Best Bow Strings of 2021 – Ultimate Review

| Last Updated July 7, 2021

The hunting season is approaching us, and hence all hunters are preparing their weapons to take part in the sport.

One of the most traditional and fun weapons to use for hunting is the bow.

And if you are also a fan of them, you must understand the importance of a sturdy bow and how a bow string can enhance or ruin your performance.

Comparison of the Best Bow Strings

  • Made from premium quality Dacron materials
  • Very easy to install on the bow
  • Comes with endless loop type for easy attachment
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  • Quite easy to install on a bow
  • Made from very durable materials to last longer
  • High string count to maintain proper length over time
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  • Best for the Money
  • Available in different strand counts
  • Made from high-quality materials to last longer
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  • Best Recurve Bow String
  • Comes with endless loop style for quick and easy installation
  • Variable amount of strands available for better fitting
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  • Best Compound Bow String
  • Waxed so it can be easily used for installation
  • Made for high-end bows and compound bows
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What Size of Bow String Do I Need?

The bow string's size depends on your bow, and hence it is different for every bow. To find out the ideal size, you need to measure your bow. You should get a measuring tape and measure the length along the curve of the bow from one tip to another. This measurement will be the length of the bow string that you require.

What Are Bow Strings Made Out Of?

Bowstrings are made from almost all kinds of materials. Traditionally, linen, hemp, sinew, vegetable fibers, silk, and rawhide were used to make bow strings. However, modern bow strings are made from synthetic materials. These are stronger and more durable than traditional bow strings.

Why Did These Bow Strings Make Our List? 

There are many options available in the market. Every bow string will offer you something unique; however, you still need to understand which of those unique offerings will translate into a great bow string. All the bow strings on the list have been chosen based on the following characteristics: 


When buying a bow string, it is important to check if it can be easily folded to make loops from it. It is important to make loops from your string in order to tie your string in a sturdy manner. Without properly made loops, the string will probably get loose when you try to take a shot. All the products on our list are easy to loop. 

The Strands

The strands of your bow string determine how much weight it can support. The more strands in a bow string, the better. It will be able to support more weight, and hence you will be able to aim farther, with more accuracy. Our list includes strings with a greater string count. 


When it comes to bow strings, durability is of utmost importance. Normally, it is supposed to last for two years. When buying a bow string, ensure that it can support the weight and is made of high-quality materials, so it doesn’t break easily. Our chosen products are all highly durable. 

When Is It Time to Replace My Bow Strings?

To determine when you need to change your bow string, you need to consider a few factors. Firstly, look at how often you use it for hunting. Secondly, consider if the maintenance required before and after using it was done properly. Lastly, check the weather conditions it was used in. These things determine the wear and tear that your bow string has gone through. However, normally, a good-quality bow string will last you for an average of two to three years.

Furthermore, if you notice any frays or broken strands on your bow string, you should replace it immediately, even if it is not too old, and find a better quality bow string.

Review of the Best Bow Strings

Many products are being offered in the market from various brands and hence deciding which one to buy can be a difficult decision to make. Hence, we have shortlisted some top offerings in the market.

Best Overall:
Southland Archery Supply B-50 Dacron

Southland Archery Supply SAS B-55 Dacron Replacement Traditional Recurve Bow String - Made in USA (AMO 48 in (Actual 44 in), 12 Strands (Bows Upto 40 lbs))


  • Powerful and durable
  • Can fit most bow sizes
  • Available in length 44” to 60”
  • Material doesn’t stretch or gets disfigured easily
  • Features an endless loop to ensure ease of use and convenience


  • Cannot deal well with heat

What Recent Buyers Report

Users state that it is a highly durable string that lasts longer than an average unit, despite being used in harsher weather conditions. You only need to make sure that it is never dry and that you regularly wax it. Furthermore, it is very easy to make loops from it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

After using a string a couple of times, it might get deformed or change its shape due to being stretched continuously. This is one of the problems that shooters face. However, Supply B-50 Dacron doesn’t get deformed after stretching. It effectively retains its shape, despite being stretched for months or years. Hence, you can use it for a long period of time.

Furthermore, no permanent stretching ensures that your string won’t need to be tightened regularly. This will make your life a whole lot easier, especially if you use complex bows that need professionals to configure them.

Bottom Line

Supply B-50 Dacron is a high-quality bow string that is very powerful and durable. It is made from a very high-quality material that retains its shape after being stretched. Furthermore, it is available in multiple lengths; hence, it can fit all sizes of bows. 

