Best Left-Handed Compound Bows – 2021 Complete Round-up

| Last Updated June 11, 2021

Steadily growing as a favored sport over the years, archery has become everyone’s to-go activity. 

It is also loved for its strength and skill polishing abilities. Deciding on a compound bow is an essential part of hunting and not an easy decision to make. 

They are long-term investments, and purchasing the correct one for yourself will allow you to operate it effortlessly. It will also give you maximum efficiency at a reasonable price value. 

Comparison of the Best Left-Handed Compound Bows

  • Sold equipped with six extra accessories
  • Versatile design with easy to adjust draw weight of 5-70lbs
  • Excellent performance capable of delivering 315ft/s velocity
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  • Versatile design that would appeal to all kinds of archery enthusiasts
  • Sold as a complete package that includes several extras
  • Features a split yoke tuning system that allows easy and precise tuning
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  • Best for the Money
  • Durable aluminum construction with composite limbs
  • Provides enhanced performance with superior stability and accuracy
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  • Best Left Handed Youth Compound Bow
  • Constructed with single cam it provides less recoil, no tuning and accuracy
  • Made from durable aluminum and composite limbs
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  • Best Women’s Left Handed Compound Bow
  • Excellent performance capable of delivering 310ft/s velocity
  • Enhanced cam system and stabilizers provide smoother stable shooting
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Are All Left-Handed Compound Bows The Same?  

Some features are standard in most left-handed compound bows, such as sights, arrow stabilizers, and arrow rests. Users can make use of the stabilizer that is on the left side of the bow along with the arrow rests. They are also often replaced with more advanced tools. 

On the left side of the bow frame, sights are located for an easy vision for long distances. However, some brands offer extra or adjustable features so that their product can stand out. These features include variety in color and length and weight adjustability options. 

What Size Compound Bow Do I Need? 

To choose the right size for your bow, you need to take two factors into account, draw weight, and draw length. The draw weight has to do with the number of pounds of force required to pull the bow, and this largely depends on your capability and comfort level. There is no simple way that this can be measured through.

If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you begin with a lower draw weight. Also, keep in mind that the draw weight increases with experience because your muscles build to acquaint themselves with the increased demand for force. 

On the other hand, the draw length is adjustable, and to get the best results, and it is suggested that you determine your draw length before buying a bow. This is done by dividing your wingspan by 2.5. 

Review of the Best Left-Handed Compound Bows 

These days, you can find a bow cut out exactly to your needs; in fact, it is possible that you might get overwhelmed by the huge variety of bows in the market right now. This is why we have laid out a detailed guide for you to help you reach a good end decision. 

Best Overall:
Bear Archery Cruzer G2

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 RTH Compound Bow - Moonshine Muddy Girl - Left Hand


  • Offers good value for money
  • Very lightweight, and weighs only 3.2 pounds
  • Offers an excellent grip and prevents hand torque
  • A lot of variety in aesthetics with eight colors available 
  • Great for archers who are beginners and do not hold much expertise


  • Can only draw up to 27 inches
  • Draw weight is not that extensive; it is limited to 45 pounds

What Recent Buyers Report 

All beginner shooters adore the Cruzer Lite because of its smaller frames. Many people have reported it to be super easy to use, thanks to its low weight. According to most recent buyers, its body measures only till 27″, which gives it the benefit of being easily portable. Another best-liked feature is its extensive draw weight, which offers a lot of flexibility to the user. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Not only is this bow lightweight, but it has multiple features that can aid you in making your shooting game a lot better. It has proven to be extremely hard-wearing because of the high-quality material used in its body design. This means you can use it for years and years before you have to even worry about polishing it. 

Another great thing that matters a lot in today’s world is that it is recyclable and also waterproof. This allows users to use it no matter what the weather conditions are like. The cherry on top is that the bow has a unique grip feature, which is specially designed to prevent hand slipping.

Bottom Line 

If you are looking to hone your archery skills as a beginner, this is the one to get your hands on. It is comfortable to hold and provides a clean, even shot. It comes in different colors too so you can choose the one best suited to your taste; variety is always a win-win situation after all! 

Predator Archery Raptor


  • Features a durable body which means a longer shelf life
  • Easy to use as the peep sight and loop come installed before the un-boxing
  • Comes with all the hunting essentials such as an arrow rest, adjustable pin sight, and stabilizer
  • Aesthetics have been paid attention to which results in the bow being super sleek and easy to carry around
  • Has a 75% let-off rate which is excellent for beginners who cannot stand too much pull force for regular use


  • Does not give the impression of being well-tuned by the manufacturer 
  • Many incidents have been reported of the cable guard becoming loose

What Recent Buyers Report 

Users love the versatility this bow offers when it comes to adjusting the draw lengths. It can be extended from 12 to 30 inches. The same goes for weights, which can be increased from 5 to 70 pounds. Not only is this an excellent option for beginners, but it is also well-liked by professional archers because of its classic look and good value. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

What we find incredibly likable about this bow has mechanized cams made of aluminum, which is a very durable material. There is no trace of plastic found in its making, which makes it a good choice, considering its price. It also has an adjustable draw length and draw weight. 

