Best Chokes For Duck Hunting – 2021 Review

Whether you are a hobbyist, hunter, or a professional, you understand how important it is to have the right equipment. Even all the training and hours of practice cannot ensure excellent performance unless you choose your equipment wisely.

Similarly, having chokes for duck hunting are integral for good performance. But how can you really choose the best ones? 

This article will review the best chokes for duck hunting on the market, while also discussing how and why you should choose the best of these products for yourself.

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Comparison of the Best Chokes For Duck Hunting

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What is a Shotgun Choke?

Before we can go ahead and look at some of the best units, first let’s understand what a choke really is. A choke, in simpler words, is a tube-like product that increases your range. It fits into the barrel of your gun and therefore, holds down the shot you fired for a longer period. It constricts your shot before it can disperse and fire.

What Makes a Choke Great For Duck Hunting

A choke is indeed an essential accessory of hunting equipment. With a shotgun having no choke, you will experience a huge difference in the outcome of each shot. But how does using a choke make duck hunting more enjoyable? Here are some ways:

Accurate Shot Delivery

Chokes come in a variety of restriction options. You can obtain the required density of the shot by picking the choke of relevant constriction. Full chokes can help you shoot the pellets accentuated more around a certain point. Cylinder chokes release the pellets with the least density. And if you want something moderate, the modified choke should be your pick.

With the help of a choke, you can get the accuracy you want. Owing to this fact, the contribution of chokes in a duck hunt is undeniable.


Shooting Length

The shooting distance is not the same for each game bird. For birds that have a deep sense of detecting danger or suspicion, it’s better to hunt them from large distances of approximately fifty to sixty yards. In such cases, chokes play a vital role in imparting outstanding energy in the pellets passing through the constriction. The more the constriction, the more the shooting length.

Chokes, usually, make the pellets cover around twenty to sixty yards of distance.

How to Choose a Choke For Duck Hunting

Before you buy and invest in a choke for duck hunting, it is important to consider the following factors. Make sure that the product you are purchasing has these features so your new purchase will perform as expected. This will directly impact the overall experience and performance of the product.


Constriction has to be, hands down, the most important feature to consider when buying a choke. The constriction is the indication of how long and how strongly the choke will hold down your shot from opening. The constriction also determines the pattern. The ideal constriction will depend on the environment or the way you hunt.

For example, if you like to hunt in huge, open areas, you will need a tighter constriction. A tighter constriction will be important for targets you see coming from a distance. Meanwhile, if you want to hunt in thicker timbers or in early season hunting, you will need a wider constriction. This is because the target will be nearer and hence, you will need the shot to open faster.


Material and Design

The material of the choke will determine its durability. Meanwhile, the design will determine how well the choke will camouflage and therefore, increase your performance. Matte and black oxidized chokes are great for increasing camouflage.

Is the Choke Good For Other Hunting Purposes Too?

Whether you’re a professional or only a beginner, you will need the same choke for different hunting occasions. Therefore, you should check whether or not the choke will be good or appropriate for other occasions other than just duck hunting.

Review of the Best Duck Hunting Chokes

Read the reviews ahead to find out in-depth details and honest user feedback on some of the best products on the market. Doing so will help you determine the best unit you can get for yourself.

Best Overall: Trulock Waterfowl 3-Pack Choke Tube


  • Increases Range
  • Comes With a Case for Storage
  • Good for Hunting in Various Areas and Environments
  • The Pack has 3 Different Tubes for Different Ranges, Adding Versatility


  • Not the Best for Beginners

What Recent Buyers ReportRecent buyers have reviewed the product as highly reliable. They have positively commented on the quality of the pattern it provides. Moreover, users also appreciated the versatility and quality of these chokes. The pattern provided by these is reported to be consistent.Why it Stands Out To UsWe have added this product on our list for several reasons. However, our favorite feature is how versatile and beneficial it is. It adds great value to your money with its variety of tubes that work for different conditions. Therefore, it adds great value for  your money, ensures quality performance, and is also very reliable.Who Will Use This MostWe highly recommend this choke for professionals and people who hunt in varying conditions.What Could Be Improved and WhyWe have not really come across any major complaints or issues with the product. It is versatile and has a good build quality too. It’s great for all kinds of hunting applications. However, perhaps the price could be slightly lowered so that everyone can afford this otherwise outstanding product.Bottom LineTo sum it up, we really like this choke and how it comes with a variety of three tubes in a small box. It has great packaging and therefore, is very convenient, too. We would highly recommend this product to any skilled hunter in the market for a choke. We have also made this the overall best choke for duck hunting, making it the top choice on our list.

