Best 3D Archery Targets of 2021 – Ultimate Review

| Last Updated June 11, 2021

If you are an aspiring bowhunter with an aptitude for archery, you need the right equipment for it.

This article will present you with the best 3D archery targets that you can get your hands on.

Read on to find more about these targets so you can hone your skills and master the art of archery.

Comparison of the Best 3D Archery Targets

  • Stops all broadheads and field tips
  • Very life-like buck
  • Very stable and easy to store
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  • Very life-like hog
  • Stable and easy to store
  • Stops most tip types
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  • Best for the Money
  • Easy to remove arrows
  • Very life-like buck
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  • Best 3D Deer Archery Target
  • Very life-like shooter buck
  • Very stable and will not move when shot
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  • Best 3D Elk Archery Target
  • Stops all broadheads, expandables and field tips
  • Very life-like shooting buck
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  • Best 3D Archery Turkey Target
  • This target has no kill zones
  • Has a realistic size
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  • Best Rinehart 3D Archery Target
  • Very tough and can withstand powerful blows
  • Can handle target points and broadheads
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What is a 3D Archery Target? 

3D targets are the best option for someone who wants to master bowhunting. The target comes in the shape of animal species made of foam and helps you practice exactly where you need to shoot or target. It can be very fun and is an effective way to hone your hunting skills as well.

There are 3D targets available with the vital organs drawn clearly on them, so you know which areas to target. This will also help you figure out which areas to aim for so you would only need to take down the prey in one shot.

Characteristics of Our Favorite 3D Archery Targets

Certain characteristics make a 3D archery target better than the other. All our favorite models present on the list have the following characteristics, which is why we love them!


The design and material are extremely crucial if you want a long-lasting target to practice on. You want to make sure that the arrows you shoot land safely on the target and not anywhere else, as they could also damage if the target is weak or faulty. All the models on our list are made of durable material to last for a long time. 


Size and shape are also important considerations to make when purchasing a 3D archery target. In order to get the right aim and make sure that the draw weight of the arrow is compatible with the weight of the target, you need to get the right size.


The color of the 3D archery target is also very important as the right color can make it easier to practice on at night. You should pick out the color that suits you and your archery shooting the most for enhanced visibility and comfort. Our listed models with easy-to-spot colors, so they make practicing easy. 

Review of the Best 3D Archery Targets 

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get on with the main part of this article: the reviews of the best 3D archery targets. 

Best Overall:
Field Logic Big Shooter Buck

Big Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target with Replaceable Insert Core


  • Design built for increased durability
  • Comes with a large surface to shoot on
  • Stable and doesn’t fall or budge when shooting
  • Easy to store as the antlers and legs are foldable
  • Able to withstand the blows from broadhead and field tip arrows


  • You can’t practice for all animals on this target

What Recent Buyers Report

If you are a beginner at target shooting, you will definitely enjoy this archery target. This is because it is very clear and visible and gives you a good idea of what the animal looks like exactly. It is also easy to store as the parts are foldable. Lastly, users found this product to be fun to experiment with and practice on!

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the biggest advantages of this target is how lifelike it is in its design and appearance. The realistic nature of this target makes the shots more precise and the skills sharper. It also mimics the exact height and shape of a deer, so practicing on this model is the right way to get good at shooting.

Moreover, in order to sharpen your skills in bow hunting, you will need a larger surface area, which this deer shooting target provides. It is also equipped with a high-density core insert, which is replaceable when it wears out. It also offers five times more surface area than many other models.

Bottom Line

For better durability and shooting experience, you should definitely consider investing in this deer 3D archery target. Its real and lifelike appearance will surely improve your shooting skills and make you a better bowhunter.

