Best Elevated Hunting Blinds of 2021 – Complete Review

| Last Updated June 12, 2021

Hunting can take hours and requires a lot of patience. Hunting in the heat can be quite tiresome, and that’s when hunting blinds come in.

That is not the only reason you would want to get an elevated hunting blind, though.

This article will elaborate on all its various uses, features, the best ones on the market, and other information to help you make a good choice.  

Comparison of the Best Elevated Hunting Blinds

  • A chair is included for better comfort
  • Made from durable materials to last longer
  • A ladder included for easy access
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  • Best Elevated Deer Hunting Blinds
  • Made from high-quality materials to last longer
  • Very easy to erect and use
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Are All Elevated Hunting Blinds The Same? 

There are many different types of elevated hunting blinds on the market, each designed for a particular purpose. 

Portable blinds can open from the top and are moved as your target animal moves. They provide different angles for hunting. 

Deer hunting blinds can either be box, tripod, portable, or pop-up. In the case of elevated hunting blinds, these are usually box, tripod, or portable. Box hunting blinds have windows, and tripod blinds give a 360-degree view of the surroundings. 

Most elevated or tower hunting blinds are similar in the way that they are built way above the ground and are built with a tripod or are meant to be mounted on trees.  

What Size of Elevated Hunting Blind Do I Need? 

The size and height of the elevated hunting blind depend on certain factors.

Vegetation is one of these factors; if the area you’re hunting in has tall bushes, it’s better to get tall elevated hunting blind. An approximate of five to ten feet off the ground is ideal. 

Another factor is the number of persons inside. For about two to three people, which is an ideal amount, a 6 x 6 hunting blind would be adequate. A 6 x 8 blind is preferred for about four people, even though it does weigh much more.  

Review of the Best Elevated Hunting Blinds 

Now that we are familiar with some basics regarding elevated hunting blinds, we have listed here some of our favorite models, with their pros and cons. Let’s go over them.

Best Overall:
X-Stand Treestands 1006518

X-Stand Treestands Single Person Blind Kit XATA605


  • Has a zipper entry door
  • Easy to set up and assemble
  • Made with water-resistant material 
  • Material is comfortable to sit in for hours
  • Printed in dzx camo to provide concealment


  • Not the best in harsh weather
  • Mobility inside will produce loud noises

What Recent Buyers Report

This is an easy-to-setup, lightweight blind. Assembling it does not take too long. Buyers love the material and claim it is one of the most comfortable to sit in. For the cost, this is a versatile and great pick. All in all, users highly recommend it. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The X-Stand Treestands 1006518 is a strong contender on our list. 

It is made with a rugged, waterproof material. Once it is put together, the blinds stay intact under normal circumstances.

There are many advantages to choosing this product. The dimensions of 18 by 10 by 15 inches ensure it has a space of 6’ x 6’ and is particularly suited for bowhunters, who will easily be able to use the blind to shoot standing up.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for something low cost but good quality, this is the one to get. It is spacious, allows you to shoot from different angles, and is comfortable to stay in for hours. 

Best Elevated Deer Hunting Blind:
Guide Gear 2-Man Tower Blind

Guide Gear 2-Man Universal Tower Hunting Blind


  • Has a steel frame for sturdiness
  • Entry through a zipper for easy access
  • Fabric is weather-resistant and has a camo print
  • Fabric is scentless, so target animals are not attracted


  • Does not include a ladder
  • Not suitable for bad storms or hail 

What Recent Buyers Report

For the money, this is a good topper for the Guide Gear 2 Man Tower. The parts are easy to assemble, and there is enough headroom for someone as tall as seven feet! The openings could be a little wider for a better field of view, but users love it nonetheless and highly recommend it. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Guide Gear 2-Man Tower Blind is a lightweight, yet sturdy blind, but is that good enough?

What we love about these blinds is that they camouflage well in the woods and are scentless. You can easily access all angles to shoot at your target animal.

It also offers a great balance between comfort and functionality. They deliver straightforward hunting blind functionality and have a simple construction. They are light and can be carried around easily.  

Bottom Line

If you do not want a flimsy blind and are looking for something constructed with steel, this is a great pick. It offers many features and will surely enhance your hunting experience!  