Runner-up: Carlson’s Cremator Non-Ported Browning Invector DS Choke Tube


  • It is Lightweight
  • All the Benefits That an Extended Choke Has
  • It is Built With Heavy-Duty, Durable Material
  • Great for Mid-Range and Long-Range Shooting
  • It Can Provide You With Extra Tight Patterns for Better and Longer Range


  • It’s Not for Smaller Range Hunting
  • Not Appropriate for Lesser Ranges

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers and users of this unit have highly appreciated the versatility and the build of the product. Since the chokes are made with stainless steel and a shock-proof material, they are very durable and the users have loved their performance. Moreover, users have also commented on how the chokes provide a quality pattern, too.Why it Stands Out To UsWe have added this choke for duck hunting on our list for several reasons. One reason behind this product standing out to us is its unique stainless steel built. The stainless steel build ensures high-quality performance for a longer period of time. Moreover, the choke tubes are copper-plated, which means they provide a tight pattern.Who Will Use This MostThese chokes are great for medium and longer ranges. Therefore, people who want to hunt out in the open should use these chokes.What Could Be Improved and WhySince the built quality of the chokes is too great, it becomes irresistible for hunters to buy it. However, these are only appropriate for use in longer ranges. Therefore, the manufacturers could design them to be appropriate for smaller ranges too, so that every hunter can have a great experience.Bottom LineWe do not see anything truly wrong with this product. From its build to its design, everything is up to the mark. We think it will be a good choice for anyone working in the medium and greater range areas. It is also cost-efficient, which again makes it a great option.

Best for the Money: Remington Rem Choke Tubes 12-Ga. Express


  • Stainless Steel Build Ensures Durability
  • It is Highly Versatile With 3 Different Tubes
  • The Bundle Adds Great Value to Your Money
  • Very Lightweight Design Ensures Convenience
  • Extended Design Makes it Appropriate for Professional Use


  • Not Sold Separately

What Recent Buyers ReportThere has been lots of appreciation for how the choke protects the bore from damage. Moreover, it is also loved by its users for its durability and long life. Moreover, buyers and users from California especially love this choke, considering the legal regulations in that area. Overall, user feedback is hugely positive.Why it Stands Out To UsThe product stands out to us the most because of its stainless steel build. It is strong and sturdy, ensuring longevity and quality performance altogether. Therefore, we have added this outstanding product to our list. Other than that, we also like how the bundle adds value to your money and gives you more choices.Who Will Use This MostIf you are on a tight budget and need to invest in a good quality choke right away, then this is the one for you. This is a very valuable and budget-friendly unit that will surely enhance your hunting performance while also not costing you too much.What Could Be Improved and WhyThere were some issues regarding the delivery of the product. So, the sellers should work upon their delivery system, to ensure the right product reaches the customer at the right time. However, there are no other technical issues that were reported.Bottom LineTo sum it up, this is a great choice, especially for people on a tighter budget. It comes in a bundle and can, therefore, complete your hunting setup like a pro. It’s a good investment choice for absolutely anyone who knows what kind of choke they really need.

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4. Trulock Super Waterfowl Choke Tube


  • Improves Accuracy
  • Great for Larger Ranges
  • Maximizes the Pattern Consistency
  • Made With Sturdy and Strong Materials
  • Versatility at its Best With an Extended, Finished Black, Knurled Head


  • Might Not Be the Best for Beginners
  • Only One Choke Tube Comes in the Pack

What Recent Buyers ReportThis is one of Trulock’s most famous and popular choke tubes amongst hunters. This is primarily because of the larger constriction that allows hunters to hunt at greater ranges. The 0.050 constriction increases the range of your gun. Therefore, users have reported higher accuracy in their performance, as well as greater coverage of the area. Moreover, users have also commented positively on how the choke provides a stricter pattern.Why it Stands Out To UsIt stands out to us for its diversity and versatility. It is an extended tube with a black finish. This makes it easy to camouflage  and, therefore, is great for increasing hunting opportunities.Who Will Use This MostIt’s great for people who hunt in the open. This is because it increases the range of the shotgun and has a larger constriction. Therefore, we recommend this for use by people hunting out in the open.What Could Be Improved and WhyThe prices for all Turlock choke tubes are high. Also, this does not come as part of any bundle and therefore, does not add much value to your money. This could be worked on so that everyone can make use of this outstanding product.Bottom LineOverall, we highly recommend this to anyone who wants to shoot out in the open. However, with the same quality and sometimes even better features, you can find other products at better prices.

