Best Archery Targets – 2021 Round-up

| Last Updated July 7, 2021

To become a skilled hunter, you need to acquire the right archery equipment to practice with, including archery targets. 

Hence, this article aims to provide you with the best archery targets that fit your shooting requirements.

Read on further to get a better idea of which target to purchase for your archery needs.

Comparison of the Best Archery Targets

  • Available in different sizes for versatility
  • Comes with open layer design to easily stop arrows
  • Lightweight and durable for easy transport
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  • Designed for high-speed compound bows
  • Very easy to remove arrows from the target
  • A handle included for easy hanging and moving
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  • Best Archery Target for the Money
  • Made for bows with draw weight of 40 pounds and lighter
  • High contrast colors for easy visibility
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  • Best 3D Archery Target
  • Comes with a poly-fusion design for durability
  • Made to be used with a variety of arrow tips
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  • Best Archery Target For Broadheads
  • Can be used for many different target shooting applications
  • Arrows can very easily be removed with only two fingers
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  • Best Archery Deer Target
  • High-density core insert is replaceable
  • Will stop all broadhead and field tip arrows
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What is an Archery Target Called?

An archery target for shooting arrows is called a “Boss,” and it is typically manufactured with straw or compacted foam. 

Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme Bag

Archery Target Basics

Before you decide which model to purchase, you need to understand the basics of archery targets. Firstly, you need to find a stance or position that helps you aim better. It should be consistent so that you shoot better. 

You should also align your upper body with the bow in order to shoot more precisely. You should also practice clean arrow shooting by ensuring that the arrow release is smoother so that your hands get steadier. 

Along with those basics, here are a few questions and answers that will help give you a better idea of archery targets in case you’re a beginner:

What Type of Foam is Used in Archery Targets?

Polyethylene foam is the best type of foam which is utilized in archery targets. This is because of its high six-pound density, which allows the arrows to penetrate inside the target and not bounce off. The arrow sticks on firmly, yet it is also easy to remove after shooting.

What are the Colors on an Archery Target?

In professional games or World Archery, the targets are colored so that the judges can determine the point totals. The first and second rings are white, the third and fourth are black, the fifth and sixth are blue, the seventh and eighth are red, and the ninth, tenth, and inner tenth rings are colored yellow.

What is the Red Ring on an Archery Target Called?

The red ring that we usually see near the bullseye is known as the inner, and the points that athletes earn for the inner ring are usually ten. It is also called the X Ring sometimes, as it is closer to the target's inside.

What is the Center Of An Archery Target Called?

The bullseye or bull's eye has always been the name of the target's inner center ring and was coined back in 1833. However, it has gotten alternate names since 1857. In other languages and games such as Japanese archery, known as Kyūdō, the bullseye is known as "zuboshi."

What Size of Archery Target Do I Need? 

For the hunter or professional to decide the ideal size for the archery target, they will have to check the type of bow and arrow being used for shooting. It also depends on the distance that the shooter is aiming for and the skill level the person has. 

As a basic rule, getting a large target is always recommended, so it is easier to practice. A larger target with recurve bows is more difficult to aim, and you can build upon your skills with it. Once you have gotten better, you can always purchase smaller targets for mastering the art.

Can Any Target Be Used for Archery? 

No, several considerations need to be made when purchasing the right kind of target for archery. Since there are different types available for different skill levels and shooting techniques, you need to be wary of several features such as the material, color, price, arrow retrieval feasibility, grommets, and purpose.

The design and manufacturing of the target are important if you want a durable target to practice on. You want to make sure that the arrows you shoot land right on the target and stick there without being loose, as this can damage the arrowhead and the target itself.

