Best Broadhead Sharpeners of 2021 – Complete Review

| Last Updated June 1, 2021

If you’re an avid hunter, you have to be sharp and not only mentally. 

Having a razor-sharp broadhead becomes more of a necessity as it increases your chance of hitting the right spot each time. 

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best broadhead sharpeners that you will find in the market, so let’s get started!

Comparison of the Best Broadhead Sharpeners

  • Multi-purpose design ideal for arrowheads and knife sharpening
  • Adjustable carbide sharpeners is easy to use
  • Durable and handy pocket size design
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  • Fitted with superior long lasting tungsten carbide sharpeners
  • Polished and diamond edged for improved efficiency
  • Dual-purpose knife and arrow sharpener
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  • Best for the Money
  • 5-in-1 multi tool arrow sharpener and fletcher
  • Made from high-quality tungsten carbide set at optimal angle for sharpening
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  • Best Single Bevel Broadhead Sharpener
  • Made with two preset tungsten carbide sharpening blades
  • Added wrench helps to make arrow head removal easy
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  • Best Mechanical Broadhead Sharpener
  • All-in-one super convenient sharpening kit
  • Includes wrench and bits for arrowhead disassembly
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  • Best KME Broadhead Sharpener
  • All-inclusive kit with four grit stones, jig, and water bottle
  • Comes in a hard shell case
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  • Best Lansky Broadhead Sharpener
  • Includes a broadhead arrow wrench lock for safe removal
  • Compact convenient for on the go
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How Does a Broadhead Sharpener Work? 

A broadhead sharpener has a fixed angle guide, which is why the angle of each depends on the width of the broadhead. Wider broadheads sharpen at lower angles as compared to narrow heads.

Most broadhead sharpeners sharp at 24-28 degrees. You should remove the metal to restore the cutting edge and get faster sharpening times. If you want durable and stronger cuts, it is best if you sharpen from higher angles. This will help you get the most out of your sharpener as well. 

What to Look For When Buying a Broadhead Sharpener

When choosing a good-quality broadhead sharpener, several factors need to be considered. If these are not paid attention to, you might find yourself regretting your purchase. Here are the main things that you should account for when buying a broadhead sharpener:


Any items get infuriating to use if they do not hold up well in the test of time. This is why you need to invest in a broadhead sharpener made up of sturdy quality materials. It should be easy to use and work well for numerous uses.

Smith's 50840


You should look for a sharpener that comes with different features. Just because you’re purchasing a broadhead sharpener, doesn’t mean it can’t carry an abundance of other features. If you get one with several features such as a wrench or fletching stripper, it adds to its versatility. 


Let’s get one thing out of the way: there is no such thing as too much sharpness when it comes to broadhead sharpeners. In fact, the sharper it is, the better it will be. A slick cut is not only more convenient but is also less painful and more humane. 

Review of the Best Broadhead Sharpeners

Now that we’ve gone over the main considerations, let’s dive into the reviews of what we think are the best broadhead sharpeners.

Best Overall:
G 5 Outdoors Sportsman

G 5 Outdoors Sportsman Carbide Broadhead Sharpener


  • Very easy to use 
  • Aesthetically pleasing to look at
  • Great for tuning your broadheads
  • Amazing quality blade with sturdiness
  • Must-have for archers who target hunt


  • Heavy little tool to carry around
  • Takes some time to sharpen completely

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the users who invested in the G5 Outdoors Sportsman were thoroughly impressed with it. The quality of the sharpener is very sturdy and durable, and it is super easy to use. Although it is heavy to carry around, it is still worth the purchase because of its qualities. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The reason why this broadhead sharpener stands out is because of its aesthetics, durability, and easy-to-use features. There are a few things that everyone looks for in a broadhead sharpener, and this one by G5 carries all the necessary features that you would want. 

Along with its impressive design and outlook, the blade is also super easy to use and sharpen with it. It is made with every intricate detail paid attention to, which makes it a reliable tool to carry around in your pocket. It is also very durable and lasts for a long time. 

Bottom Line

On the lookout for the best broadhead sharpener? This one by G5 Outdoors Sportsman is there to save the day! With its impeccable features, aesthetic design, and superior quality, it will undoubtedly leave you impressed.

Swhacker HDX3 Multi-Sharpener

Swhacker HDX3 Multi-Sharpener Dual Angle Sharpening System


  • Hard and extremely sharp
  • Diamond-honed cutting edge
  • Does not require any oiling or cleaning
  • Comes with two broadhead tip sharpeners
  • Super lightweight and easy to carry around


  • Not suitable for everyone

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of users found this broadhead sharpener to be one of the best ones in the market. This is because it is small, sharp, and does the job very well. It works very well for sharpening knives and is recommended for use for bowhunters as well. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This blade is compact, sharp, and packs a punch. It is easily one of the best broadhead sharpeners in the market because of its straightforward yet high-quality features. It comes with a diamond-honed cutting edge, which makes the cut super slick and sharp.

