Best Tree Stand Blind Kits – 2021 Review

| Last Updated May 17, 2021

Tree stand blinds provide total coverage for hunters hoping to go undetected by prey.

They offer a tent-like structure with concealing camouflage so you can move around without startling prey. A full kit includes support poles and fabric blinds or shelters.

Here are the best tree stand blind kits available this year.

Comparison of the Best Tree Stand Blind Kits

  • Best Overall
  • Highlighted by an attractive camouflage design
  • Secured with Velcro loops and zippered door
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  • Stay concealed with a blind tree stand
  • Enhanced security with extra long strings
  • Three extra large zip out windows for better air circulation
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  • Best for the Money
  • Made out of heavy duty chrome moly steel
  • Simple installation suitable for novice users
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  • Perfect for use throughout all four seasons
  • A hassle-free stand perfect for newbies
  • An attractive and rugged camouflage design
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  • Highlighted by a secure and comfortable construction
  • Perfect for providing stable concealment
  • Provides a standing area for two adult hunters
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Factors to Consider Before Buying Tree Stand Blind Kit

Tree stand blinds are immensely beneficial, but you want to make sure to invest in one that suits your hunting needs and provides enough space. Here are some factors to consider before buying your tree stand blind kit. 

Opening Mechanism

The way the tent opens will lend to the success of your hunt. Zippers are the most common, but noisy zippers startle prey. The ideal opening mechanism is a smooth, quiet zipper, but fabric ties are also effective. 

If you don’t see information about the openings, check out some customer reviews. There might be some testimonials about the quality and noise level of the mechanism.

Fabric Material and Pattern

Camouflage is the optimal print for your blinds, but solid earth tones could also work. There’s a lot of different camo variations, so you’ll have plenty to choose from. Make sure that the material is soft and quiet. Weatherproofing is a plus.

Some blind kits are self-insulating to preserve your body heat. Others are equipped with cooling technology. Consider your specific hunting needs before going through with your blind kit purchase. 

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Some blind kits are large enough to shelter two hunters at a time. Think about the capacity requirements you have and make sure that the blind kit you choose will sustain it.

You want to be able to sit in it comfortably, possibly for a few hours. The last thing you want is to end up crouched and cramped in your new tree stand blind kit. Be sure to check the dimensions of the item before you buy it. 

Special Features

Pockets, windows, roofing, and other features will make your hunting experience more enjoyable and possibly more bountiful. Some blind kit stands are full shelters, and others leave you exposed in areas. 

Windows are ideal. They eliminate the need for opening and closing flaps to aim or search, and they increase breathability. A nice breeze is always welcome in a fully shelter blind kit. 


The best tree stand blind kits are universal, meaning they are compatible with most models on the market, and hopefully the one you have at home. The product description will alert you to overall compatibility and distinguish which units it works with. 

Ground stakes are a bonus when they are included in the blind kit. Stakes allow you to mount the blind kit on the ground as well as in the tree stand. 

Review of the Best Blind Kits For Tree Stands

If you’re looking for a high-quality, safe blind kit for your tree stand, you’ve come to the right place. We think these are the best blind kits available for the hunting season. Archers and hunters alike can use these reviews as a reference when choosing their next blind kit. 

Best Overall:
Guide Gear 36-inch Universal Blind Kit

Guide Gear Universal Hunting Tree Stand Blind


  • Realistic camo print
  • Fits tree stands and tripods
  • Effective odor-containing fabric
  • Safety rail doubles and shooting support
  • 36-inch bidirectional zipper for easy access


  • Roof sold separately



This Guide Gear blind kit is 45” wide and 160’’ long, wrapped in a circular shape with an open back. It’s lightweight and collapsible, so it won’t slow you down on the trek to a prime spot.


This shelter is advertised as having a dense camo print that effectively conceals the hunter or archer. It features muted earth tones with a leafy tree design, so it will work great in the forest.


The Universal Blind Kit does not have a roof, but it’s wide enough for two grown men to fit comfortably inside.


There is a safety rail that goes along the entire structure. It includes reinforcement grommets and attachment clips for added security and support.


This blind kit is wide enough for bowhunters to secure aim, drawback, and shoot. Hunters using firearms will also be able to rest rifle barrels on the safety rail for stabilization. It’s versatile and truly universal in its design. It will more than likely fit the tree stand you already own.

This tree stand blind kit does not include a roof, so you’ll have to be okay with kneeling or sitting when you use this particular item. If you want to be standing upright, this isn’t the model for you. Still, it’s one of the best products out there because of the price, durability, and spaciousness. 

Bottom Line

This blind kit is suitable for tough weather conditions, and it’s easy to climb in and out of. We think it’s a worthy investment for anyone who plans to do their fair share of hunting this season. You’ll love the rail doubles that promote safety.

Guide Gear Universal

Guide Gear Universal Tree Stand Blind Kit


  • Ultra-quiet
  • Zero zippers
  • Ground stakes included
  • Super concealment camo
  • Wide, spacious support frame
  • Supports rifle and bowhunting


  • Not waterproof



This tree stand is 3'9" x 4'4" x 5'2"h and weighs under around 17 pounds. It’s a little heavy, but it won’t make a terrible impact on the overall weight of the load you carry.


