Best Arrow Rests of 2021 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated July 7, 2021

Are you a bow and arrow enthusiast? Do you wish to have more stability and power in your arrows when you’re hunting? Well, a reliable arrow rest can offer what you’re looking for.

In this arrow rest-centric guide, we are going to tell you what an arrow rest is used for. Also, we will be sharing with you what we believe are some of the best to help you make an informed buying decision.

Let us help make your hunting excursions the best they can be!

Comparison of the Best Arrow Rests of 2019

  • Best overall arrow rest.
  • It features durable steel components.
  • It has a noise reducing laser cut felt.
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  • Runner-up arrow rest.
  • It features Velocity Draw Technology.
  • It offers you total arrow containment.
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  • Best for the Money, providing full value for your buck
  • Allows you to use advanced windage and elevation adjustments.
  • Silent arrow loading due to custom rubber boots.
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  • Best for Compound Bows on our list
  • It features a drop-away design.
  • It features 360-degree sound dampening.
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  • Best for bowfishing arrow rest.
  • It offers additional arrow support.
  • The internal spinning roller reduces wear on the arrow shaft.
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  • Best for hunting arrow rest.
  • It offers stability and power to your arrow.
  • It ensures a quiet draw when hunting.
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  • Best QAD arrow rest.
  • It offers you 100% arrow clearance.
  • It features Lock-Down technology.
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What is an Arrow Rest and What is it Used For?

For those interested in archery, they know how essential it is to keep an arrow steady. An arrow rest, as the name implies, is an item which is able to provide an arrow with a steady platform.

Not only that, they are supposed to secure your arrow while you are out hunting or indulging in a practice session. An arrow rest, depending on its type, attaches to a compound or a recurve bow. They can be specifically for a left or a right-hand shooter. Some offer versatility for both.

Arrow Rests Can Offer You:

1. Power: They give your arrow a bit more power when you shoot it from a bow.

2. Stability: Such an item stabilizes your arrow and ensures a straight-flying trajectory.

3. Noise Reduction: It reduces the metal-on-metal noise when you load and draw an arrow. This helps prevent your prey from being alerted of your presence when hunting.

4. Protects the Arrow’s shaft: A reliable arrow rest prevents the wear experience by an arrow's shaft when you shoot it.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying a Arrow Rest

For those interested in purchasing an arrow rest, there are numerous factors which need to be considered. Don't waste your money on unreliable ones and make sure to keep the following factors in mind when picking one.

  • Type of Usage

You need to ask what you’re going to use the arrow rest for. Are you interested in hunting or only for target shooting?

If you’re interested in hunting, the drop-away arrow rest is recommended. During hunting, you are likely shooting from inconvenient positions. A drop-away arrow rest will help keep your aim true.

For target practice, you are usually shooting from a straight position.  For that, you should opt for shoot-through arrow rests.

  • Durability

The arrow rests you purchase should be durable. This includes being weatherproof as well as resistant to numerous kinds of physical abuse, especially accidental drops.

  • Noise Reduction

You should opt for a noise reducing arrow rest. The metal-on-metal sound when you draw and shoot arrows can alert prey. Those that reduce such noise enhance your hunting experience.

  • Ease of Use

The arrow rest should be easy to use. This includes the installation and adjustment processes, too. Having a user-friendly product means you can easily adjust it during your hunt.

Review of the Best Arrow Rests

For those wondering about the best arrow rests, that they can buy from the market, let us help you. We have gone through a vast range to find the ones that will serve you well. 

Best Overall:
Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX, Right Hand

Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX, Mossy Oak, Right Hand


  • This is a Durable, Well-Made Model
  • Made in the USA
  • It Gives you a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • This Arrow Rest Adds Accuracy and Speed to Arrows


  • The Felt Isn’t the Best Quality.

At the top of our list is the Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX, Right Hand. This product is recommended for hunters who wish to experience a bit more accuracy and speed when they shoot an arrow. What's the harm in using some of the best accessories to make sure your hunting experience is a good one, right? This arrow rest can help you with that.

