Best Bipods For Hunting Rifles – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated December 22, 2021

Dating as old in age as modern firearms, bipods have been an important and useful accessory for long firearms. Especially the ones used for long range shooting or chambered in heavy calibers.

Bipods are an effective addition to hunting rifles as well and this article will delve deeper into the insights of this fact. 

Comparison of the Best Hunting Rifle Bipods

  • Extreme sturdiness with stainless steel structure
  • Strong rubber inner legs for all settings
  • Controlled recoil and blast with padded platform
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  • Ergonomic lightweight aluminum design
  • Easily adjustable with one touch button
  • Improved stability with rubber feet
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  • Best for the Money
  • Steady grip for simple shooting
  • User-friendly lever lock for added safety
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  • Best Bipod For Coyote Hunting
  • Rugged with heat-treated steel alloy
  • Impressive height for tall/heavy hunters
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  • Best Bipod For Long Range Hunting
  • Easily adjustable aiming angles
  • Effective locking feature for enhanced stability
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  • Shockproof bottom rubber legs
  • Simple installation with quick-release adapter
  • Improved tension control with spring arms
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What to Look For When Buying a Bipod For Hunting

A good bipod for a hunting rifle must have a few basic features to aid with the operation and be comfortable. These are basic considerations or you may even consider them prerequisites. 

Adjustable Leg Height

This is by far the most important feature of a bipod. The height of the legs should be adjustable which ensures the bipod remains usable in different situations and stances. Individual leg pan/cant is also a good feature when shooting from drastically uneven surfaces.

Lightweight and Durable Construction

Hunting rifles have to be carried over distances. That’s why they are designed with lesser weight. A bipod will add some weight to the rifle, but it shouldn’t be much to cause unease. Additionally, the bipod should be durable enough to withstand harsh treatment and not falter under stress. 

CVLIFE 6-9 Inches Bipod

Easy and Steady Adjustment

A good hunting bipod should offer panning and canting adjustments. While not always necessary, this feature is very helpful when tracking moving targets. Plus, it prevents you from the hectic picking and repositioning of your bipod. 

Easy to Attach/Detach

Most bipods attach easily to the base rail with in-built adapters. Whereas some attach to the swivel studs. A bipod must be easy and quick to attach/detach so it may be carried inside your backpack when not needed. 

Review of the Best Hunting Rifle Bipods

There are a ton of bipods available on the market. But not each one of those is ideal to be mounted on a hunting rifle. To soften your search up, we’ve shortlisted the best bipods for hunting rifles on the market today. Based on user reviews, features, and the evaluation of our experts. 

Best Overall:
Atlas Bipods BT47-LW17


  • Independent leg positioning
  • Soft and durable rubber feet
  • Fore and aft pivot limiting bosses
  • Preload on Pan and Cant can be adjusted
  • Height adjustable between 7 to 13 inches


  • Tad expensive

What Recent Buyers Report

The bipod is very stable when mounted correctly and offers ample leg adjustment to suit different stances. It is very well-built and can be used for almost any bipod-use. The price is slightly high, but users were pretty impressed with what they were getting. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Atlas RT47 is a top-notch bipod that is not only great for hunting but even for tactical operations. The 7 to 13-inch adjustable legs with 45 and 90-degree loading positions and independently adjustable legs are great features to have. 

The swivel has been preloaded with 30 degrees of pan and cant. Which can further be tightened with the use of a knurled knob. The bipod itself is very stable and can be used with the heaviest caliber rifles like the 50 BMG. 

Bottom Line

This bipod from Atlas is a complete and technically advanced piece of equipment that’ll help you stably shoot your hunting rifle regardless of the situation. The adjustability is great and the build quality is superb. The only steep factor is the price.

Caldwell XLA Bipods


  • Notched legs for easy indexing
  • Connection point for sling attachment
  • Adjusts between 9 to 13 inches height
  • Soft rubber feet and padded bipod base
  • Spring-loaded push-button deploy design


  • No panning left or right

What Recent Buyers Report

The Caldwell XLA bipod is great for people who are on a budget but still need high quality and reliable option with basic functionality. Great fit and features for the price range. Handles heavy rifles very well and the pivot function is good. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The XLA is a well-built bipod that’ll suit every rifle you have in your gun safe. The bipod features a camo finish and extends between a length of 7 to 13 inches. The legs are thin and deploy quickly with the push of a button. There’s a tightening screw with anti-cant mounds to limit movement. 

