Best 2-Blade Broadheads of 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated June 1, 2021

One of the most important hunting or archery tools is the right broadhead. There are many types and styles of broadheads available in the market, and if you were to ask hunters their personal favorite, you would get many answers as it is a matter of personal preference. 

Figuring out which broadhead to buy can be an exhausting job; thus, to make purchasing the right one somewhat more comfortable for you, we have the complete buyer’s guide of the best two-blade broadheads. This guide includes all you need to know to make an educated decision. 

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Comparison of the Best 2-Blade Broadheads

  • Each set comes with 3 broadheads
  • Made from high-quality aluminum material
  • The broadhead blade is expandable
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  • Best for the Money
  • Shock collar included for proper blade retention
  • Fully expanded blades at moment of impact
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  • Best Rage 2 Blade Broadhead
  • equipped with a shock collar for better penetration
  • Comes with a 2 inch cut diameter
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What Are 2-Blade Broadheads and What Do They Do? 

Broadheads are essentially small tools that support the shaft of the arrow while hunting. They are broken into two categories, one of which is a fixed blade. 

A fixed blade comes in two, three, and four-blade configurations. There are plenty of differences between the three, which is that of the blood trail, tuning, sharpening, etc. 

Two-blade broadheads are, at times, known to provide a better trail than its counterparts. These broadheads are reliable and durable, and are often a favorite for hunters, given the wound shape they give and the penetration they offer. Plus, another great feature of two-blade broadheads is easy maintenance.

How to Choose 2-Blade Broadheads

One of the most critical questions people often have is how to choose a two-blade broadhead. What are the factors one should look out for when buying one? Here are a few considerations you should make when planning to invest in a good-quality two-blade broadhead:

Head Style

There are several types of head styles available in the market, and each one of them has its own pros and cons. Broadly speaking, there are three types, namely mechanical, hybrid, and fixed broadheads. Different hunters swear by different broadheads; thus, it’s important to know which product works for you after understanding what each offers in terms of benefits and weaknesses.

Swhacker SWH00207#207


Perhaps one of the most important factors to consider is the weight. It can differ based on the type of bow you are using and can be affected by certain other factors as well. However, a 100-gr carbon head is recommended. 


Two factors add to the product's durability: the warranty it comes along with and the construction it has. The design should be constructed from good-quality materials, such as stainless steel, which can add to the impact. Furthermore, it’s essential to understand that a good warranty should back the product so it can be more reliable. 

Review of the Best 2-Blade Broadheads 

Many broadheads are circling the mark which makes it somewhat difficult to buy one. Keeping this in mind, we have reviewed some of the best two-blade broadheads available. All these products are of high quality and highly reliable, making a good investment. Let’s take a look at them:

Best Overall:
Swhacker SWH00207#207

Swhacker SWH00207 #207 2 Inch Cut Broadheads Set of 3-100 Grain, Green, 2'


  • Features a hardened high carbon steel point
  • Blade is 0.32” thick and constructed of stainless steel 
  • Ferrule constructed of anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Highly innovative design which results in great penetration
  • Expandable 100-grain broadheads at an affordable price point


  • Need to be sharpened right out of the box
  • Some buyers found that they didn’t give any blood trail

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are immensely impressed with this unit. They find that it provides an incredibly smooth and efficient fly that resembles significantly to that of a field tip. Furthermore, they state that the broadheads are incredibly damaging and don’t cause any misery to the animal. Thus, it’s a consumer favorite. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are many reasons why this broadhead stood out to us, one of which is the innovative blade design. The overall blade design has two separate cutting edges. The first set of blades offered is known as the wing blades that cut the hide and the first rib sets. These are smaller than the main blades and handle most of the intrusions during entry, such as hair, dirt, and bones. 

The main blades then don’t touch anything during entry and impact the internal organs. The construction is incredibly durable as it has an anodized aircraft aluminum Ferrule and a hardened high-carbon steel point. 

Bottom Line

This is perhaps the most well-rounded and complete broadhead in terms of design, penetration, and price. It is incredibly well-regarded as it offers an incredible fly. It needs to be sharpened; however, that is a small price to pay.  

