Best Climbing Sticks For Hunting – 2020 Review

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Being able to get up and into a tree can really make for a more successful hunting trip, as you are able to increase your range of view and spot prey more easily.

However, not everyone is adept at climbing trees, and it can be especially difficult to climb a tree with all your hunting gear. This is where a climbing stick comes in handy. Easily portable, they make a great addition to any hunting trip to allow you better access to elevate your view point.

This article will detail the key components of a reliable, high-quality climbing stick and examine some of the very best options available on the market.

Comparison Chart of the Best Climbing Sticks For Hunting


Lone Wolf Treestand Climbing Sticks

  • Traction on steps to prevent slipping
  • Reversible steps to climb up or down easier
  • Stiff and durable build, quiet and easy to set up
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Guide Gear Quick Climbing Sticks, 3 Pack

  • Anti-slip and double step design
  • Sturdy welded steel construction
  • Secure and quick strap on attachment
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Guide Gear 20' Climbing Sticks

  • Includes five sections for total height of 20 feet
  • Steep construction with four tree braces for security
  • Sturdy angled step design to prevent foot from slipping
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Millennium Treestands M210 20' Stick Climber

  • Dual top step for added safety
  • Five lightweight connecting sections
  • Anti-slide step design to increase foot traction
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X-Stand Mantis Climbing Stick

  • Steps angled away from tree for more foot space
  • Dual spine technology with tubes for added stability
  • Comes in four sections of durable aluminum construction
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Big Game Quick-Stick Climbing System

  • Four lightweight climbing stick sections
  • Alternating step design for easy climbing
  • Step width of 10.5 inches, total height of 20 feet
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What is a Climbing Stick and What is it Used For?

A climbing stick is a device that is attached onto a tree and essentially acts as a ladder. They are especially useful for a treestand that has a hang on design, so you can leave it set up and then carry the lightweight climbing stick with you, so you won’t have to worry about constantly taking the treestand down.

While ladders and screw-in tree steps are always an option to access your treestand, climbing sticks have become rather popular because they are easier to transport and are easier to install than screw-in tree steps would be.

Climbing up and down is made easy with these. (Source)

Benefits of Investing in a Great Climbing Stick

Climbing sticks can be a very useful addition to any hunting trip, and we’ve listed a few benefits of investing in a great climbing stick below.


A good climbing stick offers a significant advantage over other products when it concerns  your safety. Once you have the climbing stick locked in place, they’re able to carry your weight and remain in place as you climb up to a platform or treestand. Tree steps can be a good option for some, but they involve screws and could injure your leg if you misplace your fit. It is also easy to incorrectly set up tree steps, which can lead to injury. 

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike tree steps and other options, climbing sticks are pretty environmentally friendly. Tree steps involve screws and other metal parts to properly secure it into place, but climbing sticks are normally attached using a rope or strap that is secured around the tree trunk. This ensures that the climbing stick is properly in place without harming the tree. 


Setting up a climbing stick is pretty easy, and doesn’t require any extra tools or parts. Straps make it easy to set up and take down the climbing stick, and since you don’t need to screw anything into the tree, no extra tools are needed. Reduction in number of items to attach also decreases setup time.

Quick Take | Best Climbing Sticks

Review of the Best Climbing Sticks

With many different climbing stick products out on the market, it may be a bit difficult to find the perfect one for your hunting lifestyle. To help narrow down your choices, we’ve compiled a list of what we find to be the best climbing sticks below.

Lone Wolf Treestand Climbing Sticks


  • Easy to set up
  • Steps can be flipped
  • Stackable and easy to transport
  • Pivoting bracket makes it secure and safe


  • Only includes one section

The Lone Wolf Treestand climbing stick is both quiet and easy to use, and is the perfect item to pair with any hang on treestand. Reversible steps are included to make climbing up and down easier, and the steps can be flipped around to allow for a right or left step, whatever the preference is. The pivoting bracket that bites into the tree is strong and makes sure it is properly attached to the tree.

Well engineered, this stick also includes great traction in the steps so your feet don’t slip while climbing. This item is very lightweight and can be packed nicely for easy transportation and storage. The stiff and secure build ensures that you are safely supported.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a really nice climbing stick and is worth the money based on the quality and performance. It has a sturdy and lightweight build, is quiet to set up, and is easy to take down. The steps are reversible so you are able to climb up and down easily, and they can also be flipped to allow for a right step or a left step.

