Best Bow Hunting Gloves of 2021 – Complete Round-up

| Last Updated October 11, 2021

Your hands are actively involved in every part of your hunt. From using them to holding gear, setting up camp, climbing trees to taking the shot, you use them everywhere. 

More often than not, the conditions involving the hunt are rough with dusty environments, rocks, and plants everywhere. If not taken care of, your hands can encounter serious injuries during the hunt.

For this reason, hunting gloves are used. They come in different styles, designs, and materials, etc. This article discusses some of the best bow hunting gloves you can get for your hunting trips.

Comparison of the Best Bow Hunting Gloves

  • Made with one size fits most technology
  • Comes with an extended cuff for better protection
  • Type: Full
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  • Lightweight and breathable for safety
  • Made from high-quality materials to last longer
  • Type: Full
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  • Best for the Money
  • Length: 9-10 cm
  • Type: Three-finger + fingerless
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  • Best Manzella Bow Hunting Gloves
  • Length: 15.24-24.13 cm
  • Type: Full
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  • Best Bow Hunting Gloves With Release Hole
  • Length: 20.32-26.67 cm
  • Type: Full
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  • Best Cold Weather Bow Hunting Gloves
  • Length: 17.78-24.13 cm
  • Type: Full
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Are Gloves Important While Bow Hunting? 

It’s amazing how something as simple as a glove can really enhance comfort while hunting with bows. There are many reasons why gloves might be deemed important for your sport. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of wearing them.


Having a covering on your hand that acts as an insulation and also protection can hardly ever go wrong. This is why gloves are widely used during hunting. Other benefits include:

Keeps Hands Warm

If you are a hunter, you will know that the sport calls for exploring the outdoors at odd hours. It might be very early in the morning or even in the dead of night. Also, you might even hunt for animals found in cold areas where fog and snow are frequent. 

Your hands can get cold pretty fast in such conditions, affecting your ability to operate the bow. Hence, using insulated gloves while moving or carrying gear can keep your hands warm and usable.

Protects Against Abrasions

Hunting trips are characterized by waiting in dense bushes, climbing trees, or rocks and constantly using hands against rough surfaces. Hence, the chances of getting scratches and cuts are very high. These cuts might prove to be a hurdle in holding or firing the bow efficiently or, even worse, they can get infected. Gloves provide a cover on the hands, protecting them well against cuts or scrapes along the journey.

Better Grip in Some Cases

If you practice shooting the bow with your gloves on, you can master the trick in no time. Under certain conditions, the bow might be too cold to be comfortably held directly with the hand, or it might get slippery due to the fog. This is where gloves act to provide a better grip to the bow so that your aim does not waver.


Now some people don’t always wear gloves when going bow hunting. The reasons behind this are stated below:

Difficult to Squeeze the Release

Depending heavily on your glove's material, you might find squeezing the release on your bow a little difficult with the glove on. Your finger might keep slipping off. Certainly, you cannot afford such a thing if the hunt is right in front of you. 

Hence, most hunters take the gloves off when they are setting up the bow, taking aim, and shooting. Others just cut a hole in the finger used for squeezing or use half-hand gloves.

What Makes Great Gloves for Bow Hunting? 

Not all gloves you find on the market will suffice as hunting gloves. There are some characteristics of hunting gloves that make them suitable for the sport. Let’s take a look at these so that you make the right choice when you buy one.

The Perfect Fit

It is absolutely crucial to buy the perfect fit for your hand. A glove that is too small will tighten your hands, and you will lose mobility. One that is too big will have loose fabric that will get in between your fingers and the bow. As a result, you won’t be able to use the bow efficiently at all. A snug fit is very important. 

Scent Killers

Wild animals thrive on their sense of smell. Your hands have active sweat and oil glands that produce a lot of chemicals. The scent of these chemicals might give you away. 

Hence, gloves that block the scent are a good investment. They are usually thick enough to keep your hand warm as well. Many modern brands use innovative technology such as smell-canceling pads, for the purpose as well.


The material of your glove is probably the key thing that decides everything else. First of all, you must make sure that the material you are using is completely suitable for your hand and does not cause any allergies. 

Different materials have their own advantages and shortcomings. Leather is extremely durable but not very warm. Fleece is very warm but difficult to manage and easily tears. Polyester stretches nicely. You need to decide on what you need the most out of these features. Moreover, it is best to buy a material that has camo colors to blend in with the surroundings.