Rage Hypodermic Broadhead

Rage Bowhunting Hypodermic Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead, 2 Blade 2 Inch Cutting Diameter 100 or 125 Grain, 3 Pack


  • Exceptional penetration and incredible blood trail
  • Stainless steel blades with a 2-inch cutting diameter
  • Ferrule alignment technology (F.A.T) promotes an aerodynamic flight
  • Fitted with high-energy shock collar technology to ensure proper blade retention
  • SlipCam technology prevents loss of impact without significant kinetic energy loss


  • Little tricky to get on the clip
  • On the much higher end of the spectrum

What Recent Buyers Report

Be it the design or the incredible impact the product has, it has become a favorite of buyers. The unit is highly reliable and is known to provide an incredible blood trail and exceptional penetration. Some buyers did find that the product is on the higher end of the spectrum, yet it is worth the splurge.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Rage Hypodermic broadhead has several features that have managed to make quite an impact. Firstly, the design is highly innovative. It features a solid steel ferrule with a hybrid tip design that provides aerodynamics to the product. 

Another incredible part about the product is how it doesn’t lose power upon impact. This is due to the SlipCam technology, which initiates deployment upon the impact of the rear blades. The streamlined profile allows it to have the accuracy of a field tip. 

Moreover, the retention system of the broadhead is truly exemplary and one of its kind. It has a patented shock collar and NC (no collar) technology. 

Bottom Line

Overall, the product is incredibly well-constructed and innovative. It is constructed to provide incredible impact and penetration. The Ferrule design helps provide excellent flight experience. Furthermore, the retention system is unmatched; thus, the product is a great investment to make.

Best Rage 2-Blade Broadhead:
Rage 2-Blade Broadhead

Rage 2 Blade Broadhead, 100 Grain with Shock Collar Technology - 3 Pack


  • Offers high accuracy 
  • Provides a two-inch cut diameter for deadly cut
  • Improved shock collar technology for blade retention
  • Capable of conservating kinetic energy so that you can hunt big
  • Leading-edge large blade to increase momentum to offer efficient hit and quick kill


  • Not the best at long distances

What Recent Buyers Report

It seems to have taken the masses off their feet and impressed them greatly with its performance. The overall design, structural integrity, and penetration are truly remarkable. It proves to be a highly reliable and durable tool for consumers to keep with their hunting paraphernalia. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Meticulously designed to offer excellent penetration, this product is highly reliable and incredibly durable. It has an improved shock collar technology that offers excellent blade retention. The large leading-edge blade increases momentum to offer an efficient hit and cause the animal's immediate death to decrease any suffering. It also provides a two-inch deep and deadly cut.

The design is also capable of conserving energy so that you can hunt big. Along with that, it offers excellent penetration and accuracy. 

Bottom Line

Last but not least, this product is highly reliable and incredibly well-designed. It offers shock collar technology coupled with increased momentum to offer maximum impact and quick kill. Thus, overall, it proves to be a worthy investment. 

4. Stinger 2-Blade Arrow Broadhead

STINGER 2 Blade Arrow Broadhead (Pack of 3), 150-Grain


  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Constructed from knife-grade stainless steel
  • Offers perfect alignment as it has been spin-tested
  • Ferrule is made from aircraft-quality aluminum and offers the perfect flight
  • Patented diamond tip is capable of handling tough hides and excellent penetration


  • Not the best tool for long ranges

What Recent Buyers Report

Most consumers love this product. It is not only incredibly well-constructed and highly reliable, but it is also backed by a wonderful life-time guarantee, which is truly hard to beat. Even though some find that it isn’t the best for long distances, the unit is still highly popular amongst the masses.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This wonderful broadhead caught our attention with its impeccable design. It has been constructed from knife-grade stainless steel and is made to be razor-sharp, right out of the packing. It tends to provide exemplary flight, given its anodized aircraft-grade aluminum construction. 

Alignment is a significant concern for hunters; thus, the product is spin-tested to have perfect alignment. Furthermore, it has a patented diamond tip that offers bone-splitting penetration and is capable of taking on the toughest hides. Plus, it comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee, which allows it to be highly reliable.

Bottom Line

All in all, it is a highly innovative and well-constructed product. It comes with a reliable and well-thought-through design that offers incredible penetration and impactful fly. Thus, it is considered an excellent investment. 