Block Classic B51200

Review of the Best Archery Targets

Now that we’ve gone over the main points, let’s get on with the reviews of the best archery target the market has to offer:

Best Overall:
Block Classic B51200

Field Logic Block Classic 18 Archery Target, Black


  • High-contrast targets
  • Comes in 2 different sizes
  • Durable material and build 
  • Lightweight design which is easy to carry around
  • Incredible stopping power does not let arrows penetrate through


  • Handle is cheaply made and may snap

What Recent Buyers Report

For efficient target shooting practice, users definitely enjoyed using the Block Classic archery target. It is a simple yet effective model that comes in two sizes for users with any skill level to make the targets more precise and accurate. It is also lightweight, which makes it easy to move around.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Getting this high-contrast target makes shooting and aiming far easier, as it is built for users with any skill level. It is an inexpensive alternative to other bag targets and is a good option for both serious and beginner hunters. The design also features a handle, and it comes in two different sizes as well. 

Along with that, it is portable and easy to travel with. It is also designed with the highest quality material, so you know that the target is highly durable and efficient. The target is also known to improve the accuracy and sharpen skills of any hunter.

Bottom Line

In order to make shooting and aiming more efficient, this archery target is the perfect option for you to practice on. Its high-quality and durable design makes it the best target to practice archery skills.

Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme Bag

Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 28 Pound Adult Field Point Archery Bag Target with 2 Shooting Sides, 10 Bullseyes, and IFS Technology, Handle, Yellow


  • Durable quality with a long life
  • Easy arrow retrieval from the target
  • High visibility for practice at night time
  • Lightweight and easy handling for transportation 
  • Designed to withstand a high amount of compound arrows and not penetrate through or fall down


  • Arrows may penetrate through the target after a few shots

What Recent Buyers Report

With its premium design and stunning features, this is one of the best archery targets that users have come across. Its highly realistic design and durable quality make it last for a longer time. It also comes with a larger surface area for efficient performance as you have more room to practice on it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This highly efficient and promising target comes with a durable and well-made exterior, which makes it easy for users to release the arrows. It is also built for sturdiness and is ideal for blind bail shooting and high compound arrows. Users can blindly shoot about 70-100 times without fail on this target.

Furthermore, the target uses polystyrene foam. It is also able to handle thousands of hits before it needs to be replaced. Easy arrow retrieval also makes it easy and convenient to use.

Bottom Line

Are you looking to improve your accuracy in shooting? If you’re looking for an archery target that is easy to set up, durable no matter what the weather is, and has striking colors, this one by Morrell is a perfect option for you.

Best Archery Target for the Money:
Field Logic Block GenZ

Field Logic Block GenZ 16' Youth Archery Arrow Target


  • Built-in handle for easier transport
  • Impenetrable target which stands firmly
  • White on black aiming points for easy visibility
  • Arrow retrieval is easy with less shooter fatigue
  • Durable quality which can take thousands of shots


  • Some users faced issues with the foam

What Recent Buyers Report

This archery target is designed for maximum efficiency and has impressed many users who have bought it. Its sleek and stylish design and shape have been made, keeping young archers’ skills in mind. Also, the target stops the arrows such that it does not penetrate through it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the greatest qualities about this target is that it uses the legendary open-layered technology, which makes arrow retrieval easier and ensures a longer target life regardless of which arrow tip the shooter is using. It also offers a larger target surface area.

According to the reviews of many hunters and shooters, the product's pricing is also quite budget-friendly, and the target itself is very efficient for accurate shooting practice. It also comes in a great size and is highly durable. Lastly, it is very lightweight and portable for traveling.

Bottom Line

Quality, design, and durability are what hunters and shooters look for in an archery target. With the help of this model by Field Logic, you will enjoy your shooting sessions and also hone your aiming and shooting skills.

Best 3D Archery Target:
Field Logic Big Shooter Buck

Big Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target with Replaceable Insert Core


  • Doesn’t budge when being shot at
  • Comes with a large surface to shoot on
  • 3D targeting on this helps with hunting experience
  • Able to withstand blows from broadhead and field tip arrows
  • Stable and is easy to store as the antlers and legs are foldable


  • Target doesn’t stop the bow that has speed

What Recent Buyers Report

Deer hunting can be a difficult task since they move so swiftly. Hence, if you are new to deer hunting, this is a highly recommended target. It is easy to store as the parts are foldable. Users also found this product to be fun and engaging to practice on.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A huge advantage of this 3D archery target is how lifelike it is. It provides you with a very clear and visible idea of what the animal exactly looks like. It also imitates the exact height and shape of a deer, so practicing on this model will help improve your aim. 