Southwest Archery Bowstring

Replacement Archery Bowstring for Traditional Recurve Bows - Available in AMO Lengths from 44'-68' in 12, 14, 16 Strand - Made from Black Dacron B-55 Material | AMO 48in, 14strand


  • Ends are looped
  • Very easy to install
  • Doesn’t get deformed easily
  • Highly durable and can withstand most weather conditions
  • Available in various widths so you can choose your preferred tension level


  • Loops might not fit wide bows
  • Requires more serving than a standard string

What Recent Buyers Report

B-55 Dacron is a very powerful bow string that can be conveniently used in all weather conditions without having to worry about wear and tear. Furthermore, it is super easy to install thanks to its looped ends that you can conveniently fit on the upper and lower tips of your bow.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The bow strings' width is an important thing to consider because it will define the draw weight that your bow will be able to manage. To understand the width, you can consider the number of strands a bow string is made from. The good news is that this one comes in various widths, and you can pick your preferred one, depending on how much weight you want to draw.

Another additional advantage of having the option to go for wider strings is that they don’t get deformed easily. Wider strings are more effective at retaining their original shape and length.

Bottom Line

All in all, this bow string will be ideal for you if you want to work in harsher weather conditions. You can also choose the draw weight limit of this string and easily install it on your bow.

Best for the Money:
Legend Propel Recurve Bow String

Legend - Recurve Bow String | Traditional Bow String | Dacron B-55 Bow String Replacement | Archery Accessories | Archery Equipment for Recurve Bow | AMO 48in to 66in | 12-14-16 Strands


  • End loops are braided tightly
  • Can be installed easily within seconds
  • Made from high-quality, durable materials
  • Highly affordable despite being high-quality
  • You can customize the length and width of your strings


  • You might need to do the serving yourself after the purchase

What Recent Buyers Report

This is a well-made string with high-quality strands. It is always pleasant to use it as it moves smoothly while being stretched for a shot. Furthermore, it comes waxed, so you don’t have to do much maintenance before using it, making it convenient to use.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are many high-quality options available in the market. However, they can be slightly more expensive than most bow strings. This might lead you to think that you need to invest a lot to get quality, but it is not true. You only need to dig deeper. This Legend Propel bow string is high-quality despite being affordable.

It is made from durable materials, and it gives you the option to adjust the draw limit. Furthermore, it is available for bows of all lengths, and it can be conveniently installed within seconds.

Bottom Line

To conclude, Legend Propel bow string is a high-quality option that also happens to be highly affordable. It is made from durable materials and can be customized in terms of length and width to fit your needs. Moreover, it is easy to install.

Best Recurve Bow String:

KESHES Dacron Bow String Replacement for Traditional and Recurve Bow - Replacement Bowstring 12,14,16 Strands - All Length Sizes from 44-70 Inches


  • Easy to install and use
  • Fits perfectly on most bows
  • Retains its form after repeated use
  • You get a free replacement string with the original string
  • Provides you with the same amount of power as heavier strings


  • Not highly durable
  • Needs to be served frequently

What Recent Buyers Report

According to users, this is a powerful string. It is not the most durable option, yet it is one of the most powerful ones available. Even with a smaller width, it can draw weight equal to its wider counterparts. Furthermore, it manages to retain its shape well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The draw weight is highly dependent on the width of any bow string. However, KESHES Dacron has managed to increase the draw weight capacity while keeping the width constant. You no longer need to get a wide and heavy string to support more weight.

Some customers argue that this has caused the durability of the string to go be negatively affected. To counter that, this bow string comes with a 100% free replacement with every purchase. Hence, even if it breaks after a year, you will not have to spend any money on replacing it.

Bottom Line

KESHES Dacron is a highly powerful bow string that can manage more draw weight than other strings of the same width. It fits almost all bows well and is easy to install. Also, you get a free replacement string with every purchase.

Best Compound Bow String:
RAGE Replacement String

Replacement String for Rage 70lbs Compound Bow


  • Doesn’t easily deform
  • Default serving is very good
  • Made from durable materials
  • Ideal bow string for beginners
  • Comes waxed and ready to be used out of the box


  • Only available in one length
  • Comes with a standard draw weight limit

What Recent Buyers Report

Usually, you must wax your strings before using them, or else you risk damaging them. However, this one comes pre-waxed, and hence you can use it straight out of the box. This makes it very convenient to use. Furthermore, it is durable and will last you a long time.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This compound bow string is ideal for beginners. It provides them with the right support and convenience so they can develop their shooting skills. It comes in a standard width and length. This can be considered a negative; however, for beginners, this is the right choice. As a beginner, you can polish your skills on the standard string, and then as you develop your skills, you can upgrade it.

Furthermore, it is highly durable, which means that it can be used roughly by someone without much experience, and it still won’t get easily damaged. 

Bottom Line

All in all, the Rage Replacement string is very durable and can be used by beginners to train themselves and upgrade their skills. Furthermore, for their ease, it comes pre-waxed and with a standard length and draw weight limit.

Types of Bow Strings

Bow strings have three main types. These are mainly different based on their making style as that affects the durability and performance of a bow string.

Simple Strings

Simple strings are the most basic type that can be made from almost any material. They are created by twisting the fibers of a given material into one long cord.These are traditional kinds and are only used in places where higher-quality, modern strings are not available. They don’t perform well after a few uses.

