Best Crossbow Accessories – 2021 Round-up

Crossbows are probably one of the most common weapons used for hunting even today. Their low-profile nature and the ability to shoot arrows at high speeds make them lethal. 

However, to make sure you are bang on target, you’ll need some accessories that improve your aim and accuracy.

In this article, we will walk you through some of the best crossbow accessories you can and should buy.

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Comparison of the Best Crossbow Accessories

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What Makes a Great Crossbow Accessory?

Being a hunter, you would always want to be right on target. However, to be successful with every hunt, you’ll need to be equipped properly. If you have the right weapon with the required capabilities, you are most likely to be successful. Even if you don’t have a capable weapon, you can enhance its capability by installing several accessories.

Crossbow accessories are quite common and easily available on the market. They are designed to improve your crossbow’s accuracy and penetration to make sure your hunt is successful. However, which accessories you’ll need for your specific crossbow is yet to be determined.

If you are still hesitating about buying some crossbow accessories, here are a few reasons to invest.

Improved Aim

Installing a crossbow scope to your crossbow can make a significant difference. If you are struggling to hit your target, you need a crossbow scope. A scope provides you with clear vision and magnification that allows you to hit your target successfully.


High Penetration

Crossbows are capable of shooting bolts at extremely fast speeds. This is why bolts can penetrate deeper into the animal’s skin. Investing in some quality crossbow bolts ensures a kill on impact.

User Experience

By adding some accessories, you can enhance your overall hunting experience. You will witness better accuracy, reliable aiming, and high penetration while using your crossbow.

What Accessories Does a Crossbow Owner Need?

If you are new to using a crossbow, you might be wondering what accessories you’ll need for a successful hunt. Well, crossbow accessories are all designed to improve your overall hunting experience. They do so by improving your crossbow’s accuracy, aim, or penetration.

In this section, we will discuss some of the accessories that you should install on your crossbow.


Just like a rifle, a scope can be installed on a crossbow. It is one of the most crucial components that you can install. It not only allows a better view of your target but greatly improves your accuracy as well. 

There are different types of crossbow scopes available on the market. Each has unique magnification and features that are designed for different hunting situations.

So, if you are missing out on your targets at a distance, it is time to buy a quality crossbow scope.



A rifle uses a bullet as ammunition for taking down a target. A crossbow uses bolts or arrows that penetrate deep into the target. These are much shorter; however, they share a similar design with traditional arrows. 

Made with aluminum alloy or carbon fiber, these bolts are capable of penetrating into the animal’s body. When loaded on to the crossbow, they can be shot at an incredibly fast speed. 

As a result, on impact, they cause lethal damage and almost certainly ensure a successful hunt.


A broadhead is a razor-sharp tip that is attached to the front of the bolt. It is used to ensure deep penetration into the animal’s body for a successful kill. However, there are different types available for various animals. Fixed broadheads are mostly used for small animals, whereas mechanical ones are used for hunting large animals.

Review of the Best Crossbow Accessories

No matter how modern your crossbow is, without accessories, it won’t be enough. Crossbow accessories are designed to facilitate the user with a reliable aim, enhanced accuracy, and higher penetrations. As a result, your chances of achieving a successful hunt become inevitable. 

Here are some of the best crossbow accessories that you can install on your crossbow.

Best Overall:CVLIFE Reticle Crosshair Scope

[amazon fields=”B007UT3OFC” image=”1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_link=”none”]


  • Multi-coated lens provides sharp, clear, and bright images
  • Features a user-friendly power ring with 3-9x magnification
  • Has elevation and windage adjustment turrets for high accuracy
  • Scratch-resistant design protects the exterior from dust and other particles
  • Construction is a one-inch machined aluminum tube which is fog and rain-proof


  • Control knob is not easy to rotate
  • Some users reported design flaws

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers report the outstanding quality and performance that they witnessed after using this scope. They believe that it is just perfect considering how bright and clear the vision gets once it’s installed. Users also shared their successful hunting experiences with this product and recommended it to everyone.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The multitude of features that this crossbow scope has to offer is just superb. It uses a multi-coated lens that is designed to provide maximum light transmission while keeping the vision quite sharp. Images are crisp, clear, and bright and work perfectly in low light conditions.