This is also an excellent target to practice on to become a pro, as it guarantees an authentic archery experience for deer hunting. It is also equipped with a high-density core insert, which is replaceable when it wears out. 

Bottom Line

Want to get into grips with real and immaculate archery performance? This real and lifelike deer target will surely help you accomplish all your goals and provide you with the best canvas to practice on and polish your skills.

Best Archery Target For Broadheads:
Black Hole 4-Sided B61210 BX

Black Hole Archery Target 18'


  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Easy retrieval of the arrows
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Can be left outside in any weather conditions
  • Suitable for field tips, expandable arrows, and broadside tips


What Recent Buyers Report

Users looking for a four-sided shooting option for better variety have loved this archery target from Field Logic. It comes with easy arrow retrieval that has bright and vivid contrasting aim points so you can have fun when learning to practice. It is also lightweight and easy to carry around.

Why it Stands Out to Us

A great feature of this archery target is that it stops the arrows using friction rather than force. It also stays in a pristine condition and reduces the fatigue for the shooter. It comes in two different sizes based on your preferences and the type of shooting you want to do. 

Moreover, it features bright contrasting colors for you to view better at nighttime. The target also comes with a large surface area and is weatherproof, so you can easily leave it outside without worrying about the exterior or interior getting damaged.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a suitable target for broadheads, it doesn’t get any better than this. With all the necessary high-quality features equipped in this archery target, it will definitely not let you down.

Best Archery Deer Target:
Shooter Buck G71600

Shooter Buck 3D Deer Archery Target with Replaceable Core, Brown


  • Design is impenetrable
  • Easy to remove the arrows
  • Offers a large shooting surface area
  • Comes with a high-density core insert
  • Stands firm and is stable because it comes with ground stakes 


  • Some users felt as if the target was too small to practice on

What Recent Buyers Report

Many users were impressed, and most of them loved how amazing this target was. It is super easy to use and lasts longer than other models in the market. The construction is also weather-sealed, which makes it durable and long-lasting. Lastly, it is super simple to set it up as well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The outlook and design of this target are very life-like and realistic. This allows the shooting to be more accurate and engaging for practicing. It also has the same height and size as a real deer, which makes it ideal for mastering your deer-hunting skills.

Moreover, it has a large surface area so you can easily shoot and release your arrow. It is also fortified with a high-density core insert, which is replaceable in case it wears out or is unusable. The head is also removable for traveling or storage purposes, which is a bonus. 

Bottom Line

Searching for the best 3D Target for deer archery? Look no further, as you will not get one that’s more dependable and nifty than this one. It comes with all the necessary features and designs that will help you become the best deer hunter.

Types of Archery Targets

You can find various kinds of archery targets in the market. Let’s go over some of the popular and most commonly used types so you can choose the right one for your hunting or shooting needs. 

Field Logic Block GenZ

Bag Targets

These are the most basic and common 3D archery targets that you will find. They have a synthetic fiber filling inside them, and the arrow retrieval is pretty easy and simple. They are also highly durable and great for practicing. Moreover, they are resistant to weather and are excellent for beginners.

3D Targets

For bowhunting or animal hunting purposes, you should definitely opt for 3D targets. They come in different animal forms, so you can choose the animal you are more likely to hunt to practice on. It is also easier to locate the vital organs to shoot so you can take down the animal with one arrow.

Foam Block 3D Targets

Foam targets are the best in quality as compared to other targets. They are mostly lightweight and can be held by the handle and carried wherever need be. The arrows are also easily retrievable when shot. These come in two types: layered and foam block targets.

