Best Mechanical Broadheads of 2021 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated June 1, 2021

Do you get frustrated when you miss targets because your bulky broadhead tipped arrows experience too much aerodynamic drag in flight?

If the answer is “yes,” then you should give mechanical broadheads a try. These expandable options prove to be more reliable, which is why these are the primary choice of various hunters. But which one should you opt for? Leave that to us!


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In the following article, we’ve detailed our picks for best mechanical broadheads and provided a full description including different variations, features, and strengths for each type.

Comparison of the Best Mechanical Broadheads

  • 1 1/2 inches cutting diameter to create a large exit wound
  • Front-deploying format designed for smooth flight in the air
  • Triple bladed perfect for maximum hemorrhaging, making it the best overall
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  • 2 blades to slice through the hide and the ribs
  • Comes with anodized aluminum-made lightweight ferrule
  • Two-inch cutting diameter to create a large wound, making this the runner up in our list
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  • Aircraft-grade aluminum-made lightweight ferrule
  • 3 blade design to ensure a bigger wound channel
  • 1 ½ inch cutting diameter to tear a wound that is sure to bleed, making it the best for the money
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  • Razor-sharp, oversized leading edge blade
  • Causes a 2 inches entry wound and a faster kill
  • Shock Collar Technology for excellent blade retention
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  • 1-1/4 inch cutting diameter
  • Neoprene O-ring deployment system
  • Stainless steel Trocar tip for a clean kill make it the best 75-grain option
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  • Deep lobes on tips
  • 0.32 inches blades for a good blood trail
  • Back cut technology to maximize devastation make it the best 100-grain option
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  • Best 2 Blade Mechanical Broadhead
  • Stainless steel blades with 2" cutting diameter
  • Razor sharp edges for better aerodynamics
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What Are Mechanical Broadheads, and What Are They Used For?

Often regarded as the best broadheads for hunting down a deer, mechanical broadheads have their blades concealed inside the body during flight, unlike traditional fixed broadheads. They tend to open or extend upon impact with the target. In case you are looking for an option to fly just like the field points, a mechanical choice will be best suited to you.

Hunters will find that these do not perform well on bone-crushing capacities. The goal is to cause an animal to bleed out as quickly as possible. With a very large cutting diameter, mechanical broadheads provide impressive entrance and exit wounds in addition to extreme blood trails.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

There are some critical aspects you need to consider while making a purchase. Below, we've offered explanations of some essential factors that come into play:


The weight of such products ranges from 75 to 100 grains. Your choice depends on the level of penetration you need to achieve. Lighter arrows fly faster, and they are more accurate. On the other hand, heavier arrows have more energy, followed by more penetration power.

Broadhead Blades

The number of blades could be a major factor as 2 blades are better for penetration. Similarly, 3 or 4 blades are efficient for a better blood trail. The appropriate number comes down to how you plan to use it.

Cutting Diameter

This refers to how wide of a wound that a broadhead is capable of creating or how deep the blades could penetrate. Large cutting diameters will have large wounds, which could essentially be the killing shot.


Depending upon the target, you must choose the type of tip for the required accuracy. Chisel points split open the hide and slam through bone while cut-on-contact points begin slicing the moment they come into contact with the prey.

How Do Mechanical Broadheads Work?

There are actually two types of broadheads: fixed and mechanical. As the name suggests, a fixed broadhead is secure. This means that it experiences no change upon entering and exiting the animal. 

However, in recent years, mechanical broadheads have gained popularity amongst bow hunters and for a good reason. They have quite an innovative and smart design and work pretty well for most animals. Upon being shot, the broadhead changes its shape and size, and its blades propel outward when it strikes an animal.

In the air, the surface of the blade is minimal, which gives it a much smoother flight and allows the hunter more accuracy and self-assurance while aiming. However, on approaching the animal, the blades expand; this gives them maximum cutting power, and they make large entry and exit wounds, leaving behind noticeable blood trails. 

Review of the Best Mechanical Broadheads

Now that you know how you can ensure you purchase the best broadhead, the next step is to have a look at the ones we cherry-picked. All of these are best in their own way and promise to provide excellent efficiency.

Let’s jump right in!

