PSE Stinger X – 2021 Review

| Last Updated June 12, 2021

With archery becoming more popular each passing day, the number of people looking to buy good bows is also increasing. Unfortunately, a good bow at a budgeted price is very hard to come by these days. You can get performance bows at a premium price and cheap, low-quality bows at lower prices.

So, PSE decided to change the scene with the release of their PSE Stinger X. 

The Stinger X is a mid-level bow from one of the finest archery manufacturers. They designed it to look like it means business and does not fail to deliver on that promise. The slim form factor packs a punch in terms of features. The easy customization options are enough to leave its competitors behind in the dust. 

  • Ideal for hunting with a weight of on 4.1 pounds
  • Made with a very lightweight and durable design
  • Great for use with different strength persons
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PSE Stinger X


  • Comes in a variety of finishes
  • Grip is integrated into the riser design
  • Powered by a slick SX Single Cam System
  • Offers two different settings for better adjustment
  • Available in a lot of options to choose from


  • There is a noticeable vibration
  • Some beginners can find so many adjustments overwhelming

PSE Stinger X Specs

Draw Weight: 40 to 70 pounds

Arrow Speed: 314fps

Weight: 3.5 pounds

Length: 32.5 inches

Width (axle to axle): 32.5 inches 

Power Stroke: 13-3/8 inches

Draw Style: Reverse 

Type: Compound 


The pros of buying the PSE Stinger X are numerous. Even the pickiest archer will be intrigued by it. From the way of sighting to the easily customizable settings, you will love this bow for all that it offers. Let’s have a look at its pros. 

Available in a Lot of Options 

Whether you want to purchase a barebow or want a package complete with accessories, PSE Stinger X does not fail to comply. Even in a factory outfitted package, you get to choose the accessories you want it outfitted with. You are allowed to choose between three packages. All cost differently, so you can go for one that is more fitting for your budget. 

Comes in a Variety of Finishes

Since the day it was first released, PSE Stinger has been available in multiple finishes. Now, after years of improvement and upgrading, you can choose between a total of eight different finishes. Mossy Oak Country and Kryptek Highlander are the two options in the camo pattern. And if you want a solid color, you can get it in black, charcoal, purple, white, and lime green shades. 

Grip is Integrated Into the Riser Design

Like many other PSE models, the grip of PSE Stinger X is integrated into the riser design. This means that no rubber inserts or side plates surround the grip. The grip itself is not only flat but the contoured edges also really add to its comfortable feel. 

Powered by a Slick SX Single Cam System

With the advent of dual cams, single cam systems have lost their popularity. Earlier, they were very sought-after because they allow a modular adjusted draw length without needing a bow press. The system itself is smooth and very easy to draw. And at the advertised price, it functions well and delivers a decent performance.

Offers Two Different Settings for Better Adjustment 

The adjustable SX cams system offers a lot of adjustment in terms of better usage. You can choose between the Grow With You and Performance settings. The former is highly suitable for beginners. It allows you to drop down the draw weight up to 40 pounds and pick it up as you get better. The Performance settings allow you to use the bow at a regular draw weight and length range. 


An advanced bow with so many settings to adjust usually has a long list of cons associated with it. But with PSE Stinger X, this is not the case. Yes, there are some issues, but they are not something that cannot be fixed. Let’s look at them. 

Some Beginners Can Find so Many Adjustments Overwhelming

While the Stinger X is geared at new shooters, some beginners can find this much adjustability a tad bit overwhelming. An absolute newbie might have a hard time understanding and learn about all the different screws and their functions. It can be very difficult to set up a bow when you don’t know your own limits, and frustrated fiddling with the settings is the last thing a new archer will want to do. 

There is a Noticeable Vibration

With its simple yet powerful design, the Stinger X can shoot arrows as fast as 314fps, though it does have some noticeable vibration. Although the Vibracheck grip is there to suppress it, you can also install a stabilizer to address this issue. 

Best Uses For the PSE Stinger X

PSE Stinger X is one of the nicest bows out there, especially when you put in the price point. It is extremely hard to find such a good package, let alone a durable barebow for this price. Here are some situations where owning a PSE Stinger X will come in handy:

For Training Beginners 

Stinger X is targeted at beginners. So people who have just started archery will find it a useful addition to their gear. It is a good bow to learn on. With its good speed and accuracy, new shooters can actually advance their skills. The adjustable cam system will also help them learn bow tuning and adjusting without requiring external help. 