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind 

Before purchasing your archery target, some cautious considerations must be kept in mind. Here are some of the main things that you should go over before choosing the right archery target for your shooting/hunting purpose:

Arrow Security

This is one feature that most people tend to ignore, but it's vital to ensure that the model you are choosing offers arrow security. The material of the target must be tough enough to endure the shot of the arrow, but it should not damage the arrow itself.

Self-Healing Nature

The target must also have a self-healing quality where the foam heals on its own after the arrow is shot. This ensures that the money spent on the replacements of the targets is less often. For this purpose, the target must be of foam or rubber.

Sturdiness and Durability

A weatherproof or weather-sealed target is always more sturdy and durable, as the quality is higher, and it lasts for a longer time. It also keeps the insert safe and reliable for a longer usage period. Moreover, more arrows can be shot on durable and sturdy targets.

Archery Target Tips

If you want to get better at aiming and shooting, some tips will help you sharpen your archery target skills. Read on to find out the basic tips you should keep in mind when deciding to pursue archery target shooting:

Larger Surface Area 

If you are a beginner or novice, it is better if you invest in an archery target that comes with a larger surface area. This will provide you with more room to sharpen your skills. It will also help you learn different archery techniques and try different styles as well as arrow tips.

Target Colors

You should purchase a target with colors that are comfortable for you. The colors are used for easy vision and readability, and if you need to enhance your vision during nighttime shooting, then pick a color that stands out at night and is visible to you from a distance. 

Target Circles

A labeled target is much better, as you can understand which part is more important to shoot. This is particularly more important for animal hunters who want to take down the animal with one shot. Learning where the important organs are for easy hunting is helpful and less time-consuming.


Hopefully, this article gave you insight and guidance on the best archery targets. There are many shapes and sizes available in the market, so make sure you complete your research before choosing the one fit for your needs. Good luck shopping and have fun practicing!

People Also Ask

In case there are still some doubts or queries with respect to which archery target is suitable for you, you can go over these frequently asked questions and answers. These will help clear out any ambiguities or queries that may be bothering you:

How Much Does an Archery Target Cost? 

The price of an archery target solely depends on the material, size, and the type you’re getting. There are many different kinds of archery targets, such as bags or solid foam. The price range lies anywhere between $150 and $1500, depending on the type and quality.

How Thick Should an Archery Target Be?

An archery target should be at least 12 inches in thickness so that the arrows can be stopped. If you want to use arrows that are higher in velocity, it’s better to opt for a thickness of 18 inches. Beginners and young archers should get a target that measures 18x18 inches.

What is the Difference Between Field Archery and Target Archery?

The course layout for field archery is usually in varied terrain, with a paper spot and paper animal as a target. The course layout for target archery is on flat terrain or indoors, with a paper spot as a target. The distances for field archery can vary and are marked as compared to target archery, where the distances can be marked or unmarked.

How Long Do Archery Targets Last?

As many archery targets are manufactured with the highest quality materials, your target can last up to 20,000 arrows, mainly depending on how properly you care and maintain it. It also depends on the material of the target and whether it is weather-proof.

Can You Leave Archery Targets Outside?

Yes, a few models in the list can be left outside as they are weather-proof. Such targets are designed with a special exterior that allows them to function properly even during rain or any other extreme weather changes.

What Is Inside an Archery Bag Target?

Bag targets are filled with a synthetic fiber that adheres to the arrow when struck to it while simultaneously offering easy arrow removal. They also hold together firmly and have a large surface to ensure that any mistakes or shots made don’t damage the insides and are self-healing.

What Are Self-healing Archery Targets?

Self-healing targets are those that retain their physique and stay intact regardless of the number of shots taken. They have zero to minimal damage as they are designed with a foam or synthetic fiber that allows the holes from the arrow shots to be virtually invisible.

What Are Archery Targets Made Of?

Archery targets are made up of several materials depending on the type you are purchasing. The materials commonly used for them include high-density foam, hay, straw, cloth rags, compressed carpets, cardboard, newspapers, or even magazines. The insides are also made from different materials such as polyethylene foam.

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