Longbows vs. Recurve vs. Compound Bows – Informational Guide

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If you have been into archery for very long, you probably know your way around different kinds of bows and own the right one for yourself, as well.

But if you are a beginner who has recently found their way into the world of archery, this article is perfect for you.

It will break down the basics of different bows for you and help you decide which one you need.

Comparison of the Longbow, Recurve and Compound Bows

  • Best Longbow overall
  • Strong fiberglass limbs are made out of maple laminations
  • A riser constructed out of Makore wood and Cassia Siamea
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  • Runner up longbow
  • The 60-inch long form of the bow is designed ideally for small hands
  • Reinforced composite construction for ensured strength and durability
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  • Best longbow for the money
  • A Dacron string for an enhanced archery experience
  • Laminated ebony wood riser along with laminated fiberglass and maple wood limbs provide strength and durability to the design
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  • Best Recurve Bow overall
  • Constructed out of hard maple and black fiberglass for the best results
  • A 62-inch long design with a takedown feature allows the limbs to collapse to a shorter structure
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  • Runner-up recurve bow
  • Casting aluminum riser with fiberglass and maple limbs ensure high strength of the unit
  • The model with a 56-inch overall length and takedown design allow an enhanced archery experience
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  • Best compound bow overall
  • A multi-shooter bow that provides the best experience
  • An extended draw length for all the longer draw archers
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  • Runner up compound bow
  • Lightweight design with a great shooting speed
  • Adjustable draw lengths and draw weights ensure you get exactly what you want
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  • Best Longbow for Hunting
  • Constructed from patented black Dymondwood and high-strength fiberglass
  • Leather grip arrow rest provides smooth arrow flight release
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  • Best Recurve Bow for Beginners
  • Bow limbs constructed of hard maple and fiberglass
  • Riser construction made from walnut, berma white, and beech wood
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  • Best Recurve Bow for Hunting
  • Limbs are made of fiberglass and hardwood composite
  • Riser is made of high-quality hardwood
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  • Best Compound Bow for Hunting
  • Design naturally enhances stability and precision even in long-distance shooting
  • Constructed in compact design and from light materials for mobility
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  • Best Compound Bow for Beginners
  • Adjustable draw weight ranging from 30 to 55 lbs
  • Limb bolts can be adjusted with an enclosed Allen key
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What is a Longbow?

A longbow is one of the oldest types of bows. It is the shape that typically comes to mind when you first think of a bow. As the name implies, these models are pretty long. They are more or less the same as the height as their user. Since it is that long, it does not feature a significant recurve. These models have narrow limbs, so when viewed from the side, they produce a circular, or D-shape.

These are very simple devices in terms of their construction, form, and use. This makes them perfect for all beginners. The advantage of using these bows is they allow a fairly long draw to the archer. When it comes to aiming and shooting, you will find these units are less likely to shoot your arrow more sideways than you intend to. In fact, these units are the easiest to shoot with, which is why most beginners would prefer this type.

What is a Recurve Bow?

A recurve bow is a little more complex than the standard longbow. It features a shape that is close to the number 3. The ends of the limbs of this bow are designed to curve away from the user. This curve of the limbs is known as the recurve, after which the bow is named.

The special design of these bows allows them greater power while shooting. But since one needs to be more precise with aiming with this bow, it may not be the best choice for beginners. But again, practice makes perfect. You won’t learn to shoot accurately with any bow unless you’ve tried over and over again.

What is a Compound Bow?

A compound bow, right from the first look, is complex, to say the least. It is designed with a very complicated form. It includes wheels at the very ends of its limbs which allow the bow to compound the forces held within the bow once it has been drawn. And that is where it gets its name.

In contrast to what they look like, compound bows are fairly easy to use. Aiming with this bow doesn’t require a high level of accuracy or precision. Along with ease of aim, they will also offer you a great shooting power.

Longbow vs. Recurve vs. Compound - Similarities and Differences

Basic knowledge of different types of bows is necessary in order to acquaint yourself with the world of archery. But it is certainly not enough to make the right choice

It is essential that you understand the differences and similarities between these models. In order to help you understand those better, here is a side-by-side comparison of all these models.