For Target Archery

This bow is one of the smoothest and most comfortable bows to shoot with. This makes it highly suitable for target archery. You will have lots of fun shooting it at the local target range or even at a 3D shooting range. The smoothness will surely give you an upper hand over your competitors. It feels great in hand, draws well, and is a solid performer. 

For Game Hunting

This compact unit packs a lot of power. You can easily use it for taking down any game, big or small. Use it for hunting deer, elks, and, in some cases, bears, too. The specifications are ideal for many shooters wanting a hunting rig. The lighter weight also makes it easy to carry around on rough terrains or up and down the stands. 

Is the PSE Stinger X Hard to Use?

PSE Stinger X is one of the easiest bows to use, especially when it is adjusted on the Grow With You settings. Any new shooter can really grow his skills with this bow as his/her shooting rig. It is accurate, well-designed, and actually quite fun to shoot with, so more skilled archers will also find it good to use. Though, they will certainly prefer using it in the Performance setting. 

Components and Included Accessories

PSE Stinger X is a budget bow that comes with a lot of outfitting options. Unlike many others, you can choose to either buy it as a barebow or have it completely outfitted straight from the factory.

You will be surprised to know that for shooters interested in purchasing a factory package, PSE offers a choice of three different packages. All of these are varying in price ranges, so buyers can choose whichever is more pocket-friendly for them. These are:

Ready to Shoot

The PSE Stinger Ready to shoot package is the most affordable option. It is very suitable for people who want a fully loaded bow at a minimum price. It includes: 

  • Gemini sight
  • FX4 stabilizer
  • Whisker biscuit rest 
  • Mongoose peep sight 
  • Nock loop
  • Hunting quiver 

Ready to Shoot Pro

The Ready to shoot Pro package is a little bit pricier than its regular counterpart. In this package, you get:

  • Phantom drop-away rest
  • Spire stabilizer
  • Nocking point
  • Micro-adjust AMP sight
  • Mongoose peep sight
  • Neoprene PSE wrist sling
  • Raven quiver

Field Ready

This is the most expensive PSE Stinger X package. With this package, you only need to add the broadheads, and you are good to go on any hunting expedition. It comes with:

  • Phantom drop away rest
  • Micro-adjust AMP sight
  • Spire stabilizer, Raven quiver
  • Nocking point
  • Neoprene PSE wrist sling
  • Mongoose peep sight
  • Tru Fire Hurricane Release 
  • Element bow case
  • A 4-pack of arrows

All the accessories included in each of the packages described above are not your regular cheap-quality ones. Instead, PSE made sure to include reliable and high-quality accessories so your money won’t go down the drain with the purchase of any of these. 

What Ages and Skill Levels is the PSE Stinger X Suitable For?

The sale of PSE Stinger X Compound Bow is highly regulated. Buying one of these requires you to be at least 18 years of age. You will be asked to present proof of age upon buying this product. 

Calling this compound a beginner’s rig is surely an understatement. It is one of the greatest performing bows. Not only is this perfectly suited for beginners, but anyone who is proficient in target archery or hunting can also use this satisfactorily. The flexible draw lengths and weights, along with the PSE SX cam technology, certainly makes it one of the best mid-level choices. 

What Makes the PSE Stinger X Stand Out From the Competition?

We think that PSE Stinger X is one of the best bows on the market. When you compare it to mid-level bows of any other brands, you will find that it is smoother, faster, and more powerful. 

But what really makes it stand out from the competition is its adjustability. With a highly adjustable SX cam system, you can adjust the bow just the way you like it. From the draw weight and length to the actual usage modes, you can adjust it to suit both a beginner or a pro.

We think that the package deals it is supplied in are also worth mentioning. All three packages contain high-quality accessories, unlike those cheap ones you usually get in other packages. You can easily choose a package more suitable for your budget. 

What’s more? The high-quality build is something you don’t normally find in such an affordably priced bow. The limbs are precision-engineered and pre-stressed for optimized performance. You also get to choose between different finishes and rest assured all of these are durable and will not fade. 

PSE Surge vs. Stinger X – Comparison Overview

PSE is the manufacturer of both the Surge and the Stinger X. They are the mid-priced options from a manufacturer that is well known for delivering quality and performance. They are similar in many ways but also boast some features that set them apart. Let’s see how they compare to each other. 