There is a realistic camo design on the fabric of this shelter. It’s a forest print, complete with brown and red leaves and detailed tree bark. A Guide Gear Universal blind kit will do a brilliant job keeping your spot hidden from prey.


You get full body coverage in this blind kit. It wraps around the tree stand and includes a roof attachment. There are three windows that can be rolled down for aiming and shooting. A bungee pull string at the bottom allows you to conceal your feet.


Long tie strings are included so that you can double wrap and triple knot your straps. The straps attach directly onto the tree stand for support and balance.


Full coverage blind kits offer many perks. You can move around more and adjust yourself without giving your location away. Standing just over five feet high, this shelter will be sufficient to house even the tallest hunters. Sitting down with a tree stand seat will make this blind kit even more comfortable.

The windows fold down, and ground stakes are included in this package, so it lives up to its name. Hunters can use it in tree stands or on the ground, thus getting more use out of it. 

If you’re looking for something completely waterproof, though, this one doesn’t do the trick. There are spaces between the roof and sides that let rainwater in.

Bottom Line

This is a great option to consider when buying your next tree stand blind kit. Its effective camo print will add a layer of disguise as you hunt. It’s mostly ideal for bow and rifle hunting with a wide frame.

Best for the Money:
Muddy Mad MUD-MCB-MF3

Muddy Made to Fit Blind Kit Fitting Nexus and Partner Stand, Camo


  • Super silent
  • Two-seater space
  • Warm in cold months
  • Simple, fast installation
  • Increased breathability from an open roof


  • No roof



This Muddy brand blind kit runs 39.5 x 30 x 33.5 inches. It’s 2.7 pounds and collapsible, so it won’t add weight to your hunting pack.


This camo variation is very detailed and set in muted earth tones. It depicts realistic leaves and tree branches.


Muddy Mad tree stand blinds have an open top. There is no roof, but hunters are concealed from the bottom and sides.


You’ll set this hide kit right on the base of the tree stand, so there is good support and balance. It also has a back strap that will secure you around the tree trunk for added safety.


This realistic camo is printed on thick, resilient material. There is a square-shaped zippered hole to make coming in and out easier. While you won’t get coverage from rain or snow with this blind kit, you will be completely concealed from the back and all four sides. 

This design slightly limits your range of motion, especially with two hunters occupying the space. This may not be an issue for solo bowhunters, but those who desire ample space and a full range of motion should consider another model. 

Bottom Line

This would be a functional, well-used piece of equipment to add to your hunting gear collection. It’s heavy-duty, well camouflaged, and affordable. You can quickly install it, and it has an open roof for excellent ventilation.

Editor's Pick:
Hawk 2-Man Ladder Blind Kit

Hawk 2-Man Ladder Blind Kit (Big De), Black


  • Tall coverage
  • Spacious floor room
  • Easy in and out access
  • Excellent forest pattern
  • Long, quiet middle zipper
  • Cinched sides for more coverage


  • Not waterproof



A Hawk 2-Man Ladder Blind kit will seat two adults comfortably. It’s just over 3 feet wide and nearly 3 feet tall.


The camo print is natural and authentic-looking. It has green, gray, brown, and tan colors to seamlessly merge it with the surrounding woods.


There is no roof on this blind kit, but it will cover sitting huntsmen and archers. All four sides are sheltered by the camo print cover.


This particular model has sturdy framing around the base and sides. It rests atop the tree stand base and wraps around the tree itself for secure attachment.


The Hawk 2-Man Ladder Blind Kit is practical and light. It doesn’t fully collapse, and it has no roof, so if these are must-haves on your list you may want to browse other options. 

This blind kit is a wonderful shelter against the wind. The bottom is flat and balanced, so you can easily stand to aim and shoot. 

The zipper is in the ideal position, so even if there are two hunters occupying the space, they can both get in and out easily. It’s long enough for adults to fit through.

Bottom Line

Even though it doesn’t have a roof, it can keep two seated or kneeled hunters completely covered. It has an outstanding forest pattern you’ll enjoy, while access is effortless. Another great feature is the tall coverage it provides.

Honorable Mention:
X-Stand Treestands Ladderstand Blind Kit

X-Stand Treestands Two Person Ladderstand Blind Two-Person Ladderstand Hunting Blind Kit, Black


  • Wide opening
  • Warm and cozy
  • Weather-resistant
  • Realistic camo print
  • Ample side coverage
  • Centered zipper for easy access


  • Lacking bottom and top coverage



This X-Stand blind kit is more than three feet wide, and it seats two people comfortably. It’s easy to carry and won’t slow you down.


This camo print is fitting for wooded areas and dense terrain. It has horizontal tree branches printed on the fabric, so it will blend right in with the treetop.


While there is no roof on this model, it curves in slightly to provide some overhead coverage when needed.


The firm safety rails offer heightened support. The rails run along the perimeter of the blind kit so you can hold on facing any angle.