A user-friendly power ring with a 3-9x magnification adjustment is present to ensure you don’t miss your target. Similarly, it has windage and elevation adjustment turrets that improve your accuracy at higher distances. Talking about construction, it is very durable with its one-inch machined aluminum tube. 

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a superior crossbow scope that performs way better than any conventional unit. It is fog and rain-proof, which makes it usable under any condition. It is designed to perfection with scratch-resistant nature for longevity. In short, it is a unit that can operate under any condition.

Runner-up:Carbon Express PileDriver Crossbolt

[amazon fields=”B00AU6CPKW” image=”1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_link=”none”]


  • Comes with pre-sorted precision
  • Very durable on impact and ideal for repeated use
  • Features advanced construction for higher accuracy
  • Offers superb kinetic energy for maximum penetration
  • Heavy-grain carbon composite bolt for hunting large animals


  • Bolts are relatively heavy

What Recent Buyers Report

A majority of users favored this product. The reviews suggest that this crossbow bolt is perfect for hunting animals. It is very durable and provides great penetration and accuracy when shot. Users shared their hunting experiences and suggested opting for these bolts for a successful trip. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

What we like about these bolts is the quality design and performance that they bring to the user. They feature astounding kinetic energy when shot from a crossbow. At such high speeds, they are capable of penetrating the bone and securing an instant kill. The advanced construction also provides superb accuracy at any given distance.

Moreover, these heavy-grain carbon composite bolts are absolutely perfect for hunting large and furry animals. They are not only durable but on impact, they penetrate deep into the prey’s skin. The durable nature, in turn, allows them to be used repeatedly for hunting purposes. Also, they come with pre-sorted precision for improved accuracy.

Bottom Line

All in all, this is an amazing crossbow bolt readily available on the market. With its durable nature and penetration properties, it is ideal for big game hunting. The accuracy and precision are also up to the mark, and the unit can travel at blazing speed.

Best for the Money:Sinbadteck Hunting Broadheads

[amazon fields=”B01LNOZKVU” image=”1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_link=”none”]


  • Available in multiple colors for your needs
  • Tip is made of hard stainless-steel for high penetration
  • Designed perfectly for field practice and small game hunting
  • Has wire spring points that prevent your arrow from disappearing
  • Durable and sharp broadheads with anodized aluminum construction


  • Might not be ideal for hunting large animals
  • Must be kept away from children as they are very sharp

What Recent Buyers Report

Those who used the product highly recommend it to anyone looking for quality broadheads. They say that these are razor-sharp and are capable of higher penetration than any ordinary unit. They provide great performance and quality when it comes to hunting or field practice.

Why it Stands Out to Us

What strikes us about these broadheads is their reliable quality and performance. Designed to perfection, these are ideal for hunting small animals. The razor-sharp blades are capable of delivering a lethal blow on contact. They can also be used for field practice.

The anodized aluminum construction makes them very durable, while the stainless steel tip offers superior penetration on impact. It also has wire spring points that protrude outwards, negating the chances of your arrow getting lost. The unit also offers great versatility as it comes in multiple colors according to your preferences.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, this is one of the best broadheads you can find for small game hunting or field practice. They are not only durable but also offer incredible penetration on impact. If you are looking for a quality broadhead, don’t hesitate to invest in this one.

Best Crossbow Scope:UTG 4X32 Crossbow Scope

[amazon fields=”B0076IA1DK” image=”1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_link=”none”]


  • Has illuminated reticle for different situations
  • Comes with windage and elevation adjustment turrets
  • Offers superb recoil resistance than most traditional units
  • Ring mount can be detached quickly along with flip-open lens cap
  • High-quality lens coating provides a bright image and reliable field of view


  • Seems a bit bulky
  • Mounts are not easy to secure

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers who used this scope believe that it is perfect under any given situation. The optics are quite amazing, considering the bright and crisp images it offers. Buyers highly urge to invest in this scope for improved aim and accuracy while hunting.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One thing that makes this scope stand out is the all-round performance that it delivers. It features a high-quality lens coating that allows maximum light to pass through. As a result, the images are much brighter and illuminated even when used under low-light conditions. The lens is also responsible for providing a generous field of view to the bearer. 

The scope has an illuminated reticle, which makes it ideal for dim lighting. It comes with windage and elevation adjustment turrets for further adjustments as per the user’s comfort. Furthermore, the ring mount can be detached conveniently and has a flip-open lens cap. The best part is that it offers great recoil resistance when compared with any conventional scope.

