Best Bow Cases of 2021 – Various Types and Styles Reviewed

| Last Updated June 2, 2021

Archery bows are no toys for kids. They are expensive equipment and require proper care. Therefore, if you own a bow, it is necessary that you own a bow case in order to make sure your device is kept safe.

Bow cases are obviously of different types and you need to make sure you pick the right one.

That is what this article is going to help you with, ensuring you find the perfect case for your bow.

Comparison of the Best Bow Cases

  • Ideal for all bows up to the size of 40 inches
  • Best overall, suitable for various types of bows
  • Soft quilted lining on the inner side along with tie-down straps
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  • Runner up on our list
  • Top quality materials ensure reliability and durability
  • 360-degree expanded foam padding for enhanced protection of your bow
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  • Best for the money
  • 10 padded pockets for extra protection and space for accessories
  • Ideal for compound bows and all bows sized up to 35 inches, from axle to axle
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  • Best for recurve bows
  • A hard plastic tube allows convenient storage of arrows
  • Large capacity provides ample space for all accessories
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  • Best for compound bows
  • Ideal for compound bows that are sized up to 40 inches
  • Heavy duty case that is ideal for protection in all sorts of situations
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  • Best double bow case
  • Padded lining on the inside that adds protection to the overall design
  • Total space of 5080 cubic inches with 2 main compartments and 7 accessory pockets
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  • Best for takedown bows
  • Individual pockets for limbs and riser of the bow
  • A separate space for arrow tube holder at the back of the case
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Benefits of Investing in a Quality Bow Case

It is pretty easy to say you need a bow case for your unit. But why would you need one? Here are a few reasons why you absolutely need to invest in one:


The first and most important role of bow cases is to offer protection to your unit. A bow can cost you a lot and you do not want to pay any more to fix damages that can be avoided. Even if you are the most careful person of all, better safe than sorry is what they say.

Allen Company Baktrak Bow Case with Convertible Sling

Easier Carrying

Taking your bow around with you can be quite a hassle if you do not own a bow case. Even if you do manage to bring around your bow and its accessories without a case, you will find the items to be greatly disorganized. So all in all, if you need to carry your bow and accessories around conveniently, a bow case is absolutely necessary.

How We Chose These Cases

This article consists of a list of the top bow cases that have been carefully picked out after extensive research. These units were not randomly picked from a list of thousands of products. Instead, they were evaluated on the basis of certain aspects that are important. The following is the criteria upon which the cases were evaluated.

Top Quality Material

The products that have been chosen are all made out of top quality materials. Cheap and lower standard material will never serve to provide the protection your bow needs. That is why it is important to ensure the unit is designed out of nothing but the best materials. Good quality of the materials will also ensure that your case lasts for a long time.


When we talk about different types of bows, they all come in the same size, more or less. So, the requirement of size for a certain type of bow is almost always the same. Before we picked our products, we ensured they were big enough for the given type of bow. If the bow doesn’t fit in the case, what is the point?


Archery requires arrows along with a bow, so you won’t be carrying your bow alone. This means you will need some extra space for your arrows and other accessories too. A good case is one that provides ample space for all your accessories and those are the ones we chose.

Review of the Best Bow Cases

Now that you know why you need a bow case and how to choose a good one, let’s get down to the main business; finding the right one for your bow. As promised earlier, here are the reviews of the best you will find on the market.

Best Overall:
Allen Company Baktrak Bow Case


  • The handle of the unit can be doubled as a bow sling
  • It can also be easily detached with the quick release buckles
  • Features separate pockets for all your arrows as well as accessories
  • The product is designed out of durable material that ensures the safety of your case itself along with the bow


  • The unit is designed for standard-sized bows, so if you have an unusually large bow, it likely won't fit

With this product, you will find the best case to protect your precious bow. This casing is the absolute best you will find for your device. Try searching for better, but there is simply no other that can match this one with all its features and convenience.

The unit is lined with a soft quilt on the inside and is equipped with tie-down straps too. These two ensure it is protected and kept safe from any damage while traveling. What we love about this unit is that it features a separate pocket for arrows and another one for accessories. And these pockets are large-sized, ensuring you do not have to stuff your items in.

But that isn’t all. The unique design of this unit features quick release sling buckles, which allow you to remove the handles with great ease. Wonder why you would ever remove the case handles? Well, that is because these handles are able to be converted into a bow sling. Now that is true versatility!