Best Overall:
NAP Spitfire Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead

NAP Spitfire Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead 3 Blade 1 1/2' Cutting Diameter 100 Grain Three Pack


  • Designed with a three-blade system to enhance efficiency
  • Low-drag ferrule offers maximum precision
  • Unique blade retention system is straightforward and ensures durability
  • Since the tip is manufactured from hardened carbon steel, it can pierce through anything


  • Below average cutting diameter
  • There are some complaints that making them work at a speed higher than 400fps can be tricky

Among all the crossbow broadheads offered by New Archery Products (NAP), the Spitfire is probably the most popular one. As its name suggests, a look at it will tell you that you’re looking at a high-quality product. Moreover, it is manufactured by employing some innovations, so you can expect superior performance in every way.

The popularity of these are built around the fact that the slimline ferrule reduces the drag so that your arrow is able to fly through the air and keep the efficiency for the target. It has a trophy tip made from hardened carbon steel to ensure accurate flight of your shot and easy entry into game. Made of razor sharp stainless steel, the deploying blades at the front of the ferrule are designed to penetrate the animal immediately with maximum cutting power.

Another striking feature is the blade retention system that locks in place. Plus, there are no O-rings or rubber bands to worry about that will cause any interference while the broadband is deployed inside the animal.

Bottom Line

New Archery has a lot of fine broadheads, and all of them do fine, but this one just happens to be great. Being one of the best penetrators, it will get you there if your shot is good. Therefore, in case you desire a simple, solid design, this is worth your consideration.

Swhacker Set of 3-100-Grain 2-inch Cut Broadheads

Swhacker SWH00207 #207 2 Inch Cut Broadheads Set of 3-100 Grain, Green, 2'


  • Features an aerodynamic design for a smooth flight
  • Unique cutting edges ensure a guaranteed kill
  • Cut opens to 2 inches to guarantee the knockdown of an animal
  • Since the blades are made of stainless steel, they are resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Made of high-quality materials, this broadhead offers not only durability but efficient performance as well


  • Only comes with two blades.
  • Only available in 100 grains.

Our next pick is the Swhacker cut broadheads, which have a stellar reputation in the market. The ferrule is made of anodized aircraft aluminum to give a fire jet appearance. Its construction not only ensures durability, but they’re also very lightweight. To continue with the superior quality of the materials used, attached to the aluminum ferrule is a carbon steel chisel point to provide excellent piercing power.

Known as “wing blades,” the smaller blade edges work together with the chisel point, and the blades allow the broadhead to pierce through the tough hide and first sets of ribs of the animal. This piercing is followed by the rotation of blades to expose the main blades, which do the damage.

The 2-inch cut by these causes a wound that looks more like a surgical cut than an arrow hit. The cut ensures that you will land a kill without any problem.

Bottom Line

Made of high-quality products, this Swhacker broadhead delivers as expected. In case you are looking for a reliable broadhead for this season, the Swhacker is always a great option for deer hunting.

Best for the Money:
Carbon Expressed Torrid Broadheads

Carbon Express Torrid 100 Broadhead 100gr 3pk 55550


  • Comes with adjustable grains of 85 to 100
  • Razor-sharp chisel point pierces through hide
  • Aluminum-made ferrule is resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Made with superior quality materials, this model guarantees durability and reliability
  • Features excellent 3-blade design to offer humane kills that will prove indispensable


  • Does not open mid-flight while employing a high-speed bow

For the most reliable mechanical broadhead, you must get your hands on the Carbon Expressed Torrid. It has a ferrule manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum for enhanced strength and penetration. The leading cut-on-edge point ensures good transfer of force and cuts through the hide effortlessly.

The three blades, with 1.5 inches of cutting diameter and a blade thickness of 0.031 inches, deliver some really impressive cutting. The effectiveness of these is surely by virtue of their long blades. That means they will open a deep wound and ensure a faster kill.

Another great thing about these is that they have an adjustable grain, from 85 to 100. Plus, you can use these with either a standard bow or a crossbow.

Bottom Line

These are proof that cutting diameter is not everything. With a small cutting diameter and expandable blade design, not only you will get a solid wound channel, but also the most accurate mechanical broadhead available on the market.

Best for Crossbows:
Rage Bowhunting Hypodermic Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead

Rage Bowhunting Hypodermic Crossbow Mechanical Broadhead, 2 Blade 2 Inch Cutting Diameter 100 or 125 Grain, 3 Pack


  • Offers extreme reliability
  • Maximum precision and cutting power are achieved by the hybrid tip
  • Features a whopping 2 inches of cutting diameter to ensure that your prey is down
  • Free practice tips are included to hone your skills with them before going for live game
  • Comes with Shock collar technology, whose central role is to guarantee blade retention.