The pivoting bracket really bites into the tree to make for a stable climbing stick. One thing to note is that only one section is included in an order, so that alone can be really short. You may want to invest in a few of these if you have a great height that needs to be reached. Other than that, this is a very nice climbing stick.

Guide Gear Quick Climbing Sticks, 3 Pack


  • Great price
  • Easy to set up
  • Doesn’t harm the tree


  • Pretty heavy items

The Guide Gear Quick climbing sticks come in a pack of three, allowing you to extend your climb and access a hanging treestand higher in the trees. This product is both durable and safe, made with strong welded steel frames that can be firmly strapped to a tree of choice. The easy and secure strap on design allows for a simple installation that is relatively quick.

The compact size makes it easy to store and transport this item, and it also allows you to line them up how you’d like so you can easily ascend. The anti-slip and double step design puts your safety first and makes it quite easy to put these climbing sticks to good use.

Bottom Line

This pack of three climbing sticks is a great deal if you're on a budget, as they are both functional and they come at a very nice price. These items are on the heavy side, so they wouldn’t be the best item for a hunter on the go who wants to constantly transport them. They are durable enough to be left out for a season so you won’t have to worry about carrying the weight around.

The anti-slip and double step design makes it very safe and easy to climb up and down, and the construction is able to hold up to 300 pounds. The set of three also allows you to space them out more and extend your climbing availability, if you have a high set tree stand that you need to have access to.

Guide Gear 20' Climbing Sticks


  • Pretty easy to set up
  • Lightweight for all five sections
  • Slight flexibility makes for easier installment
  • Able to space them out for more climbing height


  • Stepping surface is narrow
  • Powder coating chips easily

The Guide Gear 20’ climbing sticks include five sections, allowing you to climb up to a nice height while also being able to easily transport them if you find yourself needing to. They are of a simple design, making assembly a breeze. The all steel construction can hold up to 300 pounds, and the climbing sticks themselves have a weight of around 23 pounds.

Four tree braces are included to add stability to these items, and the sturdy angled design of the steps ensures that your foot won’t slip while using them. The pin joints in this climbing stick are flexible enough to allow minor changes in direction, making it easier to set up the ladder, while also allowing it to slightly move naturally with the tree.

Bottom Line

This is an excellent deal for the price, considering you get five sections that you can put together to have a total climbing stick height of 20 feet. The stepping surface is a bit narrow, so make sure your foot is securely in place before putting all your weight onto it. The angled step design does make it a bit easier to find a comfortable and secure foothold though.

The design is relatively simple and lightweight, and is pretty easy to set up and take down. The multiple sections also allows you to space the climbing sticks out so you can increase the height they can reach. One downside of the material is that it is a bit cheaply made; the powder coating chips easily and makes it more vulnerable to rusting.

Best Treestand Climbing Stick:
Millennium Treestands M210 20’ Stick Climber

Millennium Treestands M210 Stick Climber


  • Easy to set up
  • Low profile to the tree
  • Well built and sturdy design


  • A bit noisy
  • Steps are somewhat small

The Millennium Treestand 20-foot Stick Climber weighs only 17 pounds and is very durable and sturdy. The dual top step adds to its safety, and so does the seven foot buckle that can be used for attachment to extra large trees. Five lightweight and quick connecting sections create the total reaching height of 20 feet, and it also makes this climbing stick highly portable.

The anti-slide steps are design to increase traction for a secure foothold, and the design also prevents water and ice build up so your footwear is able to properly grip the steps.

With extra long cam straps, this ladder can fit multiple sized trees of various shapes and sizes, making it a great item to invest in. A powder coat finish, additional four foot extension, and secure stand offs are additional features making this a nice product.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a pretty good product for the overall quality and the price. It can be a bit of a noisy item, especially in the quiet mornings and if it’s windy out, which will cause some squeaking. It is of a well built design that is able to hold your weight as you climb it. The anti-slide steps increase foot traction to ensure that you have a comfortable foothold, and the design also helps in preventing water and ice accumulation so you remain safe when climbing and descending.

The design makes it low profile to the tree, and the straps ensure that the climbing sticks are securely in place. While this may not be the best product to invest in if you’d like it to be very portable and quick to set up and take down, it is a great item that serves its purpose well.

Best Aluminum Model:
X-Stand Mantis Climbing Stick

X-Stand Mantis Sticks 4 pk.