Review of the Best Bow Hunting Gloves

Due to their popular demand, there are numerous options available for hunting gloves on the market. They differ on the basis of material type, design, insulation, etc. Here we will give a detailed rundown of the top bow hunting gloves.

Best Overall:
Primos Stretch-Fit 6675

Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves


  • Extended cuff covers part of the forearms too
  • Call pocket is sewn on the backside of the glove
  • Lightweight and stretchable for a comfortable fit
  • Does not let moisture in, protecting the hand from it
  • Realtree AG-HD color for perfect blending in with the environment


  • Comes in one size and stretch fits
  • Not completely water-repellent or waterproof

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of the recent buyers found the gloves to give a good hold on the gear. They weren’t slippery and did not make it difficult to feel the trigger or release of the bow. The stretchable quality lets it settle to the best fit on their hands. Buyers report that they don't make your hands too warm or leave them freezing during the hunt.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Primos stretch glove has the Realtree APG HD colors. This means that they blend well with the environment among the bushes and the rocks. The colors offer concealment in all sorts of landscapes, be it thickets, prairies, forests, or riverside. Your game won’t see the hand drawing or releasing.

It is also equipped with a bottom at the back of the glove, which can come in handy to place small objects, tools, or gadgets. The seamless design eliminates the extra fabric that might come in between the wearer’s hands and the bow. Moreover, the fabric is lightweight, repellent to the moisture enough to wick it off the hand, and stretchable to fit most sizes. 

Bottom Line

Great value for your money comes with these hunting gloves. They are versatile in their use, for they can be used all year long, regardless of rough weather. They can camouflage well in almost any environment and are lightweight and stretchable to fit your hand snuggly. 

Product Specs




Nylon and Cotton

Kryptek Krypton Camo


  • Can be used with touchscreens and mobiles
  • Provides great traction on the palm side of the hand
  • Very lightweight, easy to carry around, and breathable
  • Polyester and spandex construction for strength and flexibility
  • Grid fleece and Terry hybrid shell protect the hand against scratches and cuts


  • Best suited to early fall hunting
  • Seam is present in the design which might come in between the hand and the gear for some users

What Recent Buyers Report

Expectations from a piece of hunting apparel from Kryptek Krypton were high because of the brand's good reputation. Most buyers report that all expectations were met. Gloves were reported to fit true to size and were surprisingly warm compared to how thin the material was. They proved to be perfect for fall and winter as they provide warmth and a good grip. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Polyester is known for its strength and stretchable qualities. It provides tear-resistant and true fit properties that are of prime importance when it comes to gloves. Kryptek Krypton has Polyester and Spandex-composed material for making gloves that cushion the hand against serious cuts and bruises and, at the same time, provide warmth. The spandex incorporates extra flexibility so that the glove can stretch for the perfect fit. 

Adorning the glove is a grid fleece and a terry hybrid shell that imparts a good grip and excellent traction to it. So, you can grip your bow firmly and don’t have to worry about it slipping from your hand. 

Another great feature that these gloves have is that you can use your touch screens without having to remove them. This proves very useful, especially in colder climates, and saves a lot of frustration.

Bottom Line

The glove gives all that you expect from a renowned brand like Krypton Kryptek. The gloves are lightweight and made of breathable polyester and spandex to provide maximum comfort to the hand during use. It is further supported by a terry hybrid shell to account for good grip and cushioning against rocks and thorns. If you are looking for a warm, durable glove with a non-slippery palm, then this just might be the one for you.

Product Specs




Polyester and Spandex

Best for the Money:
EAmber Anti-Slip Camo

EAmber Camouflage Hunting Gloves Full Finger/Fingerless Gloves Pro Anti-Slip Camo Glove Archery Accessories Hunting Outdoors (M) (L) (L)


  • Stretchable cuff to make wearing and taking off easy
  • Real tree camo colors for proper concealment in the wild
  • Made from soft polyester and a thin layer of fleece for comfort
  • Mesh of anti-slip silicone covers the palm side and the finger to ensure a firm grip
  • Thumb and index finger can be exposed without taking off the glove for using the bow


  • Only two sizes to choose from
  • Layer of fleece is not very thick and might not be sufficient for snowy conditions

What Recent Buyers Report

Quite a lot of features on this glove pleased recent buyers. The fingerless design was really appreciated, because it not only made using the bow easy but also allowed them to use their screens. Even though some bought it to use as liners for warmer gloves, they ended up using only this pair as it provided them with enough warmth. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

What more do we want from a glove that gives a breathable covering to the hand, is usable under almost all weather conditions, and allows you to use your bow and phone without taking it off? This bow hunting glove by EAmber has such superior qualities that make for a great glove. It is made of comfortable and breathable polyester that provides strength and elasticity while a thin layer of fleece protects the hand against cold. 