  • Only suitable for crossbow use
  • Handling requires immense care as the tip could be a little bit sharper.

This crossbow version is as good as the bow version of this mechanical broadhead. The Rage Bow Hypodermic Broadhead is an excellent example of the rear-deploying mechanical broadhead. That means that during its flight through the air, the blades are swept snugly inwards, which results in less friction experienced as it travels.

These are especially known for being accurate and lethal when striking your intended target. It opens up a wound over 2 inches in size by virtue of its increased leading edge to knock down an animal. Plus, a surgical accuracy is provided by the exclusive hybrid tip.

The razor sharp blades with 0.035 inches of thickness pierce right through the hide of the animal effortlessly and guarantee a critical kill. Furthermore, ferrule alignment technology has contributed to an aerodynamic flight. The blade retention system has been made better than ever by improved high energy shock collar technology to offer accuracy to your arrow hit. Additionally, this product receives huge praise from consumers due to its reliability.

Bottom Line

Rage Hypodermic Crossbow broadhead is very popular at the moment, and that popularity is well-deserved! With top-of-the-line technologies, these are able to cut through the hides, ribs, and internal organs of your prey. Therefore, no matter what you are hunting, this Rage broadhead should be a solid choice.

Best 75-Grain Option: 
Wasp Jak-Hammer 75 SST 1-3/4” Cutting Diameter Broadhead

Wasp Jak-Hammer 75 SST 1-1/4' Cutting Diameter Broadhead


  • Creates 1-1/4-inch of catastrophic wound channels
  • Aluminum ferrule is resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Blades fold forward in flight and are retained by an O-ring
  • Surgically sharpened blades deploy upon impact to provide immense accuracy
  • Features a stainless steel Trocar tip so that you will benefit from deep penetration and devastating wound channels


  • Replacing the blades can be a hassle.

The Wasp Jak-Hammer Broadhead is a great choice if you desire for a broadhead to provide excellent accuracy and arrow stabilization, at the same time. The razor-sharp 0.36 inches blades are really efficient for the internal damage they can do.

However, the most exceptional feature of this product is a stainless steel Trocar tip for ultimate in blade penetration and alignment. With the rise of the three stainless steel blades, the Trocar edges are factory aligned, thus providing a straight path for cutting, which creates gaping wound channels for a quick guaranteed kill. The aluminum made ferrule provides the strength and penetration of blades to create a 1 ¼ inch solid wound, knocking down your prey.

Bottom Line

Equipped with lethal technology, this Wasp Jak-Hammer has a lot of “true believers.” The Trocar tip contains many nice details, and it is designed to batter through the hide, muscle, and bone. Therefore, if your shots are accurate enough, it can be a powerful tool you can use to see your game drop close to you.

Best 100-Grain Option:
Ramcat HydroShock Pivoting Broadheads -100-Grain

Ramcat Pivoting Broadheads (Hydroshock - 100 Grain)


  • Pivots to keep the arrow on the course
  • Deep lobes on tip create an airfoil to resist air planning for a better flight
  • In addition to having field point accuracy, this broadhead is deadly quiet in flight
  • Delivers an incredibly smooth flight due to its aerodynamic design
  • There is no need for tuning and adjustments, which is good for a quick and easy setup
  • 3-blade design, coupled with back cut technology, results in one of the deepest penetrations on the market


  • Consumers have complained about no audible thud during the impact

Ramcat broadheads are often left in the shade of more well-known brands; however, they are clearly worth your attention. The company might be smaller, but they have manufactured one solid, nearly bulletproof option.

Though bullet shaped, these are intimidating, to say the least. Apart from toughness, it features great penetrating power and has a decent cutting diameter. An airfoil is created by patented deep lobes which help to draft the wind over the blades and limit wind planning.

A back cut technology is employed to sharpen the front and rear of the blades in order to create a back cut if the head does not pass through the animal. When these qualities are combined, you end up with an option that is a workhorse for most games of medium size and even larger.

Bottom Line

Out of the several broadheads provided by Ramcat, this Ramcat Hydroshock Pivoting broadhead is best in terms of performance, durability, and value for money. Specially designed with top-line technologies, it works for you and to knock down your target.