  • Reasonably light steps
  • Steps are a good size and have plenty of room for boots


  • A bit noisy
  • Bulky and a bit heavy

The X-Stand Mantis Climbing Stick features dual spine technology with two lightweight tubes for added stability and strength. The steps are designed to be angled away from the tree, giving you more space to put your foot and giving you room if you are wearing boots. There are four sections that can be spaced apart from each other to reach higher if needed.

The aluminum construction is heavily built and very sturdy, ensuring that it can last against the elements and through multiple hunting seasons.

These climbing sticks come in a set of four, allowing you to reach a greater height by spacing them out. The steps are designed to angle away from the tree, giving you plenty of room to find a comfortable foothold, and it is even spacious enough to accommodate large boots.

Bottom Line 

The aluminum construction is both sturdy and durable, however these items are a bit heavily built, making the overall product heavier, which requires more time to put them up unless you are quite experienced with setting up climbing sticks.

The bulky and metal design also causes this item to make a good amount of noise when it’s windy, when you’re climbing up it, etc. This product has a fair share of its ups and downs, so take into account what you’d like to get out of it, and then weigh out the options based on if it would suit your hunting style.

Big Game Quick-Stick Climbing System CS050


  • Relatively easy to set up
  • Light but durable and sturdy construction
  • A good amount of room to place your feet


  • None available

The Big Game Quick-Stick Climbing System can reach a total height of around 20 feet, and it has a step width of 10.5 inches. This design is lightweight and simple yet sturdy. It features an alternating step design that allows for easy and comfortable climbing.

Five sections are included, and they weigh around four pounds each. These sections allow you to stagger them if you’d prefer a wider reach, or you can add space between them to increase the overall height that they can reach. Durable straps secure these climbing sticks to the desired tree, and the adjustability allows for you to attach them to trees with a variety of thicknesses.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a pretty nice item that is fairly priced for the quality that is delivered. This climbing system features four lightweight sections that are easy to attach with the adjustable straps. The straps allow for easy security are also environmentally friendly, as they don’t harm the tree and they can be adjusted with the growth of a tree as well, as opposed to screws.

The four sections also allow you to stagger them or space them out to create a more customized climbing experience. The steps have a width of around 10.5 inches, and they are also in an alternating design that makes the climb more comfortable. This is a very nice product that is well worth the money.

Types of Climbing Sticks

Not only are there many different climbing sticks made by different companies, but they also come in a variety of types that all have their own features to bring to the table. Listed below are a few different types of climbing sticks you may encounter.

Tree Steps

Tree steps are a pretty common set up, and are essentially metal steps that are screwed into the wood of the tree. These are a very portable option, as they don’t have any added metal poles, and they would be a good option if you plan on setting them up somewhere deep in the woods where you wouldn’t need to remove them. They aren’t as safe as tree sticks though, and you have to make sure they’re securely in place. They also don’t grow with the tree, but they last well enough.

Tree Sticks

Tree sticks are a bit of a newer design, and are becoming more popular because of their simplicity to set up and ladder design that blends well into a tree. These items have a central metal tube that often has alternating steps on each side to create a ladder. They can also be stacked on top of one another to extend the climbing height.

Lone Climbing Sticks

These climbing sticks often don’t come in sets, so you typically just get one climbing stick of a decent height. The steps often are able to swivel so you can customize it to fit your climbing style. The setup is the same as for the tree sticks, as it is supported by straps and also maybe brackets rather than screws.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

Before you go and buy a climbing stick, there are a few aspects that you may want to consider before making a purchase.


One thing to consider is the weight of the climbing stick. One that is too heavy would be more difficult to set up, and it may also be prone to making more noise, especially during windy weather or when being climbed on.


Height is very important because you want to be able to reach your treestand. If the climbing stick falls too short, it really doesn’t serve its purpose. Luckily, many of the climbing sticks come in sets, so you can stack them to increase the height.

Versatility and Features

It’s important for a climbing stick to be able to be attached to trees of various sizes, so your treestand setup can be moved if necessary. It’s also important for the item to have various features, such as steps with good traction, and steps that have enough foot space. Alternating steps are also worth investing in.


Climbing sticks are great items that help you more easily access a hanging treestand. Not only are they safer than tree steps and other products, but they’re also environmentally friendly. The strap attachment doesn’t pierce through the wood like screws, and they can be adjusted to fit and grow with the tree. Climbing sticks allow you to access a higher vantage point, and really elevate your overall hunting experience. 

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