Let's start with the main differences between the three models:


The most basic difference between the three models is that of the structure. The three different types of bows have considerably different structures, all enabling them with different features.

The longbow features a long design. It is heavy and long, shaped like the letter D or a semi-circle. The ends of the limbs in this bow are toward the archer, since the bow curves only from the center.

The recurve design is the shortest and is in the shape of the number 3. Its limbs curl away from the archer. So it basically features two curves, one in the center and the other at the ends.

The compound bow has that most complex structure of all, one that can’t be compared to any basic letter, number, or shape. The ends of the limbs of these units feature no curves, but wheels that allow the forces to compound.

Power, Aiming, & Shooting

These three are the main features that play a crucial role while shooting your bow. The performance of the model based on these factors can be the deciding factor.

A longbow may not prove to be the most powerful bow. It was one of the first bow types but is no longer commonly used and the lack of power is one of the main reasons. However, when it comes to shooting, the bow can be said to be forgiving. It is easy to shoot with, given the fact that the unit doesn’t require much precision.

A recurve bow is designed to be more powerful than a longbow. With its recurved limbs, the model is capable of storing much more energy when drawn, and as a result, the arrow is shot with more power. The shot, however, presents with a little more torque, meaning it is likely to sway from the path that you set it on.

A compound bow is the most powerful of the three. The wheels on the limbs compound the forces, and with the ‘let off’ mechanism of these models, the unit can fire with equal power to any other bow with half of the work. Even with its shooting, the bow doesn’t require the precision that a recurve bow does and proves to be fairly easy to use.


This factor plays no role while shooting with bows, but is important after use. Any product with a high maintenance cost is a greater hassle and should be bought if only its function is worth it.

A longbow is easy to restring if ever necessary. But once it’s broken, it’s gone. There is no way to fix it. All that can be done is to buy a new one.

A recurve bow is perhaps the easiest to fix. The limbs of this bow can easily be replaced and fixed, if the damage isn’t too extensive.

A compound bow can neither be stringed by the average person nor be fixed if something were to go wrong unless you are a professional. Since it is an assembly of a number of parts, there are more things that can go wrong with these models. But most of them can be fixed with the right knowledge and skills.



All three bows feature a unique shape, but when handled the right way, they will be sure to look sleek and stylish. Their use exhibits grace and elegance that will be sure to make you look good.


When it comes to the noise made while shooting, a longbow might be best, since it’s considerably quiet. A compound bow and recurve bow are, however, the same. They both are loud but  limb dampeners and string silencers can be used to help reduce the noise.


There are a number of accessories available for all three types of bows. The accessories used for these units may or may not be the same. But what they all have in common is the easy availability of the required accessories. Any shop dedicated to hunting or archery, in general, will have the right kind of accessories.


Bows are made up of different materials. Then, how does this count as a similarity? The construction of the bows is based upon the same manufacturing techniques. This gives them similar durability and functionality.

Compound Bow Shooting Tips, Tricks, and Hacks For Success

A compound bow has many features and has a more complicated design. This is why it can take some time to learn all the details. Here are some of the things that might help you get started.


Using a compound bow requires a lot less strength on the archer’s part. All the mechanisms that go into making it, especially the two cams at the ends, are responsible for storing energy. 

When you draw the bow, you have to put all effort in but when you are holding it for aiming, you only apply a fraction of the draw weight yourself and the rest is kept by the cams and cables. This reduced holding weight is referred to as let-off. Most of the time, this let-off is 80%.  

Draw Length

Draw length is very important in getting the right aim and being efficient in your shooting. Technically, draw length is the measure of length from the nocking point on the string to the pivot point of the bow grip plus 1¾ inches when in full draw. 

Getting the right size to draw for you is important. If it is too short, your elbows will bend and your aim will suffer. Similarly, a too-long draw length means there won’t be enough energy stored. Compound bows often have adjustable cams that let you change the size according to your preference.  

