PSE Bow Madness Unleashed – 2021 Review

Are you fond of archery and are looking for a high-quality bow to improve your performance?

Well, look no further because, in this article, you’ll get a detailed review of the most sought-after bow: PSE Bow Madness!

Let’s dive in and get to know more about this amazing bow.

Comparison of the PSE Bow Madness Review 

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PSE Bow Madness Review

As the name suggests, the PSE Bow has some mad features equipped! So, without any further ado, let’s get started with its review and see if it lives up to its name.

 PSE Archery Unleashed

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  • Grip
  • Riser
  • Usage
  • Draw Cycle


  • Finishes
  • Right-Hand Only

Specs and Dimensions

Before we get started with the review, let’s go over a few basics of the product, so you know what we’re talking about. Here are the specifications and dimensions of the PSE Bow Madness:

  • Brace Height: 6”
  • Axle-to-Axle: 32 ³⁄₈” 
  • ATA/IBO Speed: 340-332 Fps 
  • Let-off: 85%
  • Mass Weight: 3.9 Lbs. 
  • Draw Length Range: 25”- 30½” 
  • Draw Weights (lbs.): 60, 70
  • Limb Bolt Turns 13 
  • CAM: 3B
  • Right-Hand Only

Main Features

The PSE Bow Madness Unleashed is quite attractive and an impressive choice for many different kinds of shooters. It is a great bow for those who are looking for a budget-friendly choice. It is a flagship bow, which is ideal for beginner adults and long-draw female shooters. 

The finish on this bow is immaculate. It comes in various finishes such as plain black, Mossy Oak, and Kryptek Highlander. These may seem less, but they are the basic finishes that shooters opt for, considering they don’t want to pay a premium for a different kind of look.

The riser on this bow is similar to the other PSE models, and it looks sharp. The cam’s top and bottom come with PSE dumbbell dampeners to ensure that any kind of noise or vibration does not disturb or meddle with the steadiness of the user’s hand. 

The grip on this bow is designed on the riser, just like all the other PSE models. The grip includes a flat back with a slight edge that makes the user feel comfortable while holding it. It is a simple grip that gets the job done.

The shooting ability or draw cycle on this bow is really impressive, as the shooter can manage the transitions from different kinds of weights. When holding down on the aim, the bow is easier to keep to spot downrange, and letting down is also easier to do. 


Let’s take a look at the several advantages that this bow has to offer:

Draw Cycle

The draw cycle of this bow is extremely fast and smooth. The feel of the bow itself is also exceptional, and it takes a lot of relaxing for the string to come forward. This feature is quite useful for hunting animals. The after shot feel is also impressive, as it does not tense up.

The ultra-smooth draw cycle also features a solid back wall, which is super easy to hold because of the 85% let-off. Overall, the bow is super easy to control and has a very comfortable shooting design, which does not compromise on speed. 


If you’re a whitetail hunter, you will find yourself making the most out of this bow. Hunters, in general, will love this unit as its specifications make it one of the best hunting bows out there. It is a compact bow built with stability so you can make accurate shots at the animal.

It also comes with zero stretches, and that makes it strong and tough enough to hunt anything within North America and more! There is also no peep rotation, which makes this one of the best bows to use for hunting purposes. It is also budget-friendly and does not break the bank. 


The riser on this PSE is sharp and smooth. The bottom and top parts of the cam are equipped with PSE dumbbell dampeners to reduce any noise or vibration and make the shot steadier. The bow is also equipped with a back-mounted string stop system to ensure that the string is stopped after the arrow is shot on the target.

Moreover, the riser’s specifications are perfect for shooters to find the perfect angle and comfortable grip so they can shoot. The whole bow and dampeners are made of lightweight carbon material so that the user does not tense up while shooting. 


If you’re looking for a simple yet effective bow with a powerful grip, then this one gets the job done. The grip onto it is designed onto the riser with the meat on the grip equipped with a flatback. The flat back features a very comfortable edge so that the shooter can position their hand properly. Overall, the grip is not too complicated and serves its purpose. 