It features a combination of aluminum and stainless steel components. This also means that it is durable and rugged. When you are out hunting, it is very likely that your hunting weapons are going to face a lot of abuse from the environment. Due to this arrow rest being durable, you know it is going to be able to withstand whatever comes its way. Furthermore, the full-containment system will keep your arrows in place when traveling through uneven terrain.

Another impressive feature about this item is its adjustable and customizable. This means you can use it for a variety of compound bows. QAD is a well-known brand in the arrow rest business. So, you are investing in a reliable item.

Bottom Line

The Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX, Right Hand is our best overall arrow rest. This is because not only it is a durable product, it gives your arrows a bit more accuracy and speed. You can rely on this arrow rest to withstand numerous environmental factors while you hunt.

QAD Ultra Rest Drop Away

QAD Ultra Rest Hunter Drop Away Rest Righthand


  • Easy to Use
  • This is a Durable Arrow Rest
  • Offers a Range of Customization
  • Recommended for Shorter Arrows.
  • Doesn’t Make a Lot of Noise When Used


  • Not Highly Effective for Longer Arrows.

The runner-up on our review list is the QAD Ultra Rest Hunter Arrow Rest Drop Away. If you are someone who happens to be interested in hunting with an arrow and bow, you should be familiar with what QAD can offer. It is a well-known brand which you can rely on. This model is going to provide you with a level of ease while you hunt or are merely sharpening your skills during a practice session.

This QAD Ultra Arrow Rest features the Velocity Draw Technology. This means such a model will provide your arrow with a bit more speed depending on the velocity with which you draw an arrow. Furthermore, it gives you total arrow containment, which is a great feature for you to have when hunting. Also, you can easily adjust the timing cord with the Cable Clamp. This model is great for those who like to use shorter arrows. A breakaway safety feature is present.

In addition, it has a quiet operation. Again, using a quiet arrow rest is a good thing during hunting. You can also customize this item to make it your own. The overall construction is durable and it can withstand environmental abuse.

Bottom Line

Our Runner-up on this list, the QAD Ultra Rest Hunter Arrow Rest Drop Away, is a great choice to know about if you like shooting shorter arrows. It gives you full arrow containment, which adds to your convenience during hunting. Plus, it is made of durable materials and will last you quite a while.

Best for the Money:
Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest

Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest


  • Commendably Durable
  • Offers Left and Right-Hand Use Versatility
  • Prevents Metal-on-Metal Contact for Quiet Arrow Loading
  • It Features a Composite-Encased Biscuit for Increased Strength
  • Available in an Exciting Range of Colors and Customization Options.


  • Over tightening Can Harm Plastic Parts.

There are numerous features for you to enjoy with the Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot arrow rest. This is excellent news for those interested in buying one that is available at a reasonable price.

For many, it is one of the best items for bow hunters belonging to a range of skill levels. You should know that this product has a reversible mount design which can be used by left as well as right-handed bow shooters. You can easily make the required corrections through the advanced elevation and windage adjustments.

In addition, it has a composite-encased biscuit. Such a feature allows for increased strength. Furthermore, your hunting experience is made better because this product has custom rubber boots for silent arrow loading. Trophy Ridge is a very well-known brand. This item is an example of the impressive features this brand can offer clients.

The Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot arrow rest has been engineered using superior quality materials. The durability of this item ensures it will last down the road. This product is available in a range of colors. So, you can customize it the way you want.

Bottom Line

Our Best for the Money selection, which is the Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest, is another great product for you to know about. It offers effective right and left-hand use versatility. The durable construction is perfect for taking this item on your hunting trips.

Best for Compound Bows:
NAP Apache Drop-Away Rest Right Hand

New Archery Products Apache Arrow Rest Right Hand (Black)


  • This Arrow Rest is Easy to Install
  • Constructed for Right-Hand Use
  • It can Easily Carry Arrows with Thicker Shafts
  • It Features a Sound Dampening Design for Better Hunting
  • The Highly Durable Construction Offers Protection From Physical Abuse and the Weather


  • The Entire Length of it not Being Covered by a Camouflage Film Might be an Issue for Some

Those who prefer using compound bows, the NAP Apache Drop-Away model is what you should get. NAP is another brand you can count on. Installing this item to the bow is easy. The Drop-Away design enables you to position your arrows vertically as well as horizontally. It will hold your arrows securely while you are out on a hunting trip.