Bottom Line

For all the standard-sized bows or the smaller ones, there is nothing better than this unit that you will find. It is designed with the best interest of your unit in mind. It will provide protection for your case with ample space for all your other items. Is there anything else that you really need?

Legend Archery Double2 Compound Bow Case - Inside Length 44"

Legend Double2 Compound Bow Case for Two Bows - Archery Carry Bag with Protective Padding - Ripstop Nylon - Fits MTM Arrows Case, Hunting Accessories and Supplies (Black/Green)


  • Oversized zippers ensure there is always space for more
  • The product features separate pockets for accessories and arrows with exclusive padding
  • The nylon fabric, metal buckles, and nylon zipper ensure that it lasts for a long time
  • The unit features a carrying handle as well as a shoulder strap, so you can choose whatever is more convenient


  • The zippers cannot be locked to add security to your bow

This product, like its name, is no less than a legend. Its durable quality material, optimized features, and abundant capacity are what brings it close to the top item on the list. For the ultimate protection and safety of your unit, this product will not fail you.

Designed exclusively for compound bows, this product will serve to provide the best protection to your complex bow. The 360-degree expanded foam padding ensures that the bow itself is dealt no damage. It provides a separate pocket for your accessories, so even those don’t accidentally cause any harm to the bow.

It is designed out of sturdy nylon fabric and is carved into the shape of ultimate perfection. It features other premium components, such as nylon zippers, a tough polyester body fabric, and thick PP webbing strap. All these components together provide your unit with a reliable and long lasting case.

Bottom Line

Protection from damage is what is expected from these cases, and this model, in particular, provides that better than most of your standard cases. It will make carrying your accessories much easier too, with the extra padded pockets. So basic convenience is what you get, along with ensured protection.

Best for the Money:
Allen Company Compound Bow Case Fits up to 35"

Compound Bow Case, Black Gear Fit X Fits Compound Bows up to 35' Axle to Axle


  • The inner lining features a soft lining which aids in protection
  • Features ample space to ensure there is room for all the items you wish to keep in the case
  • The interior straps stop the bow from moving around too much which may deal it a lot of damage


  • The extra pockets are not large-sized and can’t fit bigger items like binoculars

This unit may be designed for compound bows, but you can trust it to fit and protect all bows sized up to 35 inches. But what really stands out about this is the lack of a heavy price tag one would expect it to come with. Given all the features it has to offer, it is the best case you could find for the money it will cost you.

What we love about this unit is that it offers you not one, two, or a couple of pockets for accessories, but a total of ten pockets that allow you to carry all your instruments safely. The inner lining of all these pockets is a soft material that provides better protection, not just for the bow, but for all items being carried.

But that is not all. It will hold your bow down in place with tie down straps provided on the inside. This will prevent the bow from damage that can be caused by excessive movement within the bag. The shoulder straps are padded for comfort and are easily removable if you wish to use the rubber carry handle.

Bottom Line

Do not spend more money on a bow case than you need to. This product will allow you maximum protection for your unit, enough space for bows and accessories, and a price tag that won’t empty your wallet. This is what we call true value for money.

Best for Recurve Bows:
 Southwest Archery Recurve Bow Case

Southwest Archery Universal Takedown Recurve Bow Case | Fully Padded Foam case Includes Adjustable Arrow Tube and Large Outside Pocket for Accessories - Perfect for Travel


  • Durable tear-resistant fabric will last you for years
  • Ideal for all recurve bows, even those as big as 68 inches
  • Easy to carry hand straps and a shoulder strap with quick release for added convenience
  • A large compartment with three slots allow you separate storage of all three components of the bow


  • The tube for arrow storage is slightly inadequate, just a little more room would have greatly enhanced the overall design

Recurve bows feature the shortest structure of all bows, but a design that is more susceptible to damage. The recurve limbs of the unit may be damaged if not handled with care. This case by Southwest Archery is the perfect solution for the protection of your recurve bow.

This unit is designed exquisitely to ensure that all parts of your takedown bow are kept safe. The large interior pocket of this unit features three slots that allow you to separately keep the riser and limbs of your unit secure. It also features a front pocket to make sure you get enough space to add all your accessories to the bag before you get on the go.

The tear-resistant black polyester fabric of this case provides you with not only great style but also durability that will keep you content over the years. Another remarkable feature of this case is a hard plastic arrow tube that provides extra space and a proper compartment for the storage of your arrows.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a case for a recurve bow, waste no time and get this one right away. No other unit you find will be as suitable for a recurve bow as this one. From accessory pockets to a separate arrow holding tube, this unit has just about everything you could ask for.