Shooter Hog

Shooter Field Logic 3D Archery Hog Target, Black, One Size


  • Comes with durable stakes
  • Design is solid and well-made
  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Cheaper than any other 3D target models
  • Equipped with pre-marked points for shooting


  • Core insert is not replaceable
  • Some users felt like it was too light to use

What Recent Buyers Report

For realistic target shooting practice, users were thoroughly impressed with the performance of this 3D target. It is pretty accurate and realistic, which makes the shooting more precise and accurate. This makes it a decent and good option for beginners. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Most animal species available in 3D target forms are usually overpriced or too out of budget for some bow hunters. This is why this target is perfect for such users. It is an inexpensive alternative and is ideal for both serious and beginner hunters. The design also features ground stakes that make the unit stand firmly on the ground.

Along with that, the design is quite compact and can be stored easily in your shed. It is also designed with the highest quality material, so you can always be sure of its durability. It also comes with a protective layer on the exterior, which protects it from wear and tear.

Bottom Line

This target is the perfect option for you to practice to make practice sessions more efficient and effective. Its high-quality and durable design makes it the right target to master your hunting and shooting skills.

Best for the Money:
Field Logic GlenDel Pre-Rut Buck

GlenDel Pre-Rut Buck 3D Archery Target with Replaceable Insert Core


  • Design is completely impenetrable
  • Engraved hair for a lifelike experience
  • Arrow is easy to remove due to Polyfusion technology
  • Has a long target life and can be used for a longer period
  • Comes with five times more surface area than other 3D targets


  • Difficult to store

What Recent Buyers Report

With its high-quality design and stunning features, this is one of the best 3D targets that users have come across. Its highly realistic design and durable quality make it last for a longer time. It also comes with a larger surface area for better practice if you’re a novice or a beginner.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This premium-quality deer target comes with an impenetrable exterior, which makes it easy for users to release the arrows. The inserts are also labeled to ensure precise targeting by the hunter. The head is also removable, and the model is designed for realistic and accurate practice shooting.

Furthermore, the 3D target utilizes poly fusion technology to enhance its life. It is also weatherproof, which means you can use it during any climate, and it won’t get damaged or wear out. The arrow removal feature also makes it easy and convenient to use.

Bottom Line

Looking for a bang for your buck? This deer 3D archery target is here to make shooting more precise and engaging! The quality and design of this target are remarkable, and it is also super easy to use.

Best 3D Deer Archery Target:
Shooter Buck G71600

Shooter Buck 3D Deer Archery Target with Replaceable Core, Brown


  • Design is impenetrable
  • Easy to remove the arrows
  • Offers large shooting surface area
  • Comes with a high-density core insert
  • Stands firm and is stable because it comes with ground stakes


  • Stakes are hollow and can get filled with dirt

What Recent Buyers Report

With its impressive design and fun features, most of the users loved how budget-friendly this target was. It is super easy to use and lasts longer than other models on the market. The construction is also weather-resistant, which makes it more usable. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This target's appearance and design are very realistic and lifelike, making it more accurate and precise for practicing. It also has the same height and size as a real deer, which makes it better for mastering your deer hunting skills.

The model also comes with a larger surface area so you can easily shoot and retrieve your arrow. It is also equipped with a high-density core insert, which is replaceable if it wears out. The head is also removable, and the construction is weather-resistant, so you can use it anywhere at any time.

Bottom Line

If you’re on the hunt for the best 3D target for deer archery, you will not get a model that is more reliable and versatile than this one. It is equipped with all the necessary features needed for shooting accurately at any time of the day.

Best 3D Elk Archery Target:
Delta McKenzie 22540

Delta McKenzie 22540 Pinnacle Elk 3D Hunting Archery Target Decoy


  • Works with any arrow tip
  • Easy to store in your shed
  • Easy assembling and disassembly
  • Long target life due to the high-quality design
  • Tournament-tested for events around the world


  • Does not have pre-marked target shots

What Recent Buyers Report

Delta’s Pinnacle series is highly proficient and assures peak quality. Users loved the quality and realistic design of this elk. What makes it even more fascinating is that the target works with any arrow tip, so you can use it for any shooting purpose.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Pinnacle Series by Delta McKenzie ensures peak quality and reliability on all its products. This elk archery target has been tested at tournaments and archery events worldwide, which adds to its reliability and popularity. It is also very life-like, so you get a fair idea of what the real hunt will be like.