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Adult Compound Bow

Target Distance

Although the exact distance from your target depends a lot on your experience, bows can help with it too. Good compound bows are fast and easy to aim and don’t require a lot of upper body strength compared to traditional bows so you can get a good shot from farther.

How Does a Compound Bow Work

A modern compound bow uses a combination of pulleys and cables to improve aim and accuracy. There are two rotatable cams at either end of the bow which has two tracks, i.e., inner and outer. The cable runs through the inner tracks and connects the two cams and the bowstring runs through the outer track.

As you pull the string back to its full draw length, the cams and cables store the energy, letting you relax and aim better. The most common construction of compound bows has two cams at both ends of the bow while some other designs also have more than two.

The commonly used construction material involves fiberglass, aluminum, and carbon fiber.

What Size of Compound Bow Do I Need 

The size of the bow depends on the draw length. Draw length for everyone differs, depending on their body size. The way to determine your draw length is to measure the distance between your middle fingers on either hand. Open your arms to the widest length and then measure. Dividing this by 2.5 gives you your draw length.

Generally, the bow size should be double the draw length. When reading bow measurement charts, you will come across the abbreviation AMO. This simply means that the bow length is 3 inches larger than the string needed for it. For instance, a 68-inch AMO bow needs a 65-inch string.

Recurve Bow Shooting Tips, Tricks, and Hacks For Success

A recurve bow is a type of traditional bow which means that there are no extra elements that will help you aim better. All the skill and strength is yours. A recurve bow has a very simplistic design with outward curves at the ends of both limbs and a ‘3’ shaped design at the riser. Some things to keep in mind when shooting with recurve bows are given here.   


You will require a considerable amount of upper body strength to use a recurve bow properly. There are no cams and pulleys to distribute the weight. When aiming, you have to maintain full weight in the string. The better you pull, the more speed and power the arrow will have.

Shooting Distance

Since recurve bows require more strength on your part, it might not be the best to shoot from too far, especially if you are a novice user. You will have to get closer to the prey to get the kill shot. However, this also requires experience as you will have to master the arts of stealth and camouflage for not scaring the prey off. 


As you might have guessed, experience is important for recurve bow (although you also need it for compound bows). Even though compound bows are simpler, they take more time to master. So, practice is the key. You might want to start off with compound bows, make your aim better and then switch to recurve.   

What Size of Recurve Bow Do I Need

Determining the size and draw length of the recurve bow is similar to the compound bow but the weight varies depending on what you will be using it for. 

For hunting, you will need more power and speed so you need bows that have a draw weight of 50 plus. Most used bows are the ones with 70-pound draw weight. Target shooting, on the other hand, can be done with any draw weight that you find comfortable.  

Longbow Shooting Tips, Tricks, and Hacks For Success

Longbows are the oldest type of bows. If you have ever seen medieval period movies, then the design will be familiar to you. They are not so commonly used these days. People looking for a simple design and a nostalgic feel opt for recurve bows instead. Here are some things you need to keep in mind about these if you are planning on using them.


A longbow is very large, i.e., almost the same height as the shooter. Because it is so deep and also very thin, it requires a lot of strength, even more than recurve. You need to be in your best shape to master this type of bow.

Draw Length

The longbow has a fixed draw length. As the size matches your body, so does the length and you cannot customize it.

Think Again

If you want to use the longbow, then you need to see if you are in the proper shape to do it. Can you even handle the strength required and do you have the time to put in the effort? Go for a recurve bow if you feel like challenging yourself as you will not find a lot of variety in styles and sizes of these bows anyways.    

Top Pick Between Longbow vs. Recurve vs. Compound Bows

Longbows are pretty outdated and can’t be titled as a top pick since recurve and compound bows perform a lot better. With that said, the competition lies between the latter two options.

If you are an absolute beginner, a compound bow may not be suitable enough for you. It does provide easy aiming and shooting, but the working mechanism is hard to understand. And knowledge of that is necessary in order for you to make the best out of the model. So for beginners, a recurve bow might be the best choice.

However, if you have been into archery for a while, and know your way around these models, even a bit, then compound bows are the ideal option since they provide the best power and shooting, along with easier aiming.