The price is very affordable compared to many renowned bipods out there. The legs extend easily and stay locked in place. The bipod lacks panning movement, but that won’t be a big deal unless you are on a killing spree for hogs

Bottom Line

The Caldwell XLA is a quick deploy bipod that can be used in a prone or even sitting position. It lacks panning movement but works great for everything else.

Best for the Money:
Champion Traps and Targets Shooting Bipod


  • Rapid adjust lever lock
  • Very affordable option
  • Adjustable tension for deployment
  • Strong, well-built, and easy to install
  • Fully adjustable for pivot, cant, and traverse


  • Not for too rugged use

What Recent Buyers Report

The bipod works as intended. The lock down lever is great and very quick to lock down. The bipod is not for rifles that have to be rolled down in the mud. But it’s a great, useful, and affordable addition to hunting rifles. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The bipod mounts directly over the sling stud of your rifle. Installs quickly and absolutely without the need for any tools. The rapid lock down adjustments are quick, silent, and rock solid. Staying in position even under extra loading or weight stress. 

Springs are strong enough to hold the legs in position and prevent any wobble. The scope is fully adjustable for cant, panning, and traverse. Use it in whichever position you want, the bipod will not falter. 

Bottom Line

The Champion Traps bipod is great for lightweight hunting rifles and straightforward use. Don’t subject it to very harsh treatment. The bipod is great for its price and performs very well under all shooting conditions. Plus, you have different height options to choose from.

Best Bipod for Coyote Hunting:
Harris Engineering Model 25C Series


  • Legs quickly adjust for height
  • Long leg bipod for sitting or higher position 
  • Bases ave tension adjustment to eliminate tremor
  • Mounts with QD studs and has sling attachment point
  • Thin rubber pad for soft seating between the bipod & stock


  • None for the price

What Recent Buyers Report

Harris’ quality and reputation is unquestionable. Finding negative reviews for Harris is like finding a needle in a haystack. The build quality is exceptional and the bipod is good for prone and sitting position shooting without hunching over. Folds up compact and great value for money. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The bipod is tall enough to be used over grass and suits the long coyote hunting grounds. The Harris 25C is a strong and easy to deploy bipod that is very easy to set up and is very user friendly. The bipod clamps to most Q.D sling swivel mounts and is very easy to attach or detach. The construction is a mix of steel and aluminum and withstands all abuse you can inflict. 

Spring loaded legs are quickly adjustable for height. It lacks cant adjustment but that doesn’t impede its usability. At Least for coyote hunting. 

Bottom Line

The Harris 25C is the kind of bipod you’ll be using for years and will pass it on to your future generation. It can easily fit any rifle with a QD sling mount and is easy to adjust. It lacks a swivel feature but not a problem if you don’t mind.

Best Bipod for Long Range Hunting:
Leapers UTG Shooters


  • Posi-lock feature to prevent tipping over
  • Panning function and quick retraction button
  • Durable aluminum construction with steel top
  • Mounts quickly on a sling swivel stud or Picatinny rail


  • No cant adjustment

What Recent Buyers Report

The QD mount option is a great feature, the legs extend and retract smoothly. The pan feature is great and the bipod is very stable. It is a very affordable bipod. The base lacks rubber pads so it may feel a bit slippery on some surfaces. But otherwise, everything’s great.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

The bipod has two distinct mechanisms for extending the legs. The lack of the cant mechanism can be compensated by this feature. The quick retraction is very useful and the bipod pans for slight adjustments (10 to 15 degrees). The stability and steadiness in operation make it a perfect bipod for long range shots. 

The bipod itself is very lightweight and can be mounted on heavy or lightweight rifles alike. The height is pretty much enough for prone shooting and the easy mounting capability doesn’t add any unnecessary burden to the rifle or your wallet.  

Bottom Line

The Leapers UTG bipod is a perfect accessory for long range hunting rifles and sporting rifles like the AR-15. It is lightweight, easy to mount, quick to deploy/retract, and very affordable.

Lightweight Hunting Bipod:
CVLIFE 6-9 Inches Bipod

CVLIFE 6-9 Inches Rifle Bipod with Quick Release Adapter for Picatinny Rail Bipod


  • Ergonomic quick attach/detach lever
  • Extremely low cost and lightweight bipod
  • Five adjustable lengths between 6-9 inches
  • Shockproof and anti-skid rubber coating on base
  • Bottom thumbwheel can be tightened for better stability


  • Not too durable for heavy-duty uses

What Recent Buyers Report

The CVlife bipod is an exceptionally affordable option that fares very well in terms of quality and performance. It is a lightweight bipod that attaches and detaches quickly from your rifle. It doesn’t wiggle or flex and performs up to the expectations of most buyers. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The CVlife bipod is the perfect option for people who want an affordable solution for multiple rifles. The bipod is compact and offers five adjustment points. The best shooting position is prone unless you are leaning against any rest. The quick attach/detach system is helpful and can be reinforced with the bottom thumbwheel. 