3. Millennium Treestands Blind

Millennium Treestands Blind


  • Ideal for crossbow and rifle hunting 
  • Material is mildew-resistant and quiet to the touch
  • Has a nice green and brown print for easy camouflaging
  • Top is removable in case you don’t want to be fully covered
  • Various window options and zippers allow it to be customized


  • Windows are too small
  • Material easily degrades, not durable 

What Recent Buyers Report

The lightweight material, strong zippers, and camouflage print are major features that attract buyers towards the Millennium Treestands Blinds. It can be used both for crossbows and rifle hunting; hence it is popular amongst all kinds of buyers. Users particularly appreciate the ladder attachment and highly recommend these blinds.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Millennium Treestands’ B1 Series Blind may be made just for the L110, and the L220 ladder stands, but it is an excellent buy. 

It is designed with a sturdy, heavy-duty material that is mildew-resistant and lasts through strong weather conditions. The material is also quiet to the touch; hence you do not have to worry about your target animal hearing you and sending them off. It is also light in weight; hence it is easy to carry around and set up.

The front entry is zippered, and there are also many window configurations you can set up to customize viewing and concealment options.

These blinds are ideal for both rifle and crossbow hunting, and you can get a great angle for your shot.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a reasonably priced, camouflage print, weather-resistant blind, look no further. We have ranked the Millennium Treestands’ B1 Series Blind as our best pick, and that is for a good reason. Buyers have thoroughly enjoyed it.

4. Big Dog Hunting Enclosure BDQF-500

Big Dog Hunting Enclosure Fabric Fits: Bdt-512/514 BDQF-500


  • Easy to install and assemble
  • Fabric allows for easy camouflage
  • Has a zipper entry for easy access
  • Features four different windows for various shooting angles


  • Poor material does not last too long
  • Not rugged enough to last through storms 

What Recent Buyers Report

Users have quite liked the Big Dog Hunting Enclosure BDQF-500. It is quick and easy to set up. Hunters particularly appreciate that it comes with various windows so that they can shoot from any side and have different angles to aim. It is the perfect present for any of your hunter friends too!

Why it Stands Out to Us

Why should you settle for a standard unit, when the four windowed Big Dog Hunting Enclosure gives you epic 360-degree shooting?

Big enough for two hunters, these blinds are made with waterproof material so you can cozy in even if it’s rainy. 

Users recommend assembling it at home and then transporting it to the hunting ground, as it is slightly bulky to carry around.

Bottom Line

Users have time and time again gone back to this, so don’t sleep on it! The Big Dog Hunting Enclosure BDQF-500 is an all-in-one model and comes at a great price. So if you want something that is spacious and allows for multiple angle shooting, look no further.

Best Portable Elevated Hunting Blind:
Big Game Treestands Blind Kit

BIG GAME Treestands Deluxe Universal Blind Kit, Epic Camo


  • Good print for camouflaging
  • Light in weight and easy to install
  • Comes with a carry bag and fasteners
  • Has some pockets inside to store your items
  • Can be used on ground level or on an elevated rail/on a tree


  • Fabric quality is poor and not durable
  • Velcro is loud and can scare away target animals, especially deer

What Recent Buyers Report

For the price, buyers do like this product. It is light in weight and easy to set up. The fact that it can be tied up to the tree is something buyers appreciate since it provides a better grip. The pockets inside can hold small items like water bottles, phones, etc.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Big Game is a great brand when it comes to hunting equipment. These blinds are some of the best on the market. 

They are light in weight, so you can easily carry them, and they have a good print for camouflaging. The fact that they can be used either on ground level or on an elevated rail or tree makes them highly versatile for any kind of hunting. 

Big Game has made it convenient for users with the carry bag and fasteners the blinds come with. The pockets inside also increase storage as you can store small items in it.

Bottom Line

This blind is slightly short and is better suited for one person. If that is something you are looking for, then this model has it all. You can easily store your items and stay camouflaged till you find your prey!

Why Did These Elevated Hunting Blinds Make Our List? 

We made sure to choose some of the best elevated hunting blinds on the market. Here are some of the prominent features that are common in all our chosen products. 

Safety Features

Whether it is safe from bad weather conditions or animals on land, our chosen blinds are elevated and made with sturdy material. The material is waterproof and hence can last through storms, rain, and other harsh weather conditions. This also ensures you stay warm inside. 