Quick Take | Best Longbows, Recurve and Compound Bows

Just looking for the top three best longbows, recurve and compound bows? Here they are:

  1. Southland Archery Supply Pioneer Traditional Longbow
  2. Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow
  3. Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Compound Bow

Review of the Best Longbows vs. Recurve vs. Compound Bows

Let's take a look at this year's top picks.

Our Favorite Longbows

In order to give you an idea about what the best longbows should look like, here are a few of them. We reviewed our favorite longbows so you can see the basic features a good longbow should have.

Southland Archery Supply SAS Pioneer Traditional Wood Long Bow (50 pounds)


  • Shape ensures enhanced stability while shooting
  • Provided bag ensures no damage occurs while not in use or during transport
  • Construction is optimized to provide great strength and durability
  • Creates minimal noise so as not to disturb you or your prey


  • Does not come with a string and has to be purchased separately

This bow is one of the best bows one can use, and when it comes to longbows, it is the best choice. Everything from its design to its functionality is absolutely perfect. You can look for other bows, but you will be sure to come back to this one.

The riser of this unit is made out of exquisite Makore and Cassia Siamea woods, while its fiberglass limbs are made out of maple laminations. This construction provides it with strength and durability that is second to none. You can count on the professional design and top quality materials to serve your model with the best of features.

The shape is optimized to provide greater stability. This feature will greatly enhance your shooting experience, along with making it a lot easier. And to protect its 68-inch long form, you get a padded bag along with the unit. This will ensure your unit is kept in the utmost safety between shooting sessions.

Bottom Line

The model promises a perfect bow and that is exactly what it delivers. From its form to its function, everything about this unit is exactly the way you would want it. For this reason, we believe this unit is the best longbow you can find for yourself.

Southland Archery Supply SAS 30-35lbs 22-29' Robinhood Long Bow w/Armguard, Arrow Rest and 2 x Arrows (Brown)


  • Works for both hands
  • Included accessories allow for an optimal archery experience
  • Serving strings are extremely durable, unlike the standard ones that break in no time


  • Included arrows are not of the best quality

If there’s a model that comes close to our top unit, it’s this one, and second by a very small margin, too. If you’re looking for a model that comes with an excellent shape and function, you do not want to miss out on this one, as it will be sure not to disappoint you.

Designed out of reinforced composite, this unit will provide you with a build that is not only durable but also strong and reliable. With its 60-inch long design, this Robin Hood bow is absolutely ideal for those who have small hands. Furthermore, it comes with a string that also guarantees durability. So, you no longer need to worry about constantly snapping strings.

This model doesn’t come alone, but in a complete package that includes all the necessary accessories one would need for a better archery experience. It includes a belt quiver, a finger tab, an armguard, an adjustable arrow rest, a target face, and two fiberglass arrows. All these items serve to provide all you need for the ideal archery experience.

Bottom Line

With a clear view of all the things this model comes with, you now have a better idea about how this model has made its way onto this list. Featuring all the items you need for the perfect archery experience, this model really does have it all. This is particularly true if you have small hands and find other models a little too large or unwieldy.

SinoArt Sparrow 54' Traditional Long Bow 20-35LBs Draw Weight One-Piece Longbow Recurve BowRight Hands for Beginner Women Teens


  • Fairly quiet so you can bid farewell to all the disturbances
  • Simply designed and efficient to use, making it ideal for men, women, and kids alike
  • Comes in separate models for left and right-handed people to allow optimal functionality of each


  • The string may offer some extra torque, requiring extra care while shooting

Remember that the best products are not always the most expensive ones. It is completely possible to buy an item with the best features without spending a fortune on it. In fact, such items are the perfect ones since they provide you with good value for your money. This model by SinoArt is one such model designed to simply impress you without weighing too heavily on your pocket.

This 54-inch model features a traditional design that will take you back in the day when longbow use was at its peak. This classic, one-piece wooden longbow features separate models for left and right-handed people in order to ensure the best of performance. The simple, yet efficient, design of this unit is ideal for everyone from children to adults.