Best 2-Blade Mechanical Broadhead: 
RAGE Hypodermic Trypan

RAGE Hypodermic Trypan Broadhead 100gr 3pk. Silver (35100)


  • Has a 2-inch cutting diameter
  • Smart design ensures an aerodynamic flight
  • Features a super stylish and trendy appearance
  • Famous for their outstanding accuracy and precision
  • Clever architecture reduces friction substantially and allows better penetration


  • Shot demands high levels of accuracy
  • Some models required the blades to be sharpened before hunting after some time

What Recent Buyers Report

Most customers reported that they bought this after considerable research, hence, they were expecting good results, but they were still pleasantly surprised. Experiencing how smoothly it glides towards a kill and the clean and sure-shot cut it makes cannot be expressed accurately. It has been used to kill a doe, hog, buck, deer, and a lot more animals.

Why It Stands Out To Us

Although this broadhead has a variety of fascinating features, what piqued our interest the most was the large entry and exit wounds it creates. Thanks to its huge two-inch cutting diameter, it leaves behind a blood trail so that you don’t lose your game.

Bottom Line

Rage has been manufacturing broadheads with cutting-edge features and design, but this one is a special beast. It is not only an attractive addition to your hunting arsenal, but it is also one of the best things you’ll use for your hunting passion.

Best 3-Blade Mechanical Broadhead:
Grim Reaper Razorcut SS Whitetail

Grim Reaper Razorcut SS Whitetail Spec 2' Cut 3 Bld 100gr


  • Has a commendable flight
  • Comes with a practice head
  • Main body is strong and tough
  • Blades having a thickness of 0.035"
  • Can blast through the bone as well


  • Perhaps not as durable as other models
  • Entry and exit wounds are sometimes not large enough to create a sufficient blood trail

What Recent Buyers Report

Customers have generally loved using this broadhead and have managed to improve their hunting game with this. It flies smoothly, and the broadhead opens every time on contact. Some people did complain about the blood trail issue, but many reported that it did leave behind one. Perhaps, it’s a matter of technique.

Why It Stands Out To Us

This broadhead has several striking features, and its performance is consistent and commendable; this is what landed it a place on this list. Its ability to make a smooth flight for a good distance, proper functioning, and piercing blades makes it an attractive option.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is one of the most impressive broadheads on the market and definitely gets the job done. It allows you to knock up your skills while keeping you stylish. We strongly recommend you to keep this in mind while making a decision.

Best Rage Mechanical Broadhead:
Rage Crossbow X

RAGE Crossbow X, 2-Blade Archery Arrow Broadhead, 100 or 125 Grain with Shock Collar Technology (3-Pack)


  • 2-Inch plus Cutting Diameter
  • 3 PACK - 100-grain broadhead
  • Allows for a great deal of precision
  • Aluminum construction ferrule alignment technology
  • Guarantees adequate blade retention when the bolt is stored


  • Blades are not always deployed on impact
  • Some models were missing the practice head

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers all applauded and praised this product. It has been tested in different scenarios like snow, rainfall, and forest, and it did not disappoint anywhere. They claim how it works efficiently up to a distance of 50 miles. Moreover, the smooth flight and sharp blade usually ensure a kill, and that has satisfied customers the most.

Why It Stands Out To Us

We believe this product is a whole package. However, to highlight some of the more superior features, the smooth flight of this and its ability to land swiftly into the target and pierce its skin and bone is a very impressive feature. It gives you an amazing experience, and we think that’s the most important.

Bottom Line

Rage has succeeded in introducing top-of-the-line products time and again, and this one was no less. With its high performance and smart design, this is one of the best tools you will use for hunting.

Best Muzzy Mechanical Broadhead:
Muzzy Trocar HB Hybrid

Muzzy Trocar HB Hybrid 4 Blade Broadhead, Silver


  • Smart design and easy to use
  • Brilliant accuracy even at long ranges
  • Hardened steel Trocar tip can penetrate a bone
  • Hybrid broadhead with two back-deploying expandable blades
  • 1” fixed cutting diameter and a 1-5/8” expandable cutting diameter


  • Pressure to deploy the blades might seem excessive to some
  • Moving blades are secured tightly hence a little more friction

What Recent Buyers Report

Most customers bought this out of the trust they have for the brand, and they were not disappointed. Its ability to penetrate skin and bone and make a clear kill has made it a unique favorite for many people. Some of them even went on to mention that this thing is so strong and powerful that the exit hole resembles that of a rifle bullet.