Furthermore, the materials are scent-free. Most target animals, like deer, have a strong sense of smell; hence, if the material is scent-free, they are unlikely to be aware of the threat around them.  


A good blind will help you access your target animal for all sides. The blinds we have listed have windows that will allow you to shoot from any angle.   

Storage Space

You may have to hide inside the blinds for long and store items like water bottles, mobile phones, keys or bows, etc. The models we listed have ample storage space for each item. They either come with pockets or are large enough to keep these things. 

Perks of Getting an Elevated Hunting Blind

Hunting with an elevated blind certainly improves your experience. Depending on how much you are willing to invest, and the type of elevated hunting blind you are looking for, here are some benefits of getting them.  


The primary purpose of hunting blinds is that they keep you camouflaged inside your spot so that the target animal is unaware that it is being hunted. Your movements are masked, from loading the rifles to getting a good view with binoculars. Moreover, the scent is blocked, depending upon the type of blind.   

Permanent Structure

Most hunting blinds are permanently placed, so the animals get used to them as part of their surroundings.


Elevated hunting blinds are placed at a height, so you are generally safe. 

Other Features

The tower structure gives you an elevated and 360-degree view of your prey. It is also much more comfortable as compared to some underground hunting blinds, since you may have to stay there for hours. This kind of setting is also good for bow hunters as they get a better angle for shooting. Furthermore, the blinds protect you from harsh weather conditions and keep you safe from rain, strong winds, or snow.    

Safety Considerations for Elevated Hunting Blinds 

When it comes to tower hunting blinds, taking all the safety precautions is extremely important. Here are some you want to take into consideration.


When locating your target animal, it is wise to set the hunting blind behind the sun and on a spot that is downwind. Deer have a sharp sense of smell and sight, so this will prevent it from spotting you or picking up any scent as well. 

Strong Build Quality

When purchasing the blinds, ensure they are made of great quality, are waterproof, and can bear harsh weather conditions. They should help you get through rain, sleet, hail, snow, or any kind of weather, as well as keep you dry and warm throughout. UV-protected polythene will keep you safe from the harsh sun rays as well. The blinds should also shoo away any pests like mosquitoes and flies.   


Nowadays, you can find scent-free blinds easily. Any kind of scent makes target animals aware of the threat around them, so a scent-free option will keep them clueless.  

Stability and Spaciousness

Ensure you get a sturdy blind since it will be elevated and tumble over if it is not strong enough. Also, you want to make sure it is spacious enough for as many people to fit in comfortably for long hours.   

Some Other Precautions

Wear your full body harness (FBH) at all times and ensure it is attached to the tree. Use boots with a good grip to avoid slipping. Also, make sure to have an emergency kit at all times. 


Getting elevated hunting blinds can be a tedious task, but worthy nonetheless. There is a lot to go through when purchasing an elevated hunting blind. We hope this article gave you helpful insights and a thorough review of what’s best. Happy hunting!

People Also Ask

If there are still any ambiguities, you can go through this section, where we have tried to answer all frequently asked questions!

Is it Better to Hunt From a Blind or Tree Stand?

Tree stands are better for concealment and provide a better angle for shooting. They also allow for more mobility than ground blinds. Both are quite comfortable, but ground blinds usually cost cheaper. It mostly depends on the kind of animal you’re hunting, so you can’t really point out which is better. 

What is the Disadvantage of Hunting From an Elevated Stand?

There are some disadvantages to hunting from an elevated stand, for example, the risk of falling and hurting yourself. They are also quite large and bulky; hence they can be difficult to carry around. Mobility in tree stands should be restricted if your blind isn’t sound-proof (to prevent alarming the target animal).

Is 15 Feet High Enough For a Tree Stand?

The height does not matter as long as there is enough cover around you. You want to make sure you are well camouflaged, and there is a canopy of trees around you. 

How Do You Waterproof a Hunting Blind?

Even if your blinds are weather-resistant, it is better to use a silicone spray to waterproof them for better longevity. Spray the top of the blind and all the seams on the exterior with a thick coat. Allow drying for about 24 hours. This will also get rid of the smell.   

Where to Set Elevated Hunting Blinds

It is better to set your elevated blinds high enough to camouflage you but also give a good angle for shooting. You can place your stand on the opposite side as well. Try different placements to see which works.

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