The unit features a laminated ebony wood riser along with laminated fiberglass and maple wood limbs. Meanwhile, the attached Dacron string is of the finest quality and will serve to last long. But that's not all it offers. This unit comes with an arrow rest that will be sure to provide you with an enhanced shooting experience with this fine model.

Bottom Line

If you are looking to save some cash on your next bow, but do not want to compromise on quality or features, this is the perfect unit for you. It will provide you with the best features, but within a budget, making sure you get the best  option for the money,

Our Favorite Recurve Bows

There are an abundance of recurve bows on the market, since they are the most widely used bows. Most of these models look deceivingly the same. In order to give you a good idea of which ones are actually the best, here are a few models that we think stand out among the others.

Best Recurve Bow Overall:
Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow (40 LB, Right)


  • Ideal for beginners since it is easy to use
  • Comes pre-strung and with an arrow rest for a precise shooting experience
  • It is also pre-installed with brass bushings for brass plunger, stabilizer, sight, and quiver


  • The limbs don't fit perfectly on the riser, causing center shots to miss

Samick Sage is a renowned and trusted name in the world of archery. The brand only puts forth the best designs for archers, along with accessories. This unit is no different. In fact, it is one of the absolute best the brand has to offer to its users. This takedown bow is designed to provide you with a complete archery experience, but with great convenience.

This 62-inch unit comes with a B-50 string and an arrow rest that will serve to provide the best of necessities. But that isn't all. It also comes with pre-installed accessories like a stabilizer, sight, brass bushings for brass plunger, and a quiver. Meaning, what you get is not a simple recurve bow model, but an entire package for the best shooting experience.

The unit features a metal limb pocket design in which the limbs are of hard maple and black fiberglass and one tapered knob. Thus, the construction of the unit not only provides it with enhanced durability but also a sleek design which will make anyone look good. Meanwhile, the takedown design allows you the convenience of carrying and storing when not in use.

Bottom Line

This unit is the perfect representation of all the best features you can get from a recurve bow. It provides quality of form, durability of material, and convenience of design. It is safe to say this unit is everything one could possibly ask for in a recurve bow.

TOPARCHERY Archery 56' Takedown Hunting 50lbs Recurve Bow Metal Riser Right Hand Black Longbow


  • Reliable and durable, making sure to last long
  • Designed to be ideal for all archers, experts, and beginners
  • The takedown design allows a greater convenience of carrying and storing the unit


  • Does not come with a string and has to be purchased separately

This model by Toparchery comes second to our top recurve bow only by a small margin. So, its functionality and efficiency are more or less same as it never fails to impress the users. If you invest in this model, you'll know exactly what makes is so impressive.

The unit is specifically designed with different models for left and right-handed individuals, ensuring that both get the maximum out of their units. With an overall length of 56 inches, along with a takedown design, the unit guarantees an enhanced functionality paired with the convenience of portability and storage. Isn't that all one can ask for?

It is designed with a high strength casting aluminum riser, which is perfectly polished. The limbs of the unit are of strong fiberglass with a maple core. The entire structure provides great strength and durability that is second to none. The unit will be found to be efficient and excellent in performance by beginners and experts alike.

Bottom Line

If a unit comes extremely close to being the best model, there has to be something special about it. This small review may not be able to justify the excellence of the model completely, but it is an attempt to provide you with an overview of all its features. To experience these first hand, you would have to invest in it, but rest assured that it won’t let you down.

Best for the Money:
PSE 10 Snake Recurve Bow


  • Ideal for left, as well as right-handed people
  • Provides the best features without being too heavy on the pocket
  • A draw weight of 25 pounds allows it to perform with great excellence
  • The composite construction provides great durability you can easily rely on


  • String isn’t of the best quality and needs to be replaced soon

A recurve bow may be quite expensive, but some are more so than others. It is still not necessary to spend cash on fancy models for a few extra features. It is, in fact, better to spend money on a model that provides you with just the right features, like this PSE 10 Snake Model.

