Best Hunting Rifle Sling – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

There are hundreds of different hunting rifle slings on the market, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed while trying to pick the best hunting sling for your rifle.

A hunting rifle sling is a type of carrying strap that allows you to easily carry the rifle over your back or by the side as you trek. you need to have your rifle on you at all times while hunting, and the right sling makes this necessity easy and comfortable. 

In this article, we will look at some of the best hunting rifle slings on the market to enhance your hunting experience. Follow closely and pick your favorite sling from our carefully considered list.

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Comparison of the Best Hunting Rifle Slings

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How Do I Choose a Sling for my Hunting Rifle?

Choosing a quality, safe, and comfortable hunting rifle sling can be a little challenging. So, how do you choose the best of the best? You need to consider various qualities that make a good rifle sling. Below, we discuss the most important qualities for your sling.

Material Construction

The material used in the construction of the rifle sling is very important. It determines the sling’s durability, comfort, flexibility, and sturdiness. You need to consider durable, yet lightweight materials. Leather is a good example of durable and comfortable material. High-density nylon webbing and neoprene are also good materials that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions.


Your sling must be comfortable if you want to enjoy your hunting experience. A bad sling can quickly ruin your hunt with chafing or shoulder pain. Like any carry strap with a heavy load, a good rifle sling should have extra-wide padding for all-day carrying comfort. 

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A good rifle sling should also feature adjustable shoulder straps for customizable carry to avoid strains on your shoulders. Ideally, it should also have quick-adjust features that let you adjust your rifle into a safe and comfortable position on the move. Adjustable slings can easily fit a variety of rifles and users. The best slings should adjust to meet user-specific needs depending on where you like to carry the rifle, either on your back or by the side.


Lastly, consider highly versatile rifle slings. These slings offer multiple uses for a wide range of rifles. Some versatile tactical sling designs double up as ropes or crossbows.

Review of the Best Hunting Rifle Slings

Now that you know and understand the importance of rifle slings, it is time to select the best one for your needs. Understanding the various top-rated hunting rifle slings will help you make a wise purchase decision. Read through our top reviews and carefully select a hunting rifle sling that matches your needs.

Best Overall:Viking Tactics Wide Padded Sling


  • Easy to adjust rubberized pull tab VTAC
  • Wide padded mid-section for increased comfort
  • Lightweight sling that adds negligible extra weight
  • Added strength and durability due to double resin tri-glides
  • Smooth adjustment because of the lightweight free-running ends


  • Padding is wide but not very thick
  • Requires extra attachment accessory when using a handguard

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers love the fact that the sling is made in the United States and available in different colors. It is also easy to adjust to a custom fit. They also like the plastic tri-glides since they are gentle on the rifle, and won’t make any scratches on it. The slides are comfortable and function well for most users.

Why It Stands Out to Us

The sling stands above the rest because of its excellent long-wearing comfort. You can be sure of carrying your rifle for long distances without straining your back or shoulders. It features wide padded straps that feel comfy on the body. It also adjusts with ease due to lightweight free-running ends. The sling is durable and can withstand harsh weather elements.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a high-quality sling with strong resin material. It is a comfortable design rifle sling with a smooth and quick adjustment. The sling provides a comfortable and secure way to carry and use your rifle on any hunting adventure. It is also available in a variety of colors to match your taste and preference.

Runner-up:Magpul MS1 Multi-Mission Sling


  • One-handed rapid adjustment
  • Sturdy but lightweight material construction
  • Comfortable for users with different body sizes
  • Easy to configure for two to one-point convertibility
  • Lacks any potential hazard snags like loops and tails


  • Does not include a sling swivel
  • A little long but easy to adjust to the desired length

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers love the ease with which you can adjust the ms1 sling with one hand. The sling allows users to rapidly tighten or loosen the sling to how they want to use it. They like the fact that it is a two attachment sling with an option to merge it into one. The two great combinations work perfectly making the sling a great buy.

What Stands Out to Us

For the price, the sling is extremely sturdy, comfortable, and easy to adjust on the go. It is a real bargain and an excellent value for your money. This is an ideal sling for most hunters as it offers good balance between durability and comfort.

The sling won’t snag on clothes or objects, and so keeps your rifle safe and secure. It also features a wide padded shoulder strap to ensure comfort and extended use. It has a quick adjustment feature that allows for manipulations without hanging off the large tab.

Bottom Line

This is a highly recommended rifle sling. It is solid, comfortable, adjustable, and versatile. It offers excellent combinations of two or one to meet your constantly changing hunting needs. Moreover, adjustment is pretty easy using one hand.

