Best Turkey Hunting Seats and Chairs of 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated October 20, 2021

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You have all your hunting gear ready, and the perfect spot staked out for the day, but you may still be missing an important addition that would make for a better hunting experience.

While hunting, you may end up standing for hours on end, which can lead to joint pain and general discomfort.

It’s easy to avoid this issue, which can be solved with a simple purchase of a comfortable hunting chair, which can easily fold for transportation.

Comparison of the Best Turkey Hunting Seats and Chairs

  • Low Profile and Powder-Coated Steel Frame
  • Compact Folding Design With Included Carry Bag
  • Four Rotating Feet to Stabilize Chair on Uneven Terrain
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  • Easily Attachable Shoulder Carrying Strap
  • Low Profile Design to Stay Close to the Ground
  • Able to Be Ordered With Extra Padding for More Comfort
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  • Durable Aluminum Frame With Steel Legs
  • Reversible Angled Legs for Various Field Conditions
  • Durable Hinges That Allows it to Easily Fold for Transportation
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  • Portable and Lightweight Design
  • Durable and Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Double Strap Backpack Style Carrying Case Included
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  • Padded Shoulder Carrying Strap
  • Front and Back Organizational Pockets
  • Durable Steel Frame and Nice Backrest
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  • Strong and durable polyester fabric
  • Compact design for easy folding
  • Offers extra storage with the side pocket
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What Makes a Seat Great For Turkey Hunting?

For turkey hunting, it is a prerequisite to scout a location and stay in it for a few hours. Therefore, it is a good idea to invest in a hunting chair that is comfortable and durable, since it will be quite uncomfortable to stand the whole time. For this purpose, ground seats are best as they are cushioned and ensure user comfort when sitting on a stump or the ground.

It is vital to choose a hunting chair that suits your preference and helps ensure a memorable hunting experience. If you are looking for an exceptional chair for your next turkey hunt, then you should keep the following aspects in mind:


Portability is a vital feature of a good turkey chair. It should be foldable and lightweight so that users can carry it easily when they are on foot. Some chairs only consist of a hunting seat cushion which is actually a thick foam pad instead of an actual foldable chair.


You need an item that will be able to withstand rough handling and last through multiple seasons. It is important for a great hunting chair to be functional and durable and not fall apart after using it a few times.


A good product should be comfortable and keep your back supported as you will be sitting in it for a number of hours. It should feature thickly padded seats and a nice backrest. Moreover, it should be of a proper height, thus offering proper support.   

Are Seats Important While Turkey Hunting?

For turkey hunting, it is common practice to find a location that was previously scouted and to stay in that location for a few hours. Calls help lure the turkeys nearby toward you, so you are expected to be staying in one spot for quite a while. Since you’ll be in one location for hours on end, it is a good idea to invest in a seat, since it would be rather uncomfortable to stand still the entire time.

If you find that your current location isn’t optimal, simply find a new location to set up, but don’t forget your seat. Ground seats are great because they are cushioned and are much better than sitting on the ground or a stump.

Most of the ground seats on the market come at great prices and are comfortable and lightweight, making their mobility useful, especially if you travel a good distance by foot to get to a certain spot.

How to Choose Great Turkey Chairs

It matters what type of chair you pick, to best suit your preference, and to aid in making for a better hunting experience. Below are a few aspects you may want to consider and look for in a great chair for your next turkey hunt.


Certain types of turkey chairs are great because of their mobility. You can easily fold and carry them to your next location, and having them be relatively lightweight makes for an easier trip by foot. Some chairs can also just be made with a hunting seat cushion, where the main body is a thick foam pad rather than an actual foldable chair.

Turkey seat should come in handy. Source


Many great turkey chairs are quite comfortable, featuring thickly padded seats and perhaps a nice backrest. Comfort is important during turkey hunting since you’ll be sitting for hours on end, and you will want to keep your back properly supported throughout the day. You also want to ensure the seat is a proper height for yourself so you can be properly supported.


The durability of any hunting item is very important, as I’m sure you’d want it to last through multiple seasons and be able to handle a bit of wear and tear. A great turkey chair should be durable and functional, and shouldn’t fall apart or tear easily.

Key Terms to Know

To help compare products in this review, we have included a few key specifications for each. Here is a quick summary of what they mean.

  • Weight Capacity: The maximum weight the chair can support.

  • Materials: The materials used in the making of the frame and seat portion of the chair.

  • Carry Weight: The actual weight of the seat and assembly.

