Best Hog Hunting Rifles – 2021 Round-up

| Last Updated December 22, 2021

Hog hunting is becoming popular in the U.S. as farmers look to control the growing feral pig population. Wild pig overpopulation is a huge problem across the Southern United States, but the solution is simple: a good old fashioned hog hunt is the best way to control their numbers and save crops. 

Feral swine are big and tough to hunt, and any successful hog hunter needs a real hunting gun designed for shooting game animals.

If you're looking for a hog gun, then you've come to the right place. Our comprehensive guide and review round-up will highlight some of the top rifles for hunting wild boar and feral swine.

Comparison of the Best Hog Hunting Rifles

  • Lightweight stock is designed for easy handling
  • Offers amazing accuracy that makes every hunt successful
  • Accessible, visible tang safety offers instant security
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  • Best Savage Hog Rifle
  • 110 Hunter offers the function and fit of a custom rifle
  • AccuTrigger is user-adjustable for a crisp, clean pull
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  • Best Hog Hunting 22 Air Rifle
  • Comes with an impressive 5 year warranty
  • Powerful yet very quiet and accurate
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What Makes a Rifle Great for Hog Hunting?

Choosing an adequate hog hunting rifle shouldn't be a difficult task. While hogs are tough to kill, they are not bulletproof. You can use a variety of rifles and caliber bullets that work for deer, coyote, and other similar-size game. But selecting the very best rifle for hunting hog is more involved.

Despite some similarities, Hog hunting is quite different from deer or other big game. 

Most importantly, you need to remain a long distance from the wild pigs before taking your shot.

Some hogs attack when spooked – and as any experienced hunter can tell you, feral hog attacks can be lethal. Choosing an excellent hog hunting rifle is just as much about safety as ensuring a clean kill.

A great hog hunting rifle needs enough range, accuracy, and stopping power to take down each hog reliably from a distance.

Accepts Most Optics

Make sure you consider rifles that have room for the installation of optics. You want to have a clear shot from a distance when hunting hogs.


You need to consider cartridges with high stopping power. The last thing you want is a rifle that will cause minimal damage. The single shot kill is a core tenent of ethical hunting. You don't want the hog running injured, or worse, spooked and charging. Consider rifles chambered for .30-06 ammunition.

Review of the Best Hog Hunting Rifles

Many modern gun makers design and sell hog specific rifles in response to the growing demand. While there are many excellent rifles for hog hunting on the market, there is no single perfect hog rifle for all hunters. Hogs are found in wide geographic areas. What works in one region for one hunter might not work in another. That said some stand above the rest in most environments.

Below, we discuss contenders for the best hog hunting rifles.

Best Overall:
Ruger American .30-06


  • Offers minute-of-angle accuracy
  • Crisp release with adjustable trigger force
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design that’s easy to handle
  • Maximum recoil reduction due to a soft rubber butt pad
  • Exceptional accuracy and longevity given the cold hammer-forged barrel


  • Magazine wobbles a little
  • Grips can be aggressive and require the use of gloves

What Recent Buyers Report

This is an all-around rifle perfect for taking down a variety of games. The rifle is best suited for taking down a single feral hog or a small group, but not larger herds. It's an inexpensive rifle with a high-quality build. It features a trigger that is better than the standard MP 40 (Maschinenpistole) or Glock triggers. The Ruger American is super accurate right out of the box, allowing you to hit your targets with ease.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Ruger American is well-designed, built to last, and inexpensive. Besides, the rifle is backed by one of the best companies, making it a solid choice. It is an accurate rifle designed for target shooters. It features adjustable triggers for greater accuracy so you can get that perfect shot and an innovative bolt-action system. 

The gun is a joy to shoot and maintain. You can enjoy a crisp release taking down each feral hog.

It is a quality rifle that offers minute-of-angle accuracy to make every hunt a success. The rifle barrels feature cold hammer forging, giving the rifle longevity and accuracy. It is a reliable rifle that's easy to use.

Bottom Line

The Ruger American is one of our favorites on the list. This is an American legend rifle configured in a variety of models. It is another precise rifle with an adjustable trigger to offer a crisp release. The trigger pull weight is user adjustable and ranges from 3 to 5 pounds, allowing hog hunters to make a precise shot. It is an ergonomic and lightweight design rifle designed for easy and quick shooting.