Why It Stands Out To Us

The built, design, reviews, and performance of this thing made us fall in love with it. It makes a smooth flight, has the ability to kill game animals neatly, and is super reliable. The blades are sharp and strong, and most of the time, do not even bend on hitting bone. Another outstanding feature is its accuracy; Muzzy is known for its precision even in long ranges, but this model has an edge even over the rest.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a smartly designed and well-built broadhead that is accurate, durable, has sharp and strong blades, and allows you to have an exciting hunting session, then you cannot possibly go wrong with the Muzzy Trocar HB Hybrid.

Best for Deer:
Rage Chisel 3-Blade Broadhead 100Gr 1.5-in. cut

Rage Chisel 3-Blade Broadhead 100Gr 1.5in. Cut 3pk 30100


  • Available in a more unique design than others
  • Tears a solid 1.5 inches wound to ensure a kill without a glitch
  • Equipped with a chisel tip to offer smooth penetration through the hides of the animal
  • Features shock collar technology so that the blades remain locked in place until the moment of impact


  • Not recommended for light draw weights
  • May require a powerful bow to punch through bone

Rage is considered by an overwhelming number of professionals as one of the most accurate and reliable broadhead brands. The Rage Chisel 3-blade broadhead is designed to satisfy even the most pretentious bow hunters. Its details are quite common among the Rage broadheads.

Equipped with a strong red anodized ferrule, it presents an innovative design. The smooth movement of the blade through your game is achieved by extra metal on the back of the blades to provide support. Using the shock collar technology, it comes with excellent blade retention, which means the blades don’t open up before they arrive at your animal.

The most striking feature here is the chisel tip, which is made from hardened steel to go smoothly through anything. It can even pass through bone, keeping the chances of scoring a kill high. These black, anti-friction and nickel-coated chisel points make these broadheads easily recognizable. The unique design is coupled with the 3-blade broadhead’s 1.5 inches cutting diameter.

Bottom Line

Rage mechanical broadheads have not only killed a lot of deer, but they have also been slaying the competition. Presented with an innovative design and equipped with high-quality blades, this is the best hunting broadhead to buy for better results compared to budget models.

Benefits of Mechanical Heads

Mechanical broadheads are equipped with the blades that are hidden during flight, but they become open on impact with the target. They are generally very efficient on targets ranging from smaller ones to whitetails. Some benefits they promise include:


One of the key features and the biggest selling point that is used by the manufactures while promotion of mechanical broadheads is that they fly just like the field points. They show great stability towards the ballistic curve. Those who have switched from fixed to mechanical several years ago are proved to hold a true claim.


While using mechanical broadheads, you will benefit from a larger cutting diameter, which leaves a devastating entrance and sometimes exit wounds as well. Additionally, the blood trail left by these is the keystone of tracking your hunt.


Since they show aerodynamic properties and the blades are designed to be completely concealed during the flight, mechanical broadheads are least affected by wind. This makes them more accurate than their fixed-blade counterpart.

Types of Mechanical Broadheads

There is no doubt that mechanical broadheads are the best crossbow broadheads for deer hunting. They have basically two basic structures and come in the following versions:

Front Deploying

In the structure of front deploying broadheads, also known as over-the-top broadheads, the blades are outside the broadhead being tucked up close to it. Upon their entry into the animal, the blades tend to expand out and back from the front of the broadhead inside the animal, more like a flower. The disadvantage is that they sometimes malfunction and you don’t achieve full pass through.

Rear Deploying

The blades are placed inside the broadhead, and upon impact to the prey, they are pushed open, expanding outward from the rear of the broadhead. They allow the blades to cause a large entry wound. They are slightly more reliable than the other type, as there’s less that can go wrong on the rear-deploying model.

Fixed vs. Mechanical Broadheads - Comparison Overview

Saying one option is better than the other will be not only erroneous but also ignorant. Both of them have been used to make beautiful and legendary shots and are loved by hunters across the world. Which one you choose really boils down to preference. 

Fixed Broadhead

This is the more traditional type of broadhead, and many people have learned hunting with this and are a lot more comfortable with it. The biggest edge this provides you is strength. If you compare a well-built fixed broadhead to a well-built mechanical broadhead, physics entails that the former will be stronger.

Since the blade is fixed and has the support of the entire length and features a simpler and non-moving design, its ability to penetrate is stronger. The mechanical broadhead is connected at one point only and is not made of the same material and is moving; hence, the laws of engineering dictate that a fixed head would be more powerful.