  • Comfort Features: Features that increase the comfort of the seat. These include having a padded strap, extra cushioning, arm/backrests, carry bag, etc.

  • Dimensions: The actual dimensions of the chair when in the assembled position. Length x Width x Height

Review of the Best Turkey Hunting Chairs

With so many different types of turkey hunting chairs out on the market, it may be difficult deciding which would be the best fit for you and your hunting style. To make matters a bit more simple, we’ve compiled a list of what we think are a few of the best turkey hunting chairs, so hopefully one will appeal to you.

Best Overall:
Browning Camping Strutter Chair

Browning Camping 8525014 Strutter Folding Chair (Regular) Realtree Edge, 22'x14'x24


  • Easy to Set Up
  • Quick Drying Material
  • Stable and Good Support
  • Comfortable and Has a Backrest


  • A Bit on the Heavier Side

This product made by Browning is the perfect folding chair with arms to add support and comfort. It weighs around seven pounds and has a carrying capacity of 300 pounds. Its simple design allows for easy mobility so you can bring it with you from one location to another.

The low profile, powder-coated frame is made of steel and includes a padded shoulder strap that makes for easier and more comfortable transportation. The compact folding design allows this chair to fold up and fit in an eight by twenty-eight-inch bag for carrying.

Four rotating feet at the bottom of this chair help stabilize the seat, so you can more easily sit on uneven terrain. It is easy to open and set up, and it’s just as easy to compact and put away. The material is quick drying, so if it suddenly rains, you won’t have to worry about the chair molding.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a great chair to invest in, whether it’s for turkey hunting or another outdoor activity where you need something comfortable and supportive to sit on. The low profile and sturdy steel frame are easy to compact so it can be put into the carrying bag and carried like a bag with the padded shoulder strap. It is a bit heavy, which is a downside, but the strap makes it a lot easier to carry. The rotating feet at the bottom of the chair are great for providing support and allowing you to comfortably sit on any uneven terrain.

ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Turkey Chair

ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Turkey Chair


  • Handy Carrying Strap
  • Comfortable and Supportive
  • Easy to Set Up and Compact


  • Doesn’t Really Have Padding

This chair is the runner up on our list and is a low profile chair that allows you to stay hidden while waiting for a turkey or other target to wander by. It features sturdy powder-coated steel for the frame which provides support and durability that you can rely on.

It can fold to become a more compact item that is then easier to carry with the included shoulder carrying strap, which can be attached or detached depending on personal preference. It does not have any padding really, but there is an option where you can select “more comfort”, should you need the added cushioning. The camo design works well to aid in concealing you for a better hunt, while you are able to remain close to the ground without sitting directly on the forest floor.

Bottom Line

This is a pretty great turkey hunting chair, as it is low to the ground, which allows you to remain concealed as you wait for any turkey or other targets to wander in the area. The provided carrying strap is easy to attach and detach, so you can decide whether you want it on the chair or not.

There is no real additional padding, but an option is available for you to select to have more comfort, should you want it. The frame is made from steel and has a powder-coat finish to protect it and allow it to be more resistant to chemical damage. The durable frame is lightweight and easy to carry so you can move locations if needed.

Best for the Money:
Hunters Specialties H.S. Strut Deluxe Two-Way Strut Seat

Hunters Specialties H.S. Strut Deluxe Two-Way Strut Seat


  • Gets You Off the Ground
  • Comes With a Carry Strap
  • Easy to Set Up and Compact
  • Durable and Easy to Transport


  • Doesn’t Have Padding or a Backrest

This two-way strut seat makes for a great hunting experience, as it puts distance between you and the ground while you sit. It features reversible, angled legs that work to accommodate a variety of field conditions that may occur and make for a relatively comfortable experience.

It is able to fold easily to make transportation a breeze, especially with the included carry strap that is simply attached. An aluminum frame is the foundation for this construction, with steel legs for reliable support, and durable hinges for it to fold and become more compact for carrying.

This product has been tested at 225 pounds and should be able to provide good support. This does not have any padding or a backrest, but it gets you off the ground, which is the main idea.

Bottom Line

This is a great seat that is very easy to transport thanks to its simple and durable design. It does not include a backrest or cushioning, but a padded cushion seat can easily be placed on top of it for additional comfort, if you choose to do so. The seat is made with an aluminum frame and features durable steel legs and hinges that help add structure to the seat, while also making it easier to fold for transportation.