Best 2-Blade Fixed Broadhead:
Magnus SBC100-2 Stinger Buzzcut

Magnus SBC100-2 Stinger Buzzcut 2 Blade Broadhead Arrow 100-Grain,(Pack of 3)


  • Easy to sharpen and highly penetrable
  • Constructed with knife-grade stainless steel
  • Comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Precision-machined and spin-tested for incredible flight
  • Main blade incorporates chiseled serration for effective cutting


  • Reports of inconsistencies in performance
  • Some buyers find that the blood trail isn’t the best

What Recent Buyers Report

Consumers are happy with this unit as it not only provides excellent design and user experience but is also backed by a wonderful warranty, which is one of its kind. Some buyers did find that the blood trail it provides isn’t the best, but the overall construction is top-notch, and the product is highly effective and penetrable. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Several factors of this product called our attention to the product. The design is incredibly innovative and highly reliable. It is made from knife-grade stainless steel and has razor-sharp performance, making it highly durable as well as highly penetrable. Plus, the main blade is serrated, which allows it to cause effective damage to the internal organs. 

The flight of the broadhead is a crucial aspect that is well-thought by the brand for this product as it has been spin-tested to offer an exceptional flight and therefore ensures high impact and accuracy. 

Bottom Line

Be it the flight, construction, or reliability; the unit proves to be a true gem. The design is truly remarkable as it has stainless steel construction and offers excellent penetration. Thus, it is a great investment. 

Different Types of Twin-Blade Broadheads 

Broadly speaking, there are three different types of broadheads which are mechanical, fixed, and hybrid. These are further divided into subtypes, and each has various features, pros, and cons, and is liked and disliked for different reasons. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Mechanical Broadhead

They are designed in a manner that they essentially fold into the body and, therefore, can reduce the deflection and drag experienced during flight. 

Over-the-Top Head

These blades are designed to be joined at the Ferrule, and they tend to spin around the front when contacted. They tend to become razor sharp once opened upon impact. 

Rear-Deploying Head

This type of blade has a large entrance hole as compared to the previous type mentioned. They work by initially securing their blade to be deployed before hitting the vital organs of the animal.

Fixed Broadhead

The name is pretty self-explanatory. They are termed so because the blade doesn’t move from its place. 

2, 3, and 4-Blade Configurations

These configurations have several differences, some of which are the width, wound shape, blood trail, etc. There is no one favorite as the choice of broadhead depends on personal preference. 

Hybrid Broadhead

Hybrid blades, as the name suggests, are a hybrid of mechanical and fixed blade broadheads. They have both fixed normal blades along with wider mechanical blades that give them a dual advantage. The first obvious advantage is they get to have a wider cutting service to do more damage. They also have a pair of backup blades if, for some reason, the mechanical blades fail to deploy. 

Comparison Overview 

There are many types and styles of broadheads with different blade configurations and operations. People often show interest in how one type compares to the other so they can differentiate in performance. Let’s take a look at the comparison of two-blade broadheads with other styles: 

Fixed 2 Blade Broadheads vs. Mechanical

Fixed blade and mechanical broadheads are often compared with each other. Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences these two models have:


The two broadheads are incredibly similar when it comes to the following:

Accuracy at Long Shots

As far as the accuracy with long shots is concerned, both types perform similarly, especially at the 40 to 60-yard distance. 


Here are a few differences between the two popular broadheads:


When it comes to two-blade broadheads, which are essentially a type of fixed broadhead, the predictability is less in comparison to mechanical blades. This is due to wind resistance, whereas a mechanical blade has a more aerodynamic design.


A mechanical blade has a lot of variables that can go wrong, whereas a two-blade broadhead has a simpler design. 

3 Blade vs. 2 Blade Mechanical Broadheads

Even though both of these are mechanical broadheads, they have certain differences and similarities. Let’s take a look at them:


Some similarities include:


Both of these types are uses for hunting so their purpose is the same. 


The tuning process of a two-blade or a three-blade mechanical broadhead is somewhat similar as there isn’t much to the process.