Best Savage Hog Rifle:
Savage Arms 110 Hunter 308


  • Accurate and hard-shooting
  • Versatile rifle for a range of shooting
  • The trigger is user-adjustable for crisp release
  • Easy handling because of the soft grip with overmolded fore-end and surfaces
  • Customizable length of the pull and comb height thus provides a personalized fit


  • Not very appealing because of the pedestrian aesthetics
  • Impaired leverage that gives it a reputation of a mediocre trigger pull

What Recent Buyers Report

The exceptional accuracy of the Savage 110 gun makes it a suitable choice for hunting feral pigs. On top of the precise accuracy, the Savage Arms 110 Hunter 308 is rated as cost-effective, making it a great choice for pig hunting on a budget. You can use this gun equally well at short, mid, and long ranges. It is a user-friendly hog hunting rifle with excellent ergonomics. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The versatility of this gun makes it an outstanding pick for any hunter. It has a unique design with an AccuStock rail system that secures the three-dimension action of the rifle along its entire length. Moreover, the gun is accurate and hard-hitting. It is a reliable choice customizing in comb height and length of the pull for a personalized fit. Overall, this is a reliable choice rifle that provides fit and function right out of the box. Lastly, the gun provides a black matte barrel's button for tag-filling accuracy.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Savage arms 110 is considered a high-performance rifle with a budget price point. It is a solid value for money that has earned its reputation over the years. The gun is widely known for its target-felling accuracy. You can use it to shoot an elk, antelope, wild pig, and anything between.

Best Hog Hunting 22 Air Rifle:
Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1

Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle, CAT air Rifle


  • Less vibration and reduced recoil
  • High muzzle velocity for more power
  • Whisper fusion technology thus super-quiet
  • Smoother and efficient cocking thus easy to shoot
  • Increased scope lifespan due to efficient recoil energy absorption


  • Not as silent as the name suggests
  • Cocking pull weight is a little too high

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers praise the nice feel of the rifle. It is a great rifle for the price and one that gives you excellent value for money. This is not a kids' air rifle. It's extremely powerful and accurate making it a suitable choice for hunting big game. It has a lot of power with a bit of recoil. However, the gun is a little loud despite the whisper-quiet claims.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Thanks to its IGT MACH 1 gas piston, the gun is extremely powerful with a higher muzzle velocity. It can easily take down mature hogs with a single accurate shot. Moreover, the gun operates with minimal vibration and recoil. This is an advanced gun with Whisper Fusion technology. It provides the quietest noise reduction technology and easy recoil absorption. You can be sure your scope's lifespan is enhanced.

Bottom Line

This is a custom-trigger gun with independent stage 1 and stage 2 adjustments. The gun allows for easy adjustment of the trigger to your personal preference. It is a comfortable, all-weather gun to order with confidence.

4. PSA Gen3 PA65


  • Extra power extractor spring
  • Easy handling standardized carbine length
  • Secure gripping with anti-slip and anti-rotation handguards
  • Durable and long-lasting dimpled 416R stainless steel barrel
  • Broader compatibility with .308 BCGs due to relief cuts on the lower


  • Buffer tube lock nut needs tightening
  • Rough-tuned exterior on the barrel on a few occasions

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers praise the PSA Gen3 PA65 rifle for providing good bang for the buck. It's a super solid firearm that can serve you well for a long time. Besides, the firearm is easy to use and allows for easy optical mounting. The gun does require a little fine-tuning, but everything else is perfect. It is a decent entry-level firearm for long-range shooting as long as you have a good scope.

What Stands Out to Us

This is a Gen3 model designed with enhanced longevity and reliability. It's a decent rifle on any PA65 platform with several new features. This is a widely compatible firearm with .308 BCG for versatile use. It also features twice-staked castle nuts and a standard carbine length buffer tube with a short and a heavy buffer. It's a powerful rifle with extra power extractor springs and a sturdy stainless steel barrel. Also, the barrel nuts are properly torqued to meet military specifications.