Its design, with its 75% let-off rate and tuning system, gives room for accurate adjustments and suitable arrow field. It has everything that a good hunting compound bow needs. These include a good stabilizer, arrow rest, and pin sight with easy adjustability.

Bottom Line

To sum up, if you have just gotten into archery as a sport, this is an excellent bow to begin your journey with. The only thing missing is a quiver with arrows that have to be purchased separately, but considering the price value it is offered at, it should not be overlooked. 

Best for the Money:
Gen-X Bow

Gen-X Genesis Bows Bow, Black, Left Hand


  • A compact and lightweight design
  • One of the most affordable options in the market
  • Available in 3 different, super aesthetic colors to match your needs
  • Can be used for hunting whitetail deer legally in the majority of US states
  • Embodies a built-in smoother draw cycle which offers more speed without compromising on comfort


  • Does not have a D-loop
  • Material used does not offer a sturdy, long-lasting body

What Recent Buyers Report 

Bought by mostly beginner hunters, the Gen-X Compound Bow is adored for its compact nature and low weight. The best part is that both these features do not take away its comparatively superior shooting abilities. It is known to have one of the smoother draw cycles, which means you get unhindered action with lots of speed.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

With a mix of innovative design and superior structure quality, this bow offers excellent shooting accuracy. It is available in a variety of colors like black, red, and camo so the user can go with whichever one matches their preference. Its compact body, which measures about 35 inches, can withstand added force and shoot from long distances.

Bottom Line 

To sum it up, the Gen-X Compound Bow is a highly favored product which does not compromise even a little on the accuracy, and what is better than a hunting essential that does not hit the mark? With user preferences regarding a few personal touches, such as color taken into account, you have the perfect compound bow. 

Best Left-Handed Youth Compound Bow:
Genesis Original Bow

GENESIS Original Lefthand Bow Blue


  • Easy to use for beginners and practice sessions
  • Offered at a good price for the features it offers
  • Great for use if you are hunting small game or simply practicing
  • High-quality material used in the body which translates to good durability
  • Super lightweight which gives greater shooting speed and easy movement


  • Does not offer the best grip, but that can be managed with practice
  • User will have to get extra accessories to get the full benefits of its design

What Recent Buyers Report

While this is usually used to teach kids the art of archery, it has recently become a personal favorite for beginners, too, who are looking to get the most out of a reasonable price point. It is reported to be very useful for mastering the art of shooting without tackling a larger bow.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It is no secret that the Genesis Original Bow has been every program’s to-go bow for teaching kids the sport of archery, and for a good reason. Not only does it work wonders for any age group, but it also embodies all necessary features within an affordable price range.

The great thing about this bow is the flexibility of its draw length, so if you get this as a kid, chances are you will be using this as an adult too. Since it is made of aluminum, it is pretty sturdy and does not have tuning issues. It also has less recoil, does not take out too much noise, and provides more precise shooting.

Bottom Line

Overall, if you are looking for something that is not too technical and will last you a lifetime, this is your best bet. It can fit into various frames. The only thing missing in this bow is its ability to extend the draw weight to more than 20 pounds, which renders it useless for large scale hunting activity. However, that is not likely to be a concern if you don’t intend to use it professionally.

Best Women’s Left-Handed Compound Bow:
Diamond Archery Infinite Edge

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package, Black Ops, Left Hand


  • Offers an excellent tuning system through the cam gadget
  • Draw weights are flexible and can go from 5 to 70 pounds
  • One of the most affordable but good options for left-handers
  • Comes with a package deal so users can save up on the extra bucks
  • Can be extended to 31 inches in draw length, so long-distance hunting is achievable


  • Not the best choice for a tall person
  • Has the tendency to lose its tuning in a short time

What Recent Buyers Report

Being the top choice for professional hunters and archers alike, this versatile and durable bow is loved for its durability. It is known to be the most stable option in the market, which is the most important feature to have for shooting ranges. Many also prefer it for its ability to go up to a good 31 inches.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Apart from being durable, this creation by Diamond is completely recyclable and waterproof. These sound like negligible features, but they come in handy when the weather goes haywire, and you need functional equipment. 

Moreover, it can be adjusted according to the user’s needs for draw weights, which can be increased as the user gets acquainted with it. The only thing this bow does not come with is automatic tuning, but since it is made for use by professionals, this is not an area of much concern. 