This bipod is not as tough as Harris or Atlas bipods, but it is a lightweight accessory for your hunting rifle and you won’t mind the weight at all. The bipod doesn’t have a pan or swivel feature but offers some degree of slight pan movement with a loosened screw. 

Bottom Line

The CVlife bipod is a simple, affordable, and useful addition to your hunting rifle. Especially for prone hunting positions. The attachment/detachment is quick and easy and the height adjustment is ample. Overall, there nothing more you can ask from a scope that costs less than $25.

What Size Bipod Do I Need For Hunting? 

The size of the bipod being mounted on a rifle depends upon the dimensions of the rifle and the shooting stance. Most hunting rifles don’t use a long magazine so even the shortest bipods can come in handy. 

Since most bipods come with adjustable legs, the size can be varied with ease. The most common bipod lengths are 6-9 inches, 9-15 inches, and 15-30 inches. Short bipods work best when shooting prone or from a bench. Whereas the long 15-30 inch bipods are good when shooting over vegetation or thick objects. Or while kneeling or even standing. 

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Pros and Cons of Bipods

Like a coin has two sides, bipods also have pros and cons associated with their usage. Let’s look at these in detail:

Pros of Using a Bipod

  • A bipod offers a stable shooting platform anytime and anywhere you need it. You don’t need to look for a makeshift base or change your stance when aiming at a target. A fully adjustable bipod will do all this for you.

  • A bipod indirectly affects accuracy by providing a steady shooting position. Less wiggle ensures better shot placement. Which in turn ensures short to long range accuracy. That’s the reason why snipers and machine gunners carry bipods.

  • A very small benefit of using a bipod is that it protects the finish on your forend. Else you’d scratch it against a log or rock while positioning your rifle. 

Cons of Using a Bipod

  • A bipod will add some weight to the rifle. Sure there are lightweight bipods out there. But when you have to carry a rifle for miles in the woods, every ounce adds up. However, the benefits outweigh this drawback.

  • Sometimes a bipod can make handling the rifle a bit clumsy. They can snag onto objects and may impede fast movement while carrying the weapon. 

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How to Use a Bipod

  • Bipod may seem like a simple accessory for your rifle. But if not used properly, a bipod can cause your shots to go in all directions except for the bullseye. Let’s understand it step by step:

  • Make sure you install the bipod on your rifle firmly. Tighten the screws properly and double-check it for any wiggle. A jiggly bipod will not be as stable as required and will impede accuracy. 

  • Keep the legs folded when the rifle is not in use. Deploy only when you are aiming and in the right stance. 

  • Choose the right position for deploying your bipod. Some bipods have individually adjustable legs to suit uneven surfaces. But proper inspection and possibly creating a slight entrenchment for your bipod is useful. 

  • Load your bipod right. Loading means applying forward pressure on your rifle when the bipod is deployed. This eliminates unnecessary movement. 

  • Using a bipod the right way requires skill that can be achieved with regular practice. So practice very often. 

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A good bipod on a hunting rifle will greatly improve your chances of making an accurate shot. Especially in situations where you cannot find a stable shooting platform or have an uneven surface. A good hunting rifle bipod must be lightweight, adjustable, and durable enough to withstand harsh weather and hunting conditions. 

People Also Ask

Check out this short but complete FAQ section to resolve your queries about mounting bipods on your rifle. 

Should I Put a Bipod on My Hunting Rifle?

Well, it depends upon your personal preference. Bipods offer you a stable shooting platform without the need to improvise on finding a makeshift base. But then, they add weight to the rifle and limit the stance to some extent in certain shooting positions. 

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Do Bipods Affect Accuracy?

A bipod has no direct relationship with the internal functioning of the rifle. All a bipod does is provide a stable shooting base and eliminate wiggle due to muscle movement. Bipods affect stability and hence help with accuracy in some situations. 

How Do Bipods Mount?

Bipods can have a pre-installed adapter or may need one to attach to the rifle. These adapters work with rails, swivel studs, or may even require drilling into the stock in very rare cases.

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