that adjusting them is both easy and less time-consuming. Moreover, buyers are happy with the .019 fiber pins that allow for increased visibility and provide enhanced accuracy.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It is hard to go shooting without having a trustworthy and reliable model in your hand. This Trophy Ridge Fix Series comes with a variety of pins that can be micro-adjusted. This means you can adjust them according to the length that you have to draw. If you are shooting at a distance, you can also use the second-axis adjustment technology included in this series. 

This, among other things, allows for greater accuracy and precision while shooting in low light settings. It also allows you to shoot at a distance and get a competitive edge in shooting games. Moreover, there is a storage area that will allow you to keep the adjustment pin with you at all times. For people who easily lose their accessories, this is a huge relief.

Bottom Line

The bottom line on this one is simple; if you have a compound bow that works well with your technique, then all you need to enhance performance is to invest in this bow sight. You also get to enjoy the rheostat light that allows for greater brightness in both bright and low light situations.

Best Single-Pin Bow Sight For Hunting:

TRUGLO Range Rover Single-Pin Moving Bow Sight


  • A rheostat is removable and allows for more clarity
  • Yardage is adjustable and offers greater customized settings
  • Can be suited to the needs of both right and left-hand users
  • Bracket is ultra-smooth and offers adjustments with one hand
  • Laser marks allow for better windage and elevation adjustments


  • Only for right-handers

What Recent Buyers Report

People prefer single pin sights for easy usage, but buyers prefer it because of ease of adjustability. Since there is only one pin, they knew that the adjustment needed to be on point. Moreover, since the unit could be used by right and left-hand users, buyers with diverse needs love it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

For anyone looking to achieve greater precision, this model would do quite well. It is a single pin bow sight that comes with an innovative design and allows for a zero in adjustment. You also get to have more control over elevations and windage. You can tune them according to the situation. This will give you an edge in situations where you have to shoot from a distance.

A clear sight picture is also associated with this model. The Range Rover series features an extraordinary and tool-less yardage lock. This not only allows for a clear and circular sight picture but also allows you to cover more distance. The all-metal pin comes with a fully protected fiber wrapping that not only provides better durability but also ensures you never miss your target. To top all this is the end-of-travel stop that customizes your yardage settings.

Bottom Line

For anyone who wants better elevation and windage adjustments, this model is going to be the perfect one. It comes with a smooth bracket that allows for comfortable usage with one hand. Moreover, having one pin frees the users from being confused by multiple pins. Lastly, if you are a new hunter, you will love perfecting your technique with this unit.

Best Bow Sight For Deer Hunting:
Topoint Archery 3-Pin Bow Sight

TOPOINT ARCHERY 3 Pin Bow Sight - Fiber, Brass Pin, Aluminum Machined - Right and Left Handed


  • Available in a range of different colors
  • Suited for both right and left-hand users
  • Can be leveled by using two vertical bars
  • Distinct markings for windage and elevation
  • Uses aluminum for construction that adds durability


  • Screws aren’t properly attached

What Recent Buyers Report

Nearly all buyers love this model because it offers good efficiency in almost all different settings. However, deer hunting is considered to require more than just efficiency, and manufacturers know that. This is why features like good leveling and yardage adjustability also convinced buyers that this was the model for them.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Having distinct and clear markings on your unit is a great thing, but the excellent high-end construction makes this model even better. The manufacturers have included aluminum steel for the production of the exterior body. The material not only offers unmatched durability but also ensures you can rely on this sight for the rest of the hunting season.

Moreover, catching deer requires a lot of practice. This is because they are not only smart but also very fast. You won’t have much time for aim; you will have to use a sight that achieves greater accuracy. And luckily for you, this model does just that.

Bottom Line

Diversity in terms of appearance isn't something many serious hunters care about; however, hunters still like to use attractive models when they indulge in competitive sports. This one is available in many different colors and hence allows for a more aesthetic appeal.