Reverse-Twisted Strings

To make reversed twisted strings, you need to basically take two bundles of simple strings and twist them together to make one sturdy string. Such strings have various modern applications. They are an upgraded version of simple strings and can support more weight than them. Furthermore, they don’t need to be replaced after a few uses.

Looped Strings

All modern compound bows use the most durable looped strings. They are made from a synthetic material and are a single loop of that material.

Loop strings can support the most amount of weight and will last the longest.

How to String a Bow

Stringing the bow is a very important process. If you don’t do so properly, then the quality of the bow is irrelevant. Hence, be very mindful while you string your bow.

  1. Take the bigger loop of the string and slide it on the upper end of the bow.

  2. Slide the loop over the limb and drag it down as far as you can.

  3. Keep the string at the center of the limb.

  4. Once it is tight, grab the smaller loop and slide it up from the bow's lower end.

  5. Take the tip protectors and attach them to the tips, so they hold the string in place while you are stringing the bow.

  6. Take the stringer and put its heads on both ends of the bow.

  7. Hold the stringer down with your feet and pull up the bow. While doing so, take the loop of string on the top and bottom ends and pull them towards the bow's tips.

You can follow the steps above to string your bow. However, if you want to better understand the process, refer to the video below.

How to Replace a Bow String

Replacing a bow can be a tricky process, especially if you are a beginner. Hence, people usually turn to professionals to get this done. However, if you wish to do the job yourself, then you can follow these steps closely.

  1. Firstly, you need to change the cable.

  2. Pull on the cable from one end of the bow until it is loose.

  3. Now, start pulling out the cable from that side of the bow.

  4. Once you are done, repeat steps two and three for the other end of the bow.

  5. Now that the used string is out, take a new string.

  6. Wrap the new string around the axis on both ends of the bow.

  7. Make sure to pass the string from the string holder located in the middle of the bow.

  8. Make sure that the string is completely attached to the track.

  9. The cable should be in the middle of the axis. If it is not in the middle, then you can simply pull it up or down with your hands and tighten it accordingly.

If you still have any reservations, you can check the video given below to better understand the process.


The bow string that you buy has the power to influence your whole hunting experience. Hence, you should choose it wisely while keeping in mind the important features to consider before making your purchase. Furthermore, to ensure that you get the best bow string, you should choose one from the ones listed above.

People Also Ask

You must have a lot of questions on your mind while purchasing a bow string for yourself. We have tried our best to answer some topmost frequently asked questions, and you can refer to them to ease your mind and feel more confident regarding your purchase. 

How Long Do Bow Strings Last?

Bow strings usually last for an average of two to three years. The life of a bow string depends on how well you maintain them, how frequently you use them, and what kind of weather or external conditions you use them in.

How Can You Tell if a Bow String is Bad?

You can tell if your bow string is bad or not by simply feeling its texture. You can do this by running your fingers up and down. If you feel that the string is too dry or fuzzy, then you might need to replace or repair it.

Can I Use Candle Wax on My Bow String?

Waxing your bow string is important to prolong its life. There are specialized waxes for this purpose; however, you can use candle wax too. It will provide you with the same benefits.

What is the String on a Bow Called?

The string on the bow is called a bow string. It is attached to the upper and bottom limbs of the bow.

What is a Flemish String?

A Flemish string is a kind of reverse-twisted string with loops on each end. It is one of the sturdiest and most durable strings with a beautiful and traditional look. These are used in both modern and traditional bows.

What is the Best Material for a Bow String?

The best material for bow strings is High Modulus Polyethylene (HDPE). It is commercially known as Fastflight or Dyneema. It is very lightweight, affordable, and durable.

How to Measure a Bow String

To measure a bow string, you need to first get yourself a measuring tape. Then, measure the length along the curve of the bow from one end to another. This length will give you an exact measurement of the length of the bow string.

How Long Should My Bow String Be?

The length of your bow string should normally be equal to the length of the curve of the bow. However, if you use a recurve bow, then your bow string will be four inches shorter than the length of the curve of your recurve bow.

How Many Twists to Put in a Bow String?

If you have a compound bow, then ½ to ¾ twists per inch will be enough. This means that for every bow string of 60 inches, there should be 30 to 45 twists. If you have simple bows, then more or fewer twists will be required, depending on the string's length.

Which Way Do You Twist a Bow String?

The standard direction to twist your bow is clockwise. However, if your string is already twisted in a particular direction, you should just twist it in that direction.

How to Serve a Bow String

To serve a bow string, you need to first weave the lead line around the main string. Now, go to the whole length of your string and wrap it with the lead line. Make sure to wrap it tightly, or else your serving will be considered weak. Once done, cut the lead line at the end. Now, finally, you will have two ends sticking out, and you should trim them and burn them with a lighter to merge them with the main string.

How to Tighten a Bow String

To tighten a bow string, you should twist it a few times. This will do the job. If this is not enough, you will have to readjust the bow string at the bow's upper and bottom ends. You can do that by tightening the axis of your bow.

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