Mechanical Broadhead

With the advent of technology, new designs started to make a debut on the market, and mechanical broadheads have since then gained quite a lot of attention. Not to say that their blades are weak, but whatever they lack in strength compared to fixed broadheads, they make up for it in-flight performance.

The blade surface is exposed very minimally during flight; this allows the tip to glide with little to no aerodynamic drag. Furthermore, this results in the rear end to take control of the steering part rather than the tip creating navigational issues. Resultantly, you hit the animal more accurately, and in the manner, you intended it. 


To ensure your success as a hunter, you will definitely need a high-quality and well-designed broadhead. Mechanical broadheads are the best option if the target doesn’t need massive bone crushing. When used and tuned correctly, these can be an extremely powerful tool. All the broadheads listed above are worthy of your attention; however, the final decision belongs to you. Have a nice hunt!

People Also Ask

Although we have covered the topic through various angles, this section has been added to answer any more questions you might have had. These are common questions that customers have asked, so be sure to go through them. We hope you find this helpful.

Do Mechanical Broadheads Fly Better?

Fixed broadheads and mechanical broadheads have advantages over each other. However, when it comes to flying, mechanical broadheads do have an edge. Since there is less surface exposed during flight, there is lesser resistance and better accuracy, which gives it a smooth flight. 

Do You Have to Tune Mechanical Broadheads?

Before screwing any broadhead on your arrow, it needs a little tuning. However, mechanical broadheads don’t usually have many tuning problems, but you still need to shoot it to be sure before heading out for hunting. Therefore, if any altering or tweaking is required, it can be taken care of beforehand.

How Much Kinetic Energy Does a Mechanical Broadhead Have?

This variable can differ depending on the type and model you are using. Usually, the packaging has some hint or range. However, it depends on the cutting diameter. Typically, a bow with 55-60#s of Kinetic energy would be enough for animals the size of a deer. However, if the game is bigger or you want to penetrate bone, then you need more kinetic energy.

Are Mechanical Broadheads More Accurate?

While fixed broadheads take precedence in reliability and penetration, mechanical broadheads steal the show for blood trails, fight performance, and accuracy. This is possible because of the smart design of mechanical broadheads, which reduce air resistance and allows the rear end to navigate the head. 

Can You Shoot Mechanical Broadheads Into a Target?

Targets are usually better for fixed broadheads; therefore, we recommend using a separate one for practice. The pack usually comes with multiple blades. Another thing you can do is glue some old or used heads shut and secure them with glue near the base of the blade and down the notches in the ferrule. It can still open, but it allows you to practice. 

How to Sharpen Mechanical Broadheads

To sharpen a mechanical broadhead, you have to take out the blades. It is usually not that hard; you just have to unscrew the screws, typically two, and the blades fall right out. After that, just use your preferred broadhead sharpener to sharpen the blades. 

Mechanical broadheads are all the rage these days and for good reason. Mechanicals are the most accurate broadhead you can shoot. But picking out the right broadhead for you can be difficult. There are dozens of choices on the market. Sorting through them can be overwhelming. Dan Ellyson of A-1 Archery in Hudson, Wisconsin believes there are four factors everyone should consider when purchasing broadheads.

Accuracy is the first thing to look at. Ellyson says most mechanical broadheads are accurate. The blades on mechanicals are folded in. This means less exposed blade as the arrow flies through the air. Cutting down on exposed blade decreases the effect of wind on arrow flight.

Penetration is the second factor Ellyson considers. He recommends bows with a draw weight of 55 pounds or more for mechanical broadheads. Youth and ladies shooting less than 50 pounds should consider a fixed blade broadhead. Several elements determine the penetration of a particular broadhead including the number of blades, size of the blades, and how the blades deploy.

Blood trail is another important thing to consider. Again, the size and number of blades decide what your blood trail will look like. Creating a large entrance hole is the key to a good blood trail.

Wound channel is the final factor in choosing a broadhead. To kill big game animals, massive internal damage is necessary. Three or four blades expanding to create an inch and a half or larger wound channel will bring your target down in a hurry.

All of these factors are interrelated. Even with the right broadhead, you may not end up with a great blood trail if your shot is off the mark. You may have to give up some penetration to get a broadhead that will create a massive blood trail. Decide what is important to you and choose your broadhead accordingly.

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