Best 5-Pin Bow SIght:
Trophy Ridge Volt AS109

Trophy Ridge Volt 5 Pin Bow Sight, Black


  • Horizontal fiber pin allows for greater visibility
  • Offset mounting holes increase customizability
  • Bubble level allows you to better align your shot
  • Sight acquisition is increased by good hood accent
  • Laser-etched aluminum provides better pin adjustments


  • Not suitable for novice hunters

What Recent Buyers Report

Even if you aren’t a very good hunter, you would still want to enjoy greater control, which is exactly what many recent buyers wanted. This Trophy Ridge unit comes with an offset mounting hole that increases customizability. Moreover, buyers have appreciated the use of horizontal fiber that allows for greater visibility.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Having three and four pins is rare for a bow sight; however, having five distinct pins is quite unheard of. But that is why Trophy Ridge stands out in the market. This particular model offers a great reduction in vibration. There is a soft-touch ballistics that allows for increased clarity. Moreover, the double coating provides greater insulation and resistance. This comes in handy if your unit accidentally falls on hard wooden floors.

There is also a smooth bubble level included that allows for greater precision. But more importantly, it allows you to properly align your shot without stressing your eyes too much. There is also laser-etched windage made of aluminum. You can get a good elevation with its help.

Bottom Line

Contrary to what a lot of people think, having more pins doesn’t always lead to increased difficulty. Professional hunters know how to make good adjustments with each pin, and this allows them to increase their range on the field.

Best Bow Peep Sight:
TRUGLO Glo-Brite TG79

TRUGLO Glo-Brite Peep Sight, Black


  • Offers better protection for eyes
  • Tubing allows for proper positioning
  • Green insert comes with three different settings
  • Can perform in both high and low light settings
  • Aperture diameter is suitable for long-range shooting


  • Has sharp edges that need proper storing

What Recent Buyers Report

Accuracy and precision are the two things that buyers love about this model. The extended tubing allows for better and more proper positioning. But more importantly, this model can work in both high and low light settings, thus ensuring greater diversity.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you are looking to achieve better diversity, then you should definitely consider this model. It comes with a green insert that allows for greater adjustability. There is also proper tubing that allows for good positioning of the sight. This, along with an easy setup, ensures you don’t waste much of your time in making adjustments. 

More importantly, the aperture diameter is 3/16 inches. This means that regardless of your experience, you will still be able to achieve greater accuracy. Moreover, this diameter helps lessen the strain on your eyes during a long shoot.

Bottom Line

The size of the aperture matters a lot. It affects both visibility and comfort. A very small aperture will not provide you a full view of the field. Moreover, such an aperture will also lead to greater eye strain. These things result in hunters having to spend greater time in the field because they are more likely to miss their targets on the first few takes.

Best Bow Sight Under $100:
Trophy Ridge Pursuit AS401R

Trophy Ridge Pursuit 1-Pin Left/Right Hand Black Bow Sight


  • Vertical fiber pin provides ultimate visibility
  • Glo indicator pins allow for low light accuracy
  • Bushings offer smoother metal to metal contact
  • Very quiet, which ensures good target acquisition
  • Allows you to dial in the accurate yardage that is needed


  • Need Allen keys to make proper adjustments

What Recent Buyers Report

The Glo indicator achieves accuracy, but the small and very durable pins ensure good yardage. Buyers have complimented the construction and build of this unit the most. They have also praised the inclusion of a larger aperture that allows for a larger field of view.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Affordability is important, but so is good accuracy, and you luckily get both of these things when you invest in this model. The 0.019 inches of vertical fiber allows you to get your target in the first go. There is also a rheostat light included that allows you for accurate adjustments. The sunlight and weather on the campground are hard to predict; hence, such a feature often comes in handy.

Moreover, there is a vertical indicator pin that ensures high performance and ensures very precise adjustments. You get to achieve perfect target acquisition regardless of how frequently the light changes in your surroundings. The Delrin bushings also eliminate the noise produced as a result of metal to metal contact. 

Bottom Line

When you are on the go, you can't risk being heard by your target. This sight does a good job of eliminating any noise that is produced from metal clanking with each other. The bushings on the unit allow for a very smooth performance. So if you are looking to get good functionality without having to lose your purse strings, then this is the model for you.

Best Recurve Bow Sight:
ISPORT Archery Sight

ISPORT Archery Recurve Bow Sight Metal Target Accessory Bowsight Black 1 Set


  • Easy to mount
  • More suitable for beginners who lack practice
  • Properly supplied with bracket and mounting screws
  • A lightweight and compact body allows for greater durability
  • Adjustment in thumbscrews allows for a universal functioning


  • Does not offer good resistance against impact

What Recent Buyers Report

Hunters need to be quick on their feet. A bow sight that is too heavy is likely going to hinder their progress in the field and make them miss their targets. This Isport Archery sight has a compact and sleek body that buyers like. It also allows for easier adjustments hence allowing buyers to practice their techniques efficiently.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This bow sight measures 6 x 3.35 inches. These measurements make it fit to be used by both beginners and professional hunters. You get access to all the brackets and screws needed for setting up a unit properly. The design is also of prime importance. You not only enjoy greater strength, but the reversibility allows both left-hand and right-hand users to use this with ease. 