Package Deal

The first thing we noted about these bows is that both of them come as a part of a package deal. What’s interesting is that while most of such package deals are made of cheap and low-quality accessories, these bows come with some top-of-the-line accessories that will make any hunter happy. 

The Stinger X is offered in three different package deals with varying prices to allow its customers to pick one according to their budget.


In this price range, Surge is the fastest yet smoothest bow with speeds up to 320fps. Stinger does not lag behind with a whopping 314fps. But we did notice that it does have some vibration, which was not noticeable on the Surge. For some users, PSE Surge has been able to get off two to three more shots after initially missing the first one thanks to its quietness. 

Eccentric System (Cams) 

Both these bows are equipped with single, medium-draw cams. The cycle is soft and smooth, which allows them to fire quite smoothly. Without any transitions, your arrow will reach the target efficiently and quickly. Though, the cams on the Stinger X are adjustable. You can adjust between the two different settings and choose what suits you best. 

Limbs, Riser, and Grip 

The limbs on both these models are split limbs, which gives them their mean look. The riser features aluminum construction with a fairly simple design. The shape actually comes from machining into aluminum. 

The grip on each of these is different, though. While the Surge has an excellent, comfortable Raptor grip, the Stinger X has a Vibracheck rubber grip. The grip is not only soft to hold but as the name says, it also helps suppress vibration. 

How to Adjust a PSE Stinger X

Its adjustability is the main selling point of the PSE Stinger X. With adjustable cams, you can not only choose between two different settings but also set the poundage and draw length you are more comfortable with. In this section, we will explain how to adjust both the draw weight and length in your PSE Stinger X. 

How to Do a PSE Stinger X Draw Length Adjustment

Changing the draw length on your PSE Stinger X does not necessarily require you to have a bow press. The only thing you need is a Torx screw. The different draw lengths are denoted by different alphabets, with the letter A representing the maximum draw length. The following letters decrease the draw length measurement by half an inch each. 

Since you will be working on the limbs, be sure not to apply excessive force as you might end up damaging them. 

  1. Place your Stinger X on a flat smooth surface.
  2. Locate the screws on the cams that adjust the draw length. 

  3. Take note of the original letter your bow is adjusted at. 

  4. Now unscrew the screw from its original position and screw it back in on the letter-coded position that corresponds to your required draw length. 

  5. Along with the draw length, you have to change the draw stop too. To do that, you have to locate the screw that controls the stop. 

  6. Unscrew it and screw back in the letter that matches with the draw length letter. 

  7. Repeat the same procedure on the other cam.

How to Do a PSE Stinger X Draw Weight Adjustment

The PSE Stinger X comes with two cams settings, the Grow With You setting and the Performance settings. Both have different approaches to adjusting the draw weight. 

Grow With You

The grow with you setting is highly useful for beginners as it allows the draw weight to get lighter by adjusting the draw length to a shorter distance. Here is how you change the draw weight on this setting: 

  1. Place your bow on a smooth flat surface. 

  2. Take a firm hold of the Grow With You cable. 

  3. Gently tug it to make minor draw weight adjustments.


Adjusting the draw weight in this setting requires you to twist the limb bolt in or out. You can do it with the help of an Allen wrench. Besides that, you will also need a set of weighing scales. Here is how to do it safely. 

  1. Hang your bow on the scales and pull. The reading you have is your current draw weight. 

  2. Now take it off and loosen the limb bolt locking screw situated on the limb. 

  3. Take your Allen wrench and gently twist it in the clockwise direction first.

  4. Repeat with the other limb. 

  5. Measure the draw weight now. This will give you an idea about how much weight is added per clockwise turn.

  6. Keeping that in mind, twist clockwise to add more weight and counterclockwise to remove it. 

  7. You can measure the weight every now and then to see where you are going. 

  8. Once you have reached the desired draw weight, screw back the limb bolt locking screws. 

  9. What changes you make on the first limb, be sure to make them on the other limb too. 

  10. Remember not to exceed the number of twists beyond what is mentioned on the hangtag. 

  11. Never use excessive torque or force, or you may damage the limb.

These are the simplest methods of adjusting the PSE Stinger X. If you have difficulty following the steps given above, you can refer to the video given below. It is a visual account of the entire procedure written above.


The PSE Stinger X is one versatile bow. Both beginners and professionals can highly benefit from their adjustable SX cams settings. The ‘Grow with you’ mode is perfect for people who have just started out, while the ‘Performance’ mode is great for experts. It is one of the fastest and accurate products on the market. And with its flexible adjustability, it surely has gathered a great following.