5. Jeb’s Black Nitride High Voltage Waterfowl Choke – 12-Gauge


  • Very Durable and High-Quality
  • Outstanding Knock-Down Power
  • Gives Better Shortened Shot Stream
  • Has a Black Body, Which Camouflages Well
  • Made With Durable, High-Quality Stainless Steel
  • Gives a Consistent and Stricter Shooting Pattern


  • Can Be Slightly Heavy
  • Could Be Better With a Matte Finish

What Recent Buyers Report

The biggest reason behind users relying so much on this choke tube is the brand name. Jeb’s is one of the leading brands in this accessory and users love all of their products. However, this choke tube is not very different from its other variant models however, is a color variant to many other silver-colored models. Many users of this product said that you could spend the same amount of money on other similar, but better products. Also, users also did not like how the tube does not come as part of any bundle, hence, decreasing the value it adds to your money.Why it Stands Out To UsThe reason why this choke tube stands out to us is its smart design. The black-colored body is specially-made to camouflage better, which will ensure that you never miss a good hunting opportunity. Moreover, it is a versatile product and can be used at longer ranges. Therefore, we have added it to our list.Who Will Use This MostWe think this choke tube would be great for people in riskier areas since it’s better at camouflaging. Moreover, it has a durable build, so it can be a good choice for someone who wants to make a one-time investment.What Could Be Improved and WhyMany professional hunters prefer a matte finish for their choke tubes. This tube, however, does not have a very matte finish. Therefore, for professionals who prefer something more matte and safer, this feature could be looked into and worked upon. However, aside from that, we could not find any great issues with the product.Bottom LineTo sum it up, this is a brilliant choke tube for anyone with a good budget and wanting to invest in a high-quality, high-standard choke. It will definitely make your patterns consistent and improve your performance. However, you might want to look at other products if you want something that is easier on the pocketbook.

Editor’s Pick:MOJO Outdoors Fatal Shot

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  • Executes shots quietly
  • Encompasses well-built construction
  • Installing and removing it is quite convenient
  • Comes for all ranges, including long, medium, and short
  • Suitable for killing ducks, dove, pheasant, and many upland birds


  • Does not fit in some popular shotguns

What Recent Buyers Report

This item really made its customers regular users by providing them full access to hunt the target successfully. People reported that this product enabled them to hit many birds on every field day. Moreover, they discovered that every characteristic behaved exactly in the same manner as it was advertised. Some customers bought the product for their kids, and none of them reported safety issues while using it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

17-4ph stainless steel is used in the making of this product, which makes it exceptionally strong. Furthermore, this material reduces the chances of choke being at risk of rust or corrosion even at higher temperatures.

The item allows hunters to achieve the desired patterns consistently, not only at close or distant but at all shooting lengths.

Bottom Line

Close shot patterns are one of the foremost priorities of hunting enthusiasts. Hence, it is ready to amaze avid hunters with its non-ported tube and dense patterns. Now, you can carry on hunting ducks from all ranges if you have MOJO outdoors fatal shot choke.

6. Jeb’s Duck Commander Waterfowl Choke


  • It is Durable and Sturdy
  • Can Increase Range up to 40 Yards
  • Matte Finish Allows Better Camouflage
  • Reported to Give a Consistent Shot Pattern
  • The Stainless Steel Build Ensures it Can Be Used in Any Environment


  • The Silver Finish Might Not Be the Best for Camouflage
  • It May Not Be Suitable for Other Hunting Applications Outside of Duck Hunting

What Recent Buyers ReportRecent buyers have reported the choke was great for covering up to 40 yards. However, people who wanted to cover a greater range did not really like this tube. Also, many reported that the choke tube is similar to many other models, and is therefore, not anything new or special to invest in.Why it Stands Out To UsThe choke tube’s design is what stands out the most to us. We love how the stainless-steel body makes it durable and adds value to your money. We also like the silver matte finish, however, we do not think that it’s best when it comes to camouflage.Who Will Use This MostIt is great for people who want to take quick shots in thick timbers and shorter ranges. This is good for people not looking to hunt in huge open areas. It can be good for beginners.What Could Be Improved and WhyThe color of the choke can be worked upon. It is the only feature we think could break the deal. A black or a dark printed design would make it better at camouflaging. Therefore, we recommend improvement in that area.Bottom LineTo wrap it up, this is a great choke tube for beginners who want to cover a range of up to 40 yards. It’s also good for small to medium-range hunting. However, we do not recommend this for longer ranges. The stainless steel build and the matte finish complement the tube very well.