Most Comfortable:
STRONGBACK Low Gravity Beach Chair

STRONGBACK Low Gravity Beach Chair with Lumbar Support, Camo


  • Low to the Ground
  • Tough and Durable
  • Easy to Set Up and Fold
  • Comfortable and Supportive


  • No Real Added Padding

This beach chair is low to the ground and makes for a perfect turkey hunting chair. The design is built to align better to your body for full, functional support by easing back and shoulder tension.

It provides support to your back while taking the strain off your spine and muscles. It is very easy to set up, and the simple design allows it to easily fold for transportation to the next location.

A backpack style carrying case is included, with double straps for simple mobility. The heavy duty and durable construction are able to hold the weight of up to 300 pounds and provides solid upper body support and comfort.

Bottom Line

This is a very nice chair, worth investing in because of its long lasting quality and durability. It is low to the ground, making it the perfect type of chair to use for turkey hunting or other types of outdoor activities. It included a backpack style carrying case that has two straps, making transportation a breeze.

The entire back part of the seat provides relief and comfort to your spine and shoulders, though there isn’t really any built-in padding or cushioning to this chair. If you want it to be a bit more comfortable, you could easily include a padded cushion to place on top of the chair, if you so choose.

Best From Browning:
Browning Camping Woodland Hunting Chair

Browning Camping Woodland Hunting Chair, Realtree Edge, 19-Inch x 12-Inch x 21-Inch (8533401)


  • Added Pockets are a Nice Touch
  • Comfortable and Holds Weight Well
  • Quality Materials Used for Construction


  • A Bit on the Bulky Side

This low profile hunting chair is made with a durable steel frame that can fold for better mobility. There are front and back organizational pockets in which you can store any personal items that you’d like to keep within easy reach.

A padded shoulder carrying strap is included for the convenience of transportation. With a weight capacity of 300 pounds and a frame that is durable and easy to fold, this is a quality hunting chair.

Bottom Line

This is a nice, quality hunting chair that will be useful on your next turkey hunting trip. The low profile design works well to keep yourself low to the ground and out of sight. It is a bit on the bulky side, but the padded shoulder carrying strap works well to help with transportation purposes.

Quality materials and durable construction allow it to hold weight well, and the organizational pockets on the front and back are great for keeping some items safe and within reach. At a pretty decent price and with what it has to offer, this chair would be great to invest in.

Editor's Pick:
ALPS OutdoorZ Tri-Leg Hunting Stool

ALPS OutdoorZ Tri-Leg Hunting Stool, Realtree Edge (8410001)


  • Attached carry strap increases convenience
  • Reliable and attractive 600D polyester fabric
  • Durable and long-lasting powder-coated steel frame
  • Compact and comfortable design particularly useful when there is limited space
  • Bottom webbing strap and mesh storage pocket provides increased strength and storage


  • Screws are loose and tend to come out

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers are very pleased with the portability and quality of this product. They claim that it is precisely what they were looking for. It is compact and can be easily carried from one place to another. They also claim that the height of this chair is perfect for waist-high projects such as changing brakes. Buyers have not only used it while hiking or camping but have also used it around the house and found it very comfortable.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

The ALPS Outdoorz Tri-Leg Hunting stool is a well-made and rugged stool that is easy to set up. It helps you get close to the ground without being uncomfortable. This feature makes this stool perfect for working on jobs where otherwise a person might have to squat. It is constructed with high-grade materials that allow it to carry heavy weights with ease.        

Bottom Line

The ALPS Outdoorz Tri-leg is the ideal solution when you want a lightweight and sturdy stool to compliment your active lifestyle. Its powder-coated steel frame and reinforced center support system makes it perfect even for people who are heavyweight. Whether you are going camping, hunting, or fishing, this versatile product can be used anytime you need a chair.   

Best From Alps:
ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Vanish Hunting Chair

ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Vanish Hunting Chair


  • Heavy-Duty Chair
  • Great Back Support
  • Transportation Friendly
  • Padded Armrests a Nice Touch


  • Strap is Noisy Where it Clips to the D-Rings
  • This is a Bit on the Heavier Side, for a Compact Chair at Least

This folding chair makes for easy transportation, since it has a simple and lightweight design. Padded armrests are included for added comfort and a padded shoulder carry bag is included to put the chair in, for storage or transportation.

The powder-coated steel frame allows it to remain resistant to the outdoor elements, contributing to its long-lasting durability. It has a weight of around seven pounds and a carrying capacity of up to 300 pounds.