Bottom Line

If you're in the market for a hog hunting rifle with improved function and durability, then the PSA PA65 Gen3 is your perfect choice. It is a durable gun with a black nitride stainless steel gas tube to resist corrosion and high heat. The gun maintains a glossy black finish that looks beautiful. Overall, this is a great new design with a dimpled barrel that allows for easy gas block replacement.

5. PSA 16" Mid-Length 5.56 NATO


  • Well-built with a hard-anodized finish
  • Nice packaging with all accessories included
  • Upper features a forward assist and dust cover
  • Extremely lightweight, thus easy to carry and handle
  • Precision shooting due to enhanced polished trigger


  • Charging handle might jam occasionally
  • A little difficult locking the Magpul magazines

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent buyers are impressed with the excellent packaging and fast shipping. They call it one of the best rifles to shoot cleanly and smoothly. Some point to the flawless finish and excellent performance. The gun feels great in the arms and comes ready for use out of the box with all accessories available.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a good hog hunting rifle for all the right reasons. It's a super-smooth rifle that is easy to zero. The gun comes ready out of the box and feels great in the arms. It is lightweight and provides a good level of tightness. The grip of the gun is of the highest quality and is gentle on the hands.

This rifle provides high precision levels with easy zeroing. There are 6 adjustment positions with a Minute-of-Angle Carbine Shock.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a top-quality hog hunting rifle with easy zeroing, giving you high precision. It has a robust bolt carrier group, a sturdy grip, and an enhanced, polished trigger. The gun feels great on the arms and is extremely lightweight yet powerful.

Can Any Rifle be Used for Hog Hunting?

The answer is NO. While most rifles designed for hunting deer, coyotes, and large-sized game can technically be used to hunt feral pigs, not all rifles are well-suited for hog hunting. You need to select a rifle that is appropriate to the conditions of your hog hunting trip – and no matter the conditions, you always need a modern sporting rifle with excellent range, accuracy, and stopping power. 

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Hogs are not bulletproof, and any seriously armed hunter can take them down with quality ammo. A rifle that can bring down a whitetail deer or a coyote is capable of bringing down a hog. In general, you need a big caliber rifle that can knock down the hogs with a single shot.

Hogs can run up to 50 meters even when shot before falling dead. However, a larger caliber rifle can bring a mature hog down immediately.

How To Choose a Rifle For Hog Hunting

Bringing down feral pigs requires a powerful, comfortable, multi-caliber, and accurate rifle. When choosing a rifle for hog hunting, you need to consider these four qualities. These are important in getting hogs fast and killing them with a single shot. Below are some important factors to consider:


The ideal rifle should feature excellent caliber compatibility. When hunting hogs, you need a caliber that should bring the hog down with a single clean shot.

Small game hunters are sensitive to recoil and consider lighter calibers where possible. However, make sure you consider calibers with high stopping power for hog hunting to easily knock down the prey.


How comfortable does the gun feel in your hands? Make sure you consider a rifle with excellent grips and a smooth finish. You also need to consider the rifle size and choose one that is comfortable and easy to handle.


You also need to choose a rifle action that matches your hunting style. A bolt action rifle is a perfect choice for long-range accuracy, which is recommended for most hog hunts. However, a lever-action gun or AR works perfectly for shorter ranges.


Lastly, make sure you consider the rifle finish. Depending on the hunting environment, you can choose a rifle with a waterproof coating, synthetic finish, or one that is easy to camouflage.

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Considerations to Keep in Mind

When choosing a rifle for hog hunting, there are some considerations to bear in mind. You don't want to choose a rifle that will only end injuring the hog. For the safety of everyone on your hog hunting trip, make sure your rifle and ammunition have the stopping power to take a wild boar down in a single accurate shot.

Rifle Caliber

There are unlimited calibers on the market, but not all are suited for hog hunting. You need a rifle caliber with high knock-down power. Hogs are tough to kill and can easily run meters with a bullet in their bodies. The ideal caliber should be more than enough to take down a mature deer or coyote.


Next, you need to be cautious of the range and choose a rifle that matches your hunting conditions.

Are you hunting hogs at close range or long-range? Long-range is always safer, but it isn't always possible. Consider a rifle that will hit the target at precisely at perfect ranges.