On the palm side, the glove is fully layered with anti-slip silicone arranged in a mesh for a strong and firm grip for not only your gear but also for climbing trees and rocks. 

The design is further enhanced by incorporating a fingerless design for the index finger and the thumb. This allows you to strap the tip of your glove at the thumb and index finger down via Velcro so that you can easily use the trigger on the bow as well as your screens.

Bottom Line

For such a reasonable price, this glove is a steal. It has one of the most user-friendly designs with a good grip and protection against cold as well as easy on and off features. Usually, such great quality and versatility of use comes with a hefty price tag, but not this one. Hence, it is safe to say that this glove provides great value for the money.

Product Specs


9 - 10 cm


Three-finger/fingerless Adjustability


Polyester and Fleece

Best Manzella Bow Hunting Gloves:
Bow Ranger TouchTip 70788-P

Manzella Productions Bow Ranger TouchTip Glove, APX, Large


  • Has four-way stretch to fit the hand nicely
  • Control Trax palm gives a tighter grip and durability
  • Allows hunters to use their screens without having to take it off
  • Made up of antimicrobial fleece shell that is comfortable and doesn’t tear easily
  • Features a bow release collar that enables users to wear it with a bow wrist release


  • Size may not fit as well with the wrist release
  • Not very warm, lets cold in when used with a wrist release

What Recent Buyers Report

Numerous buyers found this pair of gloves to be very well-suited for bow hunting. They said that the camo pattern, strong grip at the palm, and the wrist release compatibility add great value to the glove to be used for bow hunting. Moreover, they were comfortable and not overly warm, which meant that they could use it during summer as well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

When Bow Ranger said that these gloves would give a true fit, they delivered exactly that. The four-way elasticity allows the glove to stretch whichever way you want to fit your hand perfectly. 

But while rooting for a good fit, the brand didn't compromise on the grip or the glove's strength. The fabric is further layered with a Control Trax shell at the palm that strengthens it against tears and cuts from sharp edges or thorns. This shell is also responsible for providing a good hold and a firm grip.

One of the best features of this glove is the release collar at the cuff. Hunters know that, at times, using a bow wrist release becomes absolutely necessary. While you might have to take off other gloves to use the release, you can keep this pair on. This is because of the release collar that caters for the release. 

Bottom Line

Bowhunting may involve the use of many additional tools and gadgets to stabilize the bow and get a better aim. For this reason, a glove that allows you to work with other tools and gadgets becomes very useful. And this is one of the reasons why the Bow String Touch Tip glove is one of our best finds.

Product Specs


15.24 - 24.13 cm





Best Bow Hunting Gloves With Release Hole:
ScentLok Full Season 80234-153-MD

ScentLok Full Season Bow Release Glove (Mossy Oak Country, Medium)


  • Tips are compatible with touch screens for ease of use
  • Carbon Alloy Technology absorbs scent to not alert the animal
  • Comes in many different sizes for men and women to choose from
  • Wicks away sweat, preventing it from accumulating inside for comfort
  • Realtree color camouflages well with surroundings and does not draw attention during draw or release


  • Outer layer has a little slip to it
  • Not warm enough to be used as an all-season apparel

What Recent Buyers Report

Well-made gloves like these have always been popular with almost all buyers. This one, too, was hailed for its scent absorption and sweat-wicking. Along with that, it could also be used with a wrist release and had a very comfortable, non-itchy feel to the hand. One thing that stuck with most buyers was that it had multiple sizes to choose from. As a result, everyone got the best fit.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We all know that it is of prime importance that we remove as many factors that might alert the target of our presence as possible to be successful at hunting. Scents from the human body are one of these factors. These gloves are equipped to tackle the scent released by the oil and sweat from the hunter’s hands. Fortified with the carbon Alloy Technology, they act as scent-canceling gloves to make you appear as undetectable as possible.

They are also designed to wick away the scent from the hands and move it towards the outer layer of the glove. During this process, scent-canceling technology also comes into play. Once on the outer surface of the glove, the sweat is quickly evaporated. This keeps the hunter comfortable.