PSE is also very confident in this model. It offers a PSE Limited Lifetime Warranty to back it up. The rig is available as a part of three different packages. You can choose one that is more suitable for your needs and budget. This aspect alone makes it a good choice. Where else do you find such convenience nowadays? 

People Also Ask

The PSE Stinger is the compound bow of choice for beginners. The power, accuracy, aim, and adjustability of this rig is comparable to any high-end bow. Yet it comes at a very affordable price, making it a smart choice. We tried to be very explanatory with our review of this bow. But if you still have any questions lingering in your mind, here are some frequently asked questions that will surely put your mind at ease. 

What Kind of Warranty Does the PSE Stinger X Come With?

PSE is one of the finest archery equipment manufacturers in the world. It is very confident of each unit it produces. That’s why each of its bows comes with a PSE Limited Lifetime Warranty. PSE is entirely responsible for repairing or replacing any PSE Stinger X used according to the terms laid out by them. 

Where Are PSE Stinger X Bows Made?

Just like all of their other PSE counterparts, the PSE Stinger X bows are too made at the PSE production facility in Tuscan, Arizona. PSE is actually very proud of its American roots. All its products are 100% American-made equipment that is entirely constructed and put together in the US. 

How Far Can the PSE Stinger X Bow Shoot?

The powerful PSE Stinger X Bow can shoot as far as 100 yards. But when it comes to deer hunting, most users have found that they have been taking successful headshots at 20 yards. And the longest distance they recommend is 40 yards, though it greatly depends on your expertise. Some people have been successful at even 60 yards under perfect conditions. 

What Yardage Should the PSE Stinger X Be Sighted in?

All three package options of the PSE Stinger X come with adjustable pin sights. This gives you the freedom to sight your bow in over variable yardage. The most recommended distance range for sighting in a PSE Stinger X is 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 yards. If you have three pins, you can go for 20, 50, and 60 yards. 

What Year Did the PSE Stinger Come Out?

The first PSE Stinger came out in 2008. Since then, PSE has constantly improved and upgraded the specs to release new Stinger models for years to come. The latest model is the PSE Stinger 3G that came out in 2013. 

What Diameter Peep Sight is on a PSE Stinger X?

Although the different PSE Stinger X packages come with different peep sights, their diameter remains the same. All of them are 3/16 inches in size. These peeps are, by far, the most common and will fit most sight styles. But if you are not satisfied with its performance or size, you can always upgrade to something you are more comfortable with. 

How to Adjust the Sights on My PSE Stinger X

All PSE Stinger X packages come with adjustable pin sights. Here is how you can adjust one of these. 

  1. First of all, make sure that your sight is properly installed with the pins in line with the bowstring and arrow.

  2. Stand at a distance of 10 yards from the target and shoot your first arrow. 

  3. See the direction where your arrow went and adjust the top pin accordingly. 

  4. Take another shot and repeat the same procedure. 

  5. Keep doing so until you have a consistent group around the bulls-eye. 

  6. Once done, move back to 20 yards and repeat the same method again for the top pin, but this time for 20 yards. 

  7. Once sighted in at 20 yards, move back another ten yards and sight the second pin at 30 yards. 

  8. Keep increasing the distance until all your pins are sighted in for specific distances starting from 20 yards. 

  9. A five-pin sight must be sighted in for 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 yards.

How to Find the Model Number of a PSE Stinger X

Locate the data sticker on the inside of the lower limb of the bow, near the handle. It contains all the information regarding the bow, such as its year, make, and model. If the data sticker is not readable, a simple search of the serial number on the PSE website will yield your PSE Stinger X model number. The serial number is laser etched on to the shelf area located opposite the riser. You will also find it mentioned on the warranty information in your user manual. 

How to Change From Regular To Performance Setting On PSE Stinger X

The PSE Stinger X is equipped with a highly-adjustable SX cam system that allows you to switch between the performance and regular settings. The design features a different string post on one of the cams. Based on the desired draw characteristics and peak weight range, you can change the cable position between performance and regular cam settings. 

Is a PSE Brute X Bow the Same as a PSE Stinger?

No, a PSE Brute X Bow is not the same as a PSE Stinger. Though they look very similar, there are some clear design differences. The limbs on Brute X are more parallel, the riser has more machine work, there is a backstop, and it is lighter in weight than the Stinger.

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