Now that we’ve covered the pros, let’s go over a few negatives about the Madness bow.


One of the cons of this product is that it only comes in three finishes. There is not really a wide variety of colors or textures that you can choose from. The three finishes that are included are Plain black, Kryptek Highlander, and Mossy Oak Break-up Country.

They all look good and feel great, but when it is compared to the other brands and models in the industry, the color choice is disappointing. However, it is understandable as not every shooter wants to pay premium pricing for a good aesthetic, and the colors cover the basic kinds of textures and feel that most shooters would opt for. 

Right-Hand Only

Another major disadvantage of the PSE Bow Madness Unleashed is that the bow is only suitable for right-handed shooters. This eliminates a whole other market of shooters who are left-handed, which is quite disappointing. 

So, if you’re a left-handed shooter, no matter how much you like this product, you won’t be able to utilize its features or work with it. Hence, the bow is not universal and caters to a specific group of hunters or archers only. 

What is the PSE Bow Madness Best For?

The PSE Bow Madness Unleashed is an amazing bow that is loved and used by archers and hunters worldwide. It is a flagship compound bow designed and suited for practicing target-shooting and works amazingly well for 3D shooting and hunting. 


The Madness Bow comes with its own impressive cam system, which is patented, a solid and good grip, and smooth and fast shooting. The eccentric system is quite low maintenance, and the strikes you make provide a great balance between hunting and target practicing. 

Target Audience

The bow’s draw cycle is smooth, and the back wall is quite stable and reliable. It is designed for adult beginners who want to practice their hand at shooting, hunters who need a stable and good draw, archers who are looking for a budget-friendly option without any frills on the bow, and finally, long-draw female shooters. 

Highlighted Features

This bow could suit semi-professionals and beginner users who want a strong, reliable, and dependable bow that can aim well and has a natural and smooth draw. It is also easy to control and comes with a comfortable design for positioning your hands nicely, without compromising on the speed.

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying?

To buy the best compound bow, you need to keep several considerations in mind. Here are a few factors that you should note down before buying the PSE Bow Madness or any other compound bow for your hunting or archery expeditions:


If you are new to archery or shooting, then make sure that you get a bow that matches your body size or proportion so that you can start easily. It will help you gain the necessary experience that you need to acquire before moving on to something more difficult.


To purchase the right bow for your needs, you must make sure that you can handle the bow’s strength and speed. Don’t purchase a 300 fps bow unless you have the strength and muscle to pull it. Choose a compound depending on your experience and strength.


You should know your choices as well as set your budget before buying a bow because it will help you venture more technical specifications and help you decide on the best bow for your needs. It will also help you get a bow with more accuracy and performance.

Comparison Overview

Let’s take a look at how PSE Bow Madness Unleashed holds up against the other bow models. We will compare it with two different models and observe the similarities as well as differences.

Bow Madness XS vs. Brute X

The draw cycle of both the models is almost the same, Both have the same FPS rate, and the specifications of the brace height and axle-to-axle length is almost the same. This makes their draw cycle and shooting speedier and smoother.

The difference between both comes in the split limbs and the limb pockets. The limb pockets of the Bow Madness are an upgrade from the Brute X and are faster and more efficient as well. However, the Brute X does come with a longer brace height which is easier to control and use, especially for beginners.

PSE Bow Madness Epix vs. Hoyt Powermax

The Hoyt PowerMax comes with a 6.75-inch brace height as compared to the 6-inch in the Bow Madness, which is not a lot of difference. They both also weigh the same and have almost the same axle-to-axle length with the Bow Madness being about an inch and a half longer than the Powermax.

The Powermax is a great choice for users who want to go whitetail hunting while the Bow Madness is good for hunting and archery.

It is also great for beginner adults who want a smoother draw, which is easier to control. The angled riser on the Bow Madness is better than the Powermax as it is stiffer and stronger.