Bottom Line

Great choice of gloves with a silicone-infused palm for a good grip, real tree colors for camouflage, and scent controlling technology, this product is bound to impress whoever uses it. It is also equipped with other utilities like touchpad compatibility and the ability to be used with wrist releases. 

Product Specs


20.32 - 26.67 cm




Polyester and Silicone

Best Cold Weather Bow Hunting Gloves:
Sitka Gear 90177-OB-M

SITKA Gear Traverse Glove Optifade Open Country Medium


  • Index finger has touch screen compatibility
  • Good comfortable fit that allows movement, even for large hands
  • Knitted with polyester and spandex for elasticity and rip resistance
  • Appearance blends in snowy alpines, vegetative terrains, and tree covers
  • Thumb and index finger houses conductive thread technology that keeps the GPS alive


  • Not very breathable
  • Design has seams that get in the way of operating the gear

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers report that Sitka maintained its reputation as a high-end brand in hunting apparel. In addition to expected characteristics like a good durable design and tear resistance, it was also adorned with some amazing new technology. The conductive thread out of these was hailed as a very thoughtful addition.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Time flies when you are out in the wilderness looking for your hunt. Often, hunters struggle to use their GPS while hunting without removing their gloves. These gloves alleviate the issue by allowing you to access your GPS without fumbling with your gloves as the index finger and the thumb of the gloves are equipped with conductive thread technology. This comes in handy in quickly changing situations while out hunting.

You can wear this glove to melt into the scene anywhere. From snowy areas to green thickets or vegetation, the colors camouflage well with the environment. They are most suitable for Spring, Fall, and early winter when the temperature does not hit either of the extremes. They are also comfortable to wear.

Bottom Line

Winters are harsh times to go hunting since you might encounter snow, fog, cold wind, or all of these combined. In such conditions, you need to keep your hands warm to make sure they remain flexible enough to operate your bow. For such purposes, this glove pair by Sitka does the job well. It also allows the use of features like GPS and touchscreen compatibility without removing the gloves for added convenience. 

Product Specs


17.78 - 24.13 cm




Polyester and Spandex

Types of Bow Hunting Gloves 

Different hunting conditions require different gloves to give full control to the hunter. In all these conditions, the primary objectives of comfort and good grip to the bow remain constant. Let’s have a look at the main types of bow hunting gloves and when they are most useful.

Three-Finger Glove

As the name suggests, three-finger gloves provide full cover to the hand's three middle fingers, leaving the thumb and the pinky finger open. The glove extends from the three covered fingers down to the palm and the backside of the hand. In the end, it closes right at the wrist. 

These gloves cover the fingers that are used in operating the bow, keeping them as warm and protected as possible. However, insulation against cold is not their primary objective. Their limited design takes up very little space, and they can be easily carried in the pocket.

Closed Gloves

Such gloves cover all the fingers as well as the palm and the backside. In some models, the glove may even extend to cover some parts beyond the wrist. One of the major uses of these gloves is to provide good protection against cold, cuts, and scrapes. 

However, since they are completely closed, there is no ventilation, and the hand may get sweaty. To use the bow directly with the fingers, you will have to take the glove off.

Convertible Gloves

When you combine the three-finger and closed gloves, you end up with convertible gloves. This type provides full cover to the hand, but the cover could also be lifted. They are either supported with removable flaps for the fingers that can be moved to expose the fingers, after which they are attached to Velcro at the backside of the hand. 

Other models may only expose the tips of the index finger and the thumb to engage the bow. Such gloves can provide warmth and still allow the hand to be free enough to easily tackle the bow.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying 

Careful consideration of circumstances and associated aspects can seriously help you make the right choice. Before you buy a glove, some things need to be thought about so that you make a useful and worthy purchase.

Hunting Climate

You must carefully consider the climate in which you usually use your hunting bow. If you use it only during summer, a closed glove with fleece lining would in no way be the right choice for you. In sweltering heat, the thick material would make your hand sweat profusely, making for extreme discomfort. 

However, in colder climates, if you don’t buy properly insulated gloves, then not only will you miss the game, but you might also develop serious hand injuries. 

Use With Other Tools

If you plan to couple your bow with a release or a wrist sling, you must buy a glove that is compatible with them. A glove that is tightly closed at the wrist would not allow enough room for you to wear either of the other hunting gadgets. As a result, you will have to compromise on one of the tools. 