Bottom Line

If you seek a quality scope that gets the job done in any situation, then don’t look any further. This crossbow scope is perfectly equipped with all the necessary features and qualities that make it a premium choice.

Best Crossbow Target:Morrell Double Duty Point Bag

[amazon fields=”B002UIZWTE” image=”1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_link=”none”]


  • Very durable and can withstand many arrows
  • Has a replaceable cover for high convenience
  • Features a whopping 450 FPS of stopping power
  • Offers easy removal of arrows without any hassle
  • Ideal for field practice and easy to transport with the carrying handles


  • Build quality is not very reliable
  • Some users had a tough time removing shot arrows

What Recent Buyers Report

Users who purchased this product believe that it works perfectly as a crossbow target. It offers not only durability but also great reliability and convenience. You can easily shoot arrows at it, and you can easily remove them with little to no impact.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The durability of the crossbow target is what enables it to make it to our list. This is a very durable and reliable unit that is designed perfectly to act as a target. With a whopping 450 FPS of stopping power, this point bag can withstand even the fastest of projectiles that can be shot with a crossbow.

The cover is replaceable, and it allows you to easily remove arrows that are shot at it. This point bag’s sturdy nature allows it to withstand uncountable blows from bolts and arrows on any given day. It is also considered as a perfect target for field practice.

Bottom Line

Looking for the best crossbow target, right? Well, here is one to cater to all your needs while using your crossbow. The Morrell point bag is a durable and portable crossbow target that offers reliable quality and user-friendly design to facilitate your hunting expeditions.

Best Crossbow Bolt:Barnett 16075

[amazon fields=”B0000AVE2U” image=”1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_link=”none”]


  • Highly compatible with several crossbows
  • Comes in a pack of five bolts for multiple uses
  • Has five years of limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Promises great accuracy and penetration at any distance
  • Lightweight design and enhanced wall thickness for greater durability


  • Not designed for long-range shooting

What Recent Buyers Report

Nearly all positive reviews for the product suggest the amazing quality and performance that this crossbow bolt is capable of. Users believe that this is one of the best bolts that they have used so far. Its performance and quality are unmatched, and it is capable of delivering the task at any instant.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Most buyers regard this crossbow bolt as a value-for-money product. However, we think a bit differently. What pleases us about the product is the quality that it offers. Featuring a lightweight design and improved wall thickness, these bolts are capable of offering great durability on impact. Also, they ensure better accuracy and deep penetration when shot.

Additionally, they offer great compatibility as they can be used with many crossbows. The standard size and features allow them to be used by any modern crossbow. They also come with a five-year limited manufacturer’s warranty and are available in a pack of five for multiple uses.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this bolt is second to none. With a handful of features and promising incredible quality, it performs perfectly. It is very durable on impact, and it offers significant damage and penetration on impact.

Best Crossbow Cocking Device:Tenpoint Retractable Cord

[amazon fields=”B004Q4KJB6″ image=”1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_link=”none”]


  • Compatible with most crossbows
  • Compact and lightweight for easy use
  • Decreases the draw weight by as much as 50%
  • Very durable drawcords that are tougher than steel
  • A portable and retractable cocking device for perfect cocking


  • Case is flimsy
  • Has a loose belt clip

What Recent Buyers Report

If you are looking for a reliable crossbow cocking device, recent buyers urge you to invest in this one. It is because of its great design and quality that it offers to its users. It not only makes crossbow cocking easier but also does it quite conveniently.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Investing in a quality cocking device is a good choice if you have a modern high-powered crossbow. This cocking device is designed to make cocking quite easier, even if you are a newbie. You can always rely on it at the time of need. This is a portable and retractable unit that is ideal for cocking most modern crossbows.

Furthermore, it is not only compatible with a variety of crossbows, but it also decreases the draw weight by nearly 50%. The durable drawcords that are very tough and sturdy allow you to conveniently cock your crossbow without any hassle. Also, the compact and lightweight design makes it quite easy to use.

Bottom Line

To sum up, if you have been struggling with crossbow cocking in the past, here is a perfect solution. This cocking device can reliably mount the bolt perfectly on to the crossbow. Now, you don’t have to worry about cocking your crossbow anymore with this unit at hand.