How to Adjust the Draw Length on a PSE Bow 

PSE Bows are created to provide the best performance in shooting when it comes to speed and draw. To ensure that the tension is right on the bowstrings and the cables, you can adjust the draw length with or without the bow press. These following instructions will guide you better as to how you can properly adjust the length on a PSE bow:

  1. The bows are designed with unique cam features to let you draw fast and smoothly. Moreover, whatever adjustment needs to be made can be done using the PSE bow’s limbs. 
  2. The models of each PSE bow are different, so you need to take into consideration which model you are using.
  3. In order to adjust the bow’s draw length, the shortening of the bowstring would result in about half-inch per wheel on the press. To extend the bowstring, the rings on the opposite side would hold up to half an inch on the bow press.
  4. A tip to keep in mind is that moving the post in + marker will increase draw length by 1/4th inch while moving it in the – the marker will reduce it to 1/4th inch. 

If you’re still unsure about what to do, watch the video below for a better visual guide:

How to Maintain a Crossbow

If you want to extend your crossbow’s life, you should learn how to properly maintain it. Here are some tips for that:

  1. The first step that you need to do is wax the strings. You might get lube in the package, but if you don’t, you will have to buy it. You must wax the strings and the cables regularly to make sure they work and draw quickly. Rub the wax on the applied area with your fingers so that it sticks longer.
  2. The second thing you need to do is lubricate the rail. Doing so will provide smoother traction and lesser friction between the bolt and the bow, making the draw smoother and increasing the accuracy of target shooting. However, you should make sure that you never use lubricants such as Vaseline or petroleum jelly. 
  3. To ensure accurate and faster shooting, you should always inspect your bows regularly before shooting to make sure that there are no loose bolts, cracks, or any twists in the limbs or bending of the shafts in the arrows.

Here’s a video to get a better insight on the maintenance of your crossbow:


Hopefully, this article was insightful and provided you with enough information needed before purchasing the PSE Bow Madness. Make sure that you go over the specifications and uses of this bow so that they align with the intent that you need to purchase it for. Good luck shopping!

People Also Ask

If you have any doubts or queries, you can go over this frequently asked question and answer session to clear out some of your doubts and get answers to questions related to the PSE Bow Madness bow and how to use it:

How to Wax a Bow Madness PSE Bowstring

To properly wax the Bow Madness PSE string, you should apply the wax down to the string’s length by rubbing it with your fingers. Gently massage the wax with your fingers onto the string so that it sticks on longer. 

How to Restring a PSE Bow Madness

You should first take the tension off the strings as you don’t want them to stay inside the cable. Then, take off the bus cable from the top axle and pull it out of the cable slide. Once the strings are off, you can put the strings on the respective cam by making sure the length fits. 

How Many Feet Per Second Does a PSE Bow Madness Bow Shoot?

The PSE Bow Madness Unleashed has a 335 feet per second speed, which is quite high and is very good for beginners or hunters who want to target shoot. It is also great for whitetail hunters and long draw female shooters who want a smoother, quicker, and easy-to-control draw.


Is the PSE Bow Madness Worth it?

Yes, the PSE Bow is a budget-friendly bow that is completely worth the price point. It has several features that are quite impressive, including the reliable grip, smooth draw cycle, and an easier tune-up. The adjustability on the bow is also easy to do, and it is super easy to use as well.

Who Makes the PSE Bow Madness?

The PSE Bow Madness belongs to the Bow Madness series that is designed and launched by Drury Outdoors. It was launched back in 2009 and has three variations, including The Bow Madness XT and the Bow Madness XL. They are budget-friendly, unique, and high in performance.

When Was the Bow Madness Created?

As mentioned before, the PSE Bow Madness series was launched back in 2009 by Drury Outdoors, and it has three different models that come with different specifications and features. All three are very impressive and are well-reputed worldwide for archery and hunting. 

Is a Bow Madness Hard to Use?

No, the Bow Madness is one of the most user-friendly bows ever made as it comes with a comfortable grip that positions the hand and a smooth and natural draw, which is easy to control. It is designed for adult beginners or amateurs who want to practice target shooting or hunting.