Also, the elk target is easy to install and set up for shooting, and the legs are detachable in case you need to minimize storage space. The target's midsections are made up of Duraflex foam, which is of the highest quality and doesn’t tend to wear out easily or quickly.

Bottom Line

Elk shooting is similar to deer hunting, but in order to get a more realistic idea of what it is like to hunt an elk, this product is the perfect 3D archery target that you can get. 

Best 3D Archery Turkey Target:
Rinehart 35190

Rinehart Tom Turkey Target


  • Accurate shooting practice
  • High-quality design for durability
  • Foam self-heals very easily and quickly
  • Very realistic in color and body position
  • Inserts can be replaced in case of damage


  • No kill zones marked on this target

What Recent Buyers Report

This Rinehart turkey target is designed for maximum efficiency and has impressed many users who have bought it. Its realistic design and shape have made it an accurate and precise target to practice turkey hunting on. Also, arrow retrieval is pretty easy, and the inserts are made of high-quality. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The foam absorbs all the shots that are hit on it as it is made with the most durable and highest quality foam. The insert can be replaced if needed, but it doesn’t need to be changed often at all because of its durable and strong design. It also stops the arrow from penetrating the whole turkey.

The pricing of the product is also very impressive, and it is budget-friendly. The turkey itself is also very realistic and life-like. This makes the whole shooting process more accurate and precise as it gives the hunter an actual idea of what real-time turkey hunting would be like.

Bottom Line

Quality, design, and durability are what users look for in a good 3D archery target. This one by Rinehart has it all, and it can be used at any time and anywhere since the design is realistic, and the exterior and interior are long-wearing.

Best Rinehart 3D Archery Target:
Rinehart Woodland Boar Target

Rinehart Woodland Boar 3D Target


  • Stands tall and firm without moving
  • Set-up is very simple and user-friendly
  • Realistic and lifelike design for accuracy
  • Tough material for durability and resistance
  • Can handle broadhead tips and target points


  • Some users’ arrows broke when shooting

What Recent Buyers Report

With its realistic and lifelike design, users absolutely loved this and found it really useful to practice on this archery target. The foam used in it is of high-quality, which means that the overall 3D target is really long-wearing and durable.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a well-intact target that comes in a realistic and life-like design. The setup of the target is also very simple and easy, and it doesn’t topple over like many other lightweight targets. It is also super easy to use and practice on because it provides a very real-life experience of hunting forest animals.

There is also no assembly required as the parts are already attached to the target. The target itself is also solid and well-built, and the users found arrow retrieval very easy and smooth. It is also rubbery and doesn’t get damaged easily, like other cheap models.

Bottom Line

Self-healing foam is a very important feature of a 3D target that ensures the product's durability and longevity. With this 3D target from Rinehart, you can be sure to get the best-quality targets for a real-life hunting experience. 

Archery Field vs. Target vs. 3D - Comparison Overview 

There are three different types of archery for both serious competitions and for the purpose of entertainment. Let’s compare the differences and similarities of all three in terms of the course setup, the distances, and the target itself:

Field Archery 

The course layout for field archery is usually in varied terrain, with a paper spot and paper animal as a target. The distances can vary and are marked or unmarked, and the arrows that you hit per target are mostly multiple shots. It is both fun and challenging and is sometimes called “archery golf.”

Target Archery

For target archery, the course should be on flat terrain or indoors, with a paper spot as a target. The distances can vary and are marked, and the arrows that you hit per target are multiple shots. It is the most common type of archery and is also used in the Olympic games. 

3D Archery

3D archery is usually practiced on varied terrain, similar to field archery, with a 3D foam animal or box as a target. The distances can vary and are unmarked, and the arrows that you hit per target are typically just one.

Types of 3D Archery Targets

You can find several different types of 3D archery targets. Let’s go over some of the types that you can find to easily differentiate between the one you want for mastering your shooting and hunting skills.

Bag Targets

These are the most basic and common 3D archery targets that you will find. They have a synthetic fiber filling inside them, and the arrow retrieval is pretty easy and simple. They are also highly durable and great for practicing. Moreover, they are resistant to weather and are excellent for beginners.