Best Crossbow Broadhead:Rage Crossbow X

[amazon fields=”B08813VYVC” image=”1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_link=”none”]


  • Comes with a free practice head
  • Very accurate and precise at most distances
  • Features razor-sharp blades made of stainless steel
  • Durable aluminum construction makes them last longer
  • Uses enhanced Shock Collar Technology which allows blades to open on impact


  • Not easy to mount on your crossbow
  • Some users reported not receiving the practice head

What Recent Buyers Report

Users are very pleased with what this broadhead had to offer and reported flawless operation while hunting. Hunters say that this is one of the best broadheads available on the market. If you are looking for a quality product, buyers suggest that you start with this unit. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

If performance and quality are what you desire, then nothing beats these broadheads. Featuring durable aluminum construction, they are designed to last longer, while delivering incredible capabilities. Accuracy and precision are the two most prominent features that they promise. They are remarkably accurate and can shoot precisely even at long range.

These broadheads use enhanced Shock Collar Technology that allows the blades to open on impact. As a result, they deal massive damage and penetrate deep into the target. The razor-sharp blades are made of stainless steel for better penetration. Also, the unit comes with a free practice head.

Bottom Line

Overall, these are great crossbow broadheads that are highly accurate and penetrating impact. If you are a hunter and love to hunt big game, these are what you should look for. They not only deliver consistently but also ensure flawless operation.

Best Crossbow Case:Barnett Crossbow Case

[amazon fields=”B004HW5NLI” image=”1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_link=”none”]


  • Shoulder strap is easily removable
  • Houses any Barnett crossbow with the scope attached
  • Has a soft side case for optimal protection and easy access
  • Features more compartments for sufficient room and protection
  • Comes with zippered outer compartments for storing additional accessories


  • Not the most attractive crossbow case
  • Only compatible with Barnett crossbows

What Recent Buyers Report

The feedback for this product was very positive in most reviews. This is because of the amazing quality that it offers. The Barnett crossbow case is one of the most reliable and effective ways of keeping your crossbow safe and protected. It also has multiple compartments to keep your crossbow accessories safe and sound.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A crossbow case is a necessity if you are into hunting or moving to a remote expedition with your crossbow. This is because it is designed to perfection while providing reliable safety and protection to your hunting gear. 

The Barnett case is by far among some of the best crossbow cases you can find. It has multiple compartments that offer sufficient room for storing accessories while protecting them at the same time. The shoulder strap can be removed easily and can house Barnett crossbows with the scope attached. 

It also has a soft side case for better accessibility to various accessories and zippered outer compartments for additional storage capability.

Bottom Line

Well, this crossbow case is specifically designed to keep your Barnett crossbow safe and sound. With multiple compartments, you can store different accessories while keeping your crossbow safe. It is quite user-friendly as it has removable shoulder straps and convenient design as well.

Best Crossbow Arrow:GPP Hunting Archery Carbon Arrow

[amazon fields=”B01KWKPMKK” image=”1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_link=”none”]


  • Quite accurate and fly consistently
  • Uses a premium nock that makes hunting safe
  • Durable carbon construction makes it lasts longer
  • Perfectly designed for archery or crossbow hunting
  • Has four-inch feathers for better balance and stability


  • Some users reported these arrows as inaccurate

What Recent Buyers Report

Users used these carbon arrows for hunting. Their reliable quality and performance can be judged by the overwhelming response of recent buyers for this product. They not only deliver the job perfectly but are also available at a low price. Users highly recommend going for these if you are on a low budget.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The affordable price tag of carbon arrows is their standout feature in most cases. However, in this case, it is more than just a reasonable price. These carbon arrows feature durable carbon construction that makes sure they last a while. A premium moon-shaped nock is used for them that ensure safety while hunting.

Moreover, the four-inch feathers on them provide improved balance and stability when in flight. This allows them to fly more consistently when compared with traditional arrows. Also, they are considered perfect for archery and other hunting expeditions.

Bottom Line

If you are into archery or crossbow hunting, these carbon arrows are your go-to option. They are not only cheap but also deliver the job quite reliably and effectively. They come with a handful of features and durable construction for long-lasting operation.

Types of Crossbow Accessories

Crossbow accessories are a must if you want to become a successful hunter. They not only make your hunting experience reliable but also offer great convenience. If hunting is what you do for sport, adding a few accessories could be a game-changer.

Here are some different types of crossbow accessories that you can add to your hunting gear.

Crossbow Quiver

A crossbow quiver is an important accessory to have while on a hunting trip. This is because it is designed specifically to store razor-sharp bolts. You don’t want these bolts hanging out of a normal quiver. This is where a crossbow quiver comes in handy. 

Built with a durable-quality material, a crossbow quiver can easily store a number of crossbow bolts with ease. You can now keep your hands free for a binocular view without having to grab these sharp blades bare-handed.


Crossbow Stand

Crossbow stands are equally as necessary as any other accessory. They are made out of durable wood or metal that can withhold your crossbow in a safe position. So, you won’t have to deal with your crossbow being knocked around anymore.

Crossbow Case

A crossbow case is a perfect accessory to store your crossbow along with various other accessories. You don’t want to mess with your optics or want your crossbow to get damaged. A quality crossbow case will provide excellent protection to make sure your crossbow lasts long.

Are Crossbow Accessories Universal?

Not all crossbow accessories are universal. Some are designed specifically for various models. Such accessories will only fit or adjust those specific crossbows only. 

However, some are universal too. Crossbow quivers are a clear example. Some are made such that they can fit almost any bolt. Similarly, you can find several crossbow scopes that can be installed on any crossbow.

Why Did These Accessories Make Our List?

Crossbow accessories significantly enhance the performance of your crossbow. They provide not only convenience but also a greater chance to become a successful hunter. The various enhancements that they provide greatly improve your overall hunting experience. If you are having a hard time with your crossbow hunting, it’s time to install a few crossbow accessories.


Adding a few accessories like a scope can greatly boost your shooting accuracy. Modern scopes provide you with a crystal-clear vision of the target, which improves your accuracy. They also provide unique magnification properties, which increases your chances of a successful shot.


Almost all crossbow accessories are designed to provide you with reliable hunting experience. They do improve your hunting experience by providing you additional comfort while hunting. Investing in a few quality accessories can also greatly improve your chances of becoming a better hunter.

Hunting Experience

You can find a ton of different crossbow accessories on the market. All of them are designed to augment your hunting experience.

Whether it is a better aim, higher accuracy, or deeper penetration, these accessories offer it all. As a result, you can achieve a great and reliable hunting experience during your hunt.



Adding a few crossbow accessories to your hunting arsenal will always prove worthy in the long run. They substantially enhance your hunting capability while offering you the best of everything. However, investing in quality crossbow accessories can be a challenge with so many different items available. Therefore, this article provides you with all the knowledge you need before buying any crossbow accessory. Happy hunting!

People Also Ask

People often ask questions regarding various products that they wish to purchase. These should be addressed adequately to remove any chances of customer inconvenience. This is why we have listed some frequently asked questions. This section might help you find the right answer to your question.

Do I Need Special Broadheads For a Crossbow?

You can find different types of broadheads for a crossbow. Some are designed for hunting small animals, while others are required for large animals. A clear example is fixed and mechanical broadheads. Therefore, it greatly depends on your personal preference and requirements as to which one you need for hunting.

Do Crossbows Use Arrows or Bolts?

Crossbows are lethal weapons that are used for hunting animals. They use bolts as ammunition to take down small or large animals. They are relatively shorter and are compact compared to a traditional arrow. However, arrows or bolts are words that are used interchangeably when it comes to crossbows.


Do You Need a Special Target For a Crossbow?

Crossbows are highly capable hunting weapons that can shoot bolts at extremely high speeds. These bolts have high penetration abilities and can easily penetrate through thick skin or fur. Therefore, it is necessary to identify your target before hunting with a crossbow.

What Distance Should You Sight in a Crossbow?

The sight of your crossbow must be aligned properly. To do so, you need to place your target at ten yards and adjust the reticle. On pressing the trigger, if you hit the target within three inches of bulls-eye, you are good to go.

How to Make a Crossbow Easier to Pull Back

Some users might not feel comfortable cocking their crossbow. To do it effortlessly, you can use a cocking device since it will allow you to pull back or draw the crossbow quite comfortably without any hassle. If you own a high-powered crossbow, a cocking device would be a perfect investment.

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