Best for the Money:Galco RS11 Safari Ching Sling


  • Durable leather construction
  • Quite fast and easy to loop out
  • Versatile design that fits 1-inch swivels
  • Provides a more stable shooting position
  • Simple and hands-free adjustment due to a keyhole lock system


  • Slips a little off the shoulder when carrying
  • Better as a shooting sling than carrying the rifle on long treks

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers refer to the sling as a quality product that will serve you well. It is an efficient sling that holds the rifle steadily when shooting. It is better suited for holding the rifle while shooting, rather than carrying the rifle for hours. It features a sturdy leather material that weathers well with proper care.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The sling is practical and fully functional to address your rifle carrying and shooting needs on short but frequent hunting trips. It works best for shot stabilization, with a loop that doubles up as a thumb loop when carrying over the shoulders. The sling construction features thick leather, making it a durable product that will last you a long time with regular use. This is a great product with a quality build to give hunters excellent value for their money. It works just as advertised, holding the fore-end of the rifle to the arm for maximum stability when shooting. This further enhances your accuracy for long range shots.

Bottom Line

The Galco RS11 Safari sling is a unique design built to last and is best suited for shorter hunting trips and hunters who want to improve their accuracy. It is durable, adjustable, and easy to use. The sling offers excellent rifle stability for accurate shooting. It features extra width that spreads the rifle weight across your shoulders for maximum comfort. And best of all, you can get it on a tight budget.

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Best Leather Rifle Sling:Browning Buffalo Nickel Sling


  • Quick and easy adjustments
  • Comfortable fit for day-to-day carry
  • Unique and attractive basket-weave design
  • Durable full-grain leather construction with suede backing
  • Extra reinforcement with buffalo nickel overlays for added durability


  • Lacks attachment hardware
  • Seems a little short even with adjustments

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers call this a great looking sling, and quality addition to any rifle. It is a high-quality leather sling with attractive buffalo nickels. The sling is a great choice if you want some rustic appearance to your rifle. Moreover, the sling adjustments are pretty easy to make ensuring a comfortable carry of the rifle.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Browning Buffalo Nickel Sling’s attractive old West aesthetic is a big draw. The sling features a rich dark brown color that gives your gun some rustic style. Furthermore, it benefits from Buffalo Nickel craftsmanship. It’s a sling that will serve you for years to come. The full-grain leather guarantees durability, even with a heavier rifle. It is also comfortable enough for all-day carry.

Bottom Line

This is an exciting design for a hunting rifle sling, with attractive dark-brown color. It is a practical and functional sling for all-day rifle carry. The sling allows for easy and quick adjustments, keeping your rifle safe and secure. There are nickel overlays that enhance the durability and uniqueness of the sling compared to others on the market.

Best Tactical Rifle Sling:Blue Force Gear Vickers 2-to-1 Padded Sling


  • Styled to match a tactical rifle
  • Instant adjustment in both points
  • Flawless transition from a two-point to a single point
  • Two QD sling pockets with rear sockets towards the receiver end fits any gun
  • Easy addition of a universal wire loop with a push button for more customizability


  • A little too expensive for users on a tight budget
  • Lower portion with tri-glides takes longer to adjust

What Recent Buyers Report

The sling reminds most recent buyers of the Magpul sling. It is a simple sling that has seen huge improvements to compete with the best in the industry. This is a simple, flawless, and functional tactical rifle sling that meets most hunters’ needs. While the price is higher than competitors, most buyers feel it’s worth every penny with excellent nylon webbing and thickness.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The sling incorporates crucial features that come in handy in real-life situations. It is a top-quality brand sling built with pride and precision. The sling allows for quick transitioning from a two-point to a one-point in seconds. It has a comfortable design that makes rifle carrying a breeze. On the whole, this is a universal design rifle sling that bridges the gap between carrying and shooting with the sling.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, this is a versatile nylon sling that fits a wide variety of weapons. The sling fits the HKs, SCARS, Sigs, and weapon systems with eyelets at the receiver end. It is a quality choice sling that provides a great combination of a two-point and one-point. You can transition from a two-point to a one-point to seamlessly matching the varying shooting scenarios in the wild.

Best Rifle Sling for Mountain Hunting:Butler Creek Mountain Sling


  • Easy to adjust with one hand
  • Durable 1.25-inch nylon webbing
  • Compact design easily rolls and fits in your pocket
  • Comes ready to use with super swivels sewn on each side
  • Wide design to spread the weight across your shoulders for comfortable carrying


  • Too lightweight for a heavier rifle
  • Not offered in a variety of camouflage patterns

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers love the fact that the sling is simple and easy to use. The sling construction features 1 ΒΌ-inch thick nylon that is durable and gentle on both the rifle and on your hands. There are minimal chances of the ends getting frayed, or loops pulling out. Besides, the sling stays in place with a non-slip surface that rests the sling squarely on the shoulders.