Foam Block 3D Targets

Foam targets are more upscale than bag targets. They are usually lightweight and can be easily placed in different locations. The arrows are also easily removable when shot. These come in two types: layered and foam block targets.

3D Targets

If you are a professional and want to excel in bow hunting, 3D targets are ideal. They come in different animal forms, making it easier to locate the vital organs to shoot for taking the animal down in one go.

How to Score 3D Archery Targets

In order to get the right shots and perfect your aim, it is important to learn what the scoring rings mean in the 3D archery targets. Let’s take a look at how you should score in the 3D targets:

  1. There is a ten-ring which is used for both IBO and ASA shooting

  2. There is also an eight-ring, which is followed by the rest of the area which is a five

  3. In the center of the ten-ring, you have another three rings. The middle one out of these is scored as an 11 for IBO shooting

  4. The other two rings on the side are 12 rings scored for the ASA shooting. 

  5. The 14-ring on the target is used for amateurs and professionals during shoot-down

  6. All you need to do is touch the line to score the upper value of the higher score

  7. Most shooters use a higher diameter arrow to be able to shoot a higher score

In order to get a visual aid of how the scoring system works on 3D targets, watch this video below:

How to Repair Archery 3D Animal Target

If you have damaged the insert or the exterior of your 3D target, this portion will guide you step-by-step on repairing it. Take a look at the instructions below for the right way to repair a damaged animal target:

  1. You will need sandpaper, bug spray, spray paint, and duct tape.

  2. Wrap the duct tape around your target as a mold.

  3. Take a knife and poke holes around in the duct tape, especially areas where you feel like it needs a nest.

  4. Take your spray foam and fill in the holes. Spray foam expands, so remember not to put in too much of it inside the animal as it will leak out from the duct tape.

  5. Let the spray foam dry for a couple of hours or overnight.

  6. Cut the bulky edges of the foam once they have dried down.

  7. Take the sandpaper and smooth the edges out.

  8. Spray paint the animal the same color so that it looks brand new. You can also use different colors if you want to enhance your vision during night time.

Take a look at the video below for a better visual guide:


Hopefully, this article provided you with guidance and in-depth reviews of the 3D targets. There are many types available on the market, so be sure to recognize which one you need for your shooting purpose. Good luck shopping and we hope you master the art of hunting!

People Also Ask

In case there are still some doubts or queries regarding which 3D target to buy or how they work, you can go over these frequently asked questions and their answers to get a better idea of 3D targets. This will also help clear out any ambiguities or concerns that you may have:

How Much Does a 3D Archery Target Cost?

The price of a 3D target depends on the type that you are getting. As mentioned before, there are several types of 3D archery targets, such as bags or solid foam. However, the price range of 3D targets is usually anywhere around $150-$1500, depending on the type and quality.

Why Are 3D Archery Targets So Expensive?

They are designed with high-quality foam and realistic-looking animals so that you get a more precise and accurate shot. They are also very durable and have replaceable inserts, which means you can use them for many years without damaging the quality or making them worn out.

What Are 3D Archery Targets Made Of?

Most 3D archery targets are made up of plastic, with the foam inside differing based on the type of target that you purchase. Some of them are also imbued with poly fusion technology to provide a strong and durable layer for protection against sharp arrows. 

How Long Do 3D Archery Targets Last?

Since many 3D archery targets are made with the highest quality materials, your targets can last up to 20,000 arrows based upon the care and maintenance that you provide for them. This also differs based on the type of 3D targets and the material which is used in making them.

What Color Pin for a 3D Target for Archery?

The color of the pin depends upon your vision and your comfort. The colors are used for easy vision and readability, and if you need to enhance your vision during nighttime shooting, then pick a color that stands out at night and is visible to you from a distance away.

How to Setup 3D Archery Targets

Some of the models in this article don’t need any assembling or setting up as they already come in their true form. However, in order to set up or assemble other targets, you must read the instructions of the target that you have purchased and follow them accordingly.

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