If you want to use a wrist sling or a release, you must buy a glove that can open at the wrist or has some sort of release collar so that other tools can be accommodated comfortably.

Touch Screen Compatibility

Hunters often use GPS and maps on touch screens to find hunting hotspots. For this, they need to constantly use touch screens, and a glove that is incompatible with it can prove to be a real nuisance. You will find yourself taking your gloves off every now and then to access the screen. 

For such hunters, a glove that has touch compatible fingertips for only the index and thumb finger, can prove quite helpful.

How to Clean Hunting Gloves

The best and the safest way to clean your hunting gloves is to get them dry cleaned. However, if you wish to wash them yourself, here are some tricks and tips that you can follow.

  1. Gloves with polyester or other fibers can be cleaned using cold water. The cold water does not alter the composition of the fibers as it does not carry any heat.

  2. Fill your tub or sink with cold water and add a few drops of mild shampoo to it.

  3. Now gently agitate the water to form bubbles and lather.

  4. Next, dip your gloves into the water so that they are fully submerged.

  5. Make kneading like movements on the gloves until the water penetrates the fibers. This might take at least five minutes, depending on the thickness of the glove.

  6. After that, gently rub the gloves by making circular motions with your fingers. At no point should you apply excessive pressure to the gloves or press them.

  7. Keep rubbing the stains until none are left. 

  8. Gently rub the insides as well.

  9. Drain all the water and refill your container with clean water.

  10. Put the soapy gloves in the clean water, and with gentle motions, remove the soap from them. 

  11. Repeat the process of kneading, draining, and refilling until no soap is left inside the gloves.

  12. Do not wring or twist your gloves. Take them out of the water and place them on a flat surface.

  13. Do not run them through the drier and let them air dry.

  14. You may use a towel and cover the gloves in it to absorb extra water.

  15. Put the gloves to dry away from direct sunlight or heat in a cool, dry place.

  16. After they have completely dried, you can place some baking soda and tea bags inside the gloves to get rid of any remaining odors or smells.


Bowhunting gloves can bring some much-needed ease to your hunting trips. They can protect your hands from cold, sharp objects, rough surfaces, stones, etc. As a result, your hands remain in prime condition to fully operate the bow with ease. There are additional features incorporated in them like touchpad compatibility, scent control, coupling with other tools, etc. to make the user’s experience as satisfactory as possible.

People Also Ask

The discussion above gives you a great deal of information that you can use to buy yourself or someone a good pair of bow hunting gloves. But you might still have some questions that need addressing. This section talks about some of the most asked queries regarding bow hunting gloves.

How Do I Keep My Fingers Warm In Gloves?

You can buy a closed or convertible glove if you want to keep your hands warm. Open gloves do not cover all fingers and do not protect against the cold. If you don’t want your fingers to freeze or get so cold that you can’t use them to handle the bow anymore, use fully closed or convertible gloves. The latter can cover your fingers fully when they are not in use and expose them when needed.

Are Thick Hunting Gloves Better?

It depends on your need. Thick gloves are mostly used as insulation against cold and snowy conditions. If you don’t come across very cold weather, a thick hunting glove can become problematic. This is because it will cause your hands to sweat excessively, risking the chance of the animal catching your scent as well as becoming very uncomfortable to wear. 

Moreover, the thick material will come in the way of efficient operation of the bow with your glove on. The issue of the glove hindering the use of the bow holds true even for colder climates and is regarded as the greatest flaw of thick gloves.

How to Measure Your Hand For Hunting Gloves

Hand size for gloves is usually measured in inches. To do so, lay your hand flat on a surface with the palm facing upwards and the fingers all combined. Next, take a measuring tape and wrap it around your palm just under the knuckle, not including your thumb. Round off the resultant reading to the nearest inch and add half an inch to that to be on the safe side. Measure the length between the tip of your middle finger to the crease at the end of your palm. For measurements, use your dominant hand.

What Material is Best for Bow Hunting Gloves?

Bowhunting gloves do not come in customized sizes to fit every hand individually. They have the ability to stretch to provide the right fit. Hence, a good pair should be made of something that has the ability to stretch. 

Additionally, hunters wear the gloves to protect the hand against hard and rough surfaces. Hence, they should be resistant to easy ripping and should provide a cushioning effect. For these purposes, the best material for hunting gloves is polyester for strength and spandex for added elasticity. In case insulation is required, a layer of fleece works fine.

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