Rifle Calibers for Hog Hunting

As we've discussed, rifle caliber means a lot when hunting hogs. In this section, we will discuss various types of calibers and their suitability when hog hunting.

26-caliber: the 6.5 Creedmoor is the optimal cartridge under this caliber and a suitable choice for long-range hunting. It is fairly accurate and guarantees ¼ MOA accuracy. Most rifles for this caliber are for long-range hunting and if your accuracy is good, you can use them for felling feral pigs.

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27-caliber: This is a classic caliber with a slim stock. It is a little heavy and beautifully balanced. It is pricier and much harder to find caliber, thus not as suitable for feral pigs.

28-caliber: This is a less popular caliber, but the ultimate choice for mountain rifles.

30-caliber: This is a suitable feral hog caliber and a perfect choice for a single shot kill. You can consider options like the .30/06 or the H-S Precision 2000. We also have the more versatile .300 Win Mag, but be prepared to handle the recoil.

33-caliber: Guns with a 33 caliber are not very popular but quite deadly. They are a little more powerful than necessary for feral pigs, but can still work perfectly.

12 Gauge Pump vs Rifle For Hog Hunting - Comparison Overview

What is the best gun for hog hunting between a 12-gauge pump and a rifle? The 12-gauge pump stands out as a good shotgun for hog hunting. Rifles tend to be more powerful than shotguns, and faster. When choosing a suitable option between the two, you need to compare the following:

Weight and Size

The 12 gauge pump shotgun is a lot lighter and smaller, making it easy to carry around. Rifles on the other hand have more bulk. If weight is a concern, then a 12-gauge pump shotgun works perfectly. However, if weight is not an issue, you're better off with a rifle.

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Ammunition Capacity

This is where rifles stand out. A rifle offers much more ammunition capacity. That increased ammo capacity comes in extra handy when there are several hogs in a group. For a 12 gauge pump, hunting hogs in a group only gives you a shot for one kill.


If you're hunting at long ranges, choose a modern sporting rifle. They are the best for precise shots at long range. 

The 12 gauge pump shotgun is suitable for short ranges, which is especially useful if you come across a hog close to your property.

Hog Hunting Laws 

Feral swine, boar, or wild hog hunting is widely allowed in almost all states due to widespread overpopulation. However, you require a hunting license in all states before hunting in any Wild Management Areas. The hunting fee usually varies from state to state.

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The boar hunting season also varies from state to state. For example, in Texas, feral hunting is allowed in all seasons. However, some states have regulations during the turkey or deer hunting seasons.

Make sure you check on the resident rules and regulations. The fee for non-residents in most states varies from that charged to residents. There are also rules on the hunting methods and weapons used. Most states allow baiting but prohibit the use, distribution, and scattering of salt.

Study the regulations applicable in your state before commencing your feral hog or wild boar hunt.


In conclusion, hog hunting is a great way to reduce hog overpopulation and save crops. However, you need a suitable hog hunting rifle for a single-shot kill. Make sure you understand your hunting method and choose a matching weapon. You also need to understand the state laws and regulations on hog hunting before your hunt begins.

People Also Ask

This section covers the commonly asked questions when it comes to hog hunting. These are frequently asked questions by hog hunters. We help you get immediate answers to these questions so that you can make an informed decision.

Is an AR-15 Good For Hog Hunting?

The AR-15 is a versatile choice for hog hunting. It's lightweight, accurate, and pretty easy to swing from target to target. This makes it great for hog hunting as they usually roam in groups.

Is a .223 Good For Hog Hunting?

Large hogs can easily survive a .223 shot and escape. However, shot placement is crucial if you want to make a kill. The shot must be made with precision and on the right spots like the spine and heart for a kill.

Will a 30/30 Kill A Wild Hog?

The 30/30 will drop hogs dead with a single shot. It provides a large penetration area for the bullet, killing hogs even when you miss the vital areas. However, shots to the head, heart, and spine are recommended when hunting hogs.

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What Size Rifle To Use For Hog Hunting?

Any rifle size with an adequate caliber of .260 or better can hunt hogs. But the choice depends on where you hit the hogs and the shooting distance. Overall, you need a large rifle and heavier caliber to kill hogs immediately.

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