Moreover, it is lightweight and easy to carry around and does not even require any oiling and cleaning. So, if you’re looking for low maintenance and easy-to-use sharpener, it doesn’t get better than this. The impeccable design and features will not let you down.

Bottom Line

Looking for a lightweight, small broadhead sharpener that does its job well? You should check this model out. Although a little pricey, it works well and is super durable as well. You will not be disappointed in this little blade’s performance. 

Best for the Money:
SHARPAL 179N 5-In-1 Broadhead Sharpener

SHARPAL 179N 5-In-1 Broadhead Sharpener with Wrench Fletching Stripper Dual Grit Diamond Sharpening Stone, Anodized Aluminum Handle with Pocketclip, Ideal for Archer Hunter, Outdoorsman


  • Versatile broadband sharpener 
  • Comes with a fletcher and a glue stripper
  • Super easy to use for all types of purposes
  • Designed with the highest quality tungsten carbide
  • Constructed with stainless steel and lightweight aluminum


  • Heavy for some users

What Recent Buyers Report

According to buyers, this little tool is a sensation as it has every feature that you could want in a broadhead sharpener. It is versatile, high-quality, and comes at an unbeatable price. The users loved it and have rated it five stars because of its impressive performance. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are a lot of impressive features in this broadhead sharpener that makes it stand out. It is designed with high-quality tungsten carbide and is constructed with lightweight stainless steel, which is easy to carry around and is also durable. 

Moreover, the dia-uniform technology embedded in the sharpener's blade ensures that the performance is consistent and uniform. With an unbeatable price and versatile functions, this is a great choice for bowhunters and archers alike. It is tested 10,000 times for consistency and is highly portable as well. 

Bottom Line

There are very few broadhead sharpeners in the market that are versatile, good-quality, lightweight, and easy on the pocket, and this one by SHARPAL is one of them. If you want a sharpener that doesn’t break the bank, this is your best bet. 

Best Single Bevel Broadhead Sharpener:
Smith's BHS Broadhead Sharpener

Smith's BHS Broadhead Sharpener with Wrench


  • Durable quality and made to last a lifetime
  • Robust and durable handle which is easy to grip 
  • Super lightweight design which makes it portable
  • Works as a knife sharpener which makes it versatile
  • Easy to remove the broadheads and super convenient


  • Tricky to understand how it works
  • Does not come with replaceable blades

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers reported that this is one handy tool that they absolutely loved. It works like a charm and is super easy to carry around and fit inside a bag or pocket. It is also super versatile and doubles as a knife sharpener, which is an added quality that very few broadhead sharpeners have. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This single-bevel broadhead sharpener is designed for extreme performance and durability. It is constructed with the highest quality materials to ensure consistent sharpening each time. Moreover, it is also lightweight, so you can carry it around in your travel bag or pocket without worrying.

It also has a competitive advantage over others for being a knife sharpener and comes in handy for backcountry hunts, making it versatile. If you don’t want to carry individual sharpeners, then you should definitely choose this one. It is also durable and built to last.

Bottom Line

Smith’s is a very well-reputed company that has been in the broadhead sharpening business for a long time. If you’re looking for a reliable and dependable sharpener, this is the one you should choose. 

Best Mechanical Broadhead Sharpener:
Smith's 50840

Smith's 50840 Mechanical Broadhead Sharpening System


  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Easy assembly and disassembling
  • Efficient and consistent performance
  • Storage container included with an instruction guide
  • Blade holder comes with a mechanical blade for accurate sharpening


What Recent Buyers Report

For many users, sharpening blades using a broadhead sharpener has always been a chore. With the help of this kit, they found the process to be much less stressful and far more convenient. It is truly a very easy-to-use kit that comes with a mechanical blade for precise sharpening.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We like that this unique kit is easy to assemble and disassemble, which makes it stand out. The features that it includes make it foolproof and super easy to use. The steps have been designed to ensure maximum safety for the user when handling the blades, which makes it all the more impressive. 

Moreover, a multi-blade wrench comes with it, which aids in tightening or loosening the broadhead onto your arrow. There is also a jig that holds the loose blades of the mechanical broadhead when sharpening. It is also highly convenient and comes with an instruction manual. 

Bottom Line

Along with being the first of its kind, this kit is designed for maximum efficiency and is best for hunters and archers. It is also extremely sharp and high quality and is built to last a long time. 

Best KME Broadhead Sharpener:
KME Precision Knife Sharpening System

KME Precision Knife Sharpening System


  • Super easy and convenient to use
  • Has four uniquely grained diamond hones
  • Comes in a durable and hard carrying case
  • Equipped with a spherical bearing rod guide
  • Angles on the broadhead sharpener are adjustable


  • A little pricey for some users

What Recent Buyers Report

As per reports, this is one kit that has received five stars from all users. Every single customer has been thoroughly impressed with this kit because of its high-quality blades and consistent performance. It is a great product that provides excellent value for your money and gives you perfect angles each time. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The KME sharpening system is one tremendous sharpening tool, as it is a precision jig that gives you whichever angle you want. It is super easy to use and comes with diamond stones that make the job easier. It is also very versatile and is used to sharpen utility knives, pocket knives, and any sort of kitchen or hunting knives.