Why it Stands out to Us

This is a great fitting rifle sling with a narrow and slim design that will not snag on backpack straps, jackets, or other hunting equipment. It features a non-slip surface that ensures the sling stays in place. You don’t have to worry about the sling falling off your shoulders. 

Moreover, the sling is extremely lightweight and adds negligible weight to your shoulders. It is a comfortable design sling with quick adjustments for precise shooting. The sling allows for comfortable rifle carry over long distances.

Bottom Line

This is a durable rifle sling with a thick nylon webbing that guarantees long-lasting use. The sling edges are sturdy and will not fray. It is a safe sling with a non-slip surface that ensures it stays in place.

Best Rifle Sling for Elk Hunting:ALLEN 8690 STALKER ELK SLING


  • Extra-wide and padded for comfort
  • Ultra-durable and lightweight Hypalon construction
  • Has a unique design with swivels suitable for elk hunting
  • Stays in place due to a low-density foam non-slip backing
  • Stretch mesh pockets for windicator and diaphragm cells


  • Not enough padding for heavier rifles
  • Appears a little short but easily adjustable

What Recent Buyers Report

This is a comfortable sling with rubber knobs under the strap. The knobs help prevent the sling from slipping, keeping your rifle safe and secure. The sling features a thumb hole that allows for easy rig carrying without fatigue. This is a great value sling with rugged construction to last you a long time with regular use.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you’re into elk hunting, this is a suitable rifle sling with lightweight yet durable construction. The sling features a low-density foam and a non-slip backing. It stays in place without slipping and keeps your hands free for other tasks. This is a stylish and elegant design sling with Mossy ‘Oak Mountain Country’ camo and a blaze of orange accents. It is a quality fabric sling with mesh pockets for enhanced storage of diaphragm cells and windicator. The sling also includes D-rings for easy attachment of accessories.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, this is a unique sling designed with elk hunting in mind. It is an ultra-durable yet lightweight sling that feels comfortable on you. The sling features a non-slip surface and stays in place. The D-rings for easy accessory attachments is extremely useful.

Best Rifle Sling for Deer Hunting:Bulldog Cases Muddy Girl Camo Deluxe Padded 1 in. Rifle Sling


  • Quick-release straps for making adjustments
  • Deluxe padding that feels comfortable on the shoulders
  • Excellent color that enhances the aesthetics of your rifle
  • Lightweight nylon is comfortable to carry for a long time
  • Extra-durable due to double stitching in the padding area


  • Nylon material is a little thin
  • A little difficult to loop through the buckles

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers call this sling a functional piece with sturdy and durable construction. It is well executed with double stitching in the padding area for added durability. Besides, the nylon material is lightweight and gentle on your hands.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a top-notch sling with functional stitching and padding. The sling offers excellent comfort levels for extended carry periods. Moreover, it is fully adjustable and can fit a variety of weapons. It is an affordable sling that will exceed the expectations of most hunters. The sling works as described and allows users to attach accessories for more customization.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for an attractive and functional rifle sling designed for ladies, then the Muddy girl is an excellent choice. It is a sturdy, durable, and lightweight sling with an attractive appearance. The sling offers excellent comfort levels and is easy to adjust.

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How Does a Hunting Rifle Sling Work?

Rifle slings are mainly used for carrying rifles over your shoulder or back to free up your hands. They also distribute weight evenly so you don’t get tired carrying heavy rifles over long distances.

These slings are popular as they can keep you safe when used correctly. They help free your hands when trekking in tough terrains.

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How Does a Three Point Sling Work?

A three-point sling works by securing the rifle to your body and offering multiple transition points. It allows easy carrying of the rifle in multiple positions to match your needs.

Perks of Getting a New Rifle Sling

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Easy Rifle Carry

The first and most important use of a rifle sling is to carry your gun. The strap usually attaches to the front and rear underside of the stock. In most cases, slings feature a padded section to reduce strain and discomfort on your shoulders. It ensures trouble-free walking with your rifle on you while freeing your hands for other tasks.

Rest Guns for Accurate Shooting

We also have slings that act as carrying slings but double up as shooting slings. The slings act as a shooting aid by providing a stable platform to rest your rifle while shooting. They usually feature a loop around the supporting arm anchoring the rifle securely to your body.

Quick Transition Between Shooting Left and Right

Rifle slings offer quick transition in your carrying and shooting position. They allow shooters to transition between shooting from the left and right. This enhances your efficiency in the field and increases your chances of a kill.

Safety Considerations for Rifle Slings

When it comes to firearms, safety is very important. The same applies to the use of rifle slings. When using rifle slings, consider these safety measures:

Keep Hands on Your Rifle for Single-point Slings

Using a single-point sling comes with many advantages. You can easily swivel the rifle from left to right when shooting. However, single-point slings leave the rifle free to swing and change direction. It can point at your feet or swivel in the wrong direction. It is recommended that you keep your hand on the sling at all times when shooting.