Another beneficial thing about this product is the 360-degree sound dampening. You can easily load your arrows (with thicker shafts) without being worried about the metal-to-metal contact noise. Being able to load your arrows silently is excellent for hunting.

Furthermore, it has a durable construction. It is made from metal. This enables you to continue using this product for a long time. Being durable means that if you do end up dropping your bow, by accident, the arrow rest will remain in one piece. It also has a rust-proof camouflage coat. The orientation for this item is right-hand use.

Bottom Line

The NAP Apache Drop-Away Rest Right Hand is a reliable product for users of compound bows. It has a durable make. It can securely hold your arrows in place (vertically and horizontally). Loading your arrows is made into a quieter process. So, if you have a compound bow, you can consider using this for a betting arrow-shooting experience.

Best for Bowfishing:
AMS M152 Tidal Wave Rest

AMS M152 Tidal Wave Rest


  • This is a Durable Arrow Rest
  • It will Securely Keep the Arrow in Place
  • Designed Specifically for Bowfishing
  • It can be Used for Right as Well as for Left-Hand Usage


  • Some Users Might not Like the Plastic Construction

Are you someone who is interested in bowfishing? Well, it would do you good if you have an arrow rest made specifically for such a hunting excursion. Bowfishing, for those who aren't familiar with it, is a term used to describe hunting for fish using a bow and arrow. Hunting for fish means you are likely going to be on a boat and thus have to compensate for the ever-changing waves. The AMS M152 Tidal Wave Rest for your bow can help ensure your arrows remain secure and your aim true.

Fish tend to swim fast, and getting the perfect shot becomes tougher when the boat continues rocking due to waves. That is why the design of the AMS Tidal Wave arrow rest helps keep your arrow in place when you are ready to take your shot. You can load the arrow through this product, or you can snap it in from the side.

Furthermore, it has an internal spinning roller. Such an addition gives your narrow additional control when you are ready to release the arrow. The spinning roller also protects the arrow shaft from wear. You can use this for left or right-hand usage. It is durable, and yes, of course, it is waterproof, too.

Bottom Line

The AMS M152 Tidal Wave arrow rest has been designed to offer you the best hunting experience while bowfishing. Left or right-hand shooters can use it. It will keep your arrow secure as you focus on your target while on a boat or even a kayak.

Best for Hunting:
Ripcord "Code Red" Fall Away Arrow Rest

Ripcord 'Code Red' Fall Away Arrow Rest, Right (Black)


  • This is a durable Arrow Rest
  • It will Keep Your Arrow Stable
  • The Metal-on-Metal Noise is Prevented
  • It Offers 360-degree Arrow Containment
  • It can Withstand Physical Abuse and Weather Conditions During a Hunting Trip


  • Some People Might Think Manually Adjusting it is a Hassle

For those wondering about our Best for Hunting selection, we have the Ripcord “Code Red” Fall Away arrow rest. We choose this product because of the hunting-specific features it offers. When you own a compound bow, you are going to come across numerous arrow rest selections. However, not all are the same. If you are looking for one to help better your hunting experience, the Ripcord “Code Red” is the one you should keep an eye on.

This is a drop away arrow rest. It is easy to install. You have to secure it in a level position to the riser with the main bolt. After that, you are to screw in the additional set screw to lock it all in position. The ‘ripcord’ has to be attached to the downward cable. It is very simple. The instructions in the manual are easy to follow.

Moreover, it can work with a variety of hunting compound bows. Using such a product means you won't have to worry about experiencing fletching interference problems or even bound back interference, for that matter. While hunting, you need your arrow to stay steady. This arrow rest gives your arrow the required steadiness. Furthermore, it ensures quietness when you draw the arrow. Preventing the metal-on-metal noise is an excellent way to prevent your prey from being alerted during the hunt.