Bottom Line 

All in all, this is the ultimate left-handed compound bow for professional shooters. All its other features are also designed to be left-handed such as the bow sight and the wrist sling, which is a great add-on for users.

How Do I Choose a Left-Handed Compound Bow? 

Selecting a left-handed compound bow is a job of its own for someone who has taken up archery as a hobby. There are many factors to consider, so when you decide to settle on one, make sure that it does not miss out on the ones mentioned below:


This matters the most when you are looking for something that specializes in a certain technique of its own. It is crucial to get a bow that will be suitable for the activity that you are planning on participating in. 

In the current market, a great variety of compound bows can be found with technologically-advanced features. Even those which fall under an affordable price range are equipped with useful adjustment features, such as; 

Axle Length 

If you want to have a comfortable shooting experience and make every penny worth the while, you should not ignore the axle length when selecting a bow for yourself. For hunting purposes, a shorter axle length can prove to be more comfortable.


This depends primarily on whether you are a beginner or a professional. Bowhunters tend to go with lighter and shorter bows because of the easy movement that they allow for. On the other hand, professional shooters like their bows to have more weight to them which is the primary concern in their competitive, more stable contexts. 


Measured in feet per second (FPS), the speed is chosen depending on your intention of use for the bow. Faster speeds are preferred for hunting, but those who wish to get bows for competitions are not that concerned about the speed.

Right Hand vs. Left Hand Compound Bow - Comparison Overview

It often happens that buyers and sellers alike get confused between right and left-hand compound bows. Because there is less number of left-handed people globally, you will find more versatility in right-handed compound bows. 

The factors below will help you differentiate between a right- and left-handed compound bow. 

Dominant Eye 

Left-handed compound bows are made for the dominant eye instead of the dominant hand. Therefore, the difference will be in relation to the visual arrangement. Right-handed bows usually are just held with the left hand and operated using the right. This places the arrows and sights on the left-hand side. 

Riser’s Arrow Stabilizer 

This is used in helping to secure the arrow. If it is located on the left-hand side of the bow, then the bow is a right-handed one. The opposite goes for the left-handed bow. 

Arrow Rest

This is where the end of the arrow rests when the bow is being drawn. If you find it on the left-hand side, the bow is right-handed and vice versa. 


You can find these in the form of small pegs coming out from the front of the bow. They come in handy for long distances and can be found on the left-hand side for a right-handed bow and vice versa.

Benefits of Investing in a Quality Left-Handed Compound Bow 

Investing in a quality model reaps its benefits in the long term. With a great left-handed bow, you can enjoy benefits, such as:


This is the foremost aspect of the bow apart from the price value that you should be concerned with. When purchasing a shooting/hunting gear such as this, you need it to be sturdy and long-lasting. Top-of-the-line bows cost too much for a beginner to afford, and cheaper bows usually have a very short life. All the units mentioned on our list offer durability at a reasonable price point. 


Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you need to go for a bow that lets you adjust the length and weight to your preferences. Flexibility is a must-have in sporting and hunting activities if you want to do them efficiently and comfortably.  


What good is a sporting gear to keep with yourself for years if yours has the same color or looks just like everyone else’s? A quality bow brand will always allow you to have variety so that you can feel like you have made a more personalized choice and can own your gear better. 


While choosing the right bow can be tedious, it can also be very interesting. But whatever you go for, keep the safety factor in mind, as these can be lethal gears if kept or used carelessly. Even if you are a beginner, make sure to enroll yourself in a class or take help from a professional to avoid serious incidents. 

People Also Ask 

If you are new to this, chances are you have a lot of questions in mind regarding the selection and proper usage of left-handed compound bows. To help save your time, we have answered some commonly asked questions below. 

Can You Shoot a Left-Handed Bow Right Handed?

This is possible, but the arrow rest will likely fall on the wrong side for the user, which might hinder in aiming right. This is why it is not advised that you do so unless you have run out of options. 

How Do You Know if You Need a Right or Left-Handed Bow?

This largely depends on which one your dominant hand is. Some people find it comfortable to do daily tasks with either hand; for such people, they can use either of the two. Another factor is the dominant eye. If your left eye is more dominant than your right, go for a left-handed bow and vice versa. 

What Hand do I Shoot a Bow With?

A left-handed person normally operates a left-hand bow. This can still be confusing for people who have never used a bow before. To orient, it right, know that a right-hand bow is supposed to be held in the left hand and operated with the right.

Can a Lefty Shoot a Right-Handed Bow?

Normally, a right-handed bow is shot by a right-handed person. However, as mentioned earlier, under tight and limiting circumstances, a lefty can shoot a right-handed bow, but the orientation would not be as clean and crisp as it would be otherwise.

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