We also liked how considerate the company was in providing good affordability to the users. Within the package, there is everything that you need for an excellent draw.

Bottom Line

With an easy mounting body and a good warranty, this model is certainly making rounds in the market. It comes with a bracket and mounting screws that help hunters set the pins in relatively less time. But more importantly, the thumbscrews allow this sight to be used with any bow hence allowing universal compatibility.

Types of Bow Sights 

Hunters have different levels of experience, which is why they also demand different types of equipment to go with their bows. When it comes to sights, there are a variety of options for you to choose from. Here is a brief description of each of these options.

Fixed Pin

As the name suggests, this sight comes with a fixed pin and is one of the widest and most popular types in the market. It is suitable for both beginner and advanced level hunters. A lot of this has to do with the ease of use that it provides. These pins are easier to set up, and when used properly, they offer the greatest accuracy. However, a new hunter may need some time to learn how to adjust the yardage with this type.

Movable Pin

This type can either have a single pin or multiple pins that can be moved. These allow users to make quick and accurate adjustments in no time. You can also adjust the focus, all the while moving towards your target. Moreover, these are relatively cheaper and are preferred by novice hunters. 

However, the major downside is that you will have to pre-adjust the distance before you make a short time. This process takes time, which a hunter cannot waste during competitive shooting.


These aren’t very common because they are slightly more expensive, especially if you are buying them from a reputable brand. They are ideal for hunters who aim from distant tree stands. The reason for their name is that they use a pin that is mounted within a pendulum and a sight bracket that is adjusted in the same place. This allows it to ensure better downward angles. It also ensures hunters on tree stands can shoot better.

Single Pin vs. Multi-Pin Bow Sight - Comparison Overview

These are the two most common bow sight types in the market, and both are preferred for different reasons. Before selecting the kind of pin type you want to invest in, it is important that you decide on the yardage distance that you are going for.

Having a single pin means that you can aim your target within a specific range always. This comes with the advantage of not having to adjust the settings again and again. But more importantly, regardless of the distance, you are shooting at, you can always aim directly behind the pin. This target can be at 25, 35, and even 42 yards. Moreover, since these models come with only one pin, they are relatively cheaper.

As a beginner, you will also find using a single pin model easier. The drawback to this is that it restricts you to a particular range, and accuracy for other ranges will be affected. Moreover, when you are an experienced hunter, you will have to shoot from a variety of distances. This is slightly difficult with a one pin type.

Multi-pin sights are extremely popular, and there are good reasons behind that. They provide the added benefit of a full draw and range. You can also instantly shift your aiming point by simply moving your arm and bringing another pin in the range of your aiming point.

For competitive and deer shooting, a multi-pin unit comes in handy. If the deer moves, you can simply adjust your aim without lowering down your bow.

How to Use Bow Sights

Using a bow sight helps you with your aim, but that is only possible when you use it accurately. They come with pins that are used for adjustments. You will also need to know just how high or low you need to go while shooting at both long and short distance targets. Here is how you use this model.

  1. The first step is to remember that regardless of your experience with the bow, you always have to stand in an upright position and draw the bow to the exact same place.

  2. Then nock the arrow onto the bowstring and by applying pressure, draw it back. Make sure your waist is straight, and you are not leaning back.

  3. When holding the bow, make sure the majority of the pressure is on the lower part of your thumb. This will allow for a powerful draw.

  4. Always move your sight in the specific direction of where your target is. If the shot is too low, then you need to move the sight down or vice versa.

  5. Always count the number of turns or watch the marks placed on your sight. If you aren’t hitting right, make sure you calculate the difference of your adjustments with your first attempt and try again.

How to Paper Sight a Bow

This isn’t necessary for the functioning of a bow; however, many people still do it for added accuracy. You can suspend paper at least four to six feet away from you and then shoot arrows at it. This will paper sight your bow within minutes.