Moreover, it comes with a base and mount that allows you to sharpen the blade without holding it at all. All these accessories come in a portable hand carrying case that keeps it safe and organized and extends the durability of the product. 

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that the KME Knife Sharpener Kit is a high-end, luxurious item. It is costly and does not fit in everyone’s budget, but it is truly one of those kits that provides you excellent value for your money.

Best Lansky Broadhead Sharpener:
Lansky Broadhead Tungsten Carbide Sharpener

Lansky Broadhead Tungsten Carbide Sharpener LTCBH


  • Sharpens the broadheads very safely
  • Highly durable and super long-lasting
  • Super lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Comes with a broadhead wrench for versatility
  • Comes with a rubber-coated handle for an impressive grip


  • Does not come with replaceable blades

What Recent Buyers Report

Users found this to be a very easy-to-use and portable broadhead sharpener that can be used for different purposes. It is also well-made and highly durable, and it is overall just a great tool that you can carry in your travel bag. It is also of great quality and sharpens knives very well. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This compact tool is unique and has a different kind of aesthetic. It is portable, well designed, and highly efficient. There is a rubber-coated grip which makes the whole blade super easy to use and hold and is extremely lightweight and easy to carry around.

There is a broadhead wrench equipped with the sharpener that adds on to the versatility of the product. As a broadhead wrench and a tungsten carbide sharpener, this tool has a competitive edge and sharpens the stubbornest blades. Overall, you will definitely not be disappointed with it. 

Bottom Line

There are a lot of broadhead sharpeners in the market, but very few are consistent and versatile. This one by Lansky is considered to be one of the most impressive and high-quality ones, and we’re sure that you will be impressed with its performance too. 

Are Broadhead Sharpeners Universal?

Most broadheads are nearly universal. The inserts are also of the same size. However, there can be a difference in the ferrule size because of the higher popularity of carbon arrows. 

The sharpeners, on the other hand, are not all versatile. Many are designed for every kind of purpose, but there are some in the market that is only designed for a specific task and do not cater to all the uses.

How Often Should I Sharpen My Broadheads? 

Once you’re a regular user of a broadhead sharpener, you will better understand your tool and know when you should sharpen the blades. It is, however, recommended that you sharpen them periodically.

If you let the broadheads sit for months at a time where you do not need them, then a few strokes will be enough to do the trick and return them to being razor-sharp. So, all in all, you do not need to sharpen them every week or month, but you can do it whenever you need to. 

How to Sharpen Broadhead Blades

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to sharpen a two-blade and a three-blade broadhead:

How Do You Sharpen 3-Blade Broadheads?

  1. Clean your diamond stones before you start to sharpen your broadheads.

  2. The first thing that you need to do when sharpening is to wear a safety glove to protect yourself from the blade.

  3. You should be super careful when dealing with three-blade broadheads as they are easy to snap and need to be held properly. 

  4. You should have three different stones: coarse, fine, and extra fine. The broadhead should lay flat on the stone.

  5. Grab the little top blade and do strokes of three on each of the stones. 

  6. Switch to the next side and repeat the process until all three blades are sharpened.

  7. Put on an arrow extract on the stones to pre-oil them.

  8. Repeat the process of stroking each blade on the stone to polish them. 

How To Properly Sharpen a Two Bladed Broadhead

In order to sharpen a two-bladed broadhead, you should repeat the steps given above, but make sure that you stroke over the diamond stones twice only when polishing them. 

if you want a visual guide for the whole process, here’s a video:


Hopefully, this article helped you understand which broadhead sharpener is suitable for you. There are many different ones available in the market, but these are the most sought-after ones that you should choose from. Make sure to look at the important features before buying one. Good luck shopping!

People Also Ask

If you still have some queries or concerns regarding broadhead sharpeners, then you should look over these questions and answers to get a better insight into how to sharpen your broadhead blades and how sharp they need to be to be effective.

How Sharp Do Broadheads Need to Be?

A standard broadhead blade must have around a 20-degree edge and should be properly honed until they’re razor-sharp. The biggest reason why the blade should be this sharp is that the sharper it is, the easier it slices the tissue, and the less painful it will be to the animal.

What Angle Do You Sharpen Broadheads?

Most broadheads should be sharpened at a 24-28 degree angle. Although different brands and manufacturers recommend sharpening at different angles, individual blades and broadheads sharpen at the same angle after some time. This will also give you a consistent performance. 

Who Created the Broadhead Sharpener?

Knife grinders and moletas were people who traveled to different villages to offer their sharpening services. They used to live in the valley of Val Rendena in Italy, and soon after, the pedal-operated grinding wheel was the first sharpening tool that was found in every home. 

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