This efficient model is perfect for individuals who are right-handed as well as for those who are left-handed. With a draw weight of 25 pounds, this unit provides excellent archery experience to beginners, as well as experts. Its specialized snake design is meant to deliver the best shots, ensuring you get the best out of it.

The unit is a composite design and offers enhanced durability that makes it almost indestructible. The classic design of the unit, with its 60-inch frame, provide the archers with great precision, which is all you need from a bow.

Bottom Line

Do not spend extra money on fancy bows when you can get the best out of this unit at a much lower cost. This is especially true if you are a beginner and are looking to try out a new bow. This will be the perfect choice before you are ready to move on to better and fancier bows. Given its features and design, it will surely not fail you.

Our Favorite Compound Bows

The deal with compound bows is that at first look, they all look nothing more than complex. The same is the case on the second and third look, too. It takes a while to get used to its design and figure out which one is a better model. In order to help you figure it all out, here are the compound bows we like the best.

Best Compound Bow Overall:
Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package, Black Ops, Right Hand


  • The included accessories serve to provide an even better archery experience
  • The infinite draw setting ensures you can adjust the unit just the way you want 
  • Features an excellent build that guarantees durability and enhanced performance


  • The accessories provided are not of the best quality 

If you are simply looking to get the most out of your professional archery tool, look no further than this. With its outstanding design and perfect form, this unit by Diamond Archery will be sure to provide you with the best of experience, one unmatched by others.

The best part about this unit, for all those that like to make a longer draw, is the extended draw length. It has a solid back wall and an infinite draw setting that will let you adjust it to your liking. This multi-shooter bow will serve to provide you with an experience like no other compound bow.

This unit does not come alone, but with an entire package designed to provide you with all the necessities and accessories you are looking for. Along with the bow, it includes a DeadLock lite octane quiver, a three-pin tundra sight, tube peep sight, a BCY string loop, a hostage XL arrow rest, a comfort wrist sling, and lastly, a five-inch, ultra-lite octane stabilizer.

Bottom Line

This bow itself will provide you with functionality and form that will simply not disappoint you. It will prove to be efficient at its job and durable in structure, simply providing you with the best of what you need.


  • Equipped with a number of accessories for a better archery experience
  • Limbs are uniquely designed to create a reliable load distribution
  • Features a separate model for left and right-handed people, allowing a better functionality


  • Needs to be serviced at a pro-shop before it can be put to use

Here is the unit that comes second to our top pick in the compound bow category. Being second has no impact on its functionality and provides the archer with the best. This Cruzer G2 model by Bear Archery features a design meant to impress its user and it efficiently delivers that.

This unit is engineered with an outstanding design to provide maximum versatility, thus making it ideal for use by people of all ages, as well as skill level. The unit can be adjusted between 12 and 30 inch draw lengths, along with an adjustable peak draw weight between five and seven pounds.

This masterpiece comes equipped with a number of accessories that serve to optimize the hunting experience. The adjustments can be made with an Allen wrench and do not require a bow press. The model is lightweight and allows you to shoot at 315 feet per second, proving that it provides the best of functionality.

Bottom Line

Once the unit is serviced, there is no reason for you not to buy this unit. It maxes out all its features, ensuring you get the best out of it. From its unique design to the provided accessories, this unit is all you can possibly ask for.

Best Longbow for Hunting:
Bear Archery Montana Long Bow


  • Tapered limb lamination
  • Well-crafted and tested design
  • A leather grip gives clean arrow flight
  • Uses strong black and white fiberglass
  • Reflexed design and slimmer tips for better performance


  • Will require some strength on your part

What Recent Buyers Report

It is a very simple yet well-made bow. The string comes pre-wound on it. You just take it out of the box and get going. It doesn’t have any hand shock either when shooting, making it very comfortable to use. Overall, it seems well made and has a slim, sturdy design.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

This Montana style bow has a reflexed design so it is not too stiff and has tapered limbs that make the tips of the bow slimmer. This overall enhances the performance and usability of the bow. The limbs are made of white maple with black fiberglass, making it sturdy and durable. 