The camo design helps it blend into the surroundings so you won’t easily be spotted on a hunt. The low to the ground design also helps keep you hidden by the surrounding terrain.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a pretty good chair that you may want to invest in for your next hunting trip. It is on the heavier side, at least for a compact chair, but the provided shoulder carry case makes transporting it a bit easier. The strap part where it clips onto the D-rings may be a bit noisy, so you may want to wrap tape around it or find a way to prevent the metal from hitting. Otherwise, this is a very durable chair, worth the money.

What Size of Chair Do I Need? Are They One Size Fit All?

Hunting chairs are available in a variety of sizes. While some models may look the same, they will not be able to hold the same amount of weight. Some children’s chairs can hold from 150 to 225 pounds while adult chairs are built to hold up to 500 pounds. Although it might seem more than enough if a chair claims to hold 250 pounds, it will be best to be cautious, particularly if you have little kids jumping around.

If you want a hunting chair for a larger person, it is best to invest in an extra-large chair as they not only can hold the extra weight easily but can also offer an additional room as well. Choosing a chair according to your size will make a world of difference in terms of comfort.   


For hunting, especially turkey hunting, proper equipment is key, and this includes a great hunting chair. Hunting chairs are specifically designed to be low to the ground and this works well to help conceal you from any targets.

Some may not include that much padding, but don’t be deterred away from them, as you can easily add extra padding for more comfort if desired. Chairs are also a better option than sitting on the ground and they often include a carrying strap or case, making for easy transportation. Keep strain off your spine, back, and shoulders by investing in a great hunting chair for your next hunt.

People Also Ask

Before choosing a hunting chair, it is best to not only read online reviews of various products but also to gather all the necessary information. Answers to the following questions will help to make it easier to find a hunting chair that is just right:

How Heavy Are These Chairs?

Most of the hunting chairs available are lightweight, which makes them very easy to carry.

How Much Weight Can These Chairs Hold?

Different sizes and models of hunting chairs can hold different weights. Some adult-size chairs can hold from 225 pounds to 500 pounds. 

Comfort. Comfort. COMFORT! That's an axiom to which turkey hunters should adhere when setting up. Don't think for one minute that sitting in a blind or up against a tree for hours can't be uncomfortable. It can be, and the last thing you want after a hunt is to hear "creaks and groans" from your knees, along with lingering back pain, all the while walking like Quasimodo. Savvy turkey hunters solve those problems easily (without Ben Gay), by choosing a good seat to "R & R" on while waiting for that special gobbler to come in.

Most hunters have discovered that setting up in a blind can be very appealing. The blinds fold into a small packet, and expand to a size that can comfortably hold two people, and two seats. There are wide selections of seats to choose from, but there are three alternatives to commercial turkey hunting seats that work beautifully.

Yes, you can buy those little tripod folding seats, with a small back, and that's fine, but after a period of time, they don't end up giving you sufficient support for your back, legs, knees, and... your butt. Indeed, you become quite uncomfortable. Phil Schweik's first choice is to use a camp chair -- the ones with a good sturdy, cushioned back and seat, fold-back armrests and cup holders. They are absolutely wonderful, and comparatively inexpensive -- and you can use them for many other things beside turkey hunting.

The reason Phil likes them, in addition to being long-term solidly comfortable (easy to get up and out of too), is because you can rest your gun across the arms, keeping your hands free; and the cup holders can hold your turkey calls (yeah – and maybe an "appropriate" beverage, too). Everything is right in front of you and convenient to use.

OK. Let's say you're not in a blind. What a lot of hunters do is buy one of those backpacks to store gear in, that has a fold-down padded seat at its base. You go out in the woods, find a tree, and sit down. The backpack protects you from rubbing against the bark of the tree (if your back is up against tree bark for any period of time, you're going to end up hurting); and the fold-up seat will allow you to stay off the ground and will keep you warm and dry (you NEVER want to sit directly on the ground -- dry, snow, rain, whatever – sitting on the ground literally saps the warmth from your body however warm it is outside).

And for those (like so many of us!) who have to consider cost at every turn in our lives, a cheap and very usable alternative is a simple, PADDED boat cushion. You carry it with you, and, voila, you're all set.

So the watchwords are, Be warm. Be comfortable. Be dry. The right turkey hunting seat will help insure all of those things.

My name is Jeff and I have been hunting and fishing for over 40 years. I am an avid archery lover, bass fisherman, and all-around outdoorsman. Currently, I'm obsessed with elk hunting but I'm sure I'll move onto a different favorite soon. You gotta love hunting for that reason :) If you have any questions, or just want chat about your latest hunting score or big catch, you can reach me at Read more about Big Game Logic.