How to Use a Single Pin Bow Sight

Multiple pin sights can often confuse new hunters, and hence they prefer single pin models. To use such a model, all a hunter has to do is set up the pin at the distance that you want to aim for. This could be 20 yards, 30, or even 40.

If you require an extensive overview of the process, you may check out the video below.

How to Adjust Bow Sights

If you know how to use your model, then adjusting the sights won’t be much of an issue. But just because it is easy doesn’t mean it is any less important. Here is how you can achieve proper settings without putting in too much effort.

  1. The first step is to shoot three arrows at any range to kick start the adjustment process. You need to have a target in front of you too.

  2. You should stand close to the target so you can strike the arrow within the same range. This is important because if the shots are too far away, then you won’t be able to make accurate adjustments.

  3. For adjustments, if your arrows hit your target on the left side, move the sight to the right and vice versa.

  4. Close distances will require you to make more frequent adjustments than distances that are farther away.

  5. For vertical adjustments, you need to use multi-pin sight. Set the bottom pin for the most distant target you will shoot, and the top pin for the closest.

  6. If you are using a sight with single pins, you need to adjust the settings according to the markings placed on your sight tape.

  7. For horizontal adjustments, you need to assess the direction of your arrows. If they are to the left, move your model to the right and vice versa.

  8. If you want to shoot at a distance, then you can continue moving farther away from the target and continue adjusting your pins accordingly.

  9. If your group of pins becomes inconsistent or you run out of pins, then stop and just stand where the last pin is inserted.

What Process Will Help Adjust Your Sights To Hit The Bull's Eye Consistently?

If you want to consistently hit the bull's eyes, you will have to allocate a significant portion of your time to practice. You can also begin by shooting at least five arrows at any standard target that is at least ten yards away.

For a better visual overview, check out this very informative video:


The biggest mistake that hunters make is practicing consistently without realizing that their equipment also has a lot to do with their success. They also sometimes invest in a good bow but fail to find a good bow sight to go with it. The incompatibility between these two results in disappointment and failure at every step.

But correcting this is very easy; all you have to do is look for the most appropriate sight. We have included a range of models on our list, so you can pick one quite easily. But no matter the choice, always remember that consistency is the key to achieving your most difficult goals.

People Also Ask

For hunters, there is nothing that matters more than good target acquisition and form. This is why they will go to lengths to know everything there is to know about the units. If you are one of those too, here are a few common questions along with their answers:

What Distance Should I Set My Bow Sights?

One of the most common top pin settings for both open fields and timber is 20-22 yards. Most modern bows come with advanced features and are hence fast enough to move with a perfect trajectory between 15 and 20 yards. When you are using a good mode, the pin only needs to be adjusted for 20 yards for any distances between 15 and 25.

How Many Pins Should a Bow Sight Have?

There are many different types of models in the market, and each one comes with its own number of pins. These include a single pin, double pin, and multi-pin models. Hunters usually prefer having a one to three-pin setup. As for the yardage, it is typically set to 20, 25, 30, or 40. So all in all, the number of pins you have will depend on the type of hunting you take part in. 

Trophy Ridge Joker AS108

What Do The Pins on a Bow Sight Mean?

The pins are extremely important and allow you to make quick adjustments. Each pin is used to aim at a different distance. So, for instance, if you are using a three-pin model, one pin will offer yardage of 10, one of 20, and the last may allow yardage of 30. You can also have more than three pins to increase the diversity in your yardage.

Do Recurve Bows Have Sights?

All recurve bows that are used now have three main parts. There is a riser, and then there are two limbs. The former contains the bow’s grip and provides you with a good aim and a comfortable holding position. The riser also comes with the mounts for the sights and is the place where the arrow rests. The limbs generate all the power of the bow and allow you to draw accurately.

How to Install a Peep Sight on a Compound Bow

To do this, first, press your bow and separate the different strands where your sight is located. Unpress your bow and check for alignments. If these aren't correct, make sure you divide the strands again and reinstall them. Once you have set the peep properly in the string, pull the bow back with your eyes closed. You can let the bow settle in at your natural anchor point. 

How to Install a Peep Sight Without a Bow Press

The purpose of a peep sight is to help you remain attentive and straight when shooting the bow. If you don’t have a bow press, you can use a wrench and turn the poundage of the bow down. This will loosen any tension in the string and will make it easy for you to insert the peep in between the strands. You can now tighten this poundage again and adjust it to where you want it.

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