Bottom Line

Longbows are used by the best of the best. If you know how to use them, then they can be used for just about anything. Other than your experience, the quality of the bow is also important. This Montana bear archery bow has proven its quality through decades of production and tests.

Best Recurve Bow for Beginners:
PSE Razorback 62"


  • Limbs can be removed for storage
  • Does not require a lot of maintenance
  • Includes a stabilizer and sight bushings
  • Uses high-quality wood and fiberglass in its construction


  • It does not come with a bowstring

What Recent Buyers Report

Users report that the bow has high-quality craftsmanship with a smooth riser, making it a very efficient pick. It’s very fun to use and get started on. You can add some extra attachments as well for your help. At this price, it’s a pretty good bargain and promises great overall quality.   

Why it Stands Out to Us

This recurve bow has both right and left-hand usage options. The riser is made of walnut, Burma white, and beech wood. The limbs use hard maple and fiberglass. The best quality material is used for accuracy in shot and durability. Its limbs are also removable for easy storage and transportation. You can also add accessories like sight with holes given on the riser.

Bottom Line

Recurve bows are the ones used most by serious archers and the only ones allowed in the Olympics. So it’s for the big leagues. This product uses the best quality material and construction to get the most out of the bow and has many different size options.  


  • Has a good fit and finish
  • Comes with a rug rest and bowstring
  • Available in 35 to 65 pounds draw weights
  • Limbs made of wood and fiberglass increase strength


  • Vibrates slightly when shooting

What Recent Buyers Report

According to users, this is a great hunting bow and is very comfortable to use. You don’t have to put too much force to hold and draw the string. It has a good solid grip and the limbs fit and come out easily when needed. It also has a very reasonable price and great overall reviews.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like that this bow comes in both left and right-hand orientations for everyone. The limbs are made of high-quality wood including Bintangor, Makore, and Chuglam with strong fiberglass face. The riser is made of hardwood with a smooth finish. The draw weight is available in 35 to 65 pounds, so you can choose the right size for you.

Bottom Line

For hunting, you need to be able to hold the bow for long times to aim better. For that, having a low draw weight comes in handy. This bow has different draw weights for everyone. The use of high strength fiberglass adds to its quality and durability.

Best Compound Bow for Hunting:
Gen-X Bow


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Uses high-quality aluminum for durability
  • Legal in most states for whitetail deer hunting
  • Available in both right and left-hand orientations
  • Comes in various colors including green, red, pink, etc


  • Arrow rest and nock are not included

What Recent Buyers Report

Having variable draw weight and length makes for a great starter bow when you don’t know your exact comfort area. This bow has a good grip and is not jerky during shooting or drawing. It is used by people for all kinds of sports, including bow fishing.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This bow has a lightweight design with easy, long-distance aiming. All its construction is of aluminum with string bowstrings. The draw weight can be reduced to 25 pounds and goes as high as 40 pounds. To adjust the setting, a hex wrench is given with the bow. Its riser has holes for added accessories. 

Bottom Line

Compound bows help with weight so when hunting, this bow helps a lot. It can be used by all beginners and experienced archers both male and female. Also, it is easy to use and adjust to your preferences.

Best Compound Bow for Beginners:
Leader Accessories Compound Bow


  • Features about 70% let-off
  • High-quality and budget-friendly bow
  • Lightweight design and easy to handle
  • Has adjustable cams to change the draw length and weight


  • Draw weight is only 55 pounds

What Recent Buyers Report

It is a good quality and easy to use bow. There are a lot of accessories that come with it but their quality doesn’t come to par with the quality and performance of the bow. The design is small enough to be used by children as well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This compound bow has a one-year warranty and is made using the best quality material for a comfortable grip and use. You can easily adjust the weight and length as well with the wrench that comes with the bow. It also has a great speed of 296 FPS and a 70% let-off.

Bottom Line

For beginner archers, holding the bow for long to aim better and to apply your full strength to it is challenging. For this, compound bows help reduce the burden and this bow gives you 70% let-off for easy use. It also comes with an aluminum riser, arrow tip, and spine.