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Perks of Getting a Choke For Duck Hunting

Now that you understand the basic function, let’s look at some interesting reasons that may convince you to add a choke to your duck-hunting equipment.

Better and Increased Range

Chokes work by keeping the shot closed for a longer time, making it open up when it reaches a greater distance. This means that the shot you fire will travel a longer range and shoot much farther than it usually does. Therefore, it will increase your range and also increase your hunting opportunities.

Never Miss a Shot Again

As mentioned earlier, these increase accuracy and range, meaning you will be better at hunting, whether for duck or any other game. While other factors like shooting too quickly may contribute to missing shots too often, getting a choke will be highly beneficial.


Inexpensive Alternative

To go pro or increase your performance, you do not have to upgrade your equipment completely. Instead, you can get a choke, which is a much cheaper alternative.

Upgrade to Professional Level

If you are a beginner or someone who has recently learned proper duck hunting techniques, then adding a choke to your setup will be great. It will make your setup more professional and will also keep you more dedicated. With that said, it’s time go pro by adding a choke to your duck hunting set up!

Improved Cylinder vs. Modified Choke – Comparison Overview

Chokes come in many types, and all of them perform the same task in a unique style. Hunters are often concerned and confused about how to differentiate between an improved cylinder and a modified choke, and how to choose one rightly. Here are some factors that make the two different.

Amount of Constriction

An improved cylinder choke has a design in which the level of constriction is more on the lower side. That means it offers a wider area to allow pellets to leave the barrel. If you observe the patterns caused by an improved cylinder choke, you will spot the pellet marks dispersed and less concentrated.

A modified choke entails constriction in the form of three notches, and it shows a balance between a full choke and a cylinder choke. In other words, it prevents an arbitrary dispersion of pellets, while it forms a relatively less dense pattern.

Shot Pattern Density

A 30-inch circle would include almost 60% of pellets if they are fired from a modified choke at a distance of almost forty yards and 50% pellets if fired from an improved cylinder choke.

Shooting Length

If we consider the range of shooting, then the performance of both differs as well. Since you don’t need to be much more accurate for targets closeby, an improved cylinder choke will be good for such situations as it creates scattering patterns. If the shooting range is around thirty to forty yards, then it’s better to employ a modified choke for precision.



To sum everything up, by now you likely have a good idea of why you should definitely invest in a reliable choke for hunting. If you are a pro or look forward to being one, a choke can be used for more than just duck hunting, too. However, the decision on which one to purchase should be carefully considered, since there is such a huge variety to choose from.

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People Also Ask

This section might be of great help to those who have some queries and questions related to the behavior and characteristics of chokes. Therefore, read the answers below and be clear of whether the choke you selected is going to cater to your needs or not.

What Shotgun Choke is the Most Open?

Among all the types of shotgun chokes, a regular cylinder choke is the one that includes the least constriction. There is a very narrow difference between its opening and the diameter of the barrel’s bore. Consequently, the pellets released from it appear to spread widely. A cylinder choke works best for short ranges.

Which Shotgun Choke Has the Tightest Shot Pattern?

The tightest shot pattern corresponds to the highest amount of restriction. The full choke allows for the most concentrated shot patterns as compared to other choke types. More or less, 70% pellets hit the interior of a 30-inch circle when shot from forty yards. Hence, a hunter can shoot down a bird from more than forty yards with a full choke.

How to Measure Shotgun Choke Size?

By patterning the shots, we can identify the choke size. You can shoot the pellets from a thirty-yard distance as a reference point and then observe the shot density, or you can take the help of a gunsmith. In addition, three notches on the rim help identify a modified choke.

What Size Choke For Duck Hunting?

Well, it depends on the shooting length. If the shooting length is within thirty to forty yards, use an improved cylinder or modified choke as it discharges the pellets with medium dispersion. If the duck is too far from you, then we recommend using a full choke. Choosing a full choke unnecessarily for short ranges can cause severe damage to the prey.