This blind kit is made out of lightweight material. It’s airy and breathable, and the open space on top facilitates a breeze. However, with heavy wind, this light, weather-resistant fabric could be noisy and billowy. In nice conditions, this won’t be an issue.

The concealment aspect is a major win with this product; the print is realistic and will blend right in. This item earns its spot on the list mainly because of the stellar camo and lightweight portability.

Bottom Line

This X-Stand tree stand blind kit is simple and practical. It’s a great utility item for your next hunt. The resistance to the elements will protect you from inclement weather, and you’ll feel cozy when it’s cold.

Top Brands in the Space

With hundreds of brands to choose from, searching for your next tree stand blind kit can be overwhelming. Some brands are more reliable than others, so here’s a list of the brands we think you can count on.


X-Stand is an established manufacturer of hunting goods, including tree stands, seats, and blind kits. They are well-known for camouflaged products and Hunt Safe Technology. They cater to avid hunters and take safety seriously. So naturally, their products are well constructed and secure.

They sell large and small hunting accessories that will help improve your game and last longer in the wilderness. There are tons of equipment and small parts available to help you rig up your tree stand safely. They also sell functional, athletic apparel for every season. 

The X-Stand website is well-designed, easy to navigate, and organized- a testament to the company’s professionalism. 

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Muddy sells blinds, tree stands, cameras, and other hunting accessories. This company strives to provide top-tier equipment with excellent customer service. Muddy representatives welcome your inquiries and are fans of the sport as well. They’ll help guide you through your purchase and answer your questions.

You can tell by their website and digital content that Muddy is an established brand with a degree of success and influence. They cater to hunters of every skill level and want to make the sport work for everyone. Beginners are welcomed and serious hunters will feel at home browsing this site. 

It’s a trusted brand with internet reach to prove it. 

Guide Gear

Guide Gear is a branch off-brand of Sportsman’s Guide, a well-known outdoorsy company. Guide Gear gets the most bang for your buck. It’s shockingly affordable, and the products they sell are well-made.  

The website offers helpful tips and tricks through frequently posted blogs. The content is relevant for hunters and archers alike, so it’s worth a visit even if you aren’t buying.

Price Points of Tree Stand Blind Kits

Different prices afford different features. Give yourself a budget before you shop because it will help you filter your options. Here’s what to expect for various price points.


Tree stand blind kits that fall into this price range are durable and almost always camouflaged. They don’t usually have a roof, but for some hunters, this won't be an issue. These blind kits may not have a full back cover, but they are still sturdy and safe.


There are plenty of blind kits in this price range that offer full-body coverage. If you want a roof, you will probably have to pay between $50 and $75. Some of these tree stand blind kits are waterproof or weather-resistant, but always check out the product description to be sure.

Some roofing is secured with bungees and this could let rainwater in. This may be an issue for some people, so be mindful of those details when looking for your next blind kit. 


Anything above $75 should be loaded with features and highly rated. The product listing should be precise, detailed, and professional, as this will lend to the legitimacy of the item. In this price range, you’ll see roofs, windows, pockets, and more.

Most of the time, the opening will be a few feet tall, and the overall blind kit could stand up to 5 feet high. These will usually fit two hunters.

Who Should Not Buy a Tree Stand Blind Kit?

Not all hunters have a need for blind kits, or even tree stands. 

Walking in the Wild

Some prefer to walk the terrain on a hunt, in which case the entire setup is unnecessary. Some tree stands with ground stakes may offer shelter in the outdoors, but they also add some extra weight to your load. 

Looking for Stealth

Carrying a bulky blind kit could reduce your stealth. It may also be noisy if it’s clunking around. Some hunters leave tree stands in place year-round, so they don’t have to carry them back and forth on every hunt. However, leaving it out will reduce longevity.

Restrictive in Choice

Many hunters will agree, camouflage is useful for concealment. Yet, some will argue that tree stand blind kits are over-the-top and obstructive. The allure of many blinds is the added concealment, but is it worth it if you are cramped and restricted?

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Mobility is Key

It can sometimes be hard to move around in a blind kit. Be wary of kits advertised as one size fits all. This can be misleading and a vague way of presenting dimensions. With warm weather attire and your equipment, it’s easy to feel cramped in the tight quarters of a blind kit. 

Hunters want to feel comfortable and maintain their agility. Tree stands could take away from this. 


The best tree stand blind kits are safe and spacious, but every hunter has different needs. These hunting accessories can make your hunt more comfortable. Think about what factors are important to you before investing in a new blind kit.

Don’t forget to add shipping, handling, and tax to the final cost so you stay on budget.

People Also Ask

You may have a few unanswered questions lingering in your head. Feel free to read through these FAQs.

Is a Tree Stand Blind Kit Universal? 

Some blind kits are universal, meaning that they will fit onto any model tree stand. You should make sure by checking the product description; it will usually specify this detail. Certain blind kit manufacturers will work with a number of models, but not all.

Are Blind Kits a Necessity In Hunting? 

No, they are not necessary. The purpose of a blind kit is to provide added coverage. Some hunters remain stationary for long periods of time, so this accessory makes sense for them.

However, if you prefer to stay on the move on the ground, you don’t need a blind kit.

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