Best Longbow for Beginners:
Mandarin Duck Black Hunter 60"


  • Simple and slim design
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Comes with a leather arrow rest
  • Sturdy construction and reliable
  • Available in 30 to 60 pound draw weights


  • You need to assemble the bow yourself

What Recent Buyers Report

The bow has a slim design with a good aesthetic appearance. It gives a straight shot and the craftsmanship is of pretty high-quality, considering the reasonable price. The lightweight and ease of use make it usable for beginners as well. There are many accessories included with it which is a great plus.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Though longbows are the oldest style of bows, many modern aspects have been added to them. They have been made to be more comfortable and easy to use. This longbow can be bought in 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, and 60 pounds draw weight for different people. There is also a leather arrow rest for smoother arrow shooting. It comes with its string and spanner. Since the bow comes unassembled, you use the spanner to assemble it.    

Bottom Line

All in all, this bow is very easy to store and travel with when broken down and easy to assemble back together. It uses laminated wood and fiberglass in its construction for a high-quality look and design. For best results, choose the correct draw weight according to your comfort.

Compound Bow for Hunting, Bison M3 30-60lbs Compound Bow Kit with 5 Pin Lighted Sight, 6 Carbon Arrow, BCY String, etc. for Outdoor Sport, Adjustable 23-30in Draw Length and IBO 320 fps Right Hand


  • Designed for an enhanced archery experience, be it hunting or training
  • Provides the best shooting experience without being too harsh on your wallet
  • Made up of the best quality material, ensuring your unit lasts long enough to provide good value for your money


  • Might be a little tricky to get the hang of

Compound bows are pretty expensive as they are. Looking for the perfect one will serve to cost you more money. Instead, look for an efficient one, particularly a model that provides the best features without completely ripping off your wallet. This model by Junxing is a perfect example of such a bow.

The unit is designed to deliver the best possible shots. Be it for hunting or simply for learning, practicing, and having fun, this unit will deliver its absolute best. In all circumstances, it will provide its best and ensure you get the best archery experience.

It is designed out of top quality materials, providing it with great durability. This ensures the money you spend on this lasts for a longer time without needing any fixes or replacements. It is designed to provide you with an accurate shot every time, ensuring you get the best from the unit.

Bottom Line

This model by Junxing is designed simply to deliver the best of its features and impress the user. Getting used to the unit may take a little while, but it will surely come with time. And when it does, you will realize that, indeed, not all perfect units cost a fortune.


Archery is a great sport, whether for beginners or experts. The type of bow you use has a great impact on the results of your shooting. In order to ensure that you get the best out of this experience, you have to make sure you are using the right sort of bow, with the right sort of accessories, and you’ll be good to go.

People Also Ask

Feel like getting more insight on bows before settling on one? You can read these frequently asked questions by other readers trying to make the same decision as you.

Who Invented the Compound Bow?

An American man from Missouri named Holless Wilbur Allen was the inverter of the compound bow. He made it in 1966. 

How to Adjust Draw Length on a Compound Bow?

To adjust the draw length, you need to have adjustable cams on the bow and enough string if you want to increase the length.

Remove the screws from the cams and rotate the mod in the number one position. Then remove the post and insert it back in the number position.

If you don’t have an adjustable cam, you can replace it with a different one.

How to Store a Compound Bow?

You need to keep your bow away from areas that get too hot or have direct sunlight. Keep the bow in its case in a horizontal position and don’t keep the broadhead in the case as it might accidentally damage the string.           

How to Tell if a Compound Bow is Left or Right Handed?

A right-handed bow will be drawn from the right hand and the arrow will be on the left sight. The opposite is true for a left-handed variant.

When Was the Longbow Invented?

The name of the person who invented the longbow is lost to history. The oldest found longbow is as old as 2700 BC.

How Far Can a Longbow Shoot?

If you go really far back, then skilled archers of medieval times could shoot as far as 400 yards, but nowadays, 200 yards is common. A lot of it has to do with your own height and strength as well.

How Far Can a Compound Bow Shoot?

The effective range of a compound bow is around 40 to 60 yards.