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Control Muzzle Direction While Moving

Most two-point slings are pretty safe with the muzzle facing the sky or the ground. However, tactical-style slings face diagonally and require some awareness when walking. When using a tactical-style sling, make sure you’re aware of the muzzle directions at all times.

Comfortable Adjustments

Your rifle sling can easily strangle you if you tighten the straps too much. You need to have some level of freedom with the straps when carrying your rifle. Make sure you don’t end up with a limited mode of movement.

Hunting Rifle Sling Types

Rifle slings are classified into three important groups. The classification is usually based on the connection points.

Single Point Sling

This is a sling that uses a single connection point to attach the gun. It is a versatile sling type that allows for a quick transition when shooting. You can easily change positions from left to right in seconds.

Two-point Sling

This type of sling attaches the gun at two connection points. The points are usually at the front or the rear underside of the stock. In most cases, two-point slings also feature D-rings for extra accessory attachments.

Three-point Sling

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A three-point sling works just like a two-point sling with a few improvements. It attaches the gun at the front and back. However, this one features an additional loop that connects around your torso.

Hunting Rifle Sling Comparisons

1-inch vs 2-inch Sling Hunting Rifle

1-inch slings are a little slimmer and narrow. They are best suited for light guns. They are flexible to carry and provide a great fit for most guns. 

2-inch slings on the other hand are wider and ideal for heavier rifles. They provide better coverage and reduce strain on the shoulders when carrying large rifles.

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Hunting Rifle Tan vs Brown Sling

Hunting rifle tans are coatings applied to rifles to provide protection. The tan is usually durable and corrosion-resistant. It provides excellent levels of adhesion and hardness, protecting your rifle in bad weather. 

The brown sling on the other hand has a sturdy leather construction to offer many years of use. It features the finest leather from the Hermann Oak. It’s brown nd gives most users a unique military feel.

2 Point Sling vs 3 Point Sling

A two-point sling usually provides two connection points at the front and back underside. 

A 3-point sling also features two connection points, but with an additional loop that connects around the torso. 

The two-point sling usually provides easy access to the firearm and a stable shooting platform. It also ensures better rifle control when not in use. However, a two-point sling is hard to transition between shoulders. It is also hard to adjust due to quick-adjust tabs.

While the three-point is by far the most complicated sling, it does provide easy access to the rifle. It also ensures excellent weapon retention. The sling also offers easy transition between multiple positions. However, improper use of sling can lead to tangling.

How To Wear a Hunting Rifle Sling

Wearing your sling properly guarantees a safe carry and stabilization when shooting. How you wear and use the slings varies greatly depending on the type of sling.

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How To Properly Sling a Hunting Rifle

In order to take full advantage of a sling, you’ll need to know how to sling the rifle properly. 

  • Find a sling attachment point on or near the receiver plate located at the forward stock tube
  • Add an attachment point if your rifle lacks one
  • The slings usually feature a clip for easy attachment
  • Once attached, adjust the sling to ensure the rifle is comfortable on the shoulders
  • Position the rifle on your dominant hand for easy access and spontaneous shooting.

The best way to learn how to properly sling a hunting rifle is to watch someone do it. Check out this video for easy to follow instructions.


This article brings you the best hunting rifle slings that make rifle carrying convenient, safe, and comfortable. When hunting, carrying your rifle for long distances requires a suitable sling that offers adjustability and easy access to your rifle.

You need to practice with your sling and learn the quick transition from left to right. Gun safety procedures and proper use of slings are also recommended to avoid accidents.

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People Also Ask

In this section, we cover the most frequently asked questions on rifle slings. These are common questions that every hunter faces especially when using a rifle sling for the first time.

How Long Should a Rifle Sling Be?

It is highly recommended that you buy adjustable slings. This allows you the freedom to choose a suitable length for your rifle. On average, consider rifle slings that are at least 36 inches long. This is enough length to match most users and rifles. You can then adjust according to your specific needs.

Can You Sling an AR Pistol?

You can use a sling on an AR pistol. It’s best to do so on a carbine-converted AR pistol. However, you need to make sure the sling does not change the classification into a Short-Barreled Rifle, SBR.

What Material is Best for a Hunting Rifle Sling?

Different rifle sling materials can work correctly when used for the right purpose. Leather slings work great in dry conditions but are not as popular now as they once were. Nylon material slings are currently popular for hunting and tactical purposes in all weather. They are extremely durable and can withstand harsh elements outdoors. We also have neoprene material which is quite comfortable, but doesn’t match nylon’s durability.