Even though both these broadheads are mechanical, they have more differences than similarities. Let’s take a look at them:

Wound Shape

When it comes to the cut on the animal with a two-blade broadhead, you get a single line cut, whereas, with a three-blade broadhead, a y-shaped cut is observed. 

Kill Ratio

In case of a superficial hit, it is more expected of an animal to recover from a cut by a two-blade broadhead rather than from a three-blade one as the cut by latter is much more lethal and disarming. 

Two Blade vs. Four Blade Broadheads

Four-blade broadheads may seem intimidating to some. let’s take a look at how they compare to two-blade broadheads:


When it comes to field performance for small game animals, both the two-blade and four-blade mechanical broadheads tend to work incredibly well. 


When it comes to the wound shape, you can observe a single line cut by a two-blade broadhead, whereas with a four-blade broadhead, a cross-shaped cut is observed. 

Rage Hypodermic Broadhead

How to Sharpen 2-Blade Broadheads 

It often happens after extended use of a broadhead that it loses its edge and stops being impactful. If that is the case with you and you have an old, dull broadhead which has pretty much lost its charm, then you can simply sharpen it to help with that. Here’s how that’s done. 

  1. This technique will employ a diamond stone and also require a buffing wheel to provide a razor edge.

  2.  If you face trouble maintaining the same bevel when sharpening the broadhead freehand, then you should opt for a jig, which will aid you in doing so. 

  3. Start off by rubbing the diamond stone on the broadhead while maintaining the bevel. You can easily see the material coming off, making it easy to have a good idea of the result you’re getting through the honing stone.

  4. After this point, the broadhead is sharp enough, but it can still be further sharpened. Now to further sharpen it with the budding wheel, turn the grinder on and put a bit of buffing compound on it. 

  5. Start buffing from the side of the bevel. Then you can go ahead and start taking any remaining texture you felt after initially honing it through the diamond stone. 

  6. Your broadhead is now ready and sharpened for you to use on the field.

If you still feel as if there are certain points unclear to you, you can go ahead and check the video below, which will provide a more detailed round-up of the entire process. 


Broadheads are relatively simple tools that one keeps in his archery paraphernalia; however, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to buying one, perhaps because there are so many variable factors attached to it. Thus, we decided to compile all the information you needed to purchase a good-quality two-blade broadhead. 

This post doesn’t just list incredible product recommendations but also discusses multiple vital factors involved in the buying process, such as various types of broadheads, how to sharpen the product, etc. Hopefully, you now have a good understanding of which one to invest in. 

People Also Ask

People tend to have a lot of questions about broadheads in general; thus, we took the liberty of answering some of your most frequently asked questions. Hopefully, these will clear out any misconception or confusion you may have about buying them, using them, etc. 

Do Broadheads Fly the Same as Field Points?

No, broadheads and field points tend to have different effects simply because field-tipped arrows aren’t delivered from the bow straight. They, therefore, have a different impact point. Field points are made merely to wound an animal and not to hunt one, whereas broadheads are used for hunting, which is something to keep in mind. 

Are Heavier Broadheads Better?

The answer to this isn’t straightforward. As far as accuracy is concerned, the heaviness of the broadhead isn’t concerned with that. However, heavier broadheads have a high FOC and are therefore more effective in converting high kinetic energy to momentum. This could result in greater penetration. 

Why Do My Broadheads Shoot Left?

It might be because your bow needs to be tuned. If your broadhead is shooting to the left, you need to move the rest to the position direction vertically and horizontally. Initiate by moving one hash mark, and in most cases, this should do the trick. Now, shoot and examine the results. If needed, make further adjustments. 

How Do You Attach Broadheads?

In order to attach your broadhead, first, lay down your arrow on the table in the direction you want your vane to be. In order to have a broadhead with blades perfectly aligned with the fletchings, first screw a blank insert onto the back end of the broadhead. Afterward, attach the head with the blank still inserted in the back of the arrow. 

Then, align the broadhead and the fletching on the back end of the arrow such that both touch the table equally at the same time. This will enable perfect alignment. Now using a sharpie, mark the arrow on the insert and the shaft. Next, remove the insert and the broadhead. You can then use your adhesive of choice to glue the insert back into the arrow, aligning the two marks. Finally, screw in the field points or broadheads.  

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