Best for Compound Bows:
Case Club Waterproof Compound Bow Case

Case Club Waterproof Parallel Limb Compound Bow Pre-Cut Case with Silica Gel to Help Prevent Rust


  • A specific compartment that holds up to 12 bows
  • Features a silica gel canister to protect the contents from rusting
  • You can padlock the case, providing users with security and peace of mind
  • Waterproof and airtight unit that makes it ideal for shipping or any sort of traveling


  • The bow compartment is not capable of fitting all bows

Compound bows are complex, to say the least. They have a number of components, meaning there are more things that could go wrong with these units. Since fixing these devices is no easy job, you might want to ensure that your bow gets the best of protection. This bow case is designed to provide you with the best of that.

This hard case is designed to fit a bow up to 40 inches in length. Along with that, it provides extra space for 12 arrows. The case is heavy-duty and airtight. It features a number of safety measures that make it absolutely waterproof and portable. This allows you to take your bows with you anywhere you go, even overseas, without worrying about damaging it.

The best part about this case is that it comes with a silica gel canister. This hydro-absorbent material serves to protect the unit and accessories from rusting. This added protection can be a great plus for areas where humidity levels are high and items rust easily.

Bottom Line

This unit is the perfect one to provide your precious compound bow with all the safety and protection it deserves. What more can you ask from a case that provides you with the best degree of protection in all aspects and a little extra space for your accessories?

Best Double Bow Case:
 30-06 Outdoors Bloodline Double Compound Bow Case, 42"

30-06 Outdoors Bloodline Signature Series Double Compound Bow Soft Case, 42 Inch, Black/Red


  • Two bows can be stored in two individual compartments
  • The fabric used to design the case is water-resistant extremely durable
  • Capable of storing compound bows as big as 42 inches


  • The case isn’t big enough to store longer arrows

If you are an enthusiastic archer, chances are, you own more than one bow, probably at least two. In that case, carrying around two cases for each bow individually can prove to be a painstaking task. This double capacity case by Outdoors Bloodline is the perfect solution for the double trouble with your bows.

This 42-inch long bag provides you with a total storage space of 5080 cubic inches. That is enough space to put in two of your bows safely and still be left with some extra space for your accessories. This storage space is divided into two main compartments and seven smaller pockets.

The two main compartments provide individual space for both bows, while the other pockets are for all your accessories and a longer one for your arrows. The product is designed out of an HD water-resistant nylon that features double stitched seams to ensure it doesn’t come undone and heavy-duty zippers that will last long enough to keep you content.

Bottom Line

You no longer need to worry about carrying two bows at once. This case is the perfect solution that won’t only allow you to carry two bows at once, but will also ensure they are well protected. And not to forget all the extra space for the accessories and arrows.

Best for Takedown Bows:
Southland Archery Supply Recurve Takedown Bow Case

SAS Recurve Takedown Bow Case with Detachable Shoulder Sling and Pockets (Black)


  • The front zipped pocket provides space to store accessories
  • The soft lining prevents the items inside from getting scratched
  • The case is fully padded to keep the contents safe from any sort of damage


  • The case provides space for an arrow holding tube but does not include one

Takedown bows provide archers with great convenience. Since the unit can be taken down and disassembled, carrying it can be made a lot easier. But this also puts the individual parts at a greater risk. To ensure that this risk doesn’t take the form of misfortune, this case will provide you with the perfect protection for your bow.

Southland Archery introduces this case that is fully padded to guarantee the utmost protection of the bow. It comes with different pockets for limbs and a riser to ensure each component gets sufficient space and safety. It also features a front zipped pocket that can be used for a number of accessories.

The back of the case features a space for an arrow tube holder. The case features individual spaces for all the components. That is how it offers maximum protection to all the items by providing sufficient space for them all. The soft inner lining protects your device from any scratches and also from significant damage.

Bottom Line

You can trust this unit to keep all the components of your takedown bow safe. It will provide the bow with not only a padded lining but also with extra space. And that is why we think no other case can do the job of protecting a takedown bow better than this case.

Best for Youth Bows:
Plano Protector Compact Bow Case

Plano Protector Compact Bow Case (Black)


  • The lid of the case provides space for arrow storage
  • The tie down straps present on the inside can be adjusted to secure the bow down
  • The case is lined with high-density foam on the inside which provides the bow with extra protection
  • The handle of the product is comfortably designed to ensure your convenience while carrying it around


  • There is no extra space to store accessories

Youth bows feature a unique design and a unique size, which is why it also deserves a unique case for enhanced protection. And no other product works better than this Plano Protector Compact model for this purpose. You can place your trust in this unit and not be disappointed.