Bottom Line

The Ripcord "Code Red" Fall Away arrow rest is our Best for Hunting selection for numerous reasons. It gives your arrow stability. It offers 360-degree arrow containment. Moreover, it prevents metal-on-metal noise when you draw. It is a highly durable and reliable product for your hunting trips

Best QAD Rest:
QAD Pro Series LD Drop-Away Arrow Rest

Quality Archery Products Ultra Rest Pro Series Black Right Hand Arrow Rest


  • It Helps Ensure a Straight Trajectory
  • It Offers Your Arrow Stability and Power
  • It will Securely Keep Your Arrows in Place
  • It Reduces Noise When You Load and Draw an Arrow
  • Its Durability is Ensured Due to its Stainless Steel Frame


  • Trying to Install This Properly Might be an Issue

Coming to the final item on our list, we have the QAD Pro-Series LD Drop-Away arrow rest. This product is our best QAD rest selection. You should know that QAD is a brand you can rely on if you like hunting. This arrow rest is meant for giving you the power and stability you need during target practice. This item has been designed for left-handed shooters, regardless of their skill level. It can also give you 100% arrow clearance.

The Lock-Down technology in this arrow rest can securely hold arrows before shooting them. This item does away with bounce-back of arrows. Take note, the bounce-back mode serves as a safety feature to ensure your arrow maintains a straight-flying trajectory. Furthermore, the noise reducing rubber dampeners are present to prevent unnecessary sound on your hunting trip. The reduced noise is great for close-range hunting.

It is also quite durable thanks to its stainless steel frame. It also has Delrin and CNC aluminum components. Overall, it is sure to withstand numerous physical conditions while you’re out hunting or simply practicing.

Bottom Line

The QAD Pro-Series LD Drop-Away arrow rest offers you a durable product which is also appealing. It is meant for left-hand shooters and provides your arrows with stability and power when hunting. It keeps arrows secure. You won’t have to worry about noise either. It works well for close-range hunting, also.

Best for Recurve Bows:
FIVICS Recurve Butterfly Rest


  • Easy to Install
  • This is a Durable Arrow Rest
  • It Can Help Reduce Noise when Loading Arrows


  • The Design Might not be the Most Appealing to Some

People interested in using bows and arrows likely know the difference between a recurve bow and a compound bow. If you are using a recurve bow, you should opt for an arrow rest which is meant for such a bow. In our opinion, the Best for Recurve Bows selection is the FIVICS Recurve Butterfly Rest. This product has been specially created for a recurve bow.

Now, while there are models of such bows containing a shelf which you can use for an arrow rest, wanting something better is a valid desire. It won't take you long to install such an arrow rest to your bow. It is perfect for giving you a bit more support when you shoot an arrow. A reliable arrow rest provides your arrow with a little more speed and accuracy. Furthermore, such an item decreases the noise when you load an arrow.

Take note that this product offers versatility in use. We say this because it can work with left and right-hand use. The overall construction is aluminum, and thus, it provides durability. Using this product will allow you to experience a positive change in your hunting sessions or even when you are using your time to practice and polish your skills.

Bottom Line

The FIVICS Recurve Butterfly rest has been specifically constructed for recurve bows (which are different from compound bows). It is easy to install this product. Using this can help give your arrows a bit more speed and accuracy. The durable construction allows for longevity. It can be used for the left as well as right-hand use on a bow.

Types of Arrow Rests

There is more than one type of arrow rest on the market. We are going to go through the different types to help you become aware of the choices out there.

  • Shoot Through Arrow Rest

This type has two prongs with dispersing which is movable to approximately two-thirds of the arrow's measurement. Such rests, recommended for compound bows, can be used by target archers. They do lack arrow containment, though.

  • Containment Arrow Rests

As the name states, containment arrow rests are for doing away with the issue of falling arrows. They are recommended for bowhunters. They also reduce shooting errors.

  • Drop Away Arrow Rests

Drop Away arrow rests are also known as fall-away rests. They do away with any worries you might have about fletching freedom. They are recommended for target archery. Contact with the arrow is minimal.  

  • Shoot-Around Rests

Shoot-Around arrow rests are also called Pressure, or Plunger arrow rests. They tend to push back from the side for checking the even wavering of an arrow being shot.


Arrow rests are a great tool to attach to your bow and a reliable one can help provide your arrow with a bit more stability and power. They can also help contain your arrows as well as make drawing and shooting arrows quieter.

We hope our reviews of the best arrow rests and our guide was able to help you make an informed decision to better your bow-using experience. 

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