This hard case is most definitely on the top of its game. It features a black build that is designed out of the highest quality material. Such exquisite construction of the product ensures not only great durability but also enhanced protection of the bow itself. Needless to say, the casing is better than the standard ones at doing the job.

The compact size of the case, along with its lightweight design, makes it ideal for carrying around. It also features tie-down straps on the inside along with sturdy arrow holders and dense foam padding. But the feature that really stands out is the patented crush-proof pillar lock system on this case that keeps your unit secure.

Bottom Line

Not all units are designed to hold your accessories. This one is meant to keep your youth bow protected. And when it comes to performing with that function in mind, this product definitely performs much better than a number of other cases.

Best Plano Bow Case:
Plano 108110 Bow Guard AW Bow Case Black

Plano 108110 Bow Guard AW Bow Case Black


  • A dri-loc seal provides the case with weather protection
  • The product is airline-approved, allowing you to take it with you wherever you travel to
  • Elastomeric arrow storage which ensures all of your arrows fit 


  • The case is not big enough to carry larger-sized bows

Plano is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to bow cases. It puts out the best products for its users, never disappointing them. And this 108110 model is one of the absolute best products put forth by the brand. It excels in form, as well as functionality, proving to be exactly the kind of case one would look for.

What we love about this thick-walled case is that it is lockable. Every great bow needs security, along with protection. While the lock on the case ensures your bow is going nowhere without your knowledge, its weather-proof design with high strength pinned hinges ensures it stays in place while being protected.

The design of this unit is crush-proof, providing it with that extra degree of protection that you won’t find in other cases. The arrows storage of this product is elastomeric, meaning it can store a number of types of arrows. And above all, this case is airline-approved, meaning you can take it absolutely anywhere you want.

Bottom Line

Plano is one of the best-known brands in the world of archery and since this is their top product, you can aptly call it the best of the best. There is no doubt in its function or form. All that the unit promises, it delivers, ensuring you get the best archery experience with a bow that is perfectly protected when not in use.

Best Pink Camouflage Bow Case:
.30-06 39" Princess Camo Youth Bow Case

.30-06 39' Princess Camo Youth Bow Case


  • The woven handles of the unit add a degree of comfort while you’re traveling
  • The pink details on this classic camouflage design of the unit combine style with functionality
  • The lightweight and compact design of the unit makes it ideal for transporting from one place to the other without much trouble


  • The case could use some extra space for accessories

There is no sport that is ‘too hard’ for a girl. And archery is no exception to that. This pink camouflage bow case will get you in touch with your girl power spirit all while providing your bow with the ultimate protection that it needs. And just like girls, this product is designed to excel in all aspects.

This 39x15.5 x 2-inch bag is ideally designed to store a youth compound bow and other standard school archery bows. The size of this case will be a perfect fit for any of those. The case features a 32-inch long pocket on the exterior that provides the perfect space for storing all sorts of arrows.

The woven handles of the unit are specifically designed to allow ease of carrying. It is also lightweight and compact, which further aids in its portability. The product is completely padded to ensure the complete protection and safety of your youth bow.

Bottom Line

The pink camouflage case is ideal for all the girls that have their spirits high and their archery game strong. It serves to provide the perfect functionality, protecting the bow from any sort of damage and also provides the convenience of portability. What more does one really need?

Types of Bow Cases

Now that you have gone through the best of bow cases, you may have a rough idea about the different types of bow cases. And in case you do not, here is a brief description in order to further help you understand the differences.

  • Hard Cases

A hard case is, as the name implies, constructed of hard material. This may be aluminum, a hard plastic, or a mixture of both. These units are ideal for traveling as they provide an extra degree of protection. That is usually needed when you know you will have to leave your device unsupervised, even for a small span of time or when doing a lot of traveling that can be rough on a bow.

  • Soft Cases

A soft case is usually made out of a strong fabric such as nylon. The best part about these cases is they allow more space for storage for a number of items. And at the same time, they occupy less space than a hard case. And when it comes to the price, they are considerably cheaper than hard cases.


Be it hard or soft, your bow needs a casing to keep it protected. Bows are precious instruments that shouldn't be left out in open when not in use. Ensure that you find the perfect bow case for your device and provide it with the protection it needs and deserves. If you manage to